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Is CS:GO Dying?

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Is CS:GO DYING? EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS DOWN BELOW ▼ Sources: https://www.statista.com/statistics/808773/csgo-revenue/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/42si9s/csgo_generated_valve_221_million_in_revenue_in/ https://dotesports.com/the-op/news/steam-top-selling-games-2017-pubg-cs-dota-19844 https://www.pcgamer.com/the-top-100-games-on-steam-made-50-of-the-total-money-in-2017-according-to-steamspy/ - VACNET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnRgW54EWwA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqwdp7x3SoU -Background videos - - 2011 Counter Strike Global Offensive CS:GO Beta Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L7S6xmOS9M - CS:GO Beta - First Impressions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y021IyjXyPQ - CS:GO - Competitive Matchmaking Attempt #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDN-yWu3Q3Y - Counter Strike 1.6 Gameplay HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABL4tWBP9EM
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Text Comments (2494)
lamine kawazaki (1 day ago)
the real reason of the death it the fucking cheaters , the only fucking reason
Diyar Watti (2 days ago)
After getting rekt by gn2 i just uninstalled the game and never touch it again , btw my rank is mg2 so uhhhm yeah.
Muhamad Omega (2 days ago)
Warwowl 😂
Chrispinus Kojongian (4 days ago)
well, i still play cs 1.6 and it is more fun than csgo
Uoy kcuF (5 days ago)
LOL. game has been dead. peaked in 1.5-1.6 sorry to break the news to everyone.
James G (5 days ago)
in my opinion it's been dying for over a year now and with games such as pubg, fortnite etc dominating the industry they're not helping it either.
Your HOLY WATER (6 days ago)
chickenmutation (7 days ago)
How you doing french accent
xy ღ (8 days ago)
yes it is
AUP PRODUCTIONS (8 days ago)
8000 hours ? is that even possible ?
Steve David (8 days ago)
Cs go is dead. Too much hackers
Leo Casi (9 days ago)
csgo gets boring after 2nd yr
3ND3RZ (9 days ago)
The thumbnail should be a knife, cuz der slowly killing it. But sometimes they right click to kill it much more faster.
Lucifer Mobile gaming (10 days ago)
I think it's dying now
SSJ NeV (10 days ago)
Truly Valve's money grabbing skills knows no bounds, this game is now based around who's got the biggest digital dick...miss the CSS days when me and my arch-rival competed for the 1st rank on a public server, and oh man...was it hard to not lose, this game was supposed to follow the footsteps of the original two, but instead we have...this, it is nothing but a joke
STALK ME (10 days ago)
I hope csgo become alive
Lokaloo (11 days ago)
csgo playerbase has saw a decrease in players because vac finally works, its not a dead game.
Jucalette (11 days ago)
Dani (11 days ago)
The thing is people watch the esports but half of the twitch chat is talking about gambling on the games :(
Frosty Games (13 days ago)
yes dead af
BloodShedda (13 days ago)
Valve needs to sell CSGO to a beter company, and Gabe fat bitch you need to step down.
Sjogras (15 days ago)
In my opinion everyone should not complain about cheaters if you don't do overwatch i know that vac sucks but overwatch is made so players can ban cheaters
Dimasalang (15 days ago)
Banning someone and then let them re-buy the game is also profitable. Kids who makes a lot of accounts are profitable. I know, i was that kind of kid before.
Niels (16 days ago)
deagle ace is like messi dribbling the entire defence
Chi thịnh Luong (16 days ago)
csgo dying , in competitive so many hack, cheater and valve not do anything, can't play -_-
steven Kaufmann (17 days ago)
Tought cs:go lost over 250K players the last 3 month.
Walrus Walrus (17 days ago)
Even roblox has better devs
Walrus Walrus (18 days ago)
Its already dead.
King Hisham (18 days ago)
Why is dying ? Because of cheaters .
