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Battle Royale in CS:GO (Go 4 The Kill)

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Check it out: https://go4thekill.net/ 🍌 New merch: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/banana/764030 Use code: ROCKETPYXLS29JU to get 15% off from the new shirts, phone cases, mugs & more 👍 You can follow me on: 📸 https://www.instagram.com/MaximGBG 🐤 https://twitter.com/MaximGBG 💻 https://www.twitch.tv/MaximGBG 🎮 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bananagamingsteam Store & Homepage: 🍌 https://bananagaming.tv License: Overall Music - http://www.epidemicsound.com Intro Music - http://incompetech.com Intro Font - http://www.dafont.com/foo.font Intro Icon - https://openclipart.org
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Text Comments (367)
kinsi55 (11 months ago)
Hey there guys! Keep in mind that teaming in solos is NOT permitted and is a ban-able offense. Duo mode will be added very soon, check Go4TK's Subreddit on that.
MUSIC KILLER (8 months ago)
I can't login :/ someone help me maybe you @kinsi55
moody5252 (8 months ago)
why is there no NA servers
kinsi55 (9 months ago)
I shut down NA servers recently because pretty much nobody played on them (like 6 games or so were played in a whole month)
THE GAMING GOD (9 months ago)
It will only let me choose Europe servers and I live in america help
Phil Lam (10 months ago)
kinsi55 I
aice (3 hours ago)
mine just says that the servers are outdated
EMPMagic Camera (3 months ago)
You lost me at log into Steam through a website that isn't Steam.
_HaxDestroyer_ (4 months ago)
I Waiting 1 Hour Per Game :(
Carmine (4 months ago)
did the csgo dev alllow this?
kkoletis (5 months ago)
What is ip?
Stanced (5 months ago)
how to install it
Igie Tipsay (5 months ago)
I wish they will add asia servers :(
LeoNTheSickOne (5 months ago)
Does anyone know what font he is using for the thumbnail?
Karl-Markus Põldmets (6 months ago)
can u get a virus dislike if no
Bigasskicker 3000 (8 months ago)
I played and the ping was like 300+ms
GunSlinger LumberJack (8 months ago)
what the fcking key i must press to open map
SQUiDZ (8 months ago)
my map is glitched it wont work
Твой маман (8 months ago)
Еее я единстеный российский!!
Dimitar Gorgev (8 months ago)
how do you make the map show in the gamemode?
Big Tainted Socks (8 months ago)
How come the only available region is Europe? I don't live in Europe so my ping is ridiculously high.
CJ_gaMiNg_QC (8 months ago)
only EU server
NONSENCE _EPIC (8 months ago)
Is there a third person
OceanMan (8 months ago)
It needs faster movment or sprint
LegendaryVegeta (8 months ago)
Harith (8 months ago)
ok. . . what next? FIFA 18 battle royale? pfft
Custom games for DotA2 at 2012-2013, its now BattleRoyale in csgo
Kenny (9 months ago)
Looks like GMOD DayZ
i live in a gang (9 months ago)
it will only let me choose europe region and i live in america help
G4M3R GUY! (9 months ago)
Make a funny moments or a video on this
RainbowLower (9 months ago)
hallå mannen!
Gabriel Fristandi (10 months ago)
This mod has a lot of potential
TeleTrawer (10 months ago)
Must be in Community Server
MaceClipz (10 months ago)
Hey, I was wondering how do you use the game? Do I start CSGO? or what?
Dannyplaysxd (10 months ago)
I didn't know i like the most popular games on steam..
Kapow Kow (9 months ago)
so you're in the majority?
peeシ (10 months ago)
Can I got VAC ban for playing this?
Jure Fofonjka (10 months ago)
シ pee no
Chadillac3006 (10 months ago)
and before cheaters like csgo classic
Adnan Malik (10 months ago)
Maybe Valve would buy this mod too and we'll get a full game, maybe.
King Cico (10 months ago)
but maximuh, i ran out of questions
Daxter (11 months ago)
How do we start playing when u launch it?
xarly_2003 (11 months ago)
Ja kinsiii
☢MoreiraPlays☢ (11 months ago)
Well, this is more of a copy of h1z1 than pubg
kULA (11 months ago)
This would be so good if it was actually CS battle royale, they completely dumbed down the accuracy and spray control of bullets. It's a completely different game. It's not CS battle royale, it's just a different battle royale game completely in the source engine.
AndyBoy445 (11 months ago)
It's more like h1z1
the EpicMonkey (11 months ago)
When u dont know the the mod is bassed of h1z1 kotk not pubg...
NonCanadianMarmoset (11 months ago)
When he says the engine feels good when they both run on the same engine
a random c9 fanboy (11 months ago)
Hopefully they'll add it irl kappa
Get Fucked (11 months ago)
››Nicraftien (11 months ago)
salut mes amis xD
D3ADF0X1337 #1331 (11 months ago)
Where's my fnbr fam
Ardan S (11 months ago)
i was hoping for an SEA server :'(
abdullah ihsan (11 months ago)
No server for SEA :(
トランクス (11 months ago)
Do u want to know what I do to potato 🥔 pc’s...? I cook them with meh Irish friends and we eat it together with coleslaw, cheese and beans!...
Kurt COCAINE (11 months ago)
Do i need csgo
No Name (11 months ago)
hey psst you friend yesber made a map check it out! Yprac Inferno - Bot & Nade Practice
spleshOW (11 months ago)
U get a h1z1 feeling
flipadroid (11 months ago)
Yeah, I've played PUBG, and I can't play it too well because my computer's only got 12GB ram and a weak NVIDA card
ViTAgaming (11 months ago)
But Maximuh! Öhhh... nevermind.
