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Is CS:GO Dying?

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Not according to Betteridge's law of headlines. 0:15 - Player numbers since release 1:14 - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds 3:07 - Esports / Watching instead of playing 3:50 - WHAT IS CAUSING THESE DROPS? 5:51 - CS:GO: the next stage in its life 8:23 - ...me Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (6835)
BigBossMG (3 days ago)
valve games suck the worst game is half life portal and counter strike go source and well all of them
blackerrigan (5 days ago)
L3SH3S (6 days ago)
Is dead now goodbye mates
Franco Viollaz (7 days ago)
SARY GLD (8 days ago)
CS:GO is dead.
Danilo (9 days ago)
Perma ban cheaters. This is the issue that valve has been dodging eversince.
Roland Wieder (9 days ago)
Still playing it in April 18
Jinnxed (10 days ago)
Fuck cs go i really dont know why i cant stop playing it :/
Bad players need play shit games like pubg.
Mohammad M (12 days ago)
It won't die it will just become obscure. It's going to fade out and end up like cs:source.
mdil123 (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/PYNyielIrpA?t=380 fuckin love this part shipping more changes to pistol to emphasize skillful use ----->slightly improved accuracy when firing multiple shots ----->substantially reduced running accuracy i thought it was a skill to be able to fire multiple shots from your pistol accurately and not depend on the games mechanics to get the kill
̲ (13 days ago)
The game is dead because they ruined it. We need a new CS now...
HOVNO Hraje (13 days ago)
noobs cant play cs:go so they moved to pubg
Juniorslothsix (13 days ago)
league of legends is killing csgo
Anras Timalsina (14 days ago)
Im sure value doesn’t even care if anything rhat is happening To Csgo
Procopciucc (15 days ago)
if they do something about the shit hackers lots of players will be back,i can bet that
aero 1401 (17 days ago)
Csgo better be dying, the game sucks in every way
Properpro 91 (17 days ago)
Splintex Gaming (18 days ago)
Csgo has problems and because of those problems people don't play it any more. cheaters toxic and salty players bugs overpowered guns and so more thats annoying and valve's anti cheat system too. if valve could fix those problems than more people would play it again.
"Overpowered guns" Fortnite hold my beer
Latebar (18 days ago)
Valve's earning too much cash with Steam in general. I really don't think they care about games anymore.
Leonardo Perez (20 days ago)
I like csgo better
Cottidae (20 days ago)
CSGO is probably dying off slowly but surely. It has kind of reached a peak and has stagnated. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.
Scott deMoor (21 days ago)
Counter strike has a way better weapon system. CS:go is boring
Mocan Darius (21 days ago)
Am I the single one who doesn't like PUBG? I find that game boring. Fortnite too.
Dvielis 360 (22 days ago)
You did this video when it was still ok but now ihavent played for like 2 month and when i have a chance i dont
Tomo Zizak (23 days ago)
Commenter 24 (23 days ago)
Csgo is not dying
canal Rian (24 days ago)
gabe newell: *YES*
SPY AGARIO (24 days ago)
where's minecraft '-`
MaximumEFFORT (24 days ago)
I feel as csgo has lived a long life but will die and we may see that death in a close future, me personally have sold my skins on opskins
STRANGE! ISN'T IT? (25 days ago)
PUBG Killed H1Z1 PUBG Killed Rust PUBG Is dying to Fortnite Fortnite IS KILLING THE STEAM GAMES
GabeMsp (26 days ago)
Max Chai (27 days ago)
the reason this game is still alive is because of the competitions and those people who started from 1.6. i love this game, its competitive, but if Valve still dont give a shit about the cheaters, im afraid the players will be going low eventually. #savecsgo please i hope to go back to this game someday in the future. <3
Avalen (27 days ago)
I'm only now really starting to play CSGO properly. I went from S2 to MG2 this year already. But then again I'm almost always really late to things.
videogamebomer (27 days ago)
I say overwatch, pugs, and fortnight are helping decrease the desire to.play it
Zeshan M Husain (28 days ago)
Causes of death- -skins are no longer important -reranks are trash -valve treats CS like a red headed step child
hackernoid (29 days ago)
Cyberpunk (29 days ago)
PUBG getting major updates. Jokes on you 😐
syn3rgyz (29 days ago)
most stuff has been "fixed" ? lol. they should either just refresh 1.6 with ranking system / matchmaking or do what classic offensive was/is doing.
