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10 WEIRD Gamer Obsessions That Only GAMERS Will Understand

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Text Comments (1291)
Jmah606 (5 months ago)
Where’s reloading when you have used like 1 bullet
Fernaldo Gaming (11 days ago)
That's me
Hashem Mansi (15 days ago)
Jmah606 in another vid
Neil Archer (18 days ago)
Guilty. In my defence it's a habit from games where you don't get to carry too much ammo at any time.
Liesel Havenga (18 days ago)
Jmah606 yeah *reload*
fireball (1 month ago)
Jmah606 I'm guilty lol
TEJAS CENA (19 hours ago)
3:20, I DO
SeaCow 12 (1 day ago)
Omg I always have to switch my brightness 🤣🤣
Patrik Käpyaho (2 days ago)
Going off the path - glitches?
Carlos Turrubiates (2 days ago)
Number 5 6 and 7 apply to me
David Smith (3 days ago)
I found your videos by accident and man... This is some quality stuff. Not just some random opinionated rant. Your lists are accurate every time. Took me a day of watching a ton of your videos but you got yourself a sub. Please keep up the good content! Thanks for your work here man.
anonymous (4 days ago)
Ya I follow the traffic sometimes
gamer 2319 (4 days ago)
Im guilty of all of these
Malik Dauto (4 days ago)
8,5,4 and 3 never occurred to me
John Pascale (5 days ago)
Don’t play video games
Kakai PECORA (5 days ago)
My obsession is number 6
Cody Wimberly (5 days ago)
Traffic forces me to obey it ok its not my fault 😭
KD-98gaming (5 days ago)
I want to win the gift card so I can invest in some video games. My Twitter is @KD98gaming.
i drive like crazy
Zane Hall shiels (8 days ago)
GTA road rage
LiMiTLeSS VoiD (9 days ago)
100% true i never noticed i do this until this video i do all that and dont relize
swiftdevildog (9 days ago)
6 5 3 and 1
Ay Bee (9 days ago)
Everyone has done one of these things Like if you agree
Georgi Nikolov (10 days ago)
In GTA I obey traffic laws just when im very bored and i dont have anything to do or im waiting for something . :D
tbl gaming (10 days ago)
I do every one of them XD except the ONE STARTEGY
Altair Aufa (10 days ago)
Smashing all smashables
Number1 Gamer (10 days ago)
Especially the sorting one
Number1 Gamer (10 days ago)
Stephen Ross (10 days ago)
I swerve through oncoming traffic on the highways of GTA5 online...
Gabblur (10 days ago)
Problaby having a good inventory is something I do and, those choose I do it also and the same strategy over again is also me and the perfect character is also me😂
Mangle123211 (11 days ago)
I obey traffic lawsin games and sort inventory alphabetically
Fernaldo Gaming (11 days ago)
If there is a hard choice I take hours to know which one do I really want
Fernaldo Gaming (11 days ago)
I find it fun to drive not breaking the law
Suger Glider (11 days ago)
Yeah.......... I do 6 & 5 XD I always say sh* to my iPad.. AND I BREAK BOXES LIKE HELL
Austin Smith (12 days ago)
In gta five when I'm board I will obey the traffic laws IDK why but I just do
Mr. Ealy (13 days ago)
I absolutely obey the laws of the road in gta games as if That world will notice lol
James Kenway (14 days ago)
When you Keep using the same strategy for me its rush into combat and fight back until I win or get frustrated
Murder 16 (15 days ago)
Shoot one reload Good skill=good murdered
Soplet (15 days ago)
Did I tell you the definition of insanity?
Super Gamer Bros. (16 days ago)
I'm guilty of sorting my inventory in EVERY video games 👋😅 I also spend like the first hours of the game making up my characters.
Cptn. Wolfe (17 days ago)
10. Yes 9. Sometimes 8. No 7. Definitely 6. Yes 5. Yes 4. Sometimes 3. Yes 2. Yes 1. Yes
LadyTarasque (18 days ago)
definitely character design.. especially in the Sims... I swear 85% of the hours recorded on Steam is just from me messing around in CAS. 5% running around doing rl stuff as game sits open...
llSH0CK WAV3ll (18 days ago)
I take up to 4 hours on making my character perfect lol
Derpy No-Scope (19 days ago)
another obsession is when you need to take a path you hope you take the wrong one or create a second game to see what it was
axton 231 (19 days ago)
Swear to God, I do all of these things except GTAV cause then I just drive like there's nothing in the world
axton 231 (19 days ago)
It took me a hour to make my character in destiny
australianpirate (20 days ago)
I am guilty of all of them
Marko Zec (22 days ago)
Not so sure that sales and traffics should be on list and NOT to put constant quicksaves and quickloads, F5 and F8 and also taking screenshots.
