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The Real Life Game of Thrones Part 1: Is Great Britain Westeros?

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The universe of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire is an incredibly unique and interesting one, but it is also heavily based upon real life events. This video is the first part of many detailing some of those real life inspirations. This video focuses primarily on the comparison between the British Isles and Westeros. Music: Ross Bugden Epic Orchestral Dubstep Hybrid Unstoppable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuLsHkl_Xuk
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alex knive (7 days ago)
the first men did not built the wall to protect against the wildlings, the wildings were the first men, the andals made them go beyond the wall
Brendan Gavaghan (8 days ago)
01:30 sorry, but those are the last lies I can stomach. Cornish are English people who speak their own language, celts have lived in Ireland since before the pyramids (Derry alone is 9000 years old!! older than Londinium btfw!), Even Drogheda is over 4000!!!! The brits are nothing but lannisters, claiming, inbreeding and evil.
Brendan Gavaghan (8 days ago)
01:15 orange walkers, not frozen, but braindead, hate filled zombies.
Tennesine (9 days ago)
What happend to your microphone?
RJ 503 (10 days ago)
Wow i didn’t know all that!!!!!
T.N.T GAMING (15 days ago)
Sooo that means....The Roman Empire were the the andals?and the first men were the celts?
god zillas (17 days ago)
I live in Mercia , a blue flag flutters about our castle in Tamworth ( sometimes the union and sometimes the cross but mainly the blue :-) )
Sebastián Ahumada (19 days ago)
Still wating for part 2!
Hutt the Jabba (19 days ago)
Esmeralda2diamon (19 days ago)
I thought that winterfell was in one of the Nordic countries. Maybe Sweden because Sweden was part of the biggest kingdom in the north back then. And the Nordic countries has still longer winters than Great Brittian. Also the name ”Stark” is a swedish Word which means ”strong”
Smithy Chris (19 days ago)
So basically, Northern England is the best.
Christian Morales (20 days ago)
Ms paint eyes
lareen whoregui (26 days ago)
actually had a GOT ad before this video
MrEvldreamr (28 days ago)
Wow...whoda thunk a show based on medieval europe would actually be based on medieval europe!!
M (28 days ago)
1:55 Can you stop? This was done to disgrace, humiliate and trivialize the Senate. It was in no shape way or form insane.
Lightning Tomy (1 month ago)
John Snow WAS real He lived in the Victortorian age
Peter Chan Jr (1 month ago)
Where's the PART 2 video?
Boxeard (1 month ago)
Still waiting part 2
EvilHomer1973 (1 month ago)
BC / AD stop being so PC!
mark bruns (1 month ago)
Britania is such a mess
james fisher (1 month ago)
Flips "Ireland" and places it under "England". Two mistakes there. 1) "Ireland" as you put it is in fact "Northern Ireland" and the "Republic of Ireland". Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, whereas the Republic of Ireland is a separate country. 2) "England" as you put it is 3 separate countries: England, Wales, and Scotland. Stupid American doing a video on things he knows nothing about
Ferruzzicati (1 month ago)
Of course it’s based on the U.K. George RR Martin is a devotee of JRR Tolkien. Tolkien used many British locations for Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. Go to the Cotswolds in the West of England and the place names are straight from the Shire. It’s no accident that all the “northerners” in GOT play their parts with northern English accents. Ask yourself this; why does Kit Harrington who has a non regional English accent in real life play Jon Snow with a northern English accent? I guess you have to be English to see the clear parallels.
Jibreel Jibreel (1 month ago)
Part 2 plz
Tomas CK (1 month ago)
I've never watched Game Of Thrones but otherwise really good video
Freddie Hudson (1 month ago)
Europe isn’t a different continent
Wow! I never realised George RR Martin based his books off that much
Ancient Hoplite (1 month ago)
When saying "Wessex" and "Sussex" or things like that, you shouldn't pronounce the E in "sex" so much. It should be said like "Wessix" or "Sussix". It just sounds really weird when people say "Wessex" like that and I hate it. I don't mean to be a prick, and if I sound posh I'm actually Scottish... So yeah...
Markus Vakalis (1 month ago)
All of which is entirely coincidental 😂
Harry Freaking Potter (1 month ago)
‘Sussex’ ‘Wessex’ and ‘Essex’ are all pronounced with an’-ix’ at the the end instead of a ‘-ex’. It’s weird but English is weird.
Magi V (1 month ago)
Dude everybody knows that the westeros map is just a tweaking of the british isles...
Patryk Wójcik (1 month ago)
kelts XDD it's not pronounced this way
pp extendus (1 month ago)
Still no part 2...
doublevision (1 month ago)
João Afonso Miguens (1 month ago)
the first men wasant the ones who built the wall it was the children and the giants to protect from the white walkers
Jozef Niclaes (1 month ago)
Ik weet niet veel van geschiedenis, maar het is duidelijk waar de schrijver zijn mosterd haalde.
