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CS:GO - Best PRO Moments

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Counter Strike Global Offensive best moments. Sell your CS:GO skins for REAL MONEY: https://goo.gl/IcdkND Credits to Silent! https://www.youtube.com/user/NoobSileNt ➞Click here to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1xSxh3I ➞Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiNecroMan ➞Follow me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/multinecroman ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­--- Thanks for watching! Credits to silent.
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Text Comments (1104)
Marietta Basit (7 months ago)
Super pro
Phil (7 months ago)
I didnt even know there was a other version of train out there :O
wout jacobs (8 months ago)
central lip honest avvcsoc midnight reflect running generous force beg budget cousin.
pХуй ц\ЯПЕзда
Dvir Kusan (11 months ago)
ez aim lock for jw
T O'B (1 year ago)
Have never played CS but this does not seem very impressive
s3sang (1 year ago)
Dani :D (1 year ago)
BEST !! cs:go aimbot PRO Moments !!!!!
TheIvocka GaMiNg (1 year ago)
This is an animation because when he defuse it was not realistic and this fps impossible
MultiNecroMan (1 year ago)
viktor elowsson got me here
Jake Fisher (1 year ago)
best CS video ever!
Emre Arslan (1 year ago)
Emre Akgün (1 year ago)
omg very good congrulation
Frostbite Venom (1 year ago)
alright boiz im jumping to ranked and I will go 3/15
enes tutar (1 year ago)
ManInBlackNight (1 year ago)
And Happy inferno ? Omg
Kote Kutalia (1 year ago)
4:22 That chicken
Homie Camper (1 year ago)
Kote Kutalia 😂😂
drunkel DeEr (1 year ago)
08:15 WHAAAT :'D so nice feeling.. that moment
Mfuse123 (1 year ago)
Fnatic comment and Titan like
MultiNecroMan (1 year ago)
like wut xD
Mfuse123 (1 year ago)
HBEO PYTH have aim XD
BluePudding (1 year ago)
Would be nice if I could actually see what was happening instead of seeing a blurry mess of a video.
Quantum HD (1 year ago)
people play with motion blur
MultiNecroMan (1 year ago)
yeah we do xD
Quantum HD (1 year ago)
what's up with the motion blur
Aidan Giroux (1 year ago)
MultiNecroMan (1 year ago)
thanks man appreciate it
FLICKGOD# (1 year ago)
I don't stand kills 😮😮😮
Max Mad (1 year ago)
https://wn.nr/AjSvfZ :D am i lucky
MultiNecroMan (1 year ago)
Co-operative gaming (1 year ago)
Hello! I watched your vid and genuinely liked it. I would love it if you checked mine out for a bit of advice, though not to necessarily subscribe Thanks!
TrUsTwOrThYDeMoN (1 year ago)
These edits make this impossible to watch.
MultiNecroMan (1 year ago)
not at all
Skrekzooo | (1 year ago)
1:35 OH NO WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! good english lmao
Turtle2388 (1 year ago)
crosshair pls?
DEAD (2 years ago)
420 dislikes = 420 blazed fucks
Stefus Theoneandonly (2 years ago)
just saw this video it's awesome :) good job bro keep good job love ya :D
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed it man :D
Jefferson Calang (2 years ago)
i dont get it haha 😂😂
Jefferson Calang (2 years ago)
Omg hahaha You noticed me senpai 😂😂
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
me neither
Wasp X (2 years ago)
so inspirational!
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
thanks man appreciate it
Oliver Weber (2 years ago)
This video gave me so many chills
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
glad it did man :D
Liyt (2 years ago)
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
indeed lel
isxlated 悪 (2 years ago)
suh dude
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Danya Mechetii (2 years ago)
4;20 wh and aim
regimiro (2 years ago)
are you actually retarded?
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
They all got some
KubsonRussian (2 years ago)
Please music
mmaxxzz (2 years ago)
Can i Play it on MacBook? ;D
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Denis Tănase (2 years ago)
salut, cu ce program editezi?
