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Black Mesa's Xen: Massive Leak

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Every Leaked Texture : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qljI7AB0YWQ&feature=youtu.be Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at all of the recent leaked files related to Black Mesa's anticipated final chapters, Xen. This Half-Life remakes public beta branch on Steam is to thank for all of this information, so why not check out everything found for yourself. Thanks to Jackathan for creating these zoo maps (updated following the recent "xen engine" update)! http://www.mediafire.com/file/0eyiqmz43ailx0d/zoo.7z My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (458)
Ariya Shojaee (5 days ago)
Fuck crowbar why they dont make map XEN in black mesa 😐
rammajammataylor (7 days ago)
Crowbar has been working on HL3 this whole time... e3 we'll get a teaser and xen.
Wertia3 (7 days ago)
What pisses me off is the game that started Valve you know half life, has less stuff to buy in the valvestore then any other game on the valve store
Lilly Salvatierra (9 days ago)
Ben York (10 days ago)
IMO The reason for the slow development of Xen goes back years I remember following the early development of Black Mesa way back when they called it Black Mesa:Source and the first levels were being built. I watched the discussion the first devs would have on the forums and there would always be big arguments about what Xen is exactly and how it should be presented. On one side you had the revisionists saying "Xen is an asteroid field, Xen is a planet, Xen should be realistically changed to look like stuff in our universe blah blah". And everyone fought over what they thought it might be (real answer is: none of that shit, Xen is meant to be mysterious and incomprehensible) On the other side you had purists saying "No! Don't change a single stone on the ground, make it pixel for pixel exactly the same. Don't add anything new" and people fought that too because not everyone liked Xens platformer puzzles From the get-go, the devs remained quiet on Xen. Probably knowing anything they say about it would probably upset somebody and start more flamewars. I think to this day, they still don't have a lot of confidence in how Xen should be portrayed, making it the last thing that's going to be built
HollatotheBalla (17 days ago)
5 years to finish one single player map lmao
erik GUEVARA (18 days ago)
They need to make a Vortigaunt Zombie....
Fear GX (18 days ago)
why haven't valve hired them.
Karsten Von Fjellheim (19 days ago)
Erh....let's hope it's finally out before Halloween 2018.......
yupsi (20 days ago)
Any day now
Marei W1ngz (21 days ago)
Who decided HEV zombies was a good idea?
yupsi (20 days ago)
Xen had dead HEV guys and headcrabs already. At least as plausible as zombines in HL2.
Water Cat (21 days ago)
i hope the next big upgrading after xen to be the opposing force
Are... people actually still excited about this mod? It's been released for six whole years now, and people are actually still... hyped about it? I don't understand why? We've already seen Xen before in the original game, so is there really anything mindblowing about it being released in Black Mesa besides "woah my graphics"?
nopushbutton (22 days ago)
ah cool, I'm excited
SharpTony (22 days ago)
Tyler, do you really love me?
G_Boy (23 days ago)
I really like the H.E.V zombie
G_Boy (23 days ago)
Oh shit they finally did it
chistine lane (23 days ago)
Xen will be the next hl3. I'm not buying it without xen. And it's not like it's ridiculous hard to make xen in source.
Neomafia lord (23 days ago)
2018 is going tk be awesome. Firat God of War 4 and then Half Life. Oh God I want to go to valve and steal everything over there!!!!
mag pot pie (23 days ago)
great video. very informative. but the frequent cuts are quite distracting.
86BuzzSaw (23 days ago)
the game wasn't great anyway!
86BuzzSaw (23 days ago)
I've always said, why the fuck are they focusing any work on multiplayer, no one plays it, you'd be lucky to find a populated server. get xen sorted!
Nemesis (23 days ago)
I remember when I use to be a sub
MyMusiqman (23 days ago)
TheCipherBoy (23 days ago)
NOOO NOT BLACK MESA, i'm honestly dissapointed about this
Andrew Robinson (24 days ago)
New leak: It is revealed that there might be a creature known as the Nihilanth in zen. More to come.
The PineApple (24 days ago)
We can wait!
Ip 94 (24 days ago)
but are the devs fine with this leak?
DanG Bassist (24 days ago)
On a different topic: Why is it no matter how many times I hit the LIKE button, when I open this video again the thumbs up is not blue & I have to LIKE it again? I just did this 8 times consecutively & it's still not registering.
