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CS GO - Top 5 Skins With Randomized Patterns!

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In this CS:GO video, I go over the top 5 coolest skins with randomized patterns in my opinion for CSGO. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Skin List: (Not in Order) case hardened doppler kami icarus fell slaughter Music: Alan Walker - Force
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Text Comments (446)
PardonMeIFarted (1 month ago)
Ole (1 year ago)
McSkillet could you help me price my MW Karambit Slaughter with a huge senter diamond playside??
Eli (2 years ago)
Hypnotic for the Deagle and MP9. There are single loopies and double loopies
ythefukmypphard (2 years ago)
Who is watching in 2016?
Darius Chavot (2 years ago)
What's the pattern the game uses to define the phase on doppler knives?
Markus Breakade Breaks (2 years ago)
pls do ALL skins with random patterns!
When you request a video topic for McSkillet and a bunch of people come and comment a random list of shit you don't even know existed. :P
KAMICHIGIRI (2 years ago)
Um may i ask which case that contains the doppler sapphier and ruby and the black pearl i dont know which case contains them can someone tell me which case contains them cause i dont know which case contain them
zT_PaRadiiSe 32 (2 years ago)
I think they should make a skin with the logo of the team that wins a major cs:go event
rodica rodica (2 years ago)
1:00 the cat with tentacles,lol
HItmanZ (2 years ago)
where do I go to find my price of my case hared
Callum Rice (2 years ago)
he forgot the fire and ice pattern for the doppler
Rufus (2 years ago)
you cant get a butterfly knife case hardened
Rufus (2 years ago)
No. I attempted to get attention, and I am sorry for using your time, I am not retarded. Neither are you, the only difference between us is maturance.
Renz (2 years ago)
are you fucking retarded? rofl
The Grand Greefer (2 years ago)
+Rufus he showed a karmabit case hardened in the video
Stainz (2 years ago)
there's a case hardened karambit
Rufus (2 years ago)
+Blunder Buster case hardened is only for huntsman knives
Falc0n (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the doppler looks terrible?
ViperCS (3 years ago)
isnt emerald dopler the best?
Kelvin Lee (3 years ago)
huh gugjgu
Mcotter00 (3 years ago)
Top 5 default skins/guns???
i have a stained hunstman, ww awp asiimov but looks ft, and a fn m4 cyrex. hit me up if you wanna trade.
Dat Is Meh (3 years ago)
Okey, i was on steam market and looked at Five-SeveN Case Hardeneds and i found one that is 90%-100% blue for the same price as the realy bad ones. So i bought it as fast i could. And i've checked over 200 of them and to find one as good as mine the price is 10 times much. Are they overprice or is Blue Gems worth THAT much more. Was i just very lucky that someone probably didn't know that Blue Gems are worth more?
Zach Chaffee (3 years ago)
damn i want a doppler or blaze so bad
Reginald Fancypants (3 years ago)
R.I.P Glock Grinder
kanalbeznazwy (3 years ago)
slaughter = dark w. on weapons
Dog (3 years ago)
Still waiting for white sg abyss
f0rdx (3 years ago)
Virtus.pro Taz has all blue bayonet [not sure if m9]
fruitloop dingus (3 years ago)
i dont play csgo much, but whats so good about stattrak?
Wayed Plays (3 years ago)
My friend has the M9 Bayonet Safire! ;)
Saïx640 (3 years ago)
TearfuL (3 years ago)
Blaze Karambit's are actually worth more than the blue gems
Swarj B (3 years ago)
top 10 hax? :D
éži Boiii (3 years ago)
best BS look knifes skins ?
Universe Games (3 years ago)
Add this on to yor list :D M4A4 | Retro Glitch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=483279363&searchtext= Thanks for inspiering me to creat this skin.
Spritz Productions (3 years ago)
You use way too much of the same music...
HiddenMaster (3 years ago)
Yeah i sold my black pearl for .03 i didnt like it so i was like why not...
Dante (3 years ago)
What about the Karambit Marble Fade fire & ice ? :o
SupresioN TV (3 years ago)
Guillaume Bernard (3 years ago)
You could do a top 5 favorite skins of your loadout! :) hava a good day !
cbA (3 years ago)
Martin Gulasch (3 years ago)
I have a ssg dark water with diamond pattern
CS:GO Idety (3 years ago)
This IS Fake
Ruma (3 years ago)
Does Kami include the Galil ?