PhysX (20 days ago)
It died a long time ago
"CS:GO" = Cock Sucker : Go Off
bigship nitt (20 days ago)
its been dead for years now
Poopsiedoodles :P (20 days ago)
"If you're gonna fuck me like this, at least kiss me once in a while." -HOUNGOUNGAGNE 2018
Texubo w (20 days ago)
if csgo is free i could play it xD
shawzy (21 days ago)
They think that they made the game better by revamping inferno and mirage, thinking that it will help the community, but they done the opposite. We don't need new maps or your new shit for no trading, just make the game playable ffs.
Mitchel Martens (21 days ago)
You can't kill what is already dead
maxsKi Moose (21 days ago)
She describes it as "Consuming the content" not playing the game, THAT is why csgo is like this, because CHCHING! $$$
chilluminati (21 days ago)
The game is obviously dying. It lost an insane amount of players the last 3 months
TheCrazyEagle (22 days ago)
Steven Lai (22 days ago)
I want fortnite to die, not this. Pleas dont die csgo
DemZ (20 days ago)
In 3-4 years it would prob be dead
ParadoxicalPanda (22 days ago)
OutlawN (23 days ago)
We beed Half-Life 3
Jeremiah Jones (23 days ago)
I haven't played in 3 months I just stopped finding the game entertaining considering the community is cancerous.
AdiL oSaFi (23 days ago)
Its already dead
Ghost1e (24 days ago)
It is
TheWastedViking (24 days ago)
I hate how the weps handle now. Am I the only one?
MshL (24 days ago)
for me it died when they removed almost all maps ... xd
yaswanth ynsv (24 days ago)
Sadly everyone is playing the virgin's game fortnite..
Joseph F (12 days ago)
Exactly, Fuck fortnite..
nova grav (25 days ago)
no, i just downloaded it.
Cat in Boots (25 days ago)
every game can die
AdamHTV (26 days ago)
CSGO is going to die, it doesn't make sense what you said.. bigger percent of the players will leave and stop watching streams and competitions because there are better games to play now it's not really like football at all in this matter and obviously they don't really care when they could literally fix it in 1 update.
FFaabbuulloouuss (26 days ago)
cs:go is not dying, it's already dead.
Alexv02 (27 days ago)
I have liturally just started playing this game...
MaximumEFFORT (27 days ago)
I love this game but it just go to frustrating for me. I got to gold nova but as soon as that happened I got Russians who called me shit for not winning a 1v2 when yes I did have the advantage but having people screaming into my ear. im playing overwatch now and im having a bloody blast, no Russians, friendly teammates right now im gold and still climbing.
Vasting (27 days ago)
It deserves to die.
bratkartoffeln123456 (27 days ago)
What people waking up and realizing how hack infested this trashy game is? :^)
Hayden Fawcett (25 days ago)
bratkartoffeln123456 What a dog. Dogging the boys
bratkartoffeln123456 (25 days ago)
some fuck deleted his comment :^)
Hayden Fawcett (25 days ago)
why tf you saying the same comment again 2 days later lol. Triggered I didn't reply? Also its not hard to notice when someone is hacking or not. I think you are just shit and use 'hacker's as an excuse for being bad at the game
bratkartoffeln123456 (25 days ago)
you must be utter shit /blind
bratkartoffeln123456 (27 days ago)
rofl you must be fucking blind then or stuck in silver
Jard (27 days ago)
How you going to comment about 1.6 and prior when you admittedly didn't play until Source?
William Neuzil (28 days ago)
"Is CS:GO dying? Well I don't think that it is." Thanks man. I guess I can continue browsing. 0:03
G00dEgg (29 days ago)
Who is the toad at 8:03?
