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SoloQ Academy - Importance of Trades & Fast Rotates (from SoloQ#41)

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A companion series to Solo Queue to Global for people who want to learn how to play Counter-Strike and rank up to Global Elite (and miss Matchmaking Academy) SoloQ Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bf1AeazGPA
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Mudbill (15 hours ago)
I would advice against using a callout such as "to your right" or "behind you". They are far too difficult to interpret due to constant change of angles and usually just end up with confusion which helps the enemy.
Jimmy Bates (22 hours ago)
Love this series! More please
Neon (1 day ago)
With that kind of like dislike rate, you gotta do another one pretty soon...
Lo Renz (1 day ago)
i like this kind of content and would like more content like this for higher skilled players. If you are in a clutch situation - or in a round where it's very important what youre doing in order to win the round - it would be nice if u could analyze that round and tell us why you are doing certain things. Just like "inside the mind of a global elite" from houngoungagne :D
Rabbey (2 days ago)
love this idea you going over why and what you did in your soloQ videos keep up the good work!
professional gamez (2 days ago)
pls make more pls i love it
Matt 476 (3 days ago)
Here more pls ($$$$
Thomas Ricci (5 days ago)
Like this video. Make more :D
Alex Schlee (6 days ago)
Philip Kromhout (6 days ago)
i love these videos! They're very helpful for the more advanced kind of stuff you have to learn in cs
Anand Gopal (7 days ago)
Christian Rupprechter (7 days ago)
Warowl fed up with Matchmaking Academy lows.
DATBOI (7 days ago)
Putting your head above walrus?! #warowl is the best
Mark Womer (8 days ago)
Looking forward to more of these videos. It really helps lower rank players like myself conceptualize the game better.
xXRunDeathXx (8 days ago)
MORE !!!
FappingDevil (8 days ago)
A lot of people dont know something like this even in higher lvls on faceit.. thats why i dont like entry fragging or playing t site in general because u dont know if the "randoms" got u or know what to do
Pascal5333 (9 days ago)
I like this series idea. I have a suggestion to bring. Perhaps you could give advice on how the ennemy team could have reacted in order to turn the game in their favor.
Mark Layton (9 days ago)
I am still always telling my teammates to push a site off of a pick, so even though some may think is it basic, plenty of people don't know it or don't really push it hard enough when they should
InfraROTH (9 days ago)
Make more, i like it!
Colby Jeffries (9 days ago)
I like the bite sized strategy guide. This is a good addition to SoloQ.
Kommando Kodiak (9 days ago)
I love it, and if a particular game has more lessons make extended editions or second editions etc
Heybayday (9 days ago)
This is really cool I love to see some more stuff for en experianced player, but maybe it needs to be a bit longer and go more in depth with whats happening and why with all the different players.
Edward Wong (9 days ago)
I love this concept! Keep doing these!
Nerdy Supreme (9 days ago)
I've nearly watched all your videos. You are honestly so underrated, and you work so hard behind the vids, which people do not see. I cannot even begin to understand how hard you work for these videos, and for that, you have my subscription JUAN DEAGER!
Stephen Thompson (9 days ago)
Trent? 90 percent sure I remember your name :) This is brilliant. I understand the editing that goes into the in-game footage but I'm assuming that it's much easier seeing that you already have the video loaded into your editing software. I'm also thinking that you would have done this after you edited the solo video. Seems like it is a good bang for buck way to make another video! We have plenty of YouTube's to tell us all about the latest update changes. This kind of content fills a void :-) Another idea following this path would be to show how to quickly deploy utility and get into position.
Mr. Piggy (10 days ago)
"Whenever I watch porn it's very closely analyze"
Mr. Piggy (10 days ago)
I am here because if John on the radio
nadirnadiro (10 days ago)
Yo warowl you should. Like totally play transmissions element 120 (a pretty good hl2 mod for free on steam)
Joel Molina (10 days ago)
It’s me rigby from your wingman game on July 10th at about 7:00pm
Maarij Rizvi (10 days ago)
show us your new studio man
Henry Wilson (10 days ago)
Can you do a face reveal for 100 subs?
Hayes Harrison (10 days ago)
These kinds of helpful videos are always a welcome addition
Ashish Agre (10 days ago)
how to play old csgo operations
Glarson Yen (10 days ago)
I wa- no, NEED more.
Theodorus Dewa (10 days ago)
What happen with ur greenscene :(
AkiAutumns (11 days ago)
Short and to the point. Good series.
sk1t (11 days ago)
I got your sticker <3
Welcome back from Vacation.
John McGaughey (11 days ago)
I love it and can't wait for more of them
Milkman Lolzyo (11 days ago)
+rep Brilliant video schedule
Sasquatch (11 days ago)
Me - Shoots 1 bullet Team: HE SHOT IN B, PEOPLE B, ROTATE! Me: But I only saw 1 guy and no... Team: *ROTAAAAAAAAAAAATE CYKA BLYAT* Bomb has been planted.
