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GTA V Trailer 2 - San Andreas Remake (splitscreen)

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♫ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JairitoMapper ♫ Facebook: http://on.fb.me/122CeGr ♫ Canal: http://www.youtube.com/JairitoMapper Hice una comparacion del Trailer de GTA V original y el Trailer de GTA San andreas de YOMARTINPRODUCTIONS que esta muy bueno y aqui lo tienen , saquen sus diferencias. Trailer GTA V: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8SjsL3sgdg Trailer GTA SA: http://youtu.be/LXxaQ9kdwzU Suscribete: http://www.youtube.com/user/JairitoMapper Salu2. Recuerda Suscribirte eso ayuda a mi canal... :D
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Text Comments (415)
Mars Droid (3 days ago)
Vengo cinco años del futuro del 2018 y jairito es adicto al counter Strike
Abhinav Choudhary (1 month ago)
Gta sa is gta sa
HAROLD GODOY (2 months ago)
like si quieren un juego asi :D
Ulteite master bg (2 months ago)
Gta V
Mr slanak (2 months ago)
Trevor is mexican
Gamer Logic (5 months ago)
That vaulting scene tho
iSnake360 (5 months ago)
le robaste el video a YMP
smokio el (5 months ago)
Gta v poor
Luis Herrera (6 months ago)
SR. RIUF (6 months ago)
Luis Herrera xD
K6wdy (6 months ago)
How did they get the gta 5 clip in 2012?!
Rio Vlogs 78 (1 month ago)
K6wdy because the trailer was out already
Fernando ML (6 months ago)
jaja lo vi cuando era solo un vato de 13 años :3
紅の豚部屋 (7 months ago)
DAVIDERO (10 months ago)
Como se llama la canción del vídeo
Oscar Nebulous (2 months ago)
DAVIDERO Buscala asi tutututtututuuruuuurururuuuu xX
Marcus Larsson (1 year ago)
Imagine 10 years from now.
Shrimpi Games (1 year ago)
lioshenka (4 months ago)
The gamemos:v (1 year ago)
en gta san andreas se veia mejor
Cold Sweat (1 year ago)
Pc vs Console graphics comparison.
thales moraes (1 year ago)
ei teu trabalho voi muito tri cara
Saud Qureshi (1 year ago)
dope !!
Menos Once (1 year ago)
jajajq que tiempos jairitooo
Diego Gømes (1 year ago)
Killer Santa1915 (1 year ago)
Man if they could make all that trailers then they could make a whole game to play...
GTA San Andreas always in my heart. GTA V already deleted.
AleHam (1 year ago)
el chop de gta san andreas hay que matarlo
FaZe Tim (1 year ago)
I love gta 5 but SA was still legendary
Anstimeo (1 year ago)
el de arriba es el tráiler en ps3 y el de abajo en cualquier otra plataforma
OneTooManyGames (1 year ago)
"GTA SA is a classic" *Wishing they could buy gta v or run it on their bad pc*
Mιleѕ Upѕнυr (10 months ago)
FluffyPandaGirl No,i play Gta 5 in my toaster pc and i finished the storyline,and gta sa is better.
Lil Joseph Stalin (1 year ago)
Bounce? We're Bouncing now?
Piga PL (1 year ago)
WoW Good work :)
CryoFPS (1 year ago)
gta sa classic
Nahu_Sniper893 (1 year ago)
cual es la cancion?????????????
L DI (1 year ago)
Nahu Sniper893 De nada 😉
Nahu_Sniper893 (1 year ago)
gracias Jota Efe Erre :3
L DI (1 year ago)
Skeletons - Stevie Wonder
Julian gameplay.s (1 year ago)
o melhor e u San andreas
Red Star (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure Machinima did not allow you to use their logo.
Steve Real (1 year ago)
more like gta v ps2
fire tv (1 year ago)
jajajja es igual
Post Alone (1 year ago)
250.000 views OCD WIN!!!
Nico YT (1 year ago)
Ahmad Bayu (2 years ago)
Virus TV (2 years ago)
did you make this or Rockstar?
Jack Grasselino (1 year ago)
Virus Gaming
david (1 year ago)
Mr. Mastherghost (2 years ago)
ENGLISH the dog looks good fuck gta san andreas by mod. ESPAÑOL el perro se ve bien fuck del gta san andreas por el mod.
