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I honestly have so many of these frags, i could do these weekly! -AD- Trade your skins on https://tradeskinsfast.com/ GIVEAWAY : My Huntsman & M9 Bayonnet Doppler: https://gleam.io/fwYF0/houngoungagne-giveaway EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ ✘ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (NEW!) ✘ Twitter : https://twitter.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE @HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ✘ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOUNGOUNGAGNE ♫ Music: I use a lot the music from MAF: http://www.maf464.com/ And his website is gorgeous btw! :) I also use a lot of songs coming from Incompetech: http://goo.gl/PHwKV2 And also some musics are provided by http://www.epidemicsound.com/ thanks to my partnership with ESL ► About me◄ (Updated 2 October 2016) Crosshair? Mouse? Monitor? ➝ Find all my infos down below my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/houngoungagne (¬‿¬) Graphic Designer: @orikmcfly (¬‿¬)
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HOUNGOUNGAGNE (11 months ago)
Ola! Cheeky Reminder i'm doing a GiveAway with the huntsman i've been using for 2 years now! :D GIVEAWAY : My Huntsman & M9 Bayonnet Doppler: https://gleam.io/fwYF0/houngoungagne-giveaway
Giuli Be (11 months ago)
what an honor to the lucky that win this :D
Booth TheSimpitCrew (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video :) always love your content!
Detronix3 (11 months ago)
Do you practice your movement? And when, how you do it :). And a short video about it maybe ^-^
Hydro trilogy (11 months ago)
HOUNGOUNGAGNE what is ur mouse polling rate or hertz?
Mr Aces (11 months ago)
Cough Cough smurf :>
WaVy Waterzz (11 months ago)
Lol this stuff is so fricking funny...
LAF RO (11 months ago)
how many hours you played cs go?
Ex6Ten z (11 months ago)
4:26 song name ?
Dajmm (11 months ago)
What is the songname? First song :?
Giuli Be (11 months ago)
Ty for sharing mate
tudor j (11 months ago)
Outro song name pls?
Ricardo Nunez (11 months ago)
Why are you playing noob tec-9/five seven and still hype yourself up because you got one frag
MackleRaik (11 months ago)
Wait, i had a finnish candy advert before the video XD
Franco Cab (11 months ago)
You are soooooo f*cking good man... you make me love this game again everytime i watch you play... please dont leave. Much Love From ARGENTINA man.
Too Much Pain - (11 months ago)
Where is tradeskins? -.-
Adam Kowalski (11 months ago)
Sens 4.53?
OlliC1981 (11 months ago)
RaphDaPingu (11 months ago)
Top 10 anime kills
Gayther (11 months ago)
Vraiment, tu mérites amplement que des teams e-Sport se penchent sur ton cas, en tout cas on prie pour que tu entammes une carrière 💪
Cristi Minculescu (11 months ago)
Why you don t go pro? Like
BNoobCSGO (11 months ago)
dude you got over 7k hours in csgo... get a life dude... im just kidding xD nice video i really enjoy your style and that you are not tryharding as all the others do but you have FUN! even in GE MM! #HOUNGOUNGAGNEtheGREAT!
NeZquik (11 months ago)
Je le savais ! Tu es français (seulement ta 2eme vidéo que je vois x) +1 sub :*)
Illusion Rxdical (11 months ago)
play ESEA Jeff
Ivo Fernandes (11 months ago)
wheres does he play, faceit, esea or what? pls tell me
Roger (11 months ago)
People are smurfing in sliver and shit but Houngoungagne out her smurfing in global
s1mple 10 (11 months ago)
Discord please
YOLO FRO (11 months ago)
You are an inspiration to me, one day I wish I'm like you, if I get to play with you then I would be so happy, but no bc your like a galactic elite and I'm like a Dirt 1
Dajo (11 months ago)
4:45 were did that flash bounc on?
LaurentBM1 (11 months ago)
Jonathan Gómez (11 months ago)
necesito esa bayooo :D
Vaibhav Mehta (11 months ago)
you think global is easy? try mg2 sometimes
Singularity (11 months ago)
that's a joke right?
Cheddar (11 months ago)
Bagas Al-Ghifari (11 months ago)
quality player and quality content! keep it up!
