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surf_sundown WR. Surfed by Morning

44 ratings | 9108 views
[Surf Timer] - Morning finished in 00:59:92 (-00:00:61). Improving by 00:01:37 [Surf Timer] - Morning beat the map record! Rank: 1/1045 [Elite] [hip-hop harry #keepinitreal] : get OWND mike
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Text Comments (18)
Michael Viera (1 year ago)
in old surf vids the music actually fitted
FlashV (1 year ago)
Morning king of smooth, Sinsa king of speed, Raiin king of precision.
cakespray (5 years ago)
told you
Den Schneider (5 years ago)
Smoothly and evenly!
Miu Amaha (5 years ago)
wrong, logan.
manz (5 years ago)
nice :)
51Hacker (5 years ago)
sick m8
GenoClysm (5 years ago)
GenoClysm (5 years ago)
morning is so fucking smooth. awesome run
qunnabu (5 years ago)
Miu Amaha (5 years ago)
sick m8
mealbaffler (5 years ago)
SruZko (5 years ago)
IBGavin (5 years ago)
fucking morning man
Kapy Boiveau (5 years ago)
Smooth o.O
Skyline (5 years ago)
incredible run
Jayrage (5 years ago)
wtf i have dejavu
HoolsSteam (5 years ago)
g1 m0rning

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