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[HD] Megaman Zero 100% ~ All Elves / 100 pts / No Damage

3297 ratings | 269997 views
The game was modified in order to get better aspect ratio, is almost widescreen but still with some graphic bugs on the sides Stage times: 0:02:00 Underground Laboratory "Intro Stage" 0:04:28 Disposal Center 0:06:36 Retrieve Data 0:10:04 Find Shuttle 0:15:43 Find Hidden Base 0:19:22 Duel in Desert 0:21:50 Protect the Base 1 0:24:13 Destroy the Train 0:27:00 Stop the Hacking 0:30:14 Rescue Colbor 0:32:01 Occupy Factory 0:34:56 Protect the Factory 0:37:40 Protect the Base II 0:40:03 Neo Arcadia Shrine 0:44:29 Neo Arcadia Tower 0:46:47 Neo Arcadia Core
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