Pau Gasolina (29 days ago)
its dieing coz it has cancer (cheaters)
Aniq (30 days ago)
i still wish csgo graphic would be like cs 1.6.its not looking good but thats esport.i wont give a flying fuck about the graphics.all i want is to improve, improve and improve.you can give me the 90s version of quake if its a good esport game then im hooked.
t. Alberto Barbosa (30 days ago)
why valve is so suicidal? halflife is long time dead, massacred tf2, dota 2 died back in 2014 and now they kill counterstrike
ThatWhiteGuy (28 days ago)
Steam makes so much money. They dgaf
Simon Savard (30 days ago)
The game's going downhill because of cheating and the toxic community (for casual players). Eventually you grow sick of hearing teens abusing the mic or people with such shitty attitude that makes you wonder why they even play the game, to see blatent cheaters on a daily basis, coupled with griefers, etc and you uninstall. Playing CSGO should be like playing a ball or basketball game with some dudes at the park. Thats not what happens when you launch CSGO at all, if youre not playing with friends, your in a for a shitstorm of morons that always renew.
HB C (30 days ago)
if VAC worked, people wouldn't leave. People get sick of playing with hacks. But with that being said, it's still in the top 3 games played on STEAM.
xy ღ (30 days ago)
too much hackers. Especially here in asia its not fun anymore. I’ve spent 2000 hours in the game and didnt wanna admit it but I cant fun anymore now :/
BaaldEagle (1 month ago)
Ive been around gaming communities long enough to know that it is not fucking dying, for the love of christ. Dead gaem is such a meme, first it was 1.6, then it was overwatch, then League, then dota, then starcraft, then COD, then battlefield, then destiney, then street fighter, then TF2, now people are talking about pubg dying... like holy shit just enjoy the game if you like it, not everyone in the world is going to love the game. Have trends shifted? Sure, but so does everything. Wish people would stop paying attention to this bullshit and continue playing the game you like playing, playing a game because its popular makes you a fucking brainlet because you want to have a large prize pool of money so bad when u go pro yet being only top %20 percentile consistently each time you switch because u are fickle with the crowd. /rant
SaR D (1 month ago)
Counter strike source was the best mix of gameplay and graphics. Had good servers and great mods.
Sb Win (1 month ago)
They officially killed the game when they changed the gun sounds. It's not even counter strike anymore
Brank Si (1 month ago)
the thing that shows it's dead is that many big CSGO youtubers and streamers are not even uploading CSGO anymore. Personally, I think CSGO started to die around that site called CSGOjackpot was created. The game started to lose passion. I dont know how, but I personaly feel like the esports part of csgo is so bad compare to League of legends esport. The worlds for league of legends are so hyped, but for csgo it feels like it's just another of those small tourments. I think things went wrong from there.
FL (1 month ago)
it is dead
BA Entertainment (1 month ago)
Toxicity ofOurCity (1 month ago)
Thank god this shit is going away!
Lou tenant (1 month ago)
CS always been a shitty game for dumbos.
Volkan Çırak (1 month ago)
csgo being bullshit directly with cheaters and some valve strategies
komzaton (1 month ago)
Battle royale is killing and stealing players away from CS.
Tupac Amaru Shakur (1 month ago)
Frank Stoner (1 month ago)
We need a new csgo where you can lie, and zoom with right mouse button
Sinan Erciftci (1 month ago)
I got queed against dmgs my team was full of gn4 im mg2
Get Quaked On (1 month ago)
csgo is terrible. anti cheat is terrible the game is slow pace it's super buggy
Hayden Fawcett (27 days ago)
Super buggy? Whats bugs have you noticed? I have started playing pretty often again and I have not seen a hacker or any bugs for a long time Pubg is sooo buggy and the amount of cheaters on there is insane
Top (1 month ago)
Huh? It isn't dead yet?
