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5 Best Console Cheats [CS-1.6]

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Made by:Frost* SONG NAME: doctor vox - frontier
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Text Comments (142)
Gavno tupoe
orange _gameplays (14 days ago)
Is that a special force group 2???????
Pavle Elcic (30 days ago)
Someone know how to bunny hop or sgs with strl on new game-bots
GGC DeADsHoT (1 month ago)
Plz all subscribe to my channel name is GGC DeaDShoT
VIP X PRO (1 month ago)
Cheat in 1:09
wandy learning (1 month ago)
Skill 9999
Royaless TM (1 month ago)
How to get this tab? (0:07) Help pls
GGC DeADsHoT (1 month ago)
So bad graphics
BroLifeGaming : (15 days ago)
It was released in November 1 2000
MOHAMED SALAH (1 month ago)
GGC DeADsHoT But it,s good for my poteeeeto pc
Agnius Markevicius (1 month ago)
And is working on sv_gravity 1
Lapis Wolf (1 month ago)
Do you even know what is a fucking console?
Ali Xhema (2 months ago)
0:53 join in the WALL ?
Avelino Garcia (2 months ago)
Súper fake why canto he use them in a match
Dr Binita kangjam (2 months ago)
Noob surf
DIAMONGUN69 (2 months ago)
kobe kiwang (2 months ago)
How about auto aim?
From which key we can jump
ADIT IYA IRAWAN (3 months ago)
Miki gamer (3 months ago)
Crazy (3 months ago)
C9Begginers Adrian (3 months ago)
*YEAH* , i like to play with cl_righthand 0 (left hand) because i like it😂😂😅
Dacki 12 (3 months ago)
Man I don't want to be cheater
Komunjare (2 months ago)
Udjdjduuzu😛😁😣😔🔢🔡↗🏰😚😛😘😗 U6xycus Nfifizudysu
Epic Lemon (3 months ago)
Daniel (3 months ago)
Old is gold
sergio manoel (3 months ago)
nao pega
Bunny Gamer (3 months ago)
what's the name of the music that is playing in the background???
Endrit Avdiu (4 months ago)
WOW this is amazing i cant sleep tonight from the happiness.
SEJDY 123 (4 months ago)
NickName GraF (4 months ago)
cheat ???
FaZe 4483 (5 months ago)
How did he get that map at 0:46
Steven Bruce Flores (1 month ago)
he is Surf_ski_2
MR. Drifter (2 months ago)
FaZe 4483 you can download this map just go to gamebanana and search surf sky 2
MFS Tech (4 months ago)
i have that one
Elis Ramosaj (5 months ago)
the gravity one
Elis Ramosaj (5 months ago)
nice noob this trick working just with bots
5 Best CS (5 months ago)
no shit dumbass, you want it to work on multiplayer?
Hudson Felipe (5 months ago)
como instala esse mapa que vc usou?
DOMO_ HARD (6 months ago)
qual o nome da segunda fase que ele joga ?
AutoktonGamersHD (6 months ago)
Yo nice vid what did u do that u can see the map callouts on screen
Technical King (6 months ago)
What buttons are you use for airaccelerate
Technical King (5 months ago)
DJLeevi I don't know this button please help
xLeevi- (5 months ago)
Technical King is that a joke?
-Duurth- play (6 months ago)
xDemonasx (6 months ago)
Nan Yue (3 months ago)
shut up tiks demons gay.
TotalSavage1337 (6 months ago)
No its not ;) Check the upload date .
s Yasin (7 months ago)
wtf all of them re Banned during match , haha sv_cheats 1 ' totally banned
LEGUE of LEGEND FAN (7 months ago)
Mohammed Cristiano (7 months ago)
fak you
lordi kingi (7 months ago)
it works in mulitplayer yes or no
s Yasin (7 months ago)
lordi kingi of course it works , but all those cheats are not allowed !
Godmode ON (7 months ago)
ZURI8 TEST (7 months ago)
what is the music in the back of the clip?
Ivan Del mundo (7 months ago)
And i know the money cheat impulse 101
Ivan Del mundo (7 months ago)
You need to be a server
Dexter Campo,jr. (8 months ago)
LUCKY STRIKE (8 months ago)
how to create match whith bots in lan server?
iTz Morphix (7 months ago)
LUCKY STRIKE google it
Red Teddy (9 months ago)
Cl_lw 0 just makes aiming harder and the knife changes look
wayelias benkei (10 months ago)
el impulse no me sirve porq es?
