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Is CS:GO Dying?

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Is CS:GO DYING? EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ Sources: https://www.statista.com/statistics/808773/csgo-revenue/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/42si9s/csgo_generated_valve_221_million_in_revenue_in/ https://dotesports.com/the-op/news/steam-top-selling-games-2017-pubg-cs-dota-19844 https://www.pcgamer.com/the-top-100-games-on-steam-made-50-of-the-total-money-in-2017-according-to-steamspy/ - VACNET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnRgW54EWwA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqwdp7x3SoU -Background videos - - 2011 Counter Strike Global Offensive CS:GO Beta Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L7S6xmOS9M - CS:GO Beta - First Impressions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y021IyjXyPQ - CS:GO - Competitive Matchmaking Attempt #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDN-yWu3Q3Y - Counter Strike 1.6 Gameplay HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABL4tWBP9EM
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Text Comments (2098)
Mick B (58 minutes ago)
average university needs 1800hrs a year for study (eu standards). 3 years for bachelor and 2 additional for master would cost a total of 9000hrs. you played 8000hrs CSGO instead.... hmmm
G (1 hour ago)
this game is cancer and the ppl that play it...
That horse is been long dead. Just cucks and SJW's left on that cesspool of mediocre.
DEADMAN (3 hours ago)
In my eyes, CSGO died ages ago..
Ganda Goes (8 hours ago)
Fortnite, stealthy game killer...
l (8 hours ago)
The game has no hope valve does not care anymore, they stopped making games or doing anything so what is the point of playing a game that developers don't care about you can't even enjoy the game without 3 party services. Csgo became a casino for underage people it's just sad how one of the best FPS games got left behind by the developers. No content no developer support no major updates after that many years just shows that there is no future for this game.
Chronic (8 hours ago)
yes it is
Muzammil Khowaja (9 hours ago)
bcoz of vac ban
Esdynu (9 hours ago)
shit servers. shit matchmaking. shit anti cheat. this is why csgo is dying
Master Yi (13 hours ago)
Csgo sucks nowadays.
DVGaming (14 hours ago)
If you are going fuck me like that atleast kiss me once in a while
duds muds (18 hours ago)
i know where i want you to cum bby
Alex Oliveira (1 day ago)
PUBG > CSGO i played cs since 1.4 version... but god damn valve sucks even PUBG with all bugs is funnier and i have a huge profit playing it because they give crates that worth money on steam. already made 50 dollars without much effort on pubg.
Andrew Leite (1 day ago)
Well alot of people are playing fortnite and pugb but i guess the next year the battle royale genre will died out, League and CS will be in the top again.
Ogashishi (1 day ago)
No!!!!!!!! Dont say that!!!!!!!! Not true!! No one believe him hes just trying to get into your head
Simon Gustavsson (1 day ago)
Fuck Valve. Seriosuly. I love them for creating Half-Life and supporting the CS mod. But really, Euw.
Lag Swag (1 day ago)
i stopped playing the R8 update, when i realized Valve does not give a fuck about the game.
Tacz GT (1 day ago)
Imagine if valve was epic games
Costa vB (1 day ago)
Zealot (1 day ago)
Im commenting just for add some more rating to the video. You are 100% right, great work and keep it up c:
Veteran Soda (1 day ago)
if u wait for a dust 2 match more than 30 secs it's pretty much already dead...(remember the old days when u waited for a dust 2 competitive match 12 secs, all because the map was lightweight and nobody had any fps issues even with a low-end pc , true shit 10 of my friends stopped playing just because of that...)
Games District1 (1 day ago)
New retard kids will born so CS-GO never die :))
merzouk amine (1 day ago)
I used to wait for 30s to 1.30 for a competitive match now I am waiting an average of 5 to 7 mn??????
