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Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

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[Check out the 2018 E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 here: https://youtu.be/8X2kIfS6fb8] Welcome to the year 2077. More info: http://www.cyberpunk.net/ The teaser shows how the Psycho Squad might acquire a new member. The Psycho Squad specializes in combating "psychos" -- individuals who overuse implants and substances that boost or otherwise alter the human body. There comes a point when they overdose on these innovations, and their bodies start to rebel against their biological body parts as well as all things organic around them. Simply put, they start killing people, who they now derisively call "meatbags." When a psycho goes on the rampage, strange things can happen. There's carnage, and the psycho might be taken down by regular police, but they're not always able to get the job done. When things spin out of control, they call in MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division), popularly called the Psycho Squad. Music: "Bullets" written by Darius Keeler, Pollard Berrier performed by Archive http://archiveofficial.com/ iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/lu/album/bullets-single/id301164933
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Text Comments (29840)
SolKutTeR (49 minutes ago)
Please reUpload in 4K Resolution, guys. CD-Projekt RED your rock the Games Industry ! ! ! 👍
OVER DIACKKK (2 hours ago)
Ok this kinda reminds me a little bit of Bioshock’s splicers.
Star-Lord (2 hours ago)
"Psycho Squad might acquire a new member" and based on the articles I've read, V is the OUR main character in the game, and we can choose its gender but not the class, however, we can implant whatever enhancements that best suit our character. Maybe, somehow, later in the game, we can be a Psycho Squad member? LOLZ. A very ambitious game, but holds its promise. Go CD Projekt Red!
It's will be a legend
NorthernLeigonare (7 hours ago)
They made this to prepare us for the future.. well kids, the future is now.. or in 2077...
ロイド (9 hours ago)
ุ ุ (12 hours ago)
,,New trailer isn't dark" Let's see: Teaser trailer was in slow motion and there were 4 corpses in it. *DARK* In E3 trailer we can see someones head getting smashed on the road, pulling out an eye, woman without half of face, many people getting shot from that flying vechicle, one man's face getting burned. *NOT DARK*
SerMattzio (12 hours ago)
No one aside from 50 journos have seen the gameplay and there's all these Billy Know-It-Alls complaining the game "isn't dark enough" and "the buildings aren't big enough"...STFU, you have literally no idea what the game is like at the moment, stop pretending you do.
iare19 (13 hours ago)
Plot twist - Girl is Cirilla and the Frog Eyes is Geralt
Avbone The Kid (13 hours ago)
So this game was announced all the way back in 2013??? Jesus. This game will be crazy
Daniel Zwierzynski (15 hours ago)
coming : when it's ready :) that supose to be ALWAYS that way. How many games landed medioacre or bad having potential because of the terms, pushed on the big events (like Star wars games and movies f.e). Doesn't motter how bady players want that asap. They will be only happy giving creators time and receiving full project instead something "ok" what they will switch for another game after few hours. Do you job - don't anybody push you !
The Critikal Archives (15 hours ago)
Games take years to develop, and good games take even longer. Settle down, ok?
Mike Michail (16 hours ago)
Wow.. after 5 years.. ive expected to take a long time to make the game.. i believe its gonna come in 2019 or the next two years
damarh (17 hours ago)
5 years ago :D
Clecle Clecle (17 hours ago)
Riad eleven years old one streaming
shockboomer (18 hours ago)
Very high quality teaser
lasvista2tech (18 hours ago)
4k trailers didnt even exist when this was released
Console Cloaker (19 hours ago)
Man it already been 5 years
田中ヒロシ (20 hours ago)
sagrada familia in game industry
RYAN115784 (1 day ago)
Marko Kowalski (1 day ago)
The music matches it perfectly
Thomas Britton (1 day ago)
Damn never heard of this game till this year's e3. 5 years in the making!?? This better be good cus I haven't heard of or played a futuristic rpg game n the only thing I can think of that is close is borderlands 2.
Kristi Smith (1 day ago)
Hey it got revealed at e3 this year now we got to what for valve to finally reveal Half life 3 like where is it valve
Dark Disney (1 day ago)
I hope there's gonna be good soundtracks like this one
Ultron- 9 (1 day ago)
Wow, I didn't realize this game was announced over 5 years ago. Wow.
