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TF2 Update Teased Further [TF2 News]

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Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Nintendo News Network : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxOEoO7GKlAqRJJl3bGxag Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we talk about a new video that was uploaded to a YouTube channel that is known to have connections to the group of people working on the community Team Fortress 2 update, TF2 Invasion. Midnight Showing? Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHgpxwMtPQs
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Text Comments (504)
chinese man (3 years ago)
It came out October
Helm-0 (3 years ago)
It's out beyetch
U_Alright_Games (3 years ago)
2:20 wtf is with the power lines
LostSoul (3 years ago)
It's not out yet. Today is the end of September
+LostSouls132 should be on the 30th
MrDoge (3 years ago)
those ropes are proof of the..... ALIENS =0
Mythic Salad20 (3 years ago)
Skeleton (3 years ago)
the update will be out today! :D
imgres spai (3 years ago)
Plot twist , Gabe Newell did not like it and is rebuilding it from scratch
Hqrmony (3 years ago)
Still think it's October
conkshellthegeek7 (3 years ago)
Keep watching the skies.
Razzle Dazzle (3 years ago)
Where did your "Whi invasion was delayed" video go?
Dick Nixon (3 years ago)
"poopy joe was an inside job" Australium can't delete Unusual Hats.
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
Josh Green (3 years ago)
So, he made a video about the update being delayed, and now its private. Coincidence?
Chaotic_Riddle (3 years ago)
Did anyone else notice that the poster says "Conagher Fields"? Like…Engineer's family..? Cause…You know. ._.
The Penguine (3 years ago)
You know that Planet X is a real planet!
SubVisual (3 years ago)
It's probably gunna come out of september 30 - my birthday :D
rkinney6 (3 years ago)
Does anyone know what his crosshair setup is?
ahhhhhhh im screaming like a little girl even tho im a guy so exciting
Sozo-Teki (3 years ago)
So...we do know its september, but i speculate that it would be either the 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30...The 26 is the last day of the gun mettle campaign, and it would have to be one of those days .. Btw, i couldnt help but to notice but those powerlines in PowerHouse in this video, have they always been jumping about like that?
Sozo-Teki (3 years ago)
Ah..Welp it has to be on one of those days i listed..or matter of fact.. it might be on a tuesday or thursday. 
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
The last day of Gun Mettle is the 30th...
kyle H (3 years ago)
>woman's body changes 500 times a day >so does a guy's body??? if you wanna smell good all day, literally everyone gotta use deoderant at least twice, it wears off!
magic (3 years ago)
It will likely just be a haloween update. It looks like a haloween update due to all the delay. Also no new weapons please till current weapons are fixed.
Abdullah (3 years ago)
I hope it's not just weapons and hats...
Sublime (3 years ago)
the end has a valve logo of sort
I quit giving a shit about TF2 Smissmass of last year and haven't actually played the game since the week after Smissmass of last year. (Did fuck around with Gun mettle, but didn't like what they did all that much) However, this update kind of stirs my nads, like big metal butterflies bouncing around in my balls for several reasons. 1.) Sci-fi themed. I'm a big Sci-fi fan, I loved the retro-futuristic look (Yes, I'm aware most don't) 2.) New weps, even if they're just reskins it still gets me going. I don't care for the way most of the weapons look, most I wont even use because they look like trash. (Loose cannon) but if they gaqve most of the weps a sci-fi reskin, I would actually bother with those other play-styles. Cow-mangler may be for the most trash compared to stock, but it's one of the crowing jewels of my collection. (Has most of the bells and whistle. it's not a collectors though...but that's mainly because those are really expensive with all the trimmings my current one has.)
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
I love it when flying robotic insects play with my testicles.
I think this is my first time seeing those electric posts wave.
nartin9 (3 years ago)
lest week I saw a UFO in two fort.. I did not know that was official
ToffeeLime (3 years ago)
I highly doubt that this update will come out in September 2015. The Gun Mettle Update ends the 30th, so unless they're making it overlap with the Gun Mettle update, it's not gonna be this year.