Lithium Mike (1 day ago)
Ive got close to 2k hours, mostly on offical servers...i rarely ever run into hackers. Maybe myself and everyone I know that play cs are just lucky, but i feel like the whole "the games full of smurfs and hackers" is a little blow out of proportion. Try playing rust then come back and bitch about hacks.
john kenny (1 day ago)
serious Jeff MonkaS
Homealoon - (1 day ago)
Hackers/smurfs is the reason i dont play csgo anymore
Lu Austin (1 day ago)
How could anyone spend almost a year of their life playing one game? Fine, I will try it out.
steriofoniq (2 days ago)
438 DISLIKES came from VALVE staffs
Shane Jones (2 days ago)
CSGO died years ago only idiots play it.
tenthirty9 (2 days ago)
You missed CS CZ
Borislav M. (2 days ago)
Removed some of my favourite maps from competitive, aiming is getting shittier every next patch, hackers nearly every time you play. I've quit that crappy game and now I'm more than happy!
jpkaffe (2 days ago)
they're not doing anything exactly because of their big revenue from the game. "we get more money than expected, so why give it more attention than necessary"
Joe HYPERLUL (2 days ago)
I completely agree. CS:GO will die if valve don't fix matchmaking as that's where 95% of all players play anyway.
lifeliver 24 (2 days ago)
the game should die since valve doesn't understand how to respect its players
The Wanderer (2 days ago)
I'm so glad I didn't play this game after it's release. Valve has fucked everyone with the new update. However Valve has done this to TF2 since the beginning. I'd say this is fair since the people who've played TF2 have suffered for years having to wait a week to trade. It's only fair that CS:GO users suffer as well. Valve is not going to get rid of it, this was inevitable.
ashly khan (2 days ago)
It doesn't matter bro it's like those noobs gonna get banned someday then they will buy new account and cheat again hence revenue is generated
SKALE - E - TRON (2 days ago)
Are you Edwan?
Tracol Denis (2 days ago)
Ce genre de vidéos devrait être publiée à une échelle plus large par des influenceurs tels que toi pour que ça ait un réel impact, contacte les =) Et j'ai grillé la ref à South Park, love
BeatBuster (2 days ago)
If you're gonna fuck me like this, at least kiss me once in a while ^^ haha hilarious
Sebastian Danckert (2 days ago)
Jeff I use a third party server distributor just for the in depht ranking system they provide. On faceit, global elite can be from rank 5 - 10.. That means there is a lot more depht in the rankings to make it more fair in matches and equal. When I que up in MM it can either be my team destroying or their team destroying us...
Gustavo Barbosa (2 days ago)
I don't play CSGO because it takes a lot of time to become a real good player so I just sticked to Dota 2 only and I only follow the competitive scene.
TIMMY BAYONET (3 days ago)
i think counter strike global offensive is the worst game by valve
GERMALEAN88 G (3 days ago)
8000 hours 😂😂😂 get out a bit more how pale r u????
秋月蓮 (3 days ago)
I think CSGO is the most classical FPS game ,I played CS online at almost 5 years ago , it doesnt need high set up like Battle Field and Call of duty does , it has a skin market , it has a work shop , if CSGO is dying , i guess it is because of the rise of moba game and mobile game also the advance of different type of single player game . Howerver , CSGO sever needs to be improve , the PING gives me cancer .
Mouii Tech Tricks (3 days ago)
too many hacker
cesa97 (3 days ago)
ethan (3 days ago)
been dead
Gazzani Silva (3 days ago)
Valve é igual o governo brasileiro.
INFERNOdll (3 days ago)
yo what is your in-game font ? its amazing, want it :C
Marco Antonio Díaz (3 days ago)
Casual competitive is dying, because the cheaters and the smurfs.
getlow (3 days ago)
#makecsgoodagain #fixcsvalve
- Forever7 - (3 days ago)
Let's share this damn video
Deimos (3 days ago)
It's dead. Its been dead for at least a year. What killed it? The community. It's toxic as fuck. Smurf accounts, trolling, people just being cunts. What else? The servers and over all maintenance. I played for years, I never experienced this amount of cuntery in 1.6 or Source.