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Salut, Sony Vegas
Guitoo (2 years ago)
What is this game with an AK-47 played by half of the players ? -_-"
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Its just that the weapon is good
Captain Winge (2 years ago)
What's the name of the first instrumental song in that video?
Radovan jméno mé (2 years ago)
6:13 good aimbot
Felix FK (2 years ago)
all those "once in livetime" moments
Alpha (2 years ago)
Livetime? Like, a livestream?
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Lol not really.
Moreno BG (2 years ago)
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
(HAX)Cookie (2 years ago)
Background Music?
ythefukmypphard (2 years ago)
Ate you gay?
Hawksey (2 years ago)
I didn't eat you gay, no.
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Dimitris Aggelousis (2 years ago)
i play very very good at cs1-6 like a pro
Dimitris Aggelousis (2 years ago)
Someone (2 years ago)
We all did xD
Frosty23 אופק (2 years ago)
ThatOneRandom Ginger (2 years ago)
can my laptop run this game its a hp i know it has 4gb ram and intel core i3 tbh i dont know the name of the laptop but i know it was around $400 anyhelp appreciated.
Bezourx (2 years ago)
+Bezourx mod mod is mid, as in mid settings. My mistake
Bezourx (2 years ago)
I was able to get 60 mod mod overall settings on a pc worth 280 on eBay. It also had wifi and an operating system pre installed
Flux (2 years ago)
yes 30-40 fps
ThatOneRandom Ginger (2 years ago)
+Kindru GamingxVideos yea I've been playing it a lot fun game
Kindru GamingxVideos (2 years ago)
Reminder though you do have to run at the lowest settings for some decent fps
Sguide (2 years ago)
The best csgo edit ever made.
dave (2 years ago)
how did you film your screen?
Peter Griffin (2 years ago)
+dav ward recording software off of pirate bay
dave (2 years ago)
which one?
Miller A.Oldfield (2 years ago)
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
With a recorder
Pudding (2 years ago)
gameplay like this is only possible on pc
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
Of course
CRYSTAL METH (2 years ago)
F0rest and GeT_RiGhT knows their job. Just wow :P
Regen Oyuncu (2 years ago)
İs İt Owerwacht??? OMG!!!!!
MicahDoStuff (1 year ago)
No no no no no no... it's obviously Call of Duty Infinite Warfare!
Matisz Zsuzsa (2 years ago)
Ez király
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
NickSoto X (2 years ago)
Hey i have a question. Do you get like money from the video if you get partnered or are they copyrighted?
KCrimson (2 years ago)
I don't know but I got beat by taZ many times kek
Arda Çelik (2 years ago)
S.hashim (2 years ago)
Thats why i hate when someone calls him self the best and stuff like that coz others will come and do more than he did one day :)
Ilija Sisic (2 years ago)
anarchywolf (2 years ago)
nooo they are legitimately professional players for pro teams that know what theyre doing
Jake Ratermann (2 years ago)
This is insane!!!!
ReflexIsHere (2 years ago)
> Trys in game > Dies round 1 with 0 0 1 score
trunks do futuro (2 years ago)
music ? pls
J. K. (2 years ago)
cs go is so unlogical. AWP: aim on head - missed. aim on chest - headshot. shoot on feet - onehit. AK 47 is mostly headshot, even if you aim 5m away from target. WHY???????
Intensified Failure (2 years ago)
If your watching pros they may have flicked their mouse when they fired to get the head shot. Also, if not they could of been moving, causing the shot to be inaccurate, and got lucky for the bullet to go where it's needed. Inaccuracy can save you sometimes. CSGO is made by VALVE is extremely precise, all those events can ONLY happen due to lag or lucky inaccuracies. (Also AWP does about 4/5 of damage to foot, so it's not always a onehit, without this it'd just be unfair to AWP, there has to be a balance between fair and realistic)
TheGamingSeal 17 (2 years ago)
Lmao I fucking see the aimbot
Peter Griffin (2 years ago)
ye its called gitgud.exe, you can download at www.getsometraining.gov/practice
UnnTHPS (2 years ago)
I've seen most of these plays live. Incredible. Even though it all happened so recently, I already get nostalgic feelings. The last clip is my favorite though. As far as I remember it was the grand final of the 2014 Katowice major, where NIP got completely destroyed by VP on both Mirage and Inferno. I was super hyped since the CSGOLounge odds were like 30% on VP and yet I bet full and won a Fire Serpent. Good times.
nelpan (2 years ago)
+Killaah ?