TheCheesyGuy (1 year ago)
OK kid,I can tell you're a kid and you play the GTA series that much.
jhonny torres (2 years ago)
Che amigo muy buen vídeo Sigue Así
Aadithya Chandrasekar (2 years ago)
Lol.I saw this comparison in angry joe's review of gta 5
Luiz Souza (2 years ago)
lol that fucking dog kills me
Fred the Fish (2 years ago)
GTA: SA was my shit
Dark Blu Mate (1 year ago)
do you all realize that when he said my shit he means it's his favorite?, get your facts right (i know i'm in an old comment)
Corporación08 (1 year ago)
+Hawker Siddely its older graphis. and can you remake him.
Tirsiak (1 year ago)
+XxGamer_227Xx Gta sa is better in anything only looses on the graphics
NexusTheHusky (2 years ago)
+Karl-Heinz Sammer GTA V was not the shit mate GTA SA so guess what you get the fuck out
Karl-Heinz Sammer (2 years ago)
get the fuck out
PoppinPillsIsAllWeKnow (2 years ago)
GTA San Andres was shit no good graphics but good game
Yatogami (1 year ago)
BleachyCupz Fucking Kiddo
Steve Real (1 year ago)
+Tailor's Gaming and vlogs i am
Fist my pick (1 year ago)
BleachyCupz Not about graphics and those graphics were good the time period of gaming
nosferatu5420 (1 year ago)
BleachyCupz fuck you
Haden Esmond (1 year ago)
Back then, those graphics were great.
Future Boy (2 years ago)
Gta 5 is better
Yatogami (1 year ago)
Future Boy 53 kill yourself kiddo
Future Boy (1 year ago)
I know hehehhehe
BioHazard (1 year ago)
but u did for his first question
Future Boy (1 year ago)
I am 53.I dont want to answer your Question!
Calvin Laudrensio (2 years ago)
How old are you? Have you ever actually play GTA San Andreas? Have you ever mod the game? Do you even learn English? Does graphics mean everything to you?
Mandy Drescher (2 years ago)
eindeutig gta5
JJ gamer Baba (2 years ago)
A dog
StormghostRISING (2 years ago)
San Andreas
TheAde Сool (2 years ago)
кушать кто иэ з российских
Deadpool (2 years ago)
el gta sa se ve mas epico
perdon perdon (9 months ago)
El tambien tiene opinion Niños que solo sigan esa tendencia estupida de decir eso nunca faltan
Mιleѕ Upѕнυr (10 months ago)
Daniel Gomez Si no quieres aceptar que es su opinión es tu PUTO problema.
Daniel Gomez (1 year ago)
+sanchezbonilla Bueno.
nosferatu5420 (1 year ago)
Daniel Gomez para mi el mejor es gta san andreas cj tiene para mi mas carisma
Daniel Gomez (2 years ago)
+Deadpool Ya , si  no quieres aceptar de que GTA V es mejor que San Andreas es tu problema.
Nikita Zakutsky (2 years ago)
if gta 5 wud have 2 dlc cities, las venturas and san fierro, the game wud be the best ever made
ayyylmao (2 years ago)
Nikita Zakutsky (2 years ago)
gta sa : lots of side missions exciting long storyline 2 extra cities mini games more staff in general gta 5: good physics good graphics realism and live world a lil bit more vehicles animals police escape is realistic
zBadBooyBR (1 year ago)
Both games are awesome. It would be awesome if Rockstar created a new GTA SA with GTA V engine.
NatStar (2 years ago)
Awesome!! Check Out my music/videos out and like/comment back if you like..
Future Boy (2 years ago)
Yeah you music is cool
areeb1296 (2 years ago)
Ignoring the graphics and dated game physics, SA is still the best gta.
none of your business (6 months ago)
areeb1296 retard
Mιleѕ Upѕнυr (10 months ago)
Juliodroiid 1 Un idiota que insulta sin razón.
Juliodroiid 1 (1 year ago)
areeb1296 puto
Alex Dc (2 years ago)
viendo el trailer 19 nov 2015 watching the trailer November 19, 2015
Essy Salcedo (2 years ago)
fhfbvfvffbfbsem adjudicadas.zñsfffmbdfbfbfbfb GF cxxdb
Ricardo Penado (2 years ago)
Ps2 is bette
Free Speech (2 years ago)
hahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahha damn/
Hamza Madrid (2 years ago)
haha gta san andreas vs gta v
Gabe Avenger (2 years ago)
oh that michael's beta face :P
Jahmarri Collins (3 years ago)
This is so funny
Mr BetaBombs (3 years ago)
No se, pero este trailer me gusto mucho mas que el de la version de gta 4, quiza es porque en gta san andreas hay mas mods, o mas terrenos, o algo asi.
nosferatu5420 (1 year ago)
Mr BetaBombs seria gta 3 o liberticity estories
hassan salama (3 years ago)
I love grand thef auto v and love rookstar
Alpine (3 years ago)
dat graphics update doe lol
We Da Fam Productions (3 years ago)
All Perfect but the chop one was shit cuz dis dog has a big ass head :D U could add the original chop skin M8 👌👍
We Da Fam Productions (3 years ago)
*your #rekt #dissed #thuglife
ur head is big
Francia Cruz (3 years ago)
Es cierto en que cj es franklin en gota san Andrés y maycol el Tio blanco que se llama yo le digo Tio fuerte
nosferatu5420 (1 year ago)
Francia Cruz no por que cj seria el tío de franklin ya q su tía es Denise y cj salia con ella
Wahab Sharifi (3 years ago)
NitendoFan69 you're right.