T4uReviews (3 days ago)
CS 1.6 was the best of all
Peter Pan (3 days ago)
Is Counter Skin Source dying?
Sam Slammer (3 days ago)
Its not dying, The anti cheat is starting to work, sorry you wasted ur time buddy.
Fidel Astri (3 days ago)
shrood already moved to pubg and fortnite
Iqbal Pratama (3 days ago)
already sold my entire inventory....bye csgo~
EverybdyLies (3 days ago)
cant wait for csgo to extinct, played it myself for a good amount of time and more than often, the community, the anticheat, especially u russians ruined the game. hope they release a new cs for maybe 30-50$ permanently, so cheat kiddos wont fuck around all game :)
Almighty Kivu (3 days ago)
The reason why csgo is dying is cuz of cheaters and valve. When cheater gets banned he buys csgo multiple times and they earn from it.. Its that simple, 1 cheater = multiple accs = more money.
Kuja (3 days ago)
the reason i play ESEA instead of matchmaking is bcuz for me VACnet = Valve Allow Cheat Network! they need cheaters to play the game, otherwise who's gonna buy csgo ?
Michał L (3 days ago)
Oh come on you presented 1.6 so shallow... Back then there were amator teams that wanted to train and play together and people trusted each other when it came to be legit. There was really small amount of kids and lots of adults playing the game. There were sites and places to set up clan wars (CW) and people could talk about others and if someone cheated it was pretty much the end for him, no one would want him in a team anymore and because back then Internet sucked, people could play together within same country usually or they had poor connection ending up in losing connection, chokes, losses. Same country, small amount of people playing, lots of people knew each other and it was quite easy to detect something was wrong. There were also CHEATING DEATH servers which had special config/plugins etc. to make it impossible for people to make too much changes in the game. You could have got banned even if you didn't cheat but changed too much in your game files. And that worked really good. Good players loved CD servers and there were lots of public servers of the kind also. You didn't have to pay for shit, there were enough people to always set up CW and train. Of course you had to pay for your own private server with a password, good tickrate and proper config. Those were pretty cheap, especially for 5 people to pay. Back then it was impossible to run server on your computer because technology sucked and your computer was not good enough and a bit later when technology improved, you still couldn't handle more than few players since your Internet download was poor not to mention upload which is important for server capability, sucked even harder . Lots of times people played together within SAME LAN. Back then it was pretty common in Poland that companies created large LANs like a few blocks with hundreds of people to share internet so it was often that people played together without Internet but just using internal LAN without Internet. CS didn't need Internet to launch. It was also often that those LANs had already CS 1.6 servers for users for free. That's how common CS 1.6 was, your ISP provided you servers to play with friends within his network. I also remember how overloaded those LANs could get. E.g. you could play online CS only when your network wasn't loaded too much which meant late at night or nowhere near Friday or Saturday evenings :D People who didn't experince that (around 1990-2000) probably finds this hard to believe that's how it was back then. But CS 1.6 was great, at least in Poland where CS was kinda major online video game for a long time. That's not a coincidence that VP achieved so much.
MrLastlived (3 days ago)
"500,000 concurrent players" "Cs:GO is Dying" I don't think you know what dying is.
Amiel Almers (3 days ago)
“If you’re fucking me like this atleast kiss me sometimes”
Absolute Mad Lad (3 days ago)
Ninja alone is making this game irrelevant.
Ultgamer cw (3 days ago)
well if csgo dies then lets hope valve makes something single player again. No offence to csgo but I think valve are at there best with single player games and we haven't had one in over 6 years.
DeadlyDerp (4 days ago)
send this to valve
Door (4 days ago)
I really like this guys accent
IM7 ITA ITA (4 days ago)
It´s already dead, bro
USSR Stronk (4 days ago)
Houngoungagne + 3kliksphilip = <3
roger hurd (4 days ago)
CS:GO died for me almost 4 years ago because of the unchecked cheating. I tried to play again a couple years ago and no change. Game is shit because there is way to many cheaters; so seriously what is the point. I do not plan on giving it another chance.