Task (3 years ago)
Marble fade?
Super-Yay (3 years ago)
How about top 10 skins undeserving of their grade
Doc Mercy (3 years ago)
Hey can you make a video on the different slaughter pattern? Just got an stattrak gut knife slaughter and i want to know if its special. Great Video again ;)
Matt Erxleben (3 years ago)
You missed KARAMBIT Doppler ice and fire
Malik Richardson (3 years ago)
I agree with this 100%, great video keep up the great work!
Yuki (3 years ago)
you forgot the dark water
Hansen Noah (3 years ago)
top ten souveneir skins ?
Janne Hurtola (3 years ago)
Make a video where you design your own skin :3
Daniel (3 years ago)
Hello McSkillet. Is my Butterfly Knife | Slaughter FN for Bayonet | Case Hardened WW with 85% sky and ice blue on PS and on BS Blazed blue mixed with gold good trade?
GreenShadow (3 years ago)
Top 5 gun + sticker combos (like the pink jaguar)
Faytal (3 years ago)
FaZe Rain pulled a karambit Doppler black pearl...
0r1g1nai1ty (2 years ago)
Faytal (2 years ago)
oh shit
0r1g1nai1ty (2 years ago)
+Faytal my friend got a fn one but he sold it for only $300 RIP
love you (3 years ago)
+Faytal it wasnt a true black pearl it was a fake black pearl if not just a normal p2 doppler
Bansshee (3 years ago)
EricPrettyFace (3 years ago)
what about a top 5 skins on different weapons? like when you showed that you can put different skins on different guns... just an idea being thrown out like the emerald bayonet ya showed that was awsome
JubJub Doowalawala (3 years ago)
mkskillet i have a black glock grinder if your interested?
LegitTeddyBear Gaming (3 years ago)
W8 you are portuguese? I swear your chat was in pt
mrnerdguy1 (3 years ago)
You like Alan Walker i see(Spectre, force) He makes good music, i can see why you chose his stuff.
MelliZ (3 years ago)
good video! you should do a new inventory showcase :)
Iustin Chelaru (3 years ago)
And im here like...SUPREME STILL NO KNIFE -_-.
iso miki (3 years ago)
I wish i had CS GO :(
Dominykas Zudikas (3 years ago)
Do a Top 5 maps too are played
Brian Micock (3 years ago)
Every McSkillet video: Number. 3 - Icarus fell McSkillet - Yeahhh... it's pretty cool looking so I decided to put this one on number 3.
Aziz (3 years ago)
Top 5 Worst Skins 50$+
Alon K (3 years ago)
What about the AWP | Boom?
diam (3 years ago)
You could do a video about Music Kits :D
Alen Mahmic (3 years ago)
You forgot about the Five-Seven Kami Vagina pattern c:
enigma (3 years ago)
+McSkillet ツ CS:GO do a video about most overpriced or overrated weapons in your opinion !
A10 (3 years ago)
Please go to my channel and vote my first video, thanks bro
Mexxorino (3 years ago)
nice Video :D
Kerem Kitiş (3 years ago)
Supernova ?
Vytautas Katlauskas (3 years ago)
top 15 of most hated knife/weapon skins. Because there is A LOT OF them.
ChewZ Ye (3 years ago)
Top 5 blue skins
HAYPERDIG (3 years ago)
top 10 most expansive battle scared items :D
Othello_ITAGaming (3 years ago)
you ain't gonna find her factory new 
jeroen (3 years ago)
+Othello_ITAGaming could buy a factory new one for less
Othello_ITAGaming (3 years ago)
+neorej 5 69696969,69 $
jeroen (3 years ago)
+COOLESonnenbrille LP how much is she then?
Aleks Bancic (3 years ago)
z0fen (3 years ago)
Showcase all the operations and collectors things in bronze silver gold and like vanguard falchion or dreamhack ESL etc..
Wumbo FTW (3 years ago)
Top 5 neon skins?
Laurids15 (3 years ago)
you forgot awp boom
liam hammersley (3 years ago)
Top 5 cleanest skins
Gobril (3 years ago)
most expensive skins  that peapole dont know about?