Zendruo Flynstin (22 days ago)
Seriously, I spent one hour to create my Dragonborn character after successfully modding racemenu in Skyrim Special Edition.
Artrysa (24 days ago)
A bit of a weak list.
dragonfire (25 days ago)
Im guilty of all except #7 and #2
Anton John Binedell (26 days ago)
Guilty of all
wy8766 (27 days ago)
Doing every possible side quest there is and min/maxxing your RPG characters
I do the box breaking one except I don't smash boxes I smash water melons.
Smiley Face (28 days ago)
What is the making character one game? tell me please
billy bob (1 month ago)
I take long making a character
Adrian Rjay Antonio (1 month ago)
I did number 8
Pavle Zivkovic (1 month ago)
im 1 2 and 3
Bryor Attebery (1 month ago)
I sort my inventory too
oliver oli07 (1 month ago)
Most anoying time to reload . 1 shot with a pistol kills em but they have a bit of time to shoot as u r realoadin
Ethan P (1 month ago)
I do number 5 sometimes.
Hunter Witte (1 month ago)
Number 9
I want the gift card to buy finally new games
Christopher Capps (1 month ago)
I am Litteraly guilty of all... EQUALY ALL OF THE TIME!!!😥😥😥😥😥
Jason Meyers (1 month ago)
I follow the traffic laws in GTA 5 and sometimes don't even realize I'm doing it
akash singh (1 month ago)
I obey traffic laws in both game and real world
Jacob's Lego guns (1 month ago)
I'm always talking to my computer xD
Kodie Preuett (1 month ago)
Try modding skyrim on PC. You'll be messing with mods more than you play the game .
Ruben Aguilar (1 month ago)
Telling people around you to shut up when your playing a stealth game as if the enemy's in the game can here them
Nick Yeadon (1 month ago)
I honestly do all of those
Uh, yeah, I can relate to this way too much.
Hector Sabillon (1 month ago)
Guilty as charged I always break every box in Resident Evil games
hyper biskit 49 (1 month ago)
Sorting inventory
The gamer Bro (1 month ago)
Also 3
The amazing Merasmus (1 month ago)
Im definitely guilty of obeying traffic law in different games lol😂😂😂☹
Flakk Geometry Dash (1 month ago)
I also always sort my inventory by how much i use the weapon and the rarity
Flakk Geometry Dash (1 month ago)
I always fight everyone i can in both Mirror's Edges
The wanderer (1 month ago)
I'm a reloader
Rgm 2000 (1 month ago)
I do all
Jonathan Torres (1 month ago)
I always sort my inventory in borderlands when ever I get more loot
ken kaneki (1 month ago)
im exactly numbers 1 and 2 😂😂😂
Brony Boy (1 month ago)
I do that sometimes but not all the time
Aceape2000 davis (1 month ago)
Reloading is so hard
Toastie Stroodle (1 month ago)
xxBoomGamexx Hd (1 month ago)
I used to play gta I’m guilty 😣 I don’t anymore though 😞
_oof _ (1 month ago)
In overwatch I’ll break boxes although there’s nothing in them, I just find it slightly satisfying 🙃
The unlimited vlogtex (1 month ago)
Im soooooo guilty of number 1 because it probably takes me longer to create my character than finish the game 😂😂
Obeying traffic laws?? Never, speed down the wrong side of the road and play a game of chicken with the NPCs or other players
califer12 (1 month ago)
Finding every single quest
Rumi Martena (1 month ago)
I dont need to follow the rules in gta because i will just fly above everything on my oppressor
Glasswatt (1 month ago)
Kam guilty of evry single one of these
Mineguy05 YT (1 month ago)
Tip Super hot needs low brightness Dark games need high brightness
Aaron Smith (1 month ago)
Being very picky how you make ur avatar and every want and need lol that's my favorite
Dylan Coetzer (1 month ago)
No. 1 is my problem
Payton Hill (1 month ago)
followed the rules sometimes
Lex The Golden Ninja (1 month ago)
I just follow traffic rules because its actually quite fun
Melissa Simpson (1 month ago)
I do everything on this list
Domestic BF (1 month ago)
I do #7 when I get bored of GTA V multiplayer
The Spaz (1 month ago)
I drive on the right side of the road in video games for some reason.
The gaming Wolf (1 month ago)
I do all of them except for number 5
FARJAD MOHAMMADI (1 month ago)
Landing at tiled towers every time?
Warframe4Life 17 (1 month ago)
I’m guilty for obeying traffic laws
Gamer LSK (1 month ago)
other than the "obeying the traffic" i do all the other .... lol
Sheik Fyzul (1 month ago)
My girlfriend dose the same thing in GTA 5
Codenamed Zombie (1 month ago)
I admit staying on one lane, but I always pass a red light.
WeeDragon 292431 (1 month ago)
My biggest gaming obsessions are everything in the video and constantly pushing the reload button even when I don't need to reload

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