Killaah (2 years ago)
ur sad
Smilezom (2 years ago)
cool moments!
Dmentor GaBy (2 years ago)
ALTO FRAKA (2 years ago)
Doggo (2 years ago)
These people never came out of their house...
Dark Blood (2 years ago)
O ultimo foi bem zuadin...
Dark Blood (2 years ago)
+MultiNecroMan Sorry, I wrote that in portuguese. Translation: The last was really weird lol
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Dark Blood I don't understand
Matthieu (2 years ago)
aimbot power
Zombie Drogado (2 years ago)
KQLY like this
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Matthieu Trouilhet indeed
NiP-Khan (2 years ago)
0:00 PYTH>Happy
none (2 years ago)
inhuman reaction
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+JustJoe or we can all just call it aimlock
Pauluxa Top (2 years ago)
Can someone say me the crosshair?
Itz Carro (2 years ago)
I'm on 144p and the vid is still stopping to load....
Itz Carro (2 years ago)
+MultiNecroMan I've been trying for so long, oh well.
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Carrro Fix your internet bro
Cs go giveaway Guy (2 years ago)
Goyan (2 years ago)
What editor is good for thumbnails like this
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+SkepticalGamer What
TITO (2 years ago)
Music ?
HeroGamers TV (2 years ago)
S.W.A.T Justice Gaming (2 years ago)
4:09 ' " another one " lol
ZUNNA (2 years ago)
*Best of pro hacker -.-.......fucking to good!
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Harry Olsson Hey we all gotta hack don't we?
Jakub Stodolny (2 years ago)
How TF do you makes these montages so good
Ksus Susk (2 years ago)
In my days we had Innominis NaLiN :) - wonder if Innomonis still excists
Ksus Susk (2 years ago)
The best CS clan ever in my memory (v1.3 days). I played from beta 1. NaLiN was my favorite member.
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Ksus Susk I have no idea what that is
Mohamed Hk (2 years ago)
Music name ? pls
ZephyrFFA (2 years ago)
The 'ACE' annotation that was on the screen at all times ruined the video.
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+ZephyrFFA What
dappr (2 years ago)
0:22 guys, if i kill him i kill him
h4wk (2 years ago)
4:08 and another 1
Skuukzky (2 years ago)
just passing by .. but was is ACE in this game?
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Casper Luffy Datenshi What
Tấn Phúc (2 years ago)
Esoteric Grave (2 years ago)
ok, 0:30 - 0:40 can someone explain to me how he did that? i went frame by frame on that and there was no way he was even aiming in the right place but still got head shots.
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Esoteric Grave Aim man
i0hwa (2 years ago)
I'm glad that the hit boxes work for pros
i0hwa (2 years ago)
+MultiNecroMan I'm just salty that I miss sometimes pay no attention
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+TheInsaneOsiris 33 You like dem hacks.
Áspéct (2 years ago)
Freaking Aimbot... :D
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Invoker Invoker I know right?
Turtle2388 (2 years ago)
si bouras (2 years ago)
i feel noob now
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+si bouras I always did on CS
Gage Sonny (2 years ago)
I almost did the same flick that Hiko did, but I was using a deag, and it was second shot that hit, now one of my friends calls me Hiko all the time.
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Gage Sonny Hi Hiko
Mick nurminen (2 years ago)
lite kubgbdå
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)
+Mick nurminen I don't understand
PRINCE TANGLAO (2 years ago)
someone do the 360 no scope it is faill
MultiNecroMan (2 years ago)

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