-Luis507- (3 years ago)
XDDD jeje buena comparacion
Remy Hanna (3 years ago)
Pretty damn accurate 😂
Saint Levy (3 years ago)
Rockstar should make a remake of GTA-SA with modern graphics. and include the superior features that Gta V provides, as having 3 protagonists and all that. One thing that sucks on gta V is that you can't obtain neighborhoods through gang wars and shit.
none of your business (6 months ago)
Saint Levy retard
Alex 03 (8 months ago)
It would no longer be a GTA San Andreas remake but its own separate game
jemoeder nok (1 year ago)
SGS XIV they make a remasterd version of Sa !! idiot
Free Speech (2 years ago)
+Jesus Orozco Yes Yes Yes.
+Don't worry Be happy Yeah Los santos not San andreas, San andreas is the state!
CG_Retreat (3 years ago)
Zane Vassallo (3 years ago)
How did u make that
Scary juke (3 years ago)
Gta 5 is better maybe the story but gta 5 online is the best
Pardo (10 months ago)
es mejor gt5
R E GTA FAILS Solana (3 years ago)
Schizogonym (3 years ago)
+R E GTA FAILS Solana Jigger
Thành Đạt69 (3 years ago)
Mod Skin ? 
XxNintendoFan69xX (3 years ago)
Honestly San andreas is better. Better storyline,Better charecters,Better car handilng better everything. Sure the graphics may be a bit poor but if you play SA on PC you can always mod them. Fuck GTA V sucks ass. San Andreas 4 life.
none of your business (6 months ago)
XxNintendoFan69xX retard
GamerGuy 8796 (8 months ago)
Pyrus why?
Unknown (8 months ago)
gta SA is good but saying gta 5 sucks is just calling yourself a poor fuck who cant afford the game lmfao. gta 5 is better. you only think its not because of nostalgia. you cleary never played gta 5.
Mιleѕ Upѕнυr (10 months ago)
javier alan Yo lo jugué y digo que gta sa es mejor,así que deja de poner esa excusa pendeja.
Pyrus (1 year ago)
iTzNightOwl PLS... SA is waaaaaay better...
Abdelhak Bouali (3 years ago)
David Geer (3 years ago)
The Clockwork Angeloid (3 years ago)
i love gaming 
Really i din't knew?
Saibi Adnan (3 years ago)
LoL , The TREVOR :v
LordDollyKinz69 (3 years ago)
They've made it so far
Yudish (3 years ago)
Very funny 1:45
Yudish (3 years ago)
look at 1.45
GhosTers :v (3 years ago)
Gta Sa unos de los mejores juegos Yo logre terminar la historia de los 2 juegos y la de GTA5 es mucho mejor pero igual,, gta SA Siempre nos trae recuerdos Del desmadre que Creamos en la ciudad xD!
ALEN LALIĆ (3 years ago)
great man
XironDarkar76 (3 years ago)
Opia (3 years ago)
por que no tiene plata no? :D
Pedro Freitas (3 years ago)
Kkkkkkkkk dá hora
Joseph ­Rodriguez (4 years ago)
jajjajajaja el pinche perro
ֆȶɨռɢʏ (3 years ago)
ese perro es un desmadre
lisandro rueda (3 years ago)
jaja me cago de risa el pinche perro XD
Joseph ­Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Olga Sueli (4 years ago)
Parte do cachorro correndo eu  chorei de rir
ZakX11 (4 years ago)
The sanandreas version looks so cute compared to gta v version  x3
paco el suculento (4 years ago)
la verdad estaría re bueno un remake del gta san andreas con los gráficos de gta 5
wyheee (4 years ago)
Trevor has a mustache in GTA SA lol
Nadjib K.E.A.L (4 years ago)
good but you should download character skin
Daniel Silva (4 years ago)
. SAN ANDREAS bitches
Producciones Kalamardo (4 years ago)
you dont know how are you saying.GTA V it is better than GTA san andreas, but GTA san andreas its a very good game, aupa C.D.Badajoz

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