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The History of Shroud - Born to Play | The History of ESPORTS (CS:GO PUBG)

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A kid who loves gaming grows up to become a beloved esports celebrity and more! http://www.patreon.com/RealSlush Twitter.......... @slush_ssbm (http://twitter.com/slush_ssbm) Twitch........... http://www.twitch.tv/slush_ssbm FB................... http://www.facebook.com/SlushSSBM Shroud's Info: Twitch.......... https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Twitter.......... https://twitter.com/shroud YT................. https://www.youtube.com/shroud Music (in order of appearance) --------------------------------------------------- Complicate Ya - Otis McDonald Calluses II - William Rosati Not For Nothing - Otis McDonald Dreamer - Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima(Streets of Rage II) FREE BEAT 2014 - DeeTunez (https://soundcloud.com/deetunez) Gas Pedal - Diamond Ortiz Special Ed - Rondo Brothers Home - Toby Fox(Undertale) Patience - (I don't know who made this, please contact me if you do) Aimless Amos - Rondo Brothers Third Eyes - Text Me Records/Bobby Renz Shout Outs!!! --------------------------------------------------- Brendan MK mr novel catgrat Andrew Ghiles John Man Blair Alexander Bobby Scar Jacob Povzikov Adom
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Slush (1 month ago)
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Insane Mechanics (13 days ago)
Fahrin 17 no fak y
Fahrin 17 (22 days ago)
+Shaaden no fak you
Shaaden (25 days ago)
No fak you
alexander andreasson (3 hours ago)
i think u should do 1 of thease videos about tyler1
Amarvir Johal (14 hours ago)
CsGo looks lovely me a terrible game I don’t see how this is fun
Dragon Lord (16 hours ago)
Better than history of ninja tbh
Derpy Lemon (1 day ago)
Jackson Ngangom (2 days ago)
Wadu wadu
DANIEL WHYTE (2 days ago)
Song at start please... Shazam didn't pick it up
Slush (2 days ago)
+DANIEL WHYTE track list in description
Sofiul Islam (3 days ago)
I Am Shroud Baby
Shelly Bharathy (3 days ago)
Bruh this video is just absolutely amazing. It’s like capturing the feelings of the real love the fans of Shroud have for him. I almost ended up in tears while watching this video because it reminded me of times when I started watching streams of Shroud watch him play on the finals and the time he retired. You have done a great job capturing the feelings of the fans. Thank you so much for this man...
Addicted Gamer (3 days ago)
Which game is this?
Sebastian Kempisty (3 days ago)
Lol Grzesiek haha :D
andre assy sahar (3 days ago)
with view comparasion to your orher video, we already knew how much people love shroud go make the other king man, pewdiepie, ninja
James Maron (3 days ago)
Born to play PUBG?
Fazaky Putra Ramadian (4 days ago)
Born to play indeed.
Mateus Dias (4 days ago)
Maaan this video is AWESOME!!! I just love it! Amazing!
John Buck (4 days ago)
Slush (4 days ago)
In the description
Elias (4 days ago)
russian pup (4 days ago)
is shroud getting overweight cause i don't think he needs that much chicken Kappa
psychdlc dude (6 days ago)
his father is da real mvp , RESPECT
Sole Survivor (6 days ago)
Look at all you fools idolizing a button pusher.
DierKA (6 days ago)
2:07 full?
Shane Wallace (6 days ago)
Great Stream!!!
Aka Austin (6 days ago)
the intro and beginning montage music and feel is just so shroud. idk how i could describe something as shroud but it just is and i love it.
Xe Gatsby (6 days ago)
Mike Brown (6 days ago)
Yeah, I don't think anyone aims like Shroud on a consistent bases. I have never seen anyone shoot like this dude.
Ich (6 days ago)
Just amazing. You 100% got that sub n' Like. Keep it up!
Agam Ahuja (7 days ago)
you are very good..infact you deserve more subs love your videos man!
Michael Sulmona (7 days ago)
Im not crying, you are...
Thomas Scherzer (7 days ago)
This video was amazing!
Gagan Poojary (8 days ago)
Big big big big big fan of shroud from india😘😘😘😘😘
HnNPlayS (8 days ago)
pls make a video like this to lurn as well. i love shroud af but lurn as well
TheRaphSquad (8 days ago)
Shroud will forever go down as one of the greatest professional gamers to ever compete in E-Sports
iMigit (8 days ago)
These videos are fucking great not only informative but great content man. Just got into watching streams and want to start streaming. Keep it up man.
Anime Loverz (8 days ago)
Please watch my video https://youtu.be/RljkJmHyar8 New on Youtube....
Max Yepez (9 days ago)
I would like to watch some of the NRS players like shujinkidink-sonicfox-biohazard-honeybee-etc maybe someone from LoL? Faker? Huni?
cat sound (9 days ago)
This was a really great video on the history of shroud, it really brought new light to Shroud that I did not see before, thank you!
Wow I realized I have been around since shroud started his twitch channel
christian hill (9 days ago)
Shroud, Macie Jay, King George, mollyy, KIXSTAr.. best R6 squad
Emīls (9 days ago)
history of a nobody behind monitor
Burger Bob (10 days ago)
How can I get in those gaming tournaments
Wenrayx (10 days ago)
Roses Are Red Voilets are Blue Bow this player If you are a fan too.
Sarath Chaitanya Panja (10 days ago)
Shroud is the best gamer and i love him but with this video you made him a hero..!!
NOOB SKILZ CUBER (10 days ago)
good content
Pete Neal (10 days ago)
shroud needs to see this im bt to cry cuz a simple gift changed a mans life. im amazed how this video went
Pete Neal (10 days ago)
this is . AMZAING. shroud needs to see this. it will make his top tier self cry.
