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cfg markelof-http://gmy.su/:Dyrj cfg SpawN-http://gmy.su/:hzrj cfg CyX-http://gmy.su/:kzrj cfg Walle-http://gmy.su/:nzrj cfg Edward-http://gmy.su/:tzrj
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Text Comments (324)
Edgars Saksons (13 hours ago)
Watch Annihilation cs1.6 real gods real pros real times
Risas Gratis :D (2 days ago)
spawn and aim jaja
imperialu forza (2 days ago)
Sunt jucător profesional de 12 de cs 1.6 da ca ei nu am sa vad nicio data vor rămâne în sufletul meu toată viata
Jrabbit (2 days ago)
Old cs videos are so great.. It wouldev been nice if everyone was making this kind of videos in 2018 on CS:Go rather than idiotic hack videos an complations.. rip old days
Maria Nagy (3 days ago)
kadcucns Rangelov (5 days ago)
markeloff is pro ;)
VIP Vines By Husnain (5 days ago)
I played with Markelof He is great
Akali Trainer (6 days ago)
Soukaina Nakkouch (6 days ago)
gimme the song and btw nice vid
L Senat (8 days ago)
Хочешь резаться и тащит в кс 1.6 ,тогда скачай confing.cfg и улучшай собственный скилл!!! https://googl.plus/wny
Sparky Omage (9 days ago)
How to play cs1.6 with sparky omage my channel
madara uchiha (10 days ago)
SK Parrot (10 days ago)
cs1.6 server add now (
Sto Te Briga (11 days ago)
Easy to play with no recoil
Memento Mori (6 days ago)
*omggg.... it's movie effect.... players game with recoil...*
Tiger Gaming (15 days ago)
Today is my birthday Please subscribe me :) Thanks
Start Select (16 days ago)
Se não for pra ser assim eu nem jogo
Lord King (18 days ago)
Dhadkan rai (19 days ago)
I like the macker
Deka Prase (19 days ago)
Chetan Singh (22 days ago)
okay so winning against noobs makes you pro?
Luis Cohen (24 days ago)
rip cyx
YUSUFKANKA505 (26 days ago)
i swear its aimbot
M. AHSAN (26 days ago)
The best video ever in c.s history 😍
prince osama (27 days ago)
what can i do i download SpawN cfg and then what can i do?
agga gaming (29 days ago)
impossible if enemy bullets are not about player at all. the player should also be able to feel the pain when hit by enemy fire, but it is different. the greatest player must be hit by bullets too, it seems the player was playing cheating
Saiden[X] (1 month ago)
it's looks like they have an aimbot and wallhack but not holy fuck, they got his abilities from the devil
ravi panchal (1 month ago)
aHoHuMeH TDI (1 month ago)
music please
Dachi Gamcemlidze (1 month ago)
good cheater :D
BROTHERS (1 month ago)
Old but Gold (1 month ago)
R.I.P cyx, number one..!
Diego Fernandez (1 month ago)
nice Cyx Rest in Peace player !!!!!!!!!!!
Hhdhfh Nnrnfhj (1 month ago)
i like your video 😎😎😎
cadrk cadrk (1 month ago)
Nr 2 aim watch atention.
PompEii DZ (1 month ago)
2018 and still watching it😊😊
Batbayar Ariunbat (1 month ago)
R.I.P n0thing
Injector (1 month ago)
i miss these days
Mohamad Zacky Aimar (1 month ago)
Tutorial Video (1 month ago)
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Luis Fonsi (1 month ago)
Saurabh Sugandhe (1 month ago)
password ?
StefiX :D (1 month ago)
Lucia Hombauerova (1 month ago)
can i get banned with some these cfg ?
Wolf (2 months ago)
Skinite najbolji BESPLATAN CS 1.6 ! Link: http://csdownload.net Download best FREE CS 1.6! Link: http://csdownload.net
goran Busted (2 months ago)
K . A TeChNIcAl (2 months ago)
Valentin Marin (2 months ago)
for walle cfg she ask\\ me for password
bold dagvadorj (2 months ago)
password pleace
А. Ганбаяр (2 months ago)
Background music didn't suit well
prince osama (2 months ago)
plz give me markeloff aimbot hack i need it
Kashif Saad (2 months ago)
When aim bot Hackers become pro
sorry. (2 months ago)
Old but gold <333
talented club (2 months ago)
Number 2 is best....