Rex (29 days ago)
Its not dying... its dead already!
Dixit Jain (30 days ago)
Next video :Is pubg dying??lmao ,so many people shifted from pubg to fortnite its unbelieveable.
Duterte Sempai (1 month ago)
This game take no skills to play,except battle royale like PUBG
Ethan (1 month ago)
If fortnite was on steam...
999k veiws
Music Nova (1 month ago)
lolKoiku xD (1 month ago)
999k views <3
GarGet (1 month ago)
1 000 000 views incoming?
Magic Bagel (1 month ago)
Answer: yes, moving on
oscar Ogilvie (1 month ago)
Csgo is dying because of the toxic community
jayvee (1 month ago)
im trying to switch from league to cs:go , lol has a very toxic community i quit when i peaked plat 1
jayvee (1 month ago)
i just got a new pc and planning to buy cs:go. is cs:go full of hackers? i dont wanna waste my money on a game full of cheaters
SlowerMusicArt (1 month ago)
Fuck pubg
Kyle Reynolds (1 month ago)
Like the development team is pure fucking shit.
Mountain Months (1 month ago)
nobody cares what you think
Andreas Kiritsis (1 month ago)
Should i buy it?
E-Ject (1 month ago)
R6 might also be helping pepole quit Cs:Go
Frederik Stephano (1 month ago)
F*ck you. Literally u arent good enough to play CS:GO that's why u said a lot of cheaters in MM. I found a lot of people blamed me and accused me for cheating during match, which is not right bcs im not cheating and I HATE CHEATING no matter what game i played. They blame everyone as a cheater because their skill aren't good enough to play in Competitive MM. Only trained players can really play CS since 1.6 to Global Offensive. And one thing u guys should to know, no matter what game u play, there are always cheaters. Lol.
BLOP (1 month ago)
They just don't give a shit. They just take a bath with the money generated from csgo dota2 and pubg.
AMN TECH (1 month ago)
I think that csgo people are playing on cracked version and playing online and not steam one so it's dying
Marco81blues (1 month ago)
Hmm I bet Valve not doing against cheaters and the quality of servers has something to do with it.
Shafferhead (1 month ago)
I stopped playing after Vanguard. Came back after a while and it just didnt play the way it did. Might just be me but it feels different. Still play Source abit tho, so much fun
nah. its just Fortnite
Goldenfightinglink (1 month ago)
3:30, I disagree completely. or I would like to, but I guess it's all entertainment
Bernd Lauert (1 month ago)
People have been saying it since 1.6. Still waiting.
FellTheSky (1 month ago)
Im gonna go with a wild guess, but is it possible than a lot of people that started playing at age of 12 and such are moving on with their lifes and the game fails to attract new players?
Pootis Mun (1 month ago)
yeah it's shit
timeking 23 (1 month ago)
nope its not
Pepe (1 month ago)
Cheaters make up 95% of the matchmaking playerbase. Cheaters make up 99.9% of wingman playerbase. Regular players play on community servers, as with every cs.
FalseEZES (1 month ago)
You what I want.. Fucking good vac system FFS
Evercreeper (1 month ago)
0:00 seconds NO
Sam Miller (1 month ago)
the dockout (2 months ago)
i wanna ask all the ppl who blame valve about cheaters in mm:how many overwatch cases u have done or do per day??