Diego Pires (1 month ago)
You fucking ROCK explaining things dude.... Congrats
Две минутки поглядел: два косяка будто мало-мало:( Прикольные рисунки показываются очень стремительно, а картина рядышком с портретом Вильгельма Завоевателя изображает армию точно не похожую на ту что была у него:(
Nanu Nanu (1 month ago)
The Night King and his Army of the Dead can still be spotted in some parts of South Lanarkshire.
Jimmy69 Long (2 months ago)
Don’t dare put Ireland near England . England’s only a shower of bastards
hbk711x (2 months ago)
tv based on real life or some types of history is nothing new.
George Bryant (2 months ago)
you mean gb...
Lubo (2 months ago)
queens german ya buffoon
Clockner Boss (2 months ago)
I wish i lived in that time with the then nightswatch
Arjun Mehrotra (2 months ago)
Where is part 2 at!
Borna (2 months ago)
good ol' sponsorless times
Adiv Kuray (2 months ago)
There was a real person named Jon snow in England.
Default User (2 months ago)
Fuck this fascination with medieval bullshit inspired fiction I wanna live in a goddamn spaceship with aliens and future technology and bodies without sweat glands and oil glands so we don’t stink and we don’t defecate and We don’t urinate and we take all of our energy in through solar osmosis I don’t wanna live in a time with cheesy butts and smelly genitals and bad breath and feces and urine all over the place
Gerard Collins (2 months ago)
FINALLY someone pronounced it the Targaryen dynasty instead of Targaryen dinisty.
Adam Goggin (2 months ago)
Ireland isn't part of Great Britain
Anita Norris (2 months ago)
Was there ever a part 2? Not seeing it in his list of videos.
Harvey 2003 (2 months ago)
William the bastard arrived
Harvey 2003 (2 months ago)
Collect sea shells instead!!!!! 😂😂😂
Leandro Limeira (2 months ago)
CE? Who the fucks uses CE?
Quirky Quokka (2 months ago)
It’s truly fascinating to think that the history of Great Britain is based on Game of Thrones.
Niranjan Kalidass (2 months ago)
So, technically Queen Elizabeth II is Daenerys!
CubingBookworm2312 _ (2 months ago)
Aegon is Bonnie Prince Charlie. He can't be anyone else
Dogemacht42 (2 months ago)
7 minutes of constant brain shock.
Dr. Virus 129 (3 months ago)
If not for British history, there would be no Game of Thrones. You're welcome, humanity!
The Overboss (2 months ago)
BoiMann what would have inspired George rr Martin then?
BoiMann (2 months ago)
History had nothing to do with the show
Brendan Miller (3 months ago)
Lol Elizabeth II is related to William the Conqueror
lilchri5 xd (3 months ago)
What about Hereward the Wake: He rebelled during William the conqueror's reign and he held up his forces in a monastry in some marshes in the North. William found it impossible to enter as Hereward would not surrender. William ventually won when he got insider help from monks about a secret passage into the monastry. Sound like blackfish to me.....
Evren Saygın (3 months ago)
But the house of de Normandie has stopped ruling England after 6-7 rulers, todays queen of Great Britain is probably is distant realtive of his from another house. Last time i checked, she was actually descendant of a German house.
Augusto Tenório (3 months ago)
I did the same (inverted the map) in my stories with South America =]
J Dot S (3 months ago)
I'm wondering why the narrator stopped speaking like this in videos. His speech is slower, more formal, and has a district cadence that predictably rises and falls.
KendrixTermina (3 months ago)
Who else feels like making a fantasy AU of their own country now?
Willow Whisper (3 months ago)
The Roman Wall like example for the nightwatch Wall ❤️🌿 emperor Hadrian rulessss
lucifer morningstar (3 months ago)
So the Irish are the lanistersand other southern houses, the English are the Starks and some other Norther houses and the Scottish are wildlings and white walkers, and the French are dothraki and other eastern groups. Awesome I'm proud to be a stark.
M S (3 months ago)
Guess you can call him.......The Great Cnut
Fissle Wine (3 months ago)
I’ve been wondering if Westeros represents western society, and that Essos, the Targaryens, represent the east or middle eastern societies that existed...and if this show may represent a repressed history, or correlate with such ideas...I recently did a search for slaves that had their penis’ chopped of and could find nothing except criticism of the US south, yet years back I got info and images of slaves that had their penis‘ chopped off and straw pipes stuck in them and how the slaves were planted in the ground unable to move enduring huge pain and suffering, by the eastern societies...I do wonder about the internet at times! Only the South of Britain did not get Conquered...As to my knowledge the three headed dragon was a middle eastern symbol...unless I’m wrong...and we know how history claims everyone is the antichrist lol In the end, this world may have too much pain, and no real chance of forgiveness, unless a fake history is created, that actually protects the wicked acts of history...I want to leave Earth asap!