Gobril (3 years ago)
+Wow Doge why annoying?
Sublime (3 years ago)
+MrSwegster Yes we have to watch out for the damn peapole's messing with the csgo market. So annoying and so delicious.
nerve (3 years ago)
the vagina pattern on the kami lmao
CalentaNoor (3 years ago)
Top 5 Knives under 20$ heheh Kappa. Now a serious Top 5: Top 5 Colourful skins!
Adrian (3 years ago)
2:12 *ahem* Rechyyy
Poof (3 years ago)
The best handdrawn skins? P.s. cool idea cool video
Draco (3 years ago)
Kami vagina XD
Aron Samsel (3 years ago)
Look at 0:35 the silencer is so fucked up at the front like how are you supposed to shoot with it like this :S
im gay but not so much (3 years ago)
Top 10 most expensive ONLY dropped skins ( no dragon lore for you )
LoKi Moe (3 years ago)
+GeometryDash Shinni I was eating, and dont got my mobile with me :)
Geometry Dash Shinni (3 years ago)
+Moritz Gudofski wow u responded fast xD
LoKi Moe (3 years ago)
Oh ok, i thought you meaned Skins that can drop but still unboxed.
Geometry Dash Shinni (3 years ago)
+F0rNeTTy it was droped in operation vanguard from a mission in it so it was possible
im gay but not so much (3 years ago)
+Moritz Gudofski I said only dropped skins, you can get dragon lore in cobblestone case
Melooni (3 years ago)
I dont know why, but i hate icarus fell. Random blue and black shit, big price, and it's just terrible skin.
Armin Basic (3 years ago)
Hyper beast field tested or cyrex factory new !! HELP I can only pick one.
Matt Nigga (3 years ago)
+ΤΡΙΑΝΤΑΦΥΛΛΟΣ THE AWPER That's also incorrect, I wouldn't try to educate people when you, yourself don't know the correct pronunciation.
Dominas Antanavičius (3 years ago)
Cyrex Beast
Mendetta (3 years ago)
+Armin Basic Cyrex
Robin Zaus (3 years ago)
Hyper Cyrex
TheDeamster11 (3 years ago)
+ΤΡΙΑΝΤΑΦΥΛΛΟΣ THE AWPER There is no Actual pronunciation, There are 3 ways to pronounce Falchion, you can pronounce it just like you said, Fal-shun, You got the regular Falcon AND you got "Falkion"
GuitarFret (3 years ago)
top knives under $100
brunk lol (3 years ago)
anomaly sapphire
Tommy (3 years ago)
Top 10 CS;GO glitches! :)
Revelin (3 years ago)
Most expensive/coolest stickers?
Kebabscout (3 years ago)
+McSkillet ツ CS:GO Glock-18 | Grinder? About endless amount of patterns for that one... and yeh, I'm a collector :P
Bag Solo (3 years ago)
Top 5 underrated skins
Matias Piipponen (3 years ago)
Top 10 skins for the shotguns?
SKIFy (3 years ago)
Top Five most rare items from CS:GO.
Risen (3 years ago)
Top 10 glocks
Cosmin Filotie (3 years ago)
Man , check in CS:GO fov 68 . The command is viewmodel_fov 68 . I think it's more better
nicolas ansell (3 years ago)
55k subs- deserves 500k
Assureddoge (3 years ago)
"This is the pattern on the Icarus fell that I have, that I..... Have"
Daniel Morts (3 years ago)
Top 5/10 best cheap knife skins?
RPGengineer567 (3 years ago)
What do you think of steamsupport. Because a guy with a 10.000 dollar inventory has been hacked twice and doesn't get all of his skins back the second time.
Tsuna (2 years ago)
+The Grand Greefer Bruh
The Grand Greefer (2 years ago)
Well a 10. That's a period so that's 10 dollars 0 cents 0 tenths of a cents so a ten dollar inventory isn't that important, learn to use the comma
Tsuna (3 years ago)
+Sombrero Gimpera  udk the whole story idyet
1 1 (3 years ago)
+SWAT They wont give you 500€ just because u're dumb.
Tsuna (3 years ago)
Got scammed too 500€ inv. And the Steam Support dont give af
ToucanB (3 years ago)
Top 5 over rated skins

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