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The Story of S1mple

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Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is one of Counter Strike Global Offensives best young players. A skilled rifler, an assassin with the AWP and a wizard with a pistol, the young Ukranian prodigy can do it all. But S1mple has garnered a reputation for himself among the community as a talented, but brash player who doesn't always get along with him teammates. This is his story. Written by: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) Edited by: Colten Gowan (@TheOnlyZoltan) Animations by: Christian Pearson Narrated by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports Sources: https://pastebin.com/t3ysh7fK
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Text Comments (611)
mauzzy (3 hours ago)
s1mple and Hiko top saddest anime breakup
BubblerRL (4 hours ago)
weird seeing coldzera fat
dECAPDD (1 day ago)
liek a propelljer :o
Mike MPR (2 days ago)
Navi should have won major!!
lisa sallin (2 days ago)
Go S1mple
liu travis (3 days ago)
There are something you left out, during the two majors S1mple played with Liquid, he was out of the roster for a long time in between the events, that's how "toxic" he was. Even Liquid tried all they can and Hiko being his big brother, can't fix that, remember how he ulterly destroyed Koosta's confidence if there were any? But hey, if the most talented player in your team trains that hard, you should to and stop bitching him being harsh, as a pro, you should be Rick Fox but not Smush Parker, basically guys like AdreN forever lost respect from fans because of that.
stephen chen (7 days ago)
best player in the world now confirmed
PedrosTacos // Wuts (8 days ago)
why you... why u bully me
PepperCaruso (13 days ago)
Ich frage mich immer ab wann man anfangen muss zu spielen um ein ,,Pro,, irgendwann zu werden. Bin grade 14 und bin echt nicht schlecht. Naja mein bestes war bis jetzt Gold Nova 2, aber ich habe kein Team also ich spiele immer alleine und muss hoffen, dass ich kein Troll team habe.
ElseEye (16 days ago)
What was his esl ban for?
Mystivia Does Shit (7 days ago)
Not 100% sure, but people say it was because he insulted Germans during the game or after. Idk
ElseEye woukd also like to know this
JexreaL (17 days ago)
so smart that falling awp
xXGamerXx 1412 (18 days ago)
Woow are we there yet? A world with documentations of esports gamers?
sunburst17 (22 days ago)
Simple-X1- I remember him from 1.6 around 2007-2010ish
Ana Boiles (27 days ago)
Great video
GetR3KTnub (27 days ago)
Simple is actually a lot less toxic now
WILFRED ASSOLLOH (28 days ago)
His story is s1imple but that awp slam at 0:15 xd
Soviet Kid (28 days ago)
Simple makes me proud of being a Ukrainian. SLAVA UKRAINE!!
AlvinXMatsumoto (30 days ago)
The most toxic gamer
fuck off (21 days ago)
and the most skilled...
Burnt xd (24 days ago)
Not Most but just toxic
superstituM (1 month ago)
We need a Story Of Scream video, please <3
Yo Motherfucker (1 month ago)
0:00 - 1:12 song name PLEAAAAASE <3???
ieong nathan (1 month ago)
Ukrainian KennyS
Sumileo (1 month ago)
follow up with this with a navi as a team video after the major seeing the results :D
Alejandro Invernizzi (1 month ago)
No love for Zeus leadership :'v
fuck off (1 month ago)
The most skilled player ever of csgo.
xSGx Gaming (1 month ago)
GG esl colonge
xSGx Gaming (1 month ago)
JTD472 (1 month ago)
Why was he banned from ESL events?
d3ne5 1q (1 month ago)
He just needed to control his temper and he would have been fine, not that he isn't but still.
tiki188 22 (1 month ago)
Make Story of NiKo
MR Pip boy (1 month ago)
Why you bully me
Natiq Bəşirli (1 month ago)
i want name of the training map on the 14:27
Hayosiko Takagumi (1 month ago)
He sounds like an emotional douche.
Jimmies Rustled (1 month ago)
Is there any pros that sit back away from their monitor? Or does EVERYONE play nose to the screen?
Persha かみーさま (1 month ago)
is s1mple that kid that was fighting with his mother over the computer
Young Monx (2 months ago)
Hikple Hiko and S1mple, the greatest teammates ever
Ahmad Mughal (2 months ago)
He's not the best Why you bully me freakazoid
Triksemenn leon (2 months ago)
Wtf shit i am just like him wtf!!???
Benjamin Franklin (2 months ago)
Simple I wish I was u
Ridhuan Abu Bakar (2 months ago)
i think Electronic really helped Navi and s1mple to shine
AionZeraa (2 months ago)
S1mple was the best in the world Then, he find out Coldzera and his jumpshots
RZN Prod. (2 months ago)
Dude put S1mple with mousesports right now. SNAX ChrisJ sunNy s1mple and ropz man what a fucking Line up hahaha
BEASTy CSGO (2 months ago)
Every man is not perfect ...
Valentine (2 months ago)
he is s1mply the best
PokéKid (2 months ago)
and then they win new york again lol
97FoxS (2 months ago)
Musik 13:33?