VORON MOVIE (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMnYllnBSdk Оцените изволь,лишь учусь
Levente Mihajlovits (2 months ago)
Aim :)
Raul Balea (2 months ago)
Si eu sunt bun cu aim hack😂😂
Naseebkhan Khan (2 months ago)
R.I.P cyx i like him.He was a legend
NiGHTEDGE TV (3 months ago)
Ramadan Hajrullahu (3 months ago)
MrDrumKiller3q (3 months ago)
Password ...
Mystic (3 months ago)
one eye (3 months ago)
And what is this photos
one eye (3 months ago)
He is easily win because players are less you do 90 players than its good
JRyan RoceL (3 months ago)
is so cheat auto head impossible pistol gun is a head
Martynas Rackevičius (3 months ago)
well as i say they not the pro players. they Using CFG or aimbot who knows??? without that they never win..
rafey khan (3 months ago)
aby is sa acha ha mara game
Mr. Tomy (3 months ago)
Chlinexi nothig more ;) <3
lost losst (3 months ago)
dads coming back
Lazar Velickovski (3 months ago)
5. is r aimbot and 2. is no recoil
Azat Zhaksybaev (3 months ago)
Where's GeT_RiGhT?
teodor stamevski (3 months ago)
very nice :)
DeNM4 (3 months ago)
spawn have silent
Marley Gibson (3 months ago)
omg hacker aim
good hak
Mythical Riven (4 months ago)
who is watching 2018 ? old but gold
Adam Levi (4 months ago)
I want back to these days😫😫😫
Killer Confidence (1 month ago)
Enki Zen (4 months ago)
Svi su citeri nijedan nema realan igrac
BakiroZZZ (10 days ago)
Dap i meni je cs 1.6 puno bolji od cs go ili cs source.Igrao sam source prije mjesec dana nije nesto kopija cs 1.6.Cs 1.6 je oznacio moje djetinjstvo a i Half Life 1 isto.
Inteligencija (10 days ago)
BakiroZZZ po meni je cs 1.6 bolji, valjda zbog nostalgije, u ostalim verzijama jednostavno nema ono sto 1.6 ima. Mozda ne znas sta je sgs gs i ostali trikovi ali nema ni zvuka kad metak padne na pod. Koliko god je losija grafika cs 1.6 nego cs go, uvijek cu misliti da je cs 1.6 bolja igrica.
BakiroZZZ (10 days ago)
Inteligencija To je vec cit to sa chlenix to je jednostavno nemoguce uviti 5 likova odjednom.Da znam presli su svi vecinom na Cs go :(
Inteligencija (11 days ago)
BakiroZZZ imo je chlenix u jednom klipu ali to je bila sprdnja, ono kad je ubio 5 likova odjednom. Nemoguce je sve i da ih poredas jer deagle metak nije toliko jak, al kao sto rekoh to je bila sprdnja. I svi su oni pretezno presli na cs go, nazalost...
BakiroZZZ (11 days ago)
Inteligencija Nezz tacno za spawNa ne pratim ga ali znam da markeloff ne cituje...
Mazahaka #_# (4 months ago)
Чувак, за Суха поклон и лайк определённо
Djay Sharma (4 months ago)
Ohh I miss playing zombie mod and other weird mods on cs 1.6 miss days of glory so much :(
Mr. Bad Frosty (4 months ago)
pro gamer 007 (4 months ago)
Loved it
Gamer Craft (4 months ago)
mokhtar dz (4 months ago)
Winka (4 months ago)
Carpe Diem
love me baby (4 months ago)
No.4 i am sure he is the guy from buzzfeed
Ulaankhuu Togsbilguuneee (4 months ago)
no pro hack!
Ramol Baloch (5 months ago)
nice sk spawn
1. Cyx 2. Markeloff 3. Neo
OnlineGamer330 (5 months ago)
links are not working, DISLIKE THAT SHIT
Madara[] (5 months ago)
Its is .exe , wtf?
DobIrMAN (5 months ago)
Зачем слив раунды демонстрировать? Понятное нагие с глоками на м16 таких тыщи можешь скопить....
Сашка POROHzOR (5 months ago)
spawn eco kill ) top2 :)))))
good game (3 months ago)
о и порох здесь ебать
schmoozah (5 months ago)
no Heaton vs 4k ?
Mr Pagle (5 months ago)
prophet the editor (5 months ago)
What song is that please tell (great videos btw)
Hypnooo (5 months ago)
Ezo Sie (6 months ago)
Hey guyes can u please tell me for example i kill someone first person but how do they do it from different cameras please help
Zhao Hui (6 months ago)
I Do Not Want To Mess A Pro Player With AWP O_o

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