JIM SUPER (3 months ago)
Well Essos is named after Assos (next to Troy, nowadays belongs to Turkey) making the Middle East Essos, Vallyria is Illyria and the thing about the steel adds up to both, Dothraki is Thraki and they where both barbarian nomads. Bravos is the island of Rhodes (the statue of Bravos and the Colossus of Rhodes), Pentos is probably one of the cities of the West coast of Turkey, most likely Alikarnassos
Holden Chapman (3 months ago)
Britain is Westeros confirmed.
DELP (3 months ago)
There were dragons but they flew to the galaxy XD
Waterybint * (3 months ago)
The Queen is not related to William the Conqueror. Non of our Royal family are. They are German imposters and it has been proven with DNA that the true Monarch of England lives in Australia.
Jane Furlan (3 months ago)
What a out the religious outfit,the. Sparow,the. Faith militant,whos that supposed to be???
SpitfireMLG (3 months ago)
Thanks for teaching me about my own history as an Englishman. lol I knew a lot but not this much!
Prepperjon (3 months ago)
AD and BC not bce and ce
Oscar Sparkes (3 months ago)
How do you manage to butcher English kindgom names smh es-SSECKS nice one
Oscar Sparkes (3 months ago)
Looks more like Denmark geographically but not temperamentally
DeadlyRecon (4 months ago)
That Mount & Blade Warband picture lol
Dalmain J (4 months ago)
Where part 2?
athow123 (4 months ago)
Where is part two
Not Amused (4 months ago)
You get a dislike for your lack of respect for us Irish in calling our country part of the "British Isles" and implying we were conquered by Rome, which we we not! If you are going to discuss the history of other nations, at least make the effort to learn about it and and give the facts please!
Melanie Schielder (4 months ago)
what the hell is CE? it's BC and AD, what is CE?
MrVidification (3 months ago)
CE is Common Era, Current Era, so the same as AD... '2018 CE'. Historians may also use BCE, which is the same as BC. The B stands for 'Before', eg Before Common Era. The system was created by a Christian monk Dionysius Exiguus around 530AD (from a Harvard Uni article)
James Armitage (4 months ago)
This was all correct until you mentioned the War of the Roses. The War of the Roses was not a battle between many families across Britain but simply between two houses- Lancaster and York, of which Lancaster eventually won. GRR Martin has cited the War of the Roses as a huge inspiration.
gobblefish 64 (4 months ago)
Good video, but the size of britain and ireland put together is still way to small to be westeros. Westeros would be about from alaska (the wall) to north mexico/arizona (dorne)
Chit Mon (4 months ago)
Zivan •3• (4 months ago)
When I see the map of the world of Game of Thrones , when I see Essos , I see mainland Europe , Westeros is UK and Ireland , Sothoryos is Africa and Ulthos is Asia
Oliver Sampson-Tonge (4 months ago)
His actual knowledge of Game of Thrones/ a Song of Ice and Fire is appalling. First, the wall was built to keep white walkers out, not wildlings. Wildlings are just men who were born North of the wall. Secondly, the formation of the seven kingdoms did not gradually happen. Aegon I Targaryen conquered most of Westeros (apart from Dorne),
Gwenhwyfar Aine (4 months ago)
There is also a lot of comparisons to Irish history and mythology.
BobcatmansChannel (4 months ago)
Great video, but you butcheres my county's name, Sussex.
Arun K Subramanian (5 months ago)
I always had a notion about the resemblance of EU and the map of GoT but you nailed it with proper history and a great depiction
Luke Rogerson (5 months ago)
I knew it. It was too similar to not be based on Medieval British history. My money says that at some point there will be a Civil War in Game of Thrones as well. Just wait.
Billy Shears (5 months ago)
Umm - British history obviously not your forte!
adam hogan (5 months ago)
Its the Irish sea not the Englsih channel
Michael Joyce (5 months ago)
aw yay im a wilding because im scottish great
Calen Crawford (5 months ago)
I'm related to Harald Hardrada.
Calen Crawford (5 months ago)
Calen Crawford (5 months ago)
Harold used fuckboi tactics...fuck him!
Albe Beltrami (5 months ago)
I thought the Romans built the wall to defend the Scottish from the English.
Nicolaus Maloney (5 months ago)
TheDarkendstar (5 months ago)
I bet game of thrones doesnt have a PATATO FAMINE!!!!
Mike Libby (6 months ago)
That mount and blade warband image though
Napoleon Bonaparte (6 months ago)
You need to make another one of these, you said you would!

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