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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_RUSH_B - GUC Server

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Counter Strike Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the custom rush b map (ze_rush_b_v1_1) CS:GO ZE Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhvh3mrO_qy9nve9WMzi4ga Previous CSGO Video: https://youtu.be/VmYNaiTpXvE MAPPER Creator of the map: eastern swiss power SERVER Name: GamersUnitedClan (GUC) IP: SKINS USED Flip Knife | Slaughter Negev | Power Loader PC SPECS: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram Popular videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhpzRRZ1EXwZOU1ixz7ouIF Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3
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Text Comments (250)
YASSER GAMER (2 days ago)
ой курва
1 Jie 1 (11 days ago)
Я не сообразил это российские либо это иноземцы?
Oh my gaaa
Brain In the Knee (21 days ago)
"DON'T BE NEGEVTIVE" I like that word :D
CooDex Gaming (21 days ago)
Cyka Blyat
CUPBOARD GAMES (27 days ago)
2:41 «блять Dmitri»
CUPBOARD GAMES (27 days ago)
pyro (28 days ago)
Курва нахуй ты чо охуел
Star (30 days ago)
Rush b and dont be a bitch
ИТАЧИ КУН (1 month ago)
KizuJansen Games-Anims (1 month ago)
Bhop skills
The Vovasan (1 month ago)
Россия Топ
Electro Asphalt (1 month ago)
This is not Zombie Escape, this is Russian Escape.
None Nobody (1 month ago)
That guy just said Guy:Cyka blyat
Billy Dinh (1 month ago)
Oh shi4 the communism
DJ Ray8 (1 month ago)
Why Zombies have like 200 times the HP of a human?
ِCS GO TV (1 month ago)
братани патйехали
mhammadkaka kaka (1 month ago)
you are the best
carol elevado (1 month ago)
Cyka Blyat 😂😂😂😂
CanGrost (1 month ago)
Американсы совершенно ахуели с поляками) 0:05
NexTG _YT (1 month ago)
*Don't be negevtive*
Google Fish (1 month ago)
funniest and simplest map idea ever
Сразу видать наших)
Batuhan K5555 (2 months ago)
russians love this escape map
pyro (2 months ago)
Да сука руские
Slender Man (2 months ago)
11:05 you have to believe lmao XD
plops plops (2 months ago)
российские 😂😂😂
bojo bg (2 months ago)
Shingita :3 (2 months ago)
10:31 The reload sound :0
Samuraj (2 months ago)
Сразу видать, российские ребята😂
Ray- ShowBan (2 months ago)
О, российских в первый раз услышал :D
Русские 0)
carlos M. lec vasquez (2 months ago)
Lol is this awesome video
hlebooshek (2 months ago)
1.6 лучше для зомби модов
G-URAL (2 months ago)
Source лучше
TiM TiMuSS MiX (2 months ago)
О там российские:)
AnTi OliGaRx (2 months ago)
Syka bliat) российские в видосе)
Заебали суки, одно и тоже пиздят, когда уже им мозги подправят
YBOGI KOT (2 months ago)
Cyka bleat ti cho axyel
HOLY Zsuck (2 months ago)
risB00 (2 months ago)
Fire in the hole. This time for real.
Sm1L3Y YL (3 months ago)
Do you have ip?
Flahtort (3 months ago)
Заебали российские
Chuvanes Gaming (3 months ago)
R.I.P Elevator
NotUrTypicalGuy (3 months ago)
144p for true slav quality
SpanisVzla (3 months ago)
Joshua Lorenzo (3 months ago)
i didn't know csgo had so colorful models? which server is this.
soldaten SS (3 months ago)
God i hate this map
Oficielle Master (3 months ago)
Goodddddddddddd I like your channel
Also zombie escape mod
I Play zeddY^ sever
darkmaskgt55 corzo!! (3 months ago)
Whats the name in the game
VeLocity (3 months ago)
rush b
Flingy Flongy Bouncu (3 months ago)
can soeone tell me why zombie mode in cs go is so much fun for others? i dont get it you just run then stand still and shoot behind you
fexofenadine (3 months ago)
lol ocean's twelve
Connor RK900 (3 months ago)
5:07 dont be negevtive
Connor RK900 (3 months ago)
In the beginning you can Really hear russian saying rush b cyka blyat
Muhd Hafiz (4 months ago)
jump to another building 11:05 "you have yo belive" -Matrix
Red FoX (4 months ago)
like easter egg how they do that map??? like de_dust
[ASMR]First Bane RB (4 months ago)
How did u "bhop"
luigi mark ruiz (4 months ago)
*He sounded liek an anime dood tho **0:14**, Keep Up the good work dude!*
ES Lokinho (4 months ago)
Sou Brasileiro e Eu Acho Seu Vídeos Foda Valeu
Tostrix# (4 months ago)
Suka blied papuszka suka i na chuj blied... <3 like and sub my friend +rep
Lutvia Madiu (4 months ago)
Don't be negevtive Me:........Get out XD
Всегда знал,что Поляки не адекваты.Hail Putin.
CyberBOT db (4 months ago)
That One Goose (4 months ago)
TreSinG (4 months ago)
what is that negev skin?
Star life (4 months ago)
это тот самый невидимые зомби?
WhEeZy - PG3D (4 months ago)
vincent (4 months ago)
this server have !knife and !ws??
-MOCHII- (4 months ago)
CS:GO Avengers lol
Trevoriffic (4 months ago)
What negev skin is that it looks sick
Insensitive Cunt (4 months ago)
running in p90s
SpooN (4 months ago)
The most Epic map what i nevera watched
CatTracer :D (4 months ago)
Хахахаах, российские всюду
слышу российских
И я
CUPBOARD GAMES (27 days ago)
И я
test420 (4 months ago)
4:26 loll
Сука блять🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Hai Tran Quang (4 months ago)
long time no see bro :v
Under Games (4 months ago)
Hm....death by doorhug is still a thing...
victor hugo (4 months ago)
TaN1nO (4 months ago)
What font are you using?
romanesque (4 months ago)
I'm so nostalgic
ItsEndy (4 months ago)
This is what got me into csgo, Always loved Zombie Escape videos for some reason, sucks to be the zombie sometimes but, Hey. you gotta play the role to be fair :v
Ralph4809 (4 months ago)
Ooooh surfing "1 second later" WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS
tailswee YT (4 months ago)
Syahzwan Danieal YT (4 months ago)
1:37 *Zombie escape mode but try to defuse the bomb*
maliq gaming (4 months ago)
Hy i from indonesia
YtDenGAME (4 months ago)
Pls talk
Ave Amelia (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me plz how to play this zombie game olz in csgo i dont konw how to play zombie plz iwill thank all you
maun Ati (4 months ago)
Ave Amelia (4 months ago)
Danger Donger thank!!!
Muhammad Naazireen (4 months ago)
khant moe go on community servers and type ze, some servers should pop up
K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚eˮ (4 months ago)
a darn shame not enough people in CSGO know about custom servers especially zmod
JDS (4 months ago)
I'm from the future R.I.P. Avicii I use his music for gaming
Makun Oppai (4 months ago)
i died at @3:29
Panda Gaming (4 months ago)
How to play this map?
Julian Salvatierra (4 months ago)
Rush b hemanito arma do pele
Scorch (4 months ago)
The Virginity is great in this Video...
Reyner Godoy (4 months ago)
Why is the title in english if the video is in jdifjkfmdnglish

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