Eduardo Santos (3 years ago)
Planet X is Xen!!!
diamondchestplate445 (3 years ago)
September of the year aliens actually invade earth
William Xu (3 years ago)
So sometime next week it will be released
harry forest (3 years ago)
it amazing that he didn't spot the crop circle at 0:15 in the original video
The Unfunny White Kid (3 years ago)
Movie Night sounds like a SFM event thing... Maybe Source 2 SFM coming??!?!
Akis Sotiriou (3 years ago)
Lil' guardian pyro was made by another youtuber, not Brad
Huwarf (3 years ago)
September 2016 Kappa
THE BEST Lombax (3 years ago)
its teling about aliens
jycannel (3 years ago)
1:22 what is happaning to the power lines in the sky?
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
Try asking the other 700 people that commented the same thing.
Homeless Soldier (3 years ago)
Don't know if it is true but on facepunch a image surfaced from a new account with some binary and some unreadable cursive writing along with 2 blood stains and a scorched hole I will try to post a link to the image below
Homeless Soldier (3 years ago)
With a Mann co logo and it looks very well done like it was made by valve
GizmoHunter64 Gaming (3 years ago)
I'm so excited for this update I'm hoping and other TF2 players that the update is cool with map and other awesome things. :D
Honkey McGee (3 years ago)
I feel the alien invasion might be the FINAL contract. or might be on the 30th. Anyone else?
Loser. (3 years ago)
Symbol at the end of that video and it looks like an alien version of the TF two logo
Tyler, I found an SFM video that was about the Mercs going to a barn to watch a horror alien movie. Then they all get abducted. There was way more to it but that's the main thing. Sound familiar? I totally forgot about it for the longest time and all of a sudden remembered it because of this video. I have no idea who made it and I can't find it any more no matter how hard I try. I have been searching everywhere so my best guess is that it has been removed. It could be that Valve liked it so much that they had the person take it down and they are going to use it. I wouldn't be surprised with valve if they did that. The movie is a very well made one that looks professional. Do you know what I'm talking about? Has anyone else seen this video? It had views. People have to know. Anyone? No?... Gr8. It's not much but I hope it helps, and I hope you see this.
Savage Source (3 years ago)
I wonder what shit stat changes gonna happen this time.
The Game Eater (3 years ago)
Can't wait to have a 15 minute SFM and a Cow Journal where you pick up rubber cows.
Friggin Khan (3 years ago)
TYLER, you forgot to say adios!
Leo J (3 years ago)
TFSimple (3 years ago)
The update will be released on 23rd of september for conspiracy lulz. You know... World events lining up: Fallen Angels, Aliens, Planet X. Oh man, if they do that; I'm impressed.
R.I.P X (3 years ago)
i have no unusual and i am better than you at sniper -__-
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
+Emric Grenholm Really? Explain to me how not having an unusual hat after years of playing makes me bad in terms of gameplay.
johnmcclane 2015 (3 years ago)
+Emric Grenholm no but you are if you thnk that you have to have a unu after a certain amount of time
R.I.P X (3 years ago)
+johnmcclane 2015 did i say that to u..?
johnmcclane 2015 (3 years ago)
+Emric Grenholm you are very fucking stupid
R.I.P X (3 years ago)
+AnErectCock™ u played six years and no unusual thats because u suck
IRRegular (3 years ago)
THE UPDATE ON STEAM. (im late, aren't i?)
CaveUS (3 years ago)
Wat bout valve time
Falesar (3 years ago)
What if this update is related to your unused content of team fortress 2 invasion video?
PaperFrank (3 years ago)
what if movie night is the saxxies?
CFRCrossenMC (3 years ago)
Very good video, without these videos I would have no easy way to find out what is going on with valve and thats why I love your channel so much <3
life pies (3 years ago)
hidden frame at the end of a crop circle
TrollScout (3 years ago)
Pyro is an alien. It's not official by Valve, just a theory.