DanG Bassist (24 days ago)
I'd watch another Xen video.
webgorge (24 days ago)
The original Black Mesa is way better
CompufreakVultureX (24 days ago)
My goodness, that perspective view is terrible!
Greg Wasdyke (24 days ago)
I didn't want to see the fucking nihilanth yet god damn it
Leanify TV (25 days ago)
I'm more creeped out by the HEV zombies than any other enemy. Maybe it's because the suit carried Gordon through so much, and it's associated with strength, etc, and seeing a HEV succumb to a mere headcrab is pretty shocking. Or maybe it's because it looks like it could kick your ass a lot easier.
Glitchy Soup (25 days ago)
I hope, that Valve release Valve Hammer Editor for GNU/Linux.
Martin Kochanowsky (25 days ago)
Aww. I love u too, channel guy. ♥
alumGray (25 days ago)
Massive leak of Xen... Isn't it a leak between the borderworld that allowed aliens to enter Earth? Nice pun xd
MACMAN2003 (25 days ago)
i shite my pants when i saw this
joko49perez (25 days ago)
Plutes Megutes (25 days ago)
I am SO looking forward to fighting the Nihilanth again! This time in HD!
Steve (25 days ago)
Yes for the Xen video 😁
Slaxbox (25 days ago)
Seems more like a big ol' easter egg for the invested rather than a leak.
Dido X32 (25 days ago)
I want Half Life 3 plz plz plz plz
Mtn- Dewgang (26 days ago)
I assume the modders are on valve time.
Wolfee Gaming (26 days ago)
Me Sees Video HELLL YEAH
John Freeman (26 days ago)
Sure taking their time to make a few maps allright.
СHEEKI BREEKI (26 days ago)
HL3 approved
aprofondir (26 days ago)
Hey, I really appreciate what you do and the passion and the effort you put into this but I would like your videos INFINITELY more if you could finish a sentence without 50 cuts.
Birchcen Gaming (26 days ago)
the hev zombie without the headcrab looks horrifying, (Just like every other zombie)
Peanut Butter (26 days ago)
Roddy (26 days ago)
Elephant454 (26 days ago)
We love you too, Tyler ^^
Random doggie (26 days ago)
Holy shit! Crossfire looks amazing!
TheMuhalefet (26 days ago)
Wait, Xen is still not released???
theendofit (26 days ago)
Soon.....hahaha....see you guys in a year!
Ben K (26 days ago)
What's the name of the map with the models and the nihilanth? I can find, or figure out how to play it
P4CTR4N (26 days ago)
I have been waiting Xen for a lot months xD
NoiseMarines (26 days ago)
Valve may as well acquire Crowbar Collective the way it did all those other studios and have them work on Half Life 3. Because lord knows Valve will never do it.
Garrett Sampson (26 days ago)
This game was already confirmed last year in the description of the original half life, but it was removed about 2 months later
Japije 01 (26 days ago)
finally, a hev zombie
ex DOGE (26 days ago)
HL3 is far far far far from...
ashtimus prime (26 days ago)
finally! xen is getting closer!
I’m hyped about BM’s full release.
TheMet306 (26 days ago)
I'm not sure if it's more embarrassing that Valve gave the greenlight to these jokers, who couldn't finish 3 levels in 5 years (more than the entire dev time of HL1), or if it's the people who actually defend them.
spongedog 001 (23 days ago)
well instead of like 3 xen maps theres going to be like 20
That Welsh Guy (24 days ago)
>I didn't try to respond to your points because you didn't have any worth responding to. Suuuuuuuuuure mate >It's fucking obvious to anyone with a brain that BM is a scam, and only /v/tard 12 year olds think otherwise. How is it a scam? Because they haven't released Xen yet? Boo fucking Hoo >Bye I'll await your response then ;)
TheMet306 (24 days ago)
I didn't try to respond to your points because you didn't have any worth responding to. It's fucking obvious to anyone with a brain that BM is a scam, and only /v/tard 12 year olds think otherwise. Bye.
That Welsh Guy (24 days ago)
>Stop using meme arrows, this isn't fucking 4chan. Well its how I structure my replies to people. It helps me respond to an individual point in a reply. If you don't like it. Jog on. >I'm curious as to if you're just a 12 year old desperately trying to defend his favorite videogames or if you're actually one of the developers. Could go either way, really. No arguments left? You didn't even try to respond to my points.
TheMet306 (24 days ago)
">" Stop using meme arrows, this isn't fucking 4chan. I'm curious as to if you're just a 12 year old desperately trying to defend his favorite videogames or if you're actually one of the developers. Could go either way, really.