Mr. Loser (11 months ago)
https://youtu.be/PHQbE_XNdNg?t=4m39s spray or fast single clicks
Alex (11 months ago)
thats damn convenient .. seeing all those shots land
Delay is King (11 months ago)
You mean *NA TEAMMATES* 4:29
Senhor Gatenho (11 months ago)
Can anyone tell me what song did he use?
AMC (11 months ago)
Never understood why if clips are so good youtubers don't out them in a common video
Daphy lax (11 months ago)
Love this videos ! J'adore tes frags !!!!
Mixing funny moments (11 months ago)
You didn't even die once?! Hacks confirmed.
kaas kop (11 months ago)
Jeff is the new LOL YOU
FutaFeelPepe (11 months ago)
Ian Dupes references
Luk smart (11 months ago)
EU teammates are BIG you know ;D
Suleman Chaudhary (11 months ago)
1:50 womble is a faggot anyone?
Lol E Pop (11 months ago)
You make the game look so EZ
Unflushablepiss (11 months ago)
god plays!
Jerry (11 months ago)
More rage comps of Vailiant por favor!
are you recording!? (11 months ago)
Nice frags baguette :)
Camden D (11 months ago)
I saw cyanide in there lmao
ADX DeNeRlX (11 months ago)
SK and astralis should have been in the final, too bad Astralis will not make it :c
Veni Vidi Vici (11 months ago)
Wyatt Braam (11 months ago)
Houngoungagne and kandis and vialant (3players Vs faze (5 players)= faze loss
DPrime (11 months ago)
Zigwayf222 (11 months ago)
Putain mec t'es un dieu
Vers (11 months ago)
I was in the video at 2:50 ahah Jeff WHY You do this!
Vers (11 months ago)
Last guy alive with jeff
Chaaass (11 months ago)
There are some highlights from Challenge Me, it's not globals :)
Michael Lopez (11 months ago)
3:00 , is this make a wish?
Sir Gibsy (11 months ago)
t'es tellement un putain de tueur mec, je te jalouse !
DudeOfNowhere (11 months ago)
can you suggest a good way to find a sensitivity that suits you??
waitwhat (11 months ago)
u play with novas ?
pierre charrier (11 months ago)
comment tu decide si tu va mettre certains frag dans t'es vidéo, quels sont tes critères de sélections ?
Yiğit Yılmaz (11 months ago)
Why are you so good maaan
Shoozy Pearlstone (11 months ago)
u r pretty guud
bobby yuan (11 months ago)
this web side was scam me QAQ
AuroBurn (11 months ago)
with your silly sounding voice it makes it hard to believe you are global elite XD
that was so funny ALI (11 months ago)
You know who is the best person in the world? Read the first word again Have a great day
Dub Step (11 months ago)
jeff are u playing mm?
serge mikhael (11 months ago)
you are the most fun player i ever watched in my life.. keep the videos coming.. oungoungagneeee, prodoukchiouneeuuhh
Ahmad Noori (11 months ago)
3:48 that laugh lmao he treats them like peasents
Brian Minh Ton (11 months ago)
You would get reported in silver...
dogepi (11 months ago)
Honolulu notice me senpai!
lollellul lolelul (11 months ago)
i will like my own comment cuz no one will like it :(
Duo Gaje Bros (11 months ago)
Ben Radoff (11 months ago)
if sub count went by skill jeff would have 10 mil
Kiko (11 months ago)
Morbidejs (11 months ago)
How long that baguette has been horny at the end of the video? Give him a muffin for god sake. :D
ScreaM V2 (11 months ago)
plss do weekly vids plss
Elkku Haastaa (11 months ago)
are u playing against silvers or something?
john yang (11 months ago)
Veq or they weren't prepared with their guns out
john yang (11 months ago)
Veq he didn't give his opponents much time to shoot him
Van DerBruck (11 months ago)
Veq 100% agree dude. I dunno against what is he playing...
Veq (11 months ago)
if aim gets perfect at dmg he gotta be playing against silvers at 1:11 1:45 3:30 4:39 5:10 and non ranked at 5:22
Noname (11 months ago)
Daniyal Khalid actually even some supremes have shit aim
JannisDavidZwahlen (11 months ago)
fucking noob bagutte <3
Wegezi (11 months ago)
What's your crosshair please tell me!!!!!!!!!