SpinTrek (3 years ago)
Those Power Lines are Hyped too. :v
G'eZz(Gaston) (3 years ago)
Valve News Network: in this update there it will be an fix for the stutter that some players have in TF2?
Skippertomtom (3 years ago)
Robert Hunter (3 years ago)
16 days left...
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
Till what?
TrollForce (3 years ago)
Hey Tyler! Hope to play TF2 with you soon! it'll be fun. My steam profile is Trollingantman, thanks, and have a good one!
Furiosity (3 years ago)
Another little thing you missed: (which really doesn't matter) The description says "The Invasion is coming to Team Fortress 2..."
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
We know that... It's been confirmed for a few weeks now...
Walter Kosanke (3 years ago)
Thanks for linking the original video!
NDA (3 years ago)
Maybe it'll come out with Saxxyyyyssss????? HOLY SHIT THAT KINDA MAKES SENSE. MOVIE THEMED. MOVIE
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
The Saxxy's are already happening.
Subarashii (3 years ago)
That Engineer at 1:10 fucking flew.
monsy (3 years ago)
THEY’RE HERE! An extraterrestrial force threatens the planet in Team Fortress 2's third update created by the community for the community-- INVASION!  We've worked hard to deliver the *biggest*, *best*, most *out-of-this-world* community update on the face of the planet and that means MORE CONTENT THAN **EVER BEFORE!**  Perhaps the only thing more unbelievable than the existence of alien life in space is how much *non-hat-stuff* this update has. Incredible, we know. So buckle up, grab a space gun, and get ready to join the fight against **the INVASION**! ENTER INVADED TERRITORY What do they want? Why did they come here? Who used up the last of the aluminum foil? It's possible they've come to take back those space hats we stole. But it's *also* possible they've come to **ENSLAVE HUMANITY**-- and we'll die before they try to do EITHER! Take the fight to them and send those presumably little presumably green presumably men *back where they came from* in 4 invaded maps! COSMIC COSMETICS You know no update is complete without hats. You probably didn't know these interdimensional duds that fell from a hole in spacetime. And then we called dibs. Apparently the aliens don't have a word for "finders keepers" in their language because they're really not respecting the dibs. GALACTICAL AND TACTICAL Make first contact *right in their stupid face* with this high-tech, other-worldly weaponry. UFO - UNUSUAL FLOATING OBJECTS Be the envy of *every* dimension if you uncrate one of these rare, unique unusual effects! MEET CHESTER Looks like wearing those "face-hats" that hatched out of those space eggs might not have been the best idea... This toothy creature is something our lawyers tell us to call a "burstchester"! Show off your parasitic pal to your friends in this taunt for all classes! REAL-WORLD INVASION Need that perfect something to tie together that conspiracy wall in the living room? Try sprucing up that web of red string and pictures of bigfoot with one of our official Invasion Update posters! Or, wake up the uninformed masses with the nifty Invasion T-shirt! (note this info is not confirmed but I am almost certain it is)
V.I.P. PyroTM (3 years ago)
Thanks for the Valid Information!! Can't wait for the update!
kirbykane9 the spycrab (3 years ago)
yes i got extremely exited is what happened
SeegsHimself (3 years ago)
What the actual crap is going on with the power lines above the middle capture point?
Something New (3 years ago)
Lead Butter (3 years ago)
If the invasion update is teased similarly to MVM, then a possible new game mode may come up and it may be called Mann VS Aliens
Nothing to See Here (3 years ago)
there's a new map that's been rumored to have been leaked called mvm_invasion. Mann vs. Martians?
Renato Lopes (3 years ago)
2:03 Look at the wire TF2 invasion update confirmed
agentchowdown (3 years ago)
I'm going to call it right now, the tf2 invasion update will be released on September 15, 2015.