Tntmod54321 (26 days ago)
Happy 300th video!
Beard Dirt (26 days ago)
please dont be the next hunt down the refund
RollerCoasterBug (26 days ago)
Bout freaking time
Doctor Whooves (26 days ago)
That nihilanth model is making me moist
Steve Chandler (26 days ago)
Damn, this is a shame. I'm just as impatient as anybody else but it must be hugely demoralizing for the Deva to see their hard work leaked like this.
Steve Chandler (23 days ago)
Oh gotcha - thanks for the info! Sounds like it's pretty close to done then.
spongedog 001 (23 days ago)
its not really a leak the devs said they shipped into the game because when xen releases they want it to just be a simple content update
sandflapjack (26 days ago)
olucaspc (26 days ago)
Black Mesa is a proper remake of the Half Life experience, with development hell and what not
Xander Niles (26 days ago)
Xen feels so close to be released.
Srcsqwrn (26 days ago)
Hoooly hell! Xen is on the way boiuz! Definitely interested in more Xen info!
dj m (26 days ago)
I never knew black mesa didnt have the xen part
DgRCAD (26 days ago)
Of course the public beta releases the day you make this video. Silly tyler.
Suji Mayne (26 days ago)
It wasn't a leak, it was put in open beta. And now it's an official update.
aspielm (26 days ago)
MegaChickenfish (26 days ago)
Knowing just how much they're reworking with things like an overhauled dynamic lighting system helps me be OK with this still not being done. They will settle for nothing less than epicness worthy of the Half Life franchise's name, *which is why we need to give them all the money and convince them to make Episode 3 when this is done.*
Yves Heinrich (26 days ago)
Would be perfect if Xen will be ready to be released prior to Half Life's 20th anniversary.
Black X1941 (26 days ago)
Never clicked so fast.
eksmad (26 days ago)
Sorry, I am not interested............. in second-chanel-bullshit.
Goran Novakovic (26 days ago)
Had no idea that these were there even though i played the public beta. Thanks Tyler.
Godofredo (26 days ago)
*Black Mesa 2 confirmed*
An4LDr1p616 (26 days ago)
that's isn't a valve thing, this is the dev team that has been working on this mod since LITERALLY HL2 BETA. They're lazy cucks.
Sam Jannaki (8 days ago)
This is a part-time project, they have a life outside Black Mesa y'know
ThePcGamer (26 days ago)
An4LDr1p616 like valve
Ali Yücel Gamlı (26 days ago)
it's not 50k dollars, FeelsBadMan
Neobot21 (26 days ago)
The Nihilanth looks EPIC! I need to get this game
ErrorEncountered (26 days ago)
love ya too :)
Reni Calidumcor (26 days ago)
God I'm hoping that they'll remake both OF and BS expansions. I would buy them
the only one Mr Z (26 days ago)
Its about time'"""', 2019 here we Go,!!!!
spongedog 001 (23 days ago)
its most likly going to release in a month or 2 they said there will be one more engine update and then xen this shit will be out before summer is over
Timothy McKane (26 days ago)
Even if HL3 is dead, I'll forever find solace through Epistle 3, and (hopefully to come) Black Mesa's Xen.
Jorge Nino (26 days ago)
you do amazing job here
VenomFrogPwned (26 days ago)
Finally, Half Life content. Tired of TF2 bullshit
TheTSense (26 days ago)
My Story with Black Mesa: - 2013, free remake mod, but last level is missing but it's "as good as ready" - play it all the way until the mods end - like half a year later, the same build lands on steam for 20 bucks - still doesn't has the last level that was as good as ready half a year before - 5 years long nothing happens - see random video talk about leaks about the last level Come on, it's dead. It was nice what was made, but you can't tell me anyone worked on this mod in the last 5 years.
Cold Cafe (26 days ago)
神JoJo (26 days ago)
Fortnite Mesa coming 2030
Regolith (26 days ago)
Hahahaha the dynamic lighting is so fucking bad
REDHOT Gaming (26 days ago)
the Z.E.V looks so cool with that chest light.
Mars Argo Is My Mom (26 days ago)
xentities lol
Chef Mike (26 days ago)
I want to know how long the Xen section will be. It's taken them a few years to finish it (and we still don't have a release date), so it must be larger then HL1's i hope.
BuN (26 days ago)
Battle Royale and Lootboxes for Black Mesa? u can kill me now....

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