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Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies [Opening Best 80 Mileage Decoders]

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Best opening Ever :3
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Text Comments (71)
Matheus Fernandes (1 year ago)
muita sorte em mano
Marko Jozinovic (1 year ago)
you have so luckyy
Janus (1 year ago)
У меня кровь течет из ушей из-за этой музыки!!!!
james fernandez (2 years ago)
That Really Song That Alan Walker :/
Lobo (2 years ago)
THE RAY FOXER (2 years ago)
I finally found an english player that like cs nexon
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Tham the pusi cat (2 years ago)
I opened now about 50 decoders and nothing .-.
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Just keep trying dont give up allready please.
Tham the pusi cat (2 years ago)
Ikr I think I'm leaving cs
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Efe özsoy (2 years ago)
Xòma XMIÇĤÈÇ (2 years ago)
give me plis akaynt
baap (2 years ago)
I just got a Gold Edition MG36 today on my second Premium Decoder, and I also got a permanent Hecate II :D
The Nightmarez_ (2 years ago)
May0Rik (2 years ago)
u are very lucky. I hate u
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
I understand you, if you can get something good please dont give up allready try harder and one day you be Lucky" :)
Akmal Pradipa (2 years ago)
Omg You got Savery (Permanent)
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
+Akmal Secret yeah :)
Missile Productions (2 years ago)
hey i got 56 decoders and 2 premium decoders do i open them or no? What do you advice me to do?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
+Missile Productions Wait for some event or something ;)
Agata Wojciechowska (2 years ago)
Hey im Canabella. I saw you :o
Mr. Trickster (2 years ago)
Reega! KAZAKHSTAN (2 years ago)
hahahha animation Alin 04:28
Long Plays (2 years ago)
You used 30 decoders and you got the Savery. Is the Illuminati real?...
Yato (2 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
+Nikodem Rutkowski ^- ^
no se si me as visto soy maucc5
WarenYT (2 years ago)
sarvery :(
WarenYT (2 years ago)
+Gunga CSOMania have csnz name TFlingling
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
+WarenYT if you play CSN:Z too dont give up! Just keep trying and your luck will COME TRUST ME :(
Raul Prundoiu (2 years ago)
M1nT (2 years ago)
+Raul Prundoiu The Fox Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]
BOT Rogue (2 years ago)
So lucky :/
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
+BOT Rogue Thanks :/
Borat Sagdiyev (2 years ago)
Do you still play this?
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
+Danoninho Yeah if you see my new videos you will see me playing the new maps.
От куда у вас столько декодеров?
Bur (3 years ago)
So umm... Once i got Dragon claws (knife) from opening 4 decoders B)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Belmin Uvalic Well its random change to win.
zero (3 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Foxy The Fox Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]
Master_pokemon 299 (3 years ago)
Me regalas una caja de dispraces :v
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Master_pokemon 299 Sorry but i cant give :c
Candy Huang (3 years ago)
How do u get a skin and I don't I opened 100 decoder for only 1 yup I said it 1! SKIN or more and I got like 2-3 permanent guns and mainly got knifes
CrossFireBow (3 years ago)
U are really lucky:P
Michał Jędrzejewski (3 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Well i dont have that luck anymore D:
Michał Jędrzejewski (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 Ur luck. The best things i've gpt from decoders were parmanent dominique and ksg haha
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Michał Jędrzejewski how what? :)
Hildee Hard (3 years ago)
what is the name of the song ?
Zorrio (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 Thanks and nice opening ! Make more please !
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Hildee Hard Alan Walker - Fade
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
HappyRin CSO  - Thanks :3
H-i SOKA (1 year ago)
yo add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198210425924/
Mr.Wtf (2 years ago)
+Gunga CSOMania ok
Gunga CSOMania (2 years ago)
Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]
Mr.Wtf (2 years ago)
wat music
CSOKannaChan (3 years ago)
very nice :)
Wildstylez (3 years ago)
Thanks man add me on steam if you wanted un [K]rAzEr
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Luis avendaño - Alan Walker - Fade
youssef ranson (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 hi my names for counter strike nexon zombies youssef547 aim killed you for team death match10 hh me king
Wildstylez (3 years ago)
Name of the song? pliz the first song
Yuriy Kolomiets (3 years ago)
когда будет новоиспеченный bte попросту я уже неделю растерял на вашу весьма тяжелую установку... покамест что пользуюсь версией из веб-сайта moddb.com
UmbrellaCorporation (3 years ago)
А какой программкой это снимаешь, ну-ка весьма нужно
Chryzzz (3 years ago)
como obtengo muchos decoders????
+Gunga CSOMania plz tell me the next event!!
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+cristian ledesma Free decoders form the last event :3
Lukas Verbaitis (3 years ago)
nice man your luck is good unlike mine opened like 40 boxes and got a king cobra gold :( how did you get that tattoo?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 Well you can get that tatto and another 2 new tattoo just playing on Zombie scenario
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Lukas Verbaitis Really? D:

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