Henry Black (1 month ago)
The problem with CS:GO is the lack of a community aspect. In the days of CS:Source, you'd come home, get on a server that you always play on. You'd play with the same people every night after a long day of work and you'd get a chance to meet some very nice people. There was no toxicity, and if some stupid 10 year old came on the server thinking he was funny, the admins would just ban him straight up. Now, with matchmaking being the only real way to play the game anymore, you're dumped in a match with 9 other people you've never met before in your life, and you have to hope that the 4 on your team are going to be helpful, not toxic, and good at the game. Is one of them that? Well, you can vote to kick him, but then you're left with a bot that will not listen to your commands 50% of the rounds and just walk out and die. That's even if you're able to kick him. God help you if he's queued with one of his fuckbuddies. If anything will cause the death of CS:GO, it's this. Also, I hate the fact that there's a warning box (or what many people would think is a warning box) when you click "Browse Community Servers." That just makes people think twice and go back to matchmaking. Also, you mentioned the insane amounts of money that Valve makes from CS:GO, and wonder why they don't try to fix the game at all. Well, that is the very reason right there. They don't _need_ to fix the game, because people will still continue to pour ridiculous amounts of money into it regardless of how poor the game is. There's no incentive to do anything about it when Valve is still having money pour through the roof from skin/key sales. The only way to get them to do anything is to boycott Steam completely. Don't pay for anything. But then again, that's extremely far-fetched and I'm sure Valve would still find some way to get around it.
H Y D R A (1 month ago)
cs 1.6 Zm+WAR3 the best zm.kick.lv
Durma Devam et (1 month ago)
csgo should die so they wake up.
CUSTOMiZ1TION (1 month ago)
Tu pales francais :)
Counter Russianstrike (1 month ago)
Eu Servers only left with russian's, romanians and israel.... DEAD ASF nobody want's to play with 3rd world faggots
Mohamed Osama (1 month ago)
a YouTube video won't affect valve 1 bit, you need to talk to someone responsible for this from valve directly to them specifically or you won't affect anything. and you're not a nobody, you are somebody who can do it. so do it.
MABFvf (1 month ago)
I've been playing cs since 2003, I've bought the global offensive in october 2012, and the last month I took some time and thought that the game if defenitely dying for me. I'm sick of all the bad things that happen in mm, I use to playit because it gave me pleasure but lately I just end the game angry at something I don't understand. This last month I went to play paladins, and even though has nothing to do with cs and the adrenaline is not even close, after the game I fell good. I'm sick of waiting for something good to happen in cs, something that allows me to after a game (winning or losing) would give me a positive feeling. Until someone tells me that something as really changed, I'm going to leave it in "a box". It's, unfortunately , not worthy of my time right now.
Cancerish (1 month ago)
Btw csgo is dead now.
Scharfschutze 99 (1 month ago)
It's PUBG time, which has lots of realistic physics, so bye bye to point and click sniping and stuff like that, take some consideration for Gravity pull on your bullets
Max Bielawski (1 month ago)
lieutenant Weedster (1 month ago)
valve, fuck you.
iShadow Link (1 month ago)
yes it is
Thomas (1 month ago)
long video short anwser: devs dont give a fuck about the game thats why it dies
ovi (1 month ago)
sure counter strike will survive in some way, but if they stay the course, it will be like jack nicholson after the lobotomy in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, braindead and sad to watch. the question is not if cs:go is dying, it's more like, what will valve do about it. are they going to play the greed game like the rest till the whole industry collapses in a ugly mess or are they going to make a u-turne for the greater good. if you remember cs1.6 you remember a lot of good gaming from all sorts of genres. look at the state of the industry right now. there is literally nothing going on in therms of gameplay or innovation. idiotic RNG simulators like pubg and fortnite are dominating shooters. most single player games are a linear, cutscene nonsense or made with consoles in mind. some 15 years ago, developers actually tried to build some decent games. who is trying now, some guys in a basement somewhere rubbing there hands on the unity-engine in the hope for something good to come out, its pathetic.
Vineet Singh (1 month ago)
This guy is serious btw gj
Max Rhodes (1 month ago)
fuck CSGO
Lucas Henriques (1 month ago)
is already dead, how can be dying?
Nosora (1 month ago)
PRO scene is a joke full of cheaters. Fuck this game, I gave a lot of money to valve but this game disgusted me.
5o5kY (1 month ago)
kick system by the players = dead game
Graham Pelham (1 month ago)
The only reason people still play CS:Anything - is because unfortunately, Game Devs don't make games FOR Professional Gamers... CS:GO is the closest we get to a Dev team listening to the Pro Players Circle.

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