Jerome Tolentino (10 months ago)
the accelarate 250 that means i can bhop? i want to bhop
KristupasPRO (11 months ago)
All commands not work HOW do to!! need HELP maybe counter strike need
Gg Gg (10 months ago)
Ezequiel Gaspar (10 months ago)
KristupasPRO First you need to put "sv_cheats 1" in the console... Then later you can put the commands
Ezequiel MILGRAU (11 months ago)
qual e o mapa de parkor ?
GAMER (11 months ago)
Ezequiel Tito Irineu
LordMasterWar (11 months ago)
In son't know how to turn on bot radio if some one how to doit respond please
Dimitrije Ilic (11 months ago)
what is the name of the map or server on 0:36 plzzzzzzzzz
Steven Bruce Flores (1 month ago)
0:46 Surf_ski_2
Steven Bruce Flores (1 month ago)
De_dust 2
Muno TV (1 month ago)
Surf Ski 2
As Morka (2 months ago)
Dimitrije Ilic Darude - SkiStorm
The Roaster Boy (1 year ago)
Console Commands are not working pz help me ThX XD
Katarina (10 months ago)
The Roaster Boy Omfg y you need to turn on sv_cheats 1
Tiểu Tử Vô Danh (1 year ago)
you can give me link music ?
iTz Morphix (7 months ago)
Tiểu Tử Vô Danh its in description i guess
EllisPlaysYT (1 year ago)
you copied all of this i know it
Zivadinka Lukic (1 year ago)
nista see ne vidi kako si ukucao za letenje?
nice bandicam watermark
Kenyer gabriel (1 year ago)
#5BestCS mano cuando juego con bot que tengo el hack prendido no apunta a donde es, y yo puse eso de sv_cheats 1 como lo arreglo???
Hakou Dz (1 year ago)
chater hhhhhhhhhh
Gg Gg (10 months ago)
hhhhh hada cheat
FreeZer (1 year ago)
Gjvv Gfyfy lol
claudiu vlog (1 year ago)
mrs mult ☺☺☺
CosmicMonkey (1 year ago)
thanks for these commands
Mr Kraze (1 year ago)
how do you open console?
RebelTomato (13 days ago)
with ; up to the tab
press this ` or ~
Game Robo (3 months ago)
Nameless ??? (4 months ago)
Did I see a noob?
Chomiczek 60hz (4 months ago)
` <---- this
Daniel Obradović (1 year ago)
koja je sifra za noz na lijevu stranu
Kovich (1 year ago)
cl_lw 0
FrostYT (1 year ago)
can someone give me the money cheat :D?
JimmyGaming (1 year ago)
open the console, and put: impulse 101
Miguel Velasco (1 year ago)
mp_startmoney 16000 :)
GDFR Gaming (1 year ago)
What I'm doing here?!
Work only with Bots :D
viral friends (1 year ago)
how ip adresplease
Caio Augusto (1 year ago)
How to enable the map spots below the radar? (e.g CT Spawn, T Spawn, Double Doors, Side Doors...)
Vaynah Vaynahi (1 year ago)
how do you open it?
Zion V (1 year ago)
the ~ key
Florian Gashi (1 year ago)
Rzod Gaming (1 month ago)
I liked this cheats
ZendiX PL (1 year ago)
subscribe me!
artem jozackian (1 year ago)
good job
Astrit Krass (1 year ago)
whats this song name?
AnotherUser (1 year ago)
doctor vox - frontier. i think
ImDesire (1 year ago)
whats the map called where you slide along walls? its number 2 in this video
skaplig;p (1 year ago)
surf_ski 2
Ярик Пашков (1 year ago)
sit, write cl_lw 9. write cl_lw 0 --> very small crosshair
prathamesh Pulee (1 year ago)
AnotherUser (1 year ago)
doctor vox - frontier
ma te miret (1 year ago)
name song
nissou anis (1 year ago)
tha name of the music pliizzz plizzz
nissou anis (1 year ago)
thank you man
Urs Robert (1 year ago)
nissou anis name of song is doctor vox - frontier
where do you get that bhop map?
Steven Bruce Flores (1 month ago)
he is Surf_Ski_2
Jayes Ghevade Ghevade (1 year ago)
Zion V [
Zion V (1 year ago)
*surf not bhop
this working just in server bro

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