Christian York (1 day ago)
Did a developer fall down a well? Wtf took 5 years
LHCM199 (1 day ago)
This probably going to be some sidequest in the final game
enemy boat (1 day ago)
they went from this to a generic gta 5 CLONE . what a crapload
Omega (1 day ago)
In this trailer you seem to face crime as a police, while in the current trailer you seem to be the criminal.
David Chavez (1 day ago)
Damn this trailer has 13 million views in 5 years and the newest trailer has 12 million in only a week
Butti Tv (1 day ago)
2TF 5 YRS AGO?????????????
Butti Tv (1 day ago)
Gector (1 day ago)
Поляки епта,где дата релизаааа!???
ZDjKilla (1 day ago)
Here we are 5 years later still hyped
RENEGAN (1 day ago)
There's no reason why the red projekt, should decide to make this game in first person ,(it's only a change of camera setting) like in gta 5 put both, i hope they haden't,what does the sense, to Create our own character if you can't neither see him , it ' doesn't have sense , i hope they didn't do this stupid mistake seen and seen in other games , that could ruin their future game...
Pg TrAxX (1 day ago)
Some damn great comments in here :)
Guy (1 day ago)
Those are some weak ass bullets
Dexter Pendd (1 day ago)
Best game that will be out
Hoping to see some good news on this . No news of delays yet, So it is still on for 2019?
Саша Дошик (1 day ago)
Gian Pacayra (1 day ago)
This CG Trailer is so damn beautiful!
game over ' (1 day ago)
James Harris (1 day ago)
Who song this song
YURA ALLIN (2 days ago)
Are you fking seriously? In 2077 cops are trying to disable the cyber man by the metal bullets ?
Kerdublin (2 days ago)
It's finally happening, everyone. It's finally ready
2012XF3 (2 days ago)
Holy shit 5 yrs?
Ramzy (2 days ago)
People complaining about the tone of the new trailer. There is a day/night cycle, and night time will obviously be darker like this. whatt?? you want the game to be stuck in night time and never have daylight?
TheEmergencyPie (2 days ago)
that cyborg lady is still hot
jakob shlapnick (2 days ago)
Is it just me or this trailer is better?
Sir Daniel Fortesque (2 days ago)
jakob shlapnick this is the Night trailer and recent one is the day trailer
rafael espinal (2 days ago)
this Still the same game
Christopher Monahan (2 days ago)
It looks cool but whenever I see "multiple bullets flying in slow motion with trails" I can't help thinking about how these assault rifles are apparently firing several times faster than a goddamn minigun for multiple bullets to be in the air at once.
HalfAssedHero (2 days ago)
Call me dumb but I never realized that the chick in the helicopter and and the criminal was the same person. I noticed from bullet mark on her face.
Like (2 days ago)
Curtis C (2 days ago)
The song blows
Es solo para pley o multi
Haris Zark (2 days ago)
0:18 Is she Laura Haddock? Wow!!!
Haris Zark (17 hours ago)
Looks identical ...!
Royal Carpet (2 days ago)
Haris Zark Don't think so
Xialoh (2 days ago)
Kind of looks like they must have changed quite a bit about the game since this trailer released. Different kind of tone here imo. And I say the game will be out in a year a half tops.
MuXchavier (2 days ago)
Detroid become cyborg
Yuan wt (2 days ago)
Grillus Rubin (2 days ago)
Cybernetik Information from the type with the "it s like jumping from a bridge" message. IT seems I don t have actually an PC to play this game - - - - - >
Grillus Rubin (2 days ago)
Love and poetry
Grillus Rubin (2 days ago)
I would create a stable building Paradigma in this game that the moment the one Cop want too shot the girl in the Trailer he had to be punished seems too shot down and been killed. Everything else you can let instabil. Peace
SakuraFox (2 days ago)
ooo might buy when its out, looks like might have interesting story and hopefully multiplayer too XD
DressedRunner (2 days ago)
The latest info was that we will be playing as a hired-gun but this first teaser shows this character from the police department? So conflicted...
Alulu Alu (3 days ago)
Came back from E3 !!!!
Roman Trehtnberg (3 days ago)
Anyone from 2077?
Noppanat Khaoyai (3 days ago)
Welcome back to our nostalgia!
ilichuu (3 days ago)
judging by the details given by one of the devs maybe this is one of the back stories of v since thats what we are going to be V or fem V and we will pick the backstory
Harvey 2003 (3 days ago)
To think this was five years ago!