JewStein (3 years ago)
+James Duran no it's not out yet I think it will be when gun mettle ends
Nazareno Gonzalez (3 years ago)
+James Duran thanks for the info
agentchowdown (3 years ago)
My reason for it is that on sept 10 2012, they added the blue bunker that all the robot come out of from mvm to many maps like they did with the alien posters & ufos on sept 10 2015, and mvm was released on sept 15 2012, so if they follow their pattern, it should come out sept 15 2015, plus the vid said it was going to be released on sept seperate from scream fortress
Nazareno Gonzalez (3 years ago)
why is everyone saying that? anything special on that date?
Luca Bejan (3 years ago)
Who is this Poopy Joe? I do not know of any Poopy Joe. Whoever he is, he is dead for sure. No need to snoop around.
Luca Bejan (3 years ago)
Who is this Poopy Joe? I do not know of any Poopy Joe. Whoever he is, he is dead for sure. No need to snoop around.
Luca Bejan (3 years ago)
Who is this Poopy Joe? I do not know of any Poopy Joe. Whoever he is, he is dead for sure. No need to snoop around.
Twin (3 years ago)
Midnight showing... September... TONIGHT MIDNIGHT RELEASE ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED?! Or a midnight release of a trailer
Smol Pantsu (3 years ago)
When are you going to make a video about the smach boy announcement?
Khalil Atofiv (3 years ago)
Conagher ranch... In the leaked invasion trailer (now private), there was a sci-fi movie playing. It also took place on a farm, presumably Conagher ranch. The Engineer also seemed to be hosting the event, as he was seen tending to the projector. IT'S COMING, PEOPLE! GET YOUR TINFOIL HATS ON AND PREPARE FOR ANYTHING!
Joss (3 years ago)
tfnn confirmed
Marc2344 (3 years ago)
I hope the update dosent come before i get my pc fixed
Quill (3 years ago)
Update releases in September? SOMA releases in September... I swear to God, if there is one, if this update has Soma promo items, I'm refunding Soma immediately.
KennyS (3 years ago)
Why are you talkinga bout this stupid kids game? it's buggy as hell.
Ronald Sawvell (3 years ago)
But what if Poopy Joe is not kill?
monsy (3 years ago)
Would be cool if it came out on the 20th, which would be right after tipofthehats, which could make this one of the biggest events in TF2 history
Stuffed (3 years ago)
Conagher ranch? The Engie's second name is Conagher... could we expect some engie stuff to happen?
Orangeup (3 years ago)
Has anyone seen dual gamers invasion sfm it's perfectly represents the movie poster and it was released 2 months ago
solitude (3 years ago)
ManGuy (3 years ago)
But the gun mettle campaign ends in 30.september D:
Matthew Schindler (3 years ago)
Well gun mettle ends september 30th...so maybe this one starts immediately after?
Poopy Joe
The Great Gell (3 years ago)
Fuck man a new tf2 update about to hit and I'm stuck in bed here with a swollen face :(
DV-13 (3 years ago)
Dat wires on Powerhouse.
James Reed (3 years ago)
I saw what looks like a leaked sfm, and it is a movie at the conager ranch......
Dr.RubberFace (3 years ago)
2:13 Is that okay that wires are twitching all over the place?
Battlecruiser12 (3 years ago)
It will probably be released when Gun Mettle ends.
Mark Kozubei (3 years ago)
The radio's name in that video is MRCONI, and when I looked it up, it turns out that it was a reference to Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor who's work pioneered in radio telecommunications and developed Marconi's Law and the radio telegraph. Just a little heads up, probably not related to the event in any way.
GamerzTheDragon (3 years ago)
+Mark Kozubei In the words of Dorkly Sonic, "Huh. Neat."
ollie-films (3 years ago)
This guy does know the trailer was leaked right?
NIKo (3 years ago)
the ayy lmao's are coming...
Liam Martin (3 years ago)
why even post gameplay to go along with this if you get literally zero kills the whole time??
MOONMAN (3 years ago)
Poopy Joe can't melt steel beams.
prograde (3 years ago)
WTF happened to the power cables?
CMB (3 years ago)
They are just having some fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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