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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_RUSH_B - GUC Server

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Counter Strike Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the custom rush b map (ze_rush_b_v1_1) CS:GO ZE Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhvh3mrO_qy9nve9WMzi4ga Previous CSGO Video: https://youtu.be/VmYNaiTpXvE MAPPER Creator of the map: eastern swiss power SERVER Name: GamersUnitedClan (GUC) IP: SKINS USED Flip Knife | Slaughter Negev | Power Loader PC SPECS: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram Popular videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhpzRRZ1EXwZOU1ixz7ouIF Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3
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Text Comments (114)
ItsEndy (15 hours ago)
This is what got me into csgo, Always loved Zombie Escape videos for some reason, sucks to be the zombie sometimes but, Hey. you gotta play the role to be fair :v
Ralph4810 (18 hours ago)
Ooooh surfing "1 second later" WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS
bendy Game7458 (19 hours ago)
NoobCatDog GT (21 hours ago)
1:37 *Zombie escape mode but try to defuse the bomb*
maliq gaming (1 day ago)
Hy i from indonesia
YtDenGAME (1 day ago)
Pls talk
khant moe (1 day ago)
Can someone tell me plz how to play this zombie game olz in csgo i dont konw how to play zombie plz iwill thank all you
khant moe (19 hours ago)
Danger Donger thank!!!
Danger Donger (19 hours ago)
khant moe go on community servers and type ze, some servers should pop up
K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ (2 days ago)
a darn shame not enough people in CSGO know about custom servers especially zmod
J D S (2 days ago)
I'm from the future R.I.P. Avicii I use his music for gaming
Makun Oppai (2 days ago)
i died at @3:29
PandaGaMingZoNe zone (2 days ago)
How to play this map?
Julian Salvatierra (2 days ago)
Rush b hemanito arma do pele
Scorch (2 days ago)
The Virginity is great in this Video...
Reyner Godoy (2 days ago)
Why is the title in english if the video is in jdifjkfmdnglish
What even is cs anymore
Раш Б сука блять
Courageous Syrup (3 days ago)
Dude i only play competitive in csgo im surprised a whole other community like this exists in csgo! Can you help me? How do i get into these kinds of servers and how do i mod my skin?
Mercurial Gaming (2 days ago)
Courageous Syrup browse community servers
Skullche - k (3 days ago)
хуевая карта
Malek Ob (3 days ago)
"oh surf..... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ''
Cody wuff (3 days ago)
Nice video but I think that at quite a lot of times you were aiming too high with the Negev to actually hit the zombies
One Tube (4 days ago)
so how do i get to those servers? i never find them..
R3D BULL3T (4 days ago)
keep defending!!!
Andrei Bucatariu (4 days ago)
curva curva
Hey Yow (4 days ago)
What server haha haha
Hey Yow (4 days ago)
Last month we ask an admin to change map like the all player gets curious about mako map so he suddenly change map to this like 20 mins later we all like WTF is this map so cool especially all this cut scenes
TheEngix (4 days ago)
Mohamad Amirul (5 days ago)
(C4 planted) FIRE IN THE HOLE (C4 blows) GET IN THE HOLE
this is why i want to have csgo i want to play zombie mode but i dont have csgo
Charlie Nichols (5 days ago)
4K + Great gameplay = The "Holy Shit I have to get this game"
Leo Games (6 days ago)
Kurwa! Rush b cyka blyat and take som vodka!
Sinthetic Swine (7 days ago)
30 seconds in and i'm already rock solid
Leviathan (7 days ago)
RJ Wright (7 days ago)
why u so noob
Whale FX (7 days ago)
Kurva blyat XD
Rauhillah M (7 days ago)
0:52 "Don't go Indonesia" :O
Chingun Munkhbaatar (8 days ago)
hi how did u instantly buy that bizon?
karlo vullag (8 days ago)
Uhm is this workshop or what ?? Gimme me :)
Kobie Mangala (9 days ago)
The nostalgia i get from halo
Blaze Gaming (9 days ago)
SHOOTER Jr Shoot (9 days ago)
Nice video axonex
ONCE Zehnn (9 days ago)
Cyka Blyat
Farrell Gamers (10 days ago)
I can't search the server
F BI (10 days ago)
I only heard on this video is RUSH B, CYKA BLYAT
Saafi Wael (10 days ago)
Nice game
Han Channels (10 days ago)
The Nice!! I give For The channel $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ too big!!!!!!!!!!
Han Channels (10 days ago)
Bomb!!!! Is Nice Video!!!!! you All must watch it!!!!!!!! Is Too Nice!!!! I like Counter Strike Global Offensives!!!!!!!
