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The History of Shroud - Born to Play | The History of ESPORTS (CS:GO PUBG)

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A kid who loves gaming grows up to become a beloved esports celebrity and more! http://www.patreon.com/OfficialSlushTV Twitter.......... @OfficialSlushTV (http://twitter.com/OfficialSlushTV) IG................... https://www.instagram.com/officialslushtv/ Twitch........... http://www.twitch.tv/realSlush FB................... http://www.facebook.com/OfficialSlushTV Discord........... https://discord.gg/st6YfP2 Shroud's Info: Twitch.......... https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Twitter.......... https://twitter.com/shroud YT................. https://www.youtube.com/shroud Music (in order of appearance) --------------------------------------------------- Complicate Ya - Otis McDonald Calluses II - William Rosati Not For Nothing - Otis McDonald Dreamer - Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima(Streets of Rage II) FREE BEAT 2014 - DeeTunez (https://soundcloud.com/deetunez) Gas Pedal - Diamond Ortiz Special Ed - Rondo Brothers Home - Toby Fox(Undertale) Patience - (I don't know who made this, please contact me if you do) Aimless Amos - Rondo Brothers Third Eyes - Text Me Records/Bobby Renz Shout Outs!!! --------------------------------------------------- Brendan MK mr novel catgrat Andrew Ghiles John Man Blair Alexander Bobby Scar Jacob Povzikov Adom
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Text Comments (3231)
Realistic Adit (16 hours ago)
And now fortnite 😕😕
Xanelyne Storm (1 day ago)
history of Calvin from overwatch
Nesar Rahman (2 days ago)
Make "The history of Chocotaco", please!
Nice vid bro!!
Jenish Plays (5 days ago)
great great video ;)
Nicholas Nicholaa (9 days ago)
Im not crying, you are crying
Logie (11 days ago)
This is my favourite video on YouTube
RoBo HuNtSmAN 3D (12 days ago)
Rakthim Bikash Das (13 days ago)
Loved his history 💝
Hasan Öztürk (15 days ago)
LOVE you shroud
Mastershooter 63 (16 days ago)
Dude epic intro
Mohd Ashraf (18 days ago)
is that girl in 2:06 really remove her clothes ? i need the link to that video for research purposes
jojosky328 (21 days ago)
Word on the street you got a fat cock
Andrew Robertson (24 days ago)
Dude your great, new sub and just think you for being a rad dude
avery baxter (27 days ago)
Do Tyler ninja Blevins
zubair rahman (28 days ago)
What do you mean by crappy " canadian" u dufus.....USA is a thief.....do u have the guts to admit it u hypocrite....
Ricardo Amado (29 days ago)
Shroud is the kind of player everyone should follow. I want to become like Shroud. Growing better in games and also helping out the gaming community.
Jaymz Keane (1 month ago)
Wtf how is your editing this good
owningall (1 month ago)
Shroud is such a mouth breather lmao
Kissybear85 (1 month ago)
Big shoutout for including the amazing music of Streets of Rage 2!
Alexis Orozco (1 month ago)
"Do you want to try it?" "Noo" ffs stop that annoying ad
Joseph Banzon (1 month ago)
Awesome content bro, keep it coming. :)
Para sis (1 month ago)
Not fun to watch though
ᅵ때ᅣᅭᄉᄂ므 (1 month ago)
Did he eat the poo-poo?
jaiz enda (1 month ago)
and now.. everyone has haunting him in PUBG :v
Josue R. (1 month ago)
Thanks man I'm going to sub to
Seth Rollins (1 month ago)
Spam this on shrouds stream
KZCAE (1 month ago)
Shrouds father is a proud man.
kenRz vastia (1 month ago)
January (1 month ago)
MikusFikus (1 month ago)
he is a fuckin cheater !!! nothing more :)
CH 'El10' (1 month ago)
gr zesiek
XTRARICEPLZ (1 month ago)
Its been a year since hes retired
Police 159 (1 month ago)
16:05 respect to that guy
Smita Srivastava (1 month ago)
It all started at one of his birthdays
Daffa Arya (1 month ago)
How does this guy got an eagle eye?!!