Nibba (2 months ago)
so wait should I buy csgo in 2018 yes/no
LCore (1 month ago)
Nibba yes.. csgo is still growing actually. 12,5 million players last 30 days, championship had 1,3 mil viewers..
GamerLP159 (2 months ago)
I just started Cs:Go und There are so many smurfs :(
uonexd (2 months ago)
M1nD Fr34k (2 months ago)
Pubg sucks
Schlüsselmeister Jorit (2 months ago)
CS:GO dies, CSS gets reborn
HerpMcDerper (2 months ago)
Explaining CS:GO's decreasing populatity without mentioning Valve's complete failure as far as their Anti-Cheat measures are concerned? Not sure about that... Yet you have a point with all your other arguments!
Commando Master (2 months ago)
CS GO is dying because they is no more skin gambling. The game is just the same old boring stuff with hackers in MM.
lispy_wolf (18 days ago)
people who love cod which dies after month if its release of each title , always says cs is dying and stuff meanwhile its growing up.
Zerozone (1 month ago)
MiCMaCToE CK despite all of that , its still a success.. a worldwide success lmao :P
MiCMaCToE CK (1 month ago)
If that is the reason why it is dying, it never deserved to succeed.
NawtNCosmic (2 months ago)
It's not boring, just full of bullshit.
piyabud wongmalee (2 months ago)
there are not many cheaters anymore i have not met one yet csgo is still a great game
Music Mask (2 months ago)
Cheaters, Smurfs, toxic people.... No wonder no new people want to start playing this game
Music Mask (2 months ago)
A Random Lantern (2 months ago)
yes, damn hackers
Tom F (2 months ago)
PUBG sucks watch this video and you will see why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4XFMDikC5k
It jyst need new players. Maybe us dead for old players but not for new
Cosmonauteable (2 months ago)
2much risk of bias here my friend, afterall, atm your livelyhood depends on csgo, am I wrong?
Prime Viczon (2 months ago)
i just want new guns
Versace4Reals (2 months ago)
Carlo Vicente (2 months ago)
It peaked on early 2017 because of CS:CO!
FijiWater ONLY (2 months ago)
Honestly you can just tell that csgo is 10 years old and thats the reason its dying.
LCore (1 month ago)
FijiWater ONLY its growing.. 12,5 mil players last 30 days 1,3 mil views on championship..
Yume (2 months ago)
Nah but TF2 is.
Gnarlyygaming (2 months ago)
I just want and need a new online competitive game. I get bored easily
Idiota Babaca (2 months ago)
People take this too seriously. I for one am fine and having fun like never before in this game. And it seems that trustfactor matchmaking made my matches so much better. Not everyone is polite but overall a much more "head in the game" mentality. Btw guys, its just a game, its very fun for the price, ans CS will never die, even 1.6 and CSS are still around. :) so lets just enjoy ourselves shall we?
Darkis (2 months ago)
0:50 that’s definitely wrong I think GTA V would be number 1
ItsLucas (2 months ago)
666k Subs !
Debojit Das (2 months ago)
1:04 hmmmm
Artmex #RemoveScout (2 months ago)
LCore (2 months ago)
Artmex i have over 1 k hours btw..
LCore (2 months ago)
Artmex are you stupid? if you have prime you wont play with hackers.. also others game have way more hackers..
Artmex #RemoveScout (2 months ago)
LCore but its trash anyway HACKERS EVERYWHERE !!!
Artmex #RemoveScout (2 months ago)
LCore if you Are under 1k Hours you Will say that
LCore (2 months ago)
Artmex cs go isnt trash..
Default_Logic (2 months ago)
My cs go is downlading right now.......i hope i can get into the game (unlike dota 2)
MixelSky Videos (2 months ago)
I kind of hope that CS:GO will die/be less popular, maybe Valve will focus more on singleplayer games, doesnt matter if its L4D, Portal, or HL, it'll make huuuuge money
moldeh (2 months ago)

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