GrandeFree Foundation (2 months ago)
Lol rtz if cs
DiDi og Burito (2 months ago)
Lan Dodger wtf thats d0ccs team... so s1mple played with d0cc?
Aliaksei Kosik (2 months ago)
And navi has won 3 events in a row!! Go NAVI!!!! BORN TO WIN!!!!
Federico Scaglione (2 months ago)
The time spoke, and now s1mple is top 1, and navi too.
Burnt xd (9 days ago)
Navi is top 2
Shane Laskero (2 months ago)
And now they have the Cologne trophy.
Nevah (2 months ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaand they just won cologne. 10/10 god at game
Marcus Mitchell (2 months ago)
Elige is right bent innit
Russell Pope (2 months ago)
and now he won ESL One Cologne with help from 1 other member of his team (electronic). Its just insane, how does he win anything when it is just 1v5s always
Dr Torbjörn88 (2 months ago)
17 year old taking break from cs go to finish university. jaja101%
Sparrow TV (2 months ago)
He doesn't seem as toxic as he used to be
Solide Schlange (2 months ago)
my fav player
Zain Afzal (2 months ago)
why you heff to be mad, its only gam
Seung Lim (2 months ago)
Here are really good players. These 5 would be the best CS GO team ever. 1.s1mple(my favorite player) 2.Niko(acknowledged by almost every players) 3.stewie(he will get better and better) 4.sh0x(he’s just awesome) 5.kennyS(WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BRO?!)
Yo Motherfucker (1 month ago)
LOL NO PROPER IGL LMAO and dont tell me you consider shox a good igl lmao And stewie lmao
Call Me Justin (2 months ago)
Whats incredible to me is that he used to talk a lot of shit back then and he had the pure skill to back it up
Darrel Gamez (2 months ago)
Thorin is gay
Alexis sixela (2 months ago)
Greatest Baiter Of All Time.
Ashed Crafted (2 months ago)
He said in a livestream NaVi would be his last team
Cyril Clemente (2 months ago)
2:25 how do you make your settings likr that
Nestor Jaba-an (2 months ago)
Wait a min SASHA!!! Wth
Kuya NailClipper (2 months ago)
hebbe keke (2 months ago)
why is he shaking so much ? when he shoots ;^)
NZXEagle (3 months ago)
Its Simple
sectumsempra (3 months ago)
why did he get banned
its fucking 4:30 am xDD
caleb gao (3 months ago)
is not s1mples falt.HE is mad because he is carrying 4 noob teammates,if he go to better team like c9 and sk he is gonna win the major easily
The Terminator (3 months ago)
simple is the best csgo in the world hands down. match him with some equal minded people and watch them own
tällästä (3 months ago)
His brother follows me on Instagram :D
RealShroudK Tv (3 months ago)
Why u mad it only game
Spliggy (3 months ago)
s1mple is toxic, yeah, but that's what makes him s1mple.
Awais Shaheen (3 months ago)
story of scream?
kacper adventure (3 months ago)
hit that 6900k subs
Gamers Fun (3 months ago)
Waiting for a video of Scream
holly shit his desk is tall wtf is that like 80 cm tall?
mattocardo (3 months ago)
S1mple is a toxic ass. And even if he is good, I have no respect at all for toxic players. Edit: Nearly forgot he is a cheater... He got detected in ESL. No words.
prettygoodname (3 months ago)
its pretty s1mple tbh
Stargraz (3 months ago)
The progress they've made as a team in the past month or two have been insane, they are finally shaping up to be a force at the next major once more.
Critical Oof (3 months ago)
Why you bully me
pandasixsteage 34779 (3 months ago)
Remember me. You gave me a sub and I'm not in your channels
Felipe Milanez (3 months ago)
fallennnnnn or fnxxxxxxx
kli Ngs (3 months ago)
NAVI best e sport group Dendi-Face of DOTA2 S1MPLE-one of the gods of CS:GO
MonkeDonkey (3 months ago)
Ones in my life I want to play with the pros
Retarded Csgo Player (3 months ago)
s1mple: toxic,but can aim toxic russians : toxic, cant even aim
Retarded Csgo Player (3 months ago)
If you always carry your team and your teammates cant even win a 1v1 isnt it normal to be toxic?
Retarded Csgo Player (3 months ago)
s1mple is simply the best
Olof Meister (3 months ago)
S1mple is more mature now, he doesn't need to be toxic he destroys everybody
神Cicero (3 months ago)
f*cking b*tch!
zhongming wen (3 months ago)
18:16 He learned to always cum. s1mple is god.
Killer Kiwis (3 months ago)
Nikolay Nyagolov (4 months ago)
Story of Hiko,please:)
kiseter (4 months ago)
Marmik Emp (4 months ago)
Y was he banned?
S2MpLE (4 months ago)
Saleh Dar Saleh (4 months ago)
nice video
vetjoh (4 months ago)
Every ukrain player has s1mples problem lol

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