SwipZy (1 month ago)
Really love this video! +1 sub for you :D
Mewankitbok Lyngdoh (1 month ago)
We are with you shroud...you are the best you are born a gamer it's in your blood.....
mounticilija (1 month ago)
"who came"
Stjepan Gril (1 month ago)
Its stupid caus you know wher they walking, 😝
Nabin Shrestha (1 month ago)
Shroud is BEAST in PUBG
TheMoon (1 month ago)
i only heard about him this month first time and only cause id been playing pubg mobile and i was looking for tips n stuff and then i see this guy shroud and hes fucking unreal and then i realize hes actually more popular than my boy imaqtpie on twitch soz im like wtf how so i find a video like this but different a few days back and i find out he hosts small channels to make their day and hes canadian lol ma boy instantly lol i wonder if hes a leafs fan
shadow155131 (2 months ago)
Bobby Scar as in the Melee Scar???? oh hellll yeah
Ben Francis Pardillo (2 months ago)
I love u shroudddd
Doraswamy Vamsi (2 months ago)
Shroud,the best gamer ever!!!!!!Hats off to him👒👒👒
Wyatt Earp (2 months ago)
Shroud vs Ravic...
Igor Soares (2 months ago)
I read the fake chat man, fuck. Feelslonelyman
iSleepn (2 months ago)
It’s funny because he just went agains cloud9 Rainbow Six team the other day and he acted like he didn’t know them at all lol savage
Sean Edillor (2 months ago)
19:51 who tf is shround lol
Alan (2 months ago)
Dude seriously u could be a documentary voice on TV
roshan kapoor (2 months ago)
i realy wish my father was like shroudes father
Steve Govea (2 months ago)
I'm new to all this...but when i heard The Shroud mention The Doc...I was like If a badass is mentioning another badass , let me check it out.... and that when i learned about DR.DISRESPECT. These guys are the MJs and Larry Bird of their times.
dimitris ratza (2 months ago)
The history of the king
Kevin TCP (2 months ago)
Shroud’s aimbot is litterally installed inside his brain lol
Flaze (2 months ago)
Idk if you read comments ( cuz u have 3k+) but can you do one of these for Dafran he has a lot of ups and downs and arguably the best aim/tracking in the overwatch community! (And realm royale)
Flaze (2 months ago)
There is one video highlighting dafrans progress and achievements and downfall in overwatch but it doesn't go to deep into his background or future hope u take this comment into consideration for a video :)
Hell IN (2 months ago)
Amazing video bro keep it up
Shaurya Aditya (2 months ago)
super edit and awesome content .......keep it up ........bro
no double (2 months ago)
2017 Shroud <3
NeuroFN (2 months ago)
do ninja
Eduardo Huerta (2 months ago)
I like how they told docs story they should of done it like docs more personal.
Wizzy (2 months ago)
Thank you for this clip
Madmanzinc (2 months ago)
who goes overrr therrre too looseen up the 'inn'... ...som1 is lyin where som1 shroud not .... pharoh, nadeshot, triplesss, hardaimwitthis, hardaimmatthis, hardaimmantis, blackfox, sunarmor, solarflair, overrrun, skullking, ... are u kiddin me... not lyin... hmmnn fantastic firrrm shakes inn thee innn.. alright step up and showurself everythins fine who's responsible... when I use 3 pings or 0, that meansss I'm not tellin u sss... ---------------------------------who the **** iz that?? .... so goo ahead and steal those names HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i'm toooo gooood Doe Noe wherrrr thee inn iss SOOOO tell doc to be sssilent orrrr they will make soooooooooooooo00000000000000000000 much noise findinn ....
Groovy Aria (2 months ago)
20 minuets has never gone by so fast. The editing on this is gnarly my guy, good job.