David Remus (4 days ago)
It's been dying for years
Silver Hoof (4 days ago)
valve rely on esea because they make so much off resale of there stupid ass game. I really wish there was a way to sue them.
Sukhwinder Bajwa (4 days ago)
PlaYaRound (4 days ago)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ist dead in my eyes and i'm not watching pros playing because i'm not playing this game anymore, i think this game is only enjoyable with friends but the mm system is broken asf with that many cheaters and toxic players. I wish CSGO to die thats what they deserve in my opinion, they can't even protect this game ageinst cheater and the normal fair player gets more punished actuelly as cheater, mm is like you start a game and wanna enjoy the gameplay, what happens? You meet a cheater and "have" to play and thats for me a waste of time, leaving and you get banned for 30 min / 2 hours or the worst for seven days and the horrible thing about this is the cheater can enjoy this shist for 3 months or more and thats actually a shitty balance, the normal player gets more punished as cheater and you say in your vids how much money they make with csgo and still let this game "unprotectet". The Game would never die, CSGO is like 1.6 and CSS still classic and you can play it with friends etc. but i wish they would do something against this cheater i mean they can in my optionen scan my pc and check everything (privacy) i have nothing to hide there if they would shit about privacy most of the cheaters are be banned and a permanently ban where they have to buy a new pc or something etc.
YaBoiSkull (4 days ago)
still better than cod
bobkin611 (4 days ago)
I'm gonna sue Valve. I've been fucked for a while until I got fed up and am now paying for 2 of my friends to have ESEA and myself. And they never even took me out to dinner.
bobkin611 (4 days ago)
Jeremie Fisher (4 days ago)
zi cuminiti
Erik Pro (4 days ago)
-1 toxic ass game
Marko Srdanovic (4 days ago)
already dead , they just dont know it yet...
da ne (4 days ago)
fuck off moron u sound like a bitch
BoRoFs s (4 days ago)
I hope its dies this game full of garbage players who did't care about wining thay all troll
Manuel Hidalgo (4 days ago)
I reach Global Elite but i loose all my hair and now i have ulcer... Multiply that for each player who reach Global...
I luw sandwich (4 days ago)
no it's dying csgo is dying
Jang4 (4 days ago)
fucking fortnite.
Θtheta (4 days ago)
VALVE really need to see this video, this is full of information that is completly right. VALVE does not change ANYTHING the community does (Go 4 the kill, maps, gamemodes (jailbreak)) VALVE really need to change stuff otherwise CSGO wil die in A couple of years, A example the trade cooldown like WTF CSGO is not really A skin game anymore, the negev updates suck en VAC does not word good enought
Michael K L (4 days ago)
Valve have proofed they are a company with highly skilled developers who can make very good FPS-shooters I think they should try out making a battle royale game like PUBG/Fortnite etc.. I Think they are able to make a much better game than PUBG
Desmond Regan (5 days ago)
youre goddamn right. this game is so good and it wouldn't take much to make it great
paradise4213 (5 days ago)
Doesn't Valve make money off FACEIT and Esea? Why in the world would they update MM when they make money from ESEA and FACEIT? If they update it, and kick cheaters, then everyone goes back to free MM, and they lose money???
Fission Mailed (5 days ago)
I won't watch this, I just came here to tell everybody that it isn't.
KARIM ELHAKAOUI (5 days ago)
is dead long time ago bruh
Spaniard (5 days ago)
See i cant play because of my shit laptop and Australian internet but i always watch the esports and am invested in the comps
Dr Greenthumb (5 days ago)
CSGO battle royale here we come
VING (5 days ago)
Darryn du Plessis (5 days ago)
PUBG making all games look bad;
JustinHit (5 days ago)
Too many hackers + Valve only cares about Dota 2 = CS:GO is dying.
biLip Rai (5 days ago)
make it free
Josh Letten (5 days ago)
CSGO is dead, valve doesn't do shit for their players.

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