Wegezi (11 months ago)
ScreaM V2 Ok Thanks
ScreaM V2 (11 months ago)
Veeti VV crashz crosshair generator on the back wall streamers wall and youtubers
Wegezi (11 months ago)
which one because there are many crosshair generators?
ScreaM V2 (11 months ago)
Veeti VV its in the crosshair generator check it out
Kareemo2R (11 months ago)
are these clips from your smurf cuz I think you're playing against bots
HELLO BABES (11 months ago)
Norsee (11 months ago)
amazing ;)
Yashwant Singh (11 months ago)
Konig (11 months ago)
2:35 Plays on T side he has CT hands
Uygar O. (11 months ago)
Knife before sponsorship huntsman vanilla,after sponsorship karambit lore
Aroldo Privat (11 months ago)
it was a knife that he gave away... he has like 6 knives now and 5 of them are going to get giveawayed
seuz75 (11 months ago)
very good video WELL DONE keep it up <3
TheGaMePlAyEcKe (11 months ago)
At about 2:00 you have a ct model and knife a ct?? Bug much
Tom Ramsay (11 months ago)
Can someone pls tell me what their keyboard setup is and how people can switch guns quiclky and coordinated cos it takes me ages and id like to know people's setups. I am silver elite so I know quite a bit about the game but am always open to improvement! Thank you.
sky (11 months ago)
It's the crosshair.
Garga (11 months ago)
Welp This is why I'll never be anywhere close to TGE. :(
Anders Persson (11 months ago)
+Garga Yeah, confidence is crucial.Though if you're not a skilled AWPer it's definitely best to stick to "passive" AWPing as a general rule (basically hold angle, take shot, fall back, hold different angle), rinse repeat. And if reaction time is slow you just adjust the wideness of the angle you hold accordingly, assuming you expect a wide-peek. Ez pz.
Garga (11 months ago)
Well I'd add reaction times and confidence (or being able to keep your cool in-game no matter what) to the list. For example, look at 4:08. If I were in the same situation, I most likely wouldn't have been able to react when that first guy came running past, let alone have the guts to peek TWICE afterward and murder the rest. Instead, I would have probably missed that first shot, to then panic because of it and retreat. :D
Mine Master (11 months ago)
Houdinner CS:GO & Dota 2 I just have good aim ppl think im smurfing or cheating (im dmg) cuz i always pop heads with like 2 shots but i cant rankup cuz i get like 7 wins then unrank because someone got banned
Houdinner (11 months ago)
Yeah that's true,but aim isnt important that much since you can always trick players somehow,there are many tricks how can you win 1v1 fights and its not just about aim
Anders Persson (11 months ago)
+Houdinner "i have no aim" Dunning-Kruger effect going on here... I don't care if you have the gamesense of flusha, you have to be at least half-decent at winning aim duels in order to be global.
Doge 360 no-scope (11 months ago)
Zombified Productions (11 months ago)
and im here trying to figure out how to sit down properly while playing...
Murders Xking (11 months ago)
do a choke compilation
*Uses Mag 7 in close combat, misses all shots* (Other People) *Uses Mag 7 to shoot from A short to site* *Hits me on the head* . . . . . Liek if u cri everytiem
lukas51 (11 months ago)
U always play against noobs, you should play on your level :/
lukas51 (11 months ago)
Rob obviously he ist too good for that, he could play esea or faceit.
Rob (11 months ago)
lukas51 its global u retard
Kevin Chen (11 months ago)
my enemies actually shoot back tho
Sharkboy1006 (11 months ago)
scripted much?
Sseanify (11 months ago)
Whats the command for showing stats on the chats when he die or the match ends?
Porky Penguin (11 months ago)
*HOUNGOUNGAGNE gets reported* overwatch: HE IS HACKING HOUNGOUNGAGNE:"pulls out karambit/hunstman* overwatch: it is fine
superiuxn0va (11 months ago)
some are challengeme games? its not comp mm elites, dont know for sure if enemies are globowl.
Skullcruncher29 (11 months ago)
Nick bunyun got swatted?
Taco Cat (11 months ago)
Jeff your sick dude that was awesome
Drivil223 (11 months ago)
no more your epic laugh jeff ? :(

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