Han Channels ok lol
Justa (10 days ago)
Muhammad Noer (11 days ago)
Viktor and jerry still on there?
filipe silva (11 days ago)
I love is game you is my brodher kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
TheSasGaming (12 days ago)
3:34 that retro 80s intro tho
Bros Power (12 days ago)
*Rush B Cyka Blyat!!! Rush B!!!*
Zied Krifa (13 days ago)
Leifranz Bermejo (14 days ago)
you failed to rush b
John Hendrix Eleazar (14 days ago)
so hard you are tierd now
ٍِSAZ (15 days ago)
hi guys in case you are interested you may check out my new sticker https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1351215668
Jack Hilder (16 days ago)
FUTUREHERO 099 (16 days ago)
*P90 RUSH B*
CS GO videos (16 days ago)
mizapro server is back
Mize_ Daryl (16 days ago)
idk y but i keep on hearing *KEEP DEFENDING DA_QUEEN_ , KEEP DEFENDING*
Im Back Bro! Your ZE Videos Feels Interesting.. But pls Play Cs source too! :D
david zurita (17 days ago)
Nice job
GamingReviews (17 days ago)
This is a longass map... I didn't get past the bossfight when we were testing the map, but then again I was playing it for the first time not so long ago ^^ It's good to see how the map plays out however, though I think it's kinda hard overall. Hopefully we'll be able to tape it with a win someday ;D
WolFrost Arfis (8 days ago)
Alex - Um.. yes?
Alex - (9 days ago)
WolFrost Arfis !
VSG3048 (13 days ago)
hey !! GamingReviews what are u doing here xD
WolFrost Arfis (16 days ago)
Ok, now i know what's the longest map after watching this hehe...
Diego GD (17 days ago)
Aneez Bhutia (17 days ago)
Rush B cyka blyat!
shu ouma (17 days ago)
I gotta play this
BPA 666 (18 days ago)
BPA666 2 kill 😂😂😂😂👌
I.M.F (18 days ago)
The only cure is to get rushed B'ed
Dark Player (18 days ago)
Suscribansen a mi canal y yo al de ustedes
chihong wong (18 days ago)
P90 rush B Cyka blyat For the mother Russia...
Žygintas Č (2 days ago)
fuck russia
FlukeEasy (18 days ago)
Rush B cyka blyat.
FlukeEasy (13 days ago)
lul P90 Rush B ?
axonek3 (14 days ago)
how to download cs go.?
S0uLl3ss 54 (11 days ago)
Eugene Clark De Leon Do you have a problem on the poor?Times are hard you know :/
Eugene Clark De Leon (13 days ago)
Arif SelectSelect and weak
Eugene Clark De Leon (13 days ago)
Arif SelectSelect pirated are for the poor
Arif SelectSelect (18 days ago)
Mukhlis Amri Miftah Masail buy it from steam... or nosteam for pirated vers and servers
Glitchy Gaming YT (18 days ago)
Ur my homie man
FlaRAR Game (18 days ago)
Ivan Lau (18 days ago)
Hehe last time I played dust block abused lel
HaizenN (18 days ago)
Wow that map is Soo fun
GamerBoy Nabulous (18 days ago)
No gg
khiro akiri (18 days ago)
Nataliya Paliy (18 days ago)
This Chanel is good!
LORD aboasab (18 days ago)
Pro can you mack video when you play mm
ура услышал собственный родимый стиль)
shadow trooper262 (18 days ago)
0:02 The first thing I see is a pink stormtrooper with a pikachu head.
хуёвая карта
LazaLight BNC (19 days ago)
:| cool map man
DRAGON DESTROYER (19 days ago)
They added rush b and other new map
謝雪薇 (19 days ago)
This map so funny XD
Andre block strike gay
BaBaBoeey (10 days ago)
you havent seen pizza map.
Andre block strike (18 days ago)
salmah saw' uqfe' ' kgwc heg giuec ugia gsvugiousdougs euhof qeouqfevouafe ou feqbuivih fãs sex 👉👌💏
salmah saw (18 days ago)
Andre Lino oh my God wtf
Andre block strike (18 days ago)
謝雪薇 5re4x5xr5dx5crc5rc5rcrcrcrrc5crr5f5fyffttd7de t7fvv6ytv👉👌
Nam Phan (19 days ago)
Dark rp (19 days ago)
"When u play cs-go you just say rush b and go when u meet petrenko you ask him for moloko 2x Cyka cyka cyka blyat cyka cyka cyka blyat cyka blyat... more
Bonnie The Bunny (19 days ago)
3rd but no one fucking cares
Открывайся хуй бля оруу
DatAshe 17 (15 days ago)
Ислам Карыпбаев! Сука будет
FlaRAR Game (18 days ago)
раш б блять
norserockie 172 (19 days ago)

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