Kampy187 (11 months ago)
de_iraqhistan would probably a great map for that :D
Im Spirit (11 months ago)
This is just h1z1 but shitter, more like h1z1 than pubg..
pREDOV4 (11 months ago)
h1z1 is dead
Denny Cao (11 months ago)
xd Yung Ares (11 months ago)
Your voice is so soothi f
Bobby Wisdom (11 months ago)
Csgo is dead
Smile Doggy (11 months ago)
Server ip ?
Dvidson (11 months ago)
Battle royal in csgo has been around for some time. This kind of system is something new.
R4zor's SlaughterHous3 (11 months ago)
everyone gonna start ripping off pubg.
R4zor's SlaughterHous3 (11 months ago)
If they had to mention and compare it to pubg in this video... that's all you need to hear to make it a ripoff.
kinsi55 (11 months ago)
Ripping something off that didnt even exist at the time that the project was started, right?
Zusmorito (11 months ago)
Kinsi is german guy and im also so i could understand what he was explaining about the mod, it isnt meant to be a csgo-pubg mod. It is supposed to be a csgo-h1z1 mod and he started to make the mod more than a year ago
Duelx Toxic (11 months ago)
PUCSGO :;VVVVVVVV maximuh ping me so valve and gabe make it real :V
xGuardiaN (11 months ago)
That's h1z1.....
Jason North (11 months ago)
Anyone know the viewmodel that he was using?
NadeKing (11 months ago)
inb4 CS:GO passes PUBG again :P
Igie Tipsay (5 months ago)
Gavin Hardison it doesn't matter how long you played csgo
Definitely flusha (10 months ago)
FlashwithSymbols how did you guys not insult each other?
FlashwithSymbols (10 months ago)
Whether it's improving or not depends on the player base which isn't improving so I disagree with you. Everyone would expect a game to improve over time or change at least since it gets updated (similar to every other game) however in comparison to other games, if there is improvement, it's much slower than other games. My point being whether a game is improving or not depends on whether the player base is improving, which isn't so I wouldn't say it's improving.
DMAT (10 months ago)
FlashwithSymbols CSGO playerbase isn't what I'm talking about I think the game itself is getting better all the time
FlashwithSymbols (10 months ago)
pretty sure the player base hasn't increased for a while now in terms of regular players, just a sudden increase during updates; Valve isn't doing CS GO justice tbh so no I don't think it's improving.
zol2 (11 months ago)
Computer too bad to run PUBG :( will play this though :)))
Andy BlinkBlink (11 months ago)
Fortnite is awesome!!
Rabbit Entertainment (11 months ago)
h1z1 style
FREE CSGO SKINS (11 months ago)
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nobody_special (11 months ago)
Diasix (11 months ago)
No Vac ban ?
Simon Roschk (11 months ago)
Biba <3
Gekkies (11 months ago)
lol dafuck
Du är bög (11 months ago)
This is trash I have 30ms in competitive but when I join in this I have 140ms...
OxyGen (11 months ago)
Or you can simply go and play PUBG LUL
Niklas de Forest (11 months ago)
OxyGen but you dont have the physics of csgo
Zobix (11 months ago)
Would rather say its a closer replica of H1Z1
shxdzii (11 months ago)
Hi Banana, I know it’s off topic but I was recently cruising on YouTube trying to find a video about customising your in game CS GO HUD. Sadly, there aren’t many, and the ones that exist are bad. So I’m just going to ask one of the best CSGO YouTubers for a video on it. Thanks in advance. PS Great video!
Diogo Fernandes (11 months ago)
The servers are bad, what makes the game very laggy :/
ikamuse Johnson (11 months ago)
A new way to get PUBG players to try CSGO again
PryLAXR (11 months ago)
No comments about hackers playing this!? LOL
Rastaa (11 months ago)
BenPlayz 16 (11 months ago)
lol watch this will become more popular than cs
No Name (11 months ago)
i have played this so many times
Yung Doubi (11 months ago)
Its a copy of h1z1 not pubg.. All guys showing this mod are making the mistake
Caleb (11 months ago)
PUBG is so unoptimized that it makes it legitimately unplayable at times
MF-BOOM (11 months ago)
More videos on this pz
res (11 months ago)
this is has been in this game for a long time example hunger games
zaza dersim (11 months ago)
Nah thanks 😐
H N (11 months ago)
Haha complete h1z1 rip off
Nico (11 months ago)
i want to play it but there is no asia server, and my internet connection is slow so i can't play in europe or north america :( i hope they'll update it soon :), i really want to try the mod
UnknownUser (11 months ago)
A poor man's PUBG
Fluskar (11 months ago)
Hell yeah murica!rip australians
DC_Train (11 months ago)
I thought you were making a sponsered fortnite video and scammed us lol
Rockeh (11 months ago)
All these dumb battle royale games are the same. PUBG will have the same future as kotk. Twitch streams gonna make the game famous devs gonna stop trying and will be in early access forever.
Lazaros Eftichidis (11 months ago)
about time
ParagoN (11 months ago)
“The engine feels good” PUBG and Fortnite literally use the same engine.
Spin2theWin Designs (11 months ago)
Kinsi AND BIBANATOR Greetings from Germany
cheeseburger (11 months ago)

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