Disquiet (10 days ago)
You deserve atleast 1m subs, great fucking video man.
zhai lin (10 days ago)
And then there are those who wished to play as a professional but never got the chance to
John beason (11 days ago)
Shroud > doc as a player. You want to watch a real pro, watch shroud.
Astolat Berserker (11 days ago)
Respect for creating this a really amazing video.
Jay Techspert (11 days ago)
I love shroud
Corey Albright Juarez (11 days ago)
Great quality of vids, this channel deserves more subs
Ted Cole (11 days ago)
Great video(s) man. This and the Doc video show your talent. Keep it and I have no doubt that you'll be opening doors to a dream jobs as well.
Stefan Schernus (11 days ago)
BORN t hack :) confirmed.
A Hushin (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/NUawOcCtnho?t=1191 it's Shroud not Shround! please correct before i call 911 :D
Theyownyou (11 days ago)
TLDW version: Shroud is a fucking tool.
Jiashun家順 (11 days ago)
I was crying
valarya (12 days ago)
Is it weird this video made me happy cry? Great job, man. You have my sub
JustifiedJack TV (12 days ago)
Absolutely amazing heartfelt video. Captured perfectly
Ghost Warrior (12 days ago)
That was an amazing video! Great job!
This felt like a legitimate documentary, very well done!
Rade Productions (12 days ago)
What a great fucking video. Good job man😉
Andy73 Voinea (12 days ago)
game from 18:12 ? XD
RIPHunter (12 days ago)
neal walmsley (13 days ago)
canadian internet is not crappy
Slush (12 days ago)
+neal walmsley mine is
KILL STREAK (13 days ago)
I want to amaze you.. Watch and comment.. Better content coming soon.. https://youtu.be/FEv2UkIj-iQ
Zeek Kiba (13 days ago)
this is awesome, i love seeing this
Cai (13 days ago)
really great job on this video <3
T.C.G. (13 days ago)
He might start Rainbow Six Siege. Well by the looks of people clipping him playing the game on his stream in summer of 2018 he sure is starting to learn how to play R6 and man will be having fun
Liam Cook-Jones (13 days ago)
Like and Subscirbed around 2 minutes in, such a good, clean video😀 Shroud NEEDS TO SEE THIS. Great video butty
Zaffy (13 days ago)
Love this!! Shroud <3
MrGamingCube (13 days ago)
God what a douche
Seigougin Touthang (13 days ago)
Shroud is the king of games
OFaR (13 days ago)
6:00 it’s because ibp threw
Irfandi Saviqri (13 days ago)
Alyssa Sarkisian (13 days ago)
that undertale music lol
Jerry Chan (13 days ago)
What I love this humble guy was, he of course great skill, but what I love was Shroud reacting with all PUBG moment plus his fans made many of funny moment in the game, that made me know this person and really love it.
Diamond668 (13 days ago)
Song in the start sounds like it’s saying “Pickle boner”
Docas (13 days ago)
Nice video man , loved it from the begin till the end !! nice job
Vernon Trinh (13 days ago)
You completely left out premier league
Whoa (13 days ago)
Hey Slush, I really hope you see this. Your editing is godlike. I admire your work and can see you obviously put a lot of time and research into your videos. Teach me lmao where di you learn to edit?
Slush (13 days ago)
This is probably not the response you're looking for but I'm self taught with the help of occasional YouTube tutorials (shout outs to Justin Odisho). My first video on this channel is the first video I've ever made
TrikaBMW m3 (13 days ago)
Great job man! Loved it! Awesome <3
Mr. Rawal (13 days ago)
And the person posting this video is one hell of a fan, I guess.. thanks for the video, man. Love you #shroud♥️ Love from #nepal 🇳🇵
Theo Pot (13 days ago)
But can he play other categories ? Like RTS or Sim.racing?
Viktor Vanlee (13 days ago)
Great vid !!!!
Mixed Kid (14 days ago)
This video is really cool man!
_Smiley (14 days ago)
Awesome editing
Dandalf Korwin (14 days ago)
Shroud is awesome!
Eggsy (14 days ago)
Now he is becoming an R6 god playing with the likes of Macie Jay, King George, KixStar, INTERO, and Beaulo.
I'm a new fan of shroud. Thank you for this video.
Aaron Lobo (14 days ago)
Well edited
Insane James (14 days ago)
Yes no fortnite
Tyson Hamilton (14 days ago)
He lived in Lorne park and got famous
Tyson Hamilton (14 days ago)
I know shroud he used to go to my elementary school a Long time ago
Inceneration! Beware (14 days ago)
These Videos are fucking pathethic.... If he was born to play.. Why the fuck did he then suck at the last major he was at! Why was he booted from the C9 team Why didnt he join any other team, why didnt he fucking man up and became better? Stop making these fucking pathethic videos about a boy who got rekt in a game which the whole fucking reason why people are still looking up to him. Eventho he cant perform for shit anymore! Getting tired of these fucking videos popping up as suggestions when i dont give a flying fuck about Shroud and his shitty life.
Michaël Penson (14 days ago)
haha, 12:00 this commentator + the background music = actually quite grooving rap music!
popphoenix (14 days ago)
Lol old gun sounds... nostagia
Sharpie (14 days ago)
thius video was very very well made but the topic is cringe af lmao like really the esports community is the most awkward ass, virgin filled community on the face of this planet like cmon now how can you be proud to say "oh i play video games for a living" lmfao
Narciso Ornelas (14 days ago)
This is some great work you made here. Congratulations. :)
thrasher X (14 days ago)
You are the NFL films of esports
PinguSmokesWeed (15 days ago)
And yet now, he could go pro on Rainbow Six Siege

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