The R3ktel (3 days ago)
The teaser is longer than the completed trailer
Mark Morales (3 days ago)
As good as the second trailer is This one is still my favorite *Personal Responsibility*
Fridgen NeRo (3 days ago)
Is it me or does it kinda look like they may have changed the plot?
Whatever Wherever (3 days ago)
we made it boys
MarsuveezBlack (3 days ago)
Wait.. this was 2 years before Witcher 3. This game is going to be massive..
SweaM (3 days ago)
18.09.2018 will be 2077 days after publishing this teaser. 1977 was 10.06.2018 at E3 2018 in LA... 18.09.2018 just remember this day. oh and gamescome ofc...there will be gameplay. but still I don't know why they said in the trailer at E3 that was 2077 days after teaser. that was 1977 lmao
tate _ (3 days ago)
5 years?! 😮😮
KawaiiDestro (3 days ago)
I came from future and that happened!
Albireo (3 days ago)
I personally think Cyberpunk is overused. But man, this game will probably have style!
ilichuu (2 days ago)
yeah i know but i'm thinking in the mainstream media is like the movies like live action GitS and Blade runner that we had recently + all the movies and series we are getting on netflix altered carbon and mute but cyberpunk is old thats true
SicParvisMagna123 (2 days ago)
ilichuu Cyberpunk has been popular since the 80s/90s so that's false. Also the game is actually based on Cyberpunk 2020, a role-playing board game from the 80s.
ilichuu (3 days ago)
lately in media yes but gotta say that this game was planned and displayed way before the cyberpunk genre started blowing up they will release the game when most people have an idea of what to expect in a cyberpunk universe
Prosto Саня (3 days ago)
Вауч...а музычка ещё!)
Anthony Batista (3 days ago)
Can you be a cop in this game? I know nothing about it except its from the company who made Witcher 3.
Alexander Reiss (3 days ago)
it's an RPG based on a tabletop game, you can choose a ''faction''. Yes, you can get into the police.
aZaamBie135 (3 days ago)
Wait this game has been in development since 2013? WoAH long wait
Rotaru Andrei (3 days ago)
Robert J (3 days ago)
I can’t believe it been 5 years like WTF
S T (3 days ago)
*за прошедшее с момента возникновения трейлера пора раисся успела поруха на Украину, оккупировать Крым и доля Донбасса. Ну и где, блять, киберпанк? Вы все это пора раиссе там помогали либо игру делали?*
auditorejormar4321 (3 days ago)
Synthwave music has been waiting its entire life for a game like this...
Now we are waiting 2077
Tony Hyeok (4 days ago)
I like the night theme more even tho it is cgi still
matthew (4 days ago)
finally 5 years of teasing is over now we wait
VileVize (4 days ago)
Can we romance that chick ingame?
Demonkiller123 (3 days ago)
You can create your own character and also can romance.
Jane Phoenix (4 days ago)
That chick maybe is us
Philip's Stuff (4 days ago)
But is it October 25th though?
Haldrie (4 days ago)
This was the teaser from back in 2013 which is why it doesn't have a release date on it.
World Adventurer (4 days ago)
Thhhhhistle, thistle! Shananaking.
skalpel66 (4 days ago)
Sun (4 days ago)
Look there were details like the name of the city and the megacorp Militech in this video yet the interviewers were asking about the city name etc. at E3 2018. The trailer was so long ago that people forgot it almost.
Leonardo Ramírez (4 days ago)
It looks like a completely different game compared to the other trailer
The Major (4 days ago)
*Hacking the Microsoft conference* BEEP
Peter Palmiotti (4 days ago)
Looks Awesome!
olel (4 days ago)
Hi, to the future year of 2077. With any luck this video is still around. Upvote this if you're a bot/an AI (whatever is the more PC term) in the year of 2077.
vide0gameCaster (4 days ago)
Guys this is it! The next Game of the year made by CD projekt! What a time to be alive!
Waited so much and my hypness is low af
Matti Caratti (4 days ago)
Thank god we have the option to not wear that retarded Robocop getup or even play a fuckin cop. Fuck everyone who prefers this shit trailer compared to the new one, piss off to a movie theater or something dude
Leonardo Ramírez (4 days ago)
What's your fucking problem, dude?
dweet (4 days ago)
That's the worst Radiohead ripoff I've ever heard. Couldn't stop LOLing every time the guy sang.

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