Racky P. (2 months ago)
Do Ninja biography please ! your content is amazing
eclipseNF (2 months ago)
He's Canadian? Unsubbed
5sssnakeee3 (2 months ago)
Seriously how does this guy have only 20k subs. That is a crime.
roxixon619 (2 months ago)
You're one of my fav's youtuber !
Eh, Do I need this? (2 months ago)
I'm surprised that I watched your video without skipping any parts O.O Normally when I watch a video I just skip through and scan the video, this is probably the first time this year I have done this...
Panditer Qwer (2 months ago)
He takes these game seriuosly
Iky Choki (2 months ago)
Amazing video
JoeShmo_tv (2 months ago)
NA's Best.
SH18 (2 months ago)
As Shroud gets older he could also run his own Esports organization and be an owner of an Esport team, he already has experience in that area, so the future is open to a lot of possibilities for him, and he'll easily have the money to do what he wants in the future.
Obviously iJoe (2 months ago)
can you do one about the bromance between Shroud and the Doc?
Da Zvnco (2 months ago)
TNinja0 (2 months ago)
A team fan clearly ain't the same as a player fan. Team fan doens't seem to give a shit about the players. I guess I can understand that, to some extent.
Michael Killi (2 months ago)
Watched all your videos. I sincerely hope you continue to make more videos! Great content, very well done.
Slush (2 months ago)
+Michael Killi Thank you! More coming soon :)
Ratul Biswal (2 months ago)
Name of the song ?
delta FBHD (2 months ago)
*After DH Winter 2014, the roster change was -Hiko +Shazham, so no, it didn't leave only shroud and n0thing on the team, *After ESL Katowice 2015 there was another roster change -Shazham +Skadoodle and -Semphis +fREAKAZOID. *It was before MLG Columbus that C9 picked up Stewie, after the in game leader Sgares left the team
Ias Howle (2 months ago)
Awesome video but his last name is pronounced “zhe-shek”
Shubham Rathod (2 months ago)
Shroud is amazing
John Longcanaya (2 months ago)
Chee Hoe (2 months ago)
Un1v3rs3 car (2 months ago)
nice vid man
OPTIONAL GAMER ! (2 months ago)
This video should add in my HISTORY BOOK ! 😂👍
OPTIONAL GAMER ! (2 months ago)
sanjay srinivas (2 months ago)
Imagine if shroud was a real life shooter.
Epic Gamers (2 months ago)
Esl cologne 2018 best plays. https://youtu.be/9vVB3cDgitc
AquaralSS (2 months ago)
"What does the future holds for shroud? Nobody can say for sure, but whatever it is, his fans will be there to follow."
Keyboard Krazy (2 months ago)
all hail Shroud.......SHROUD is THE number one UBER GAMER in THE GALAXY ....... Shroud is DAS MEISTER!
James Arockiaraj (2 months ago)
So its safe to assume that shroud is an immortal god. If he is one of the 100 in pubg then the others r fated to die. No point in fighting shroud.
Gian Luigi Cuadra (2 months ago)
ainsley vs. shroud in cs go
Ayaan Ul Haq Malik (2 months ago)
I am crying
Yegor Jones (2 months ago)
Hes got the best aim in the history of gaming. I have to admit he is maybe the most iconic player ever.
Goram Drugi (2 months ago)
i think u should do 1 of thease videos about tyler1
Amarvir Johal (2 months ago)
CsGo looks lovely me a terrible game I don’t see how this is fun
Dragon Lord (2 months ago)
Better than history of ninja tbh
Derpy Lemon (2 months ago)
Jackson Ngangom (2 months ago)
Wadu wadu
DANIEL WHYTE (2 months ago)
Song at start please... Shazam didn't pick it up
Slush (2 months ago)
+DANIEL WHYTE track list in description
Sofiul Islam (2 months ago)
I Am Shroud Baby

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