Jermu (9 days ago)
Sasquatch Nice try but no, thats not funny at all.
virgin (11 days ago)
very helpful i have 2.5k hours and i didnt know some of these things
Antanas Rogas (11 days ago)
Awesome video, keep it up!
TheSilverScrub (11 days ago)
I like it
Jackson Soon (11 days ago)
Great Series, Its useful for me at least!
Jose de Dios (11 days ago)
Pure gold
KNEE GROW (11 days ago)
Of course i sub for *_swaggersouls_* brother 🙌😍😎
all-in CSGO (11 days ago)
oh the fucking music warowl... you got me
Substandard Gamer Kiba (12 days ago)
CS was and still is awesome and tactical game. So much players waste their time with bullshit like Call of Battlefield instead of playing CS. And I like the skin system, the only problem are the skins themselves, they are too bright and in strange colors and shapes.
Caio Marchi (12 days ago)
Sir CoCoNUT (12 days ago)
I sent you a matchmaking academy video, i`ll wait on it but i hope i get it someday.
mike deloughry (12 days ago)
Good work dude 😎👍🏻
CHANGE_NICK (12 days ago)
I really liked it
MaW (12 days ago)
NBK NBK right right !!! lloool never heard this type of calls Shroud position lmao
Hoo Ezz (12 days ago)
YES! I Need this! So cool lesson. Go for it, please. And thx! Also: guys wont you try to pick 10 people there in comments and make something like "academy", where we'll playng matchmaking and studing those lessons?
Denis _ (13 days ago)
Round of a baiter who is lucky enough because enemy doesn't refrag
Vladimirs Puzanovs (13 days ago)
I personally think this is better than MM academy.
excelent master!!FINALLY SOLO Q RETURNS!! i need a lot of your classes i became gold nova 2 from nova 4 and i am not going to lose hope.... csgo its full of chiters and smurfs but i am responsable from my games also!!!! please keep going whit this serie!!!!
Mason B (13 days ago)
This is exactly the kinda great content I've been waiting for
Nathaniel Lutz (13 days ago)
very happy to see more educational cs content
damunzy (13 days ago)
Seems like the video cut off abruptly.
DropDeadGaming (13 days ago)
I like it!
Hayden Hollenbaugh (13 days ago)
I do like these types of videos
Kim Systad (13 days ago)
Yes! Make more :) helps people understand why you do what you do.
David Josi (14 days ago)
start every sqtge with you saying how long it's been since the last ep
Voodoo (14 days ago)
this was cool. make more for sure
buoycovert (14 days ago)
I like this.
Kompositkrut (14 days ago)
Good stuff man. geif moar :D
Aaron Coffey (14 days ago)
WarOwl you seriously are one of my greatest heroes
I Like Turtles (14 days ago)
I Like Turtles (14 days ago)
Aw shucks
Bobby (14 days ago)
Wuhuu oldschool warowl
Roland Szabolcski (14 days ago)
Don't stop creating amazing contents! I learned so much from your videos! Thank you!
lucaking23 (14 days ago)
Gud series
Stephen Deon (14 days ago)
loved the video
sk0sH (14 days ago)
I like it. I really don't like the skiddish-ness in the lower ranks. Even in gold nova, I can say "okay let's push" and people will be like, "ehh". Or I'll call A (or B) and my teammate does the opposite, then we're stuck for 10 seconds going "should we go A or B" I think it would be really cool if you went in depth with each different role in CS -- rifler, lurker, igl, etc., and *how* they should play. Sometimes it isn't clear to people what they should do if they find themselves in a match with two igl's, then you have a battle of egos and then neither wants to be an igl at the end of it. Or, if you're the igl, you screw up one call, your team gets rekt, and then they don't want to listen to you anymore. I get matched with short-sighted teammates that don't work together, most of the time. They will not want to die, moreso than sacrifice themselves for a win....which is a major problem. Mostly in matchmaking I see the battle of the awps, and each team has three awps, one team gets ambushed due to looking down their scopes too much, and they get owned.
MCparody _ (14 days ago)
2:18 eww no suppressor..
artisded (14 days ago)
There are people who DONT know who NBK or Shroud are?!?!
blackstar (14 days ago)
This series is good for both us and you. You receive direct feedback by the community as well as being able to look at your Counter-Strike habits to see if they are flawed or damage your playing ability.
Boyan Raykov (14 days ago)
Is it only in my matches in gold nova 1 ( pls save me ) that one of the teammates is quiting....eveb when we win ( btw im folowing the tips in this video,its great )
David Lu (15 days ago)
I dont really like it... I fufin love it
Jasper (15 days ago)
Love the insightful content! <3 keep it up!
Guto (15 days ago)
Nice vid!!
Flurry (15 days ago)
Yayaya more csgo!
YoNeilGaming (15 days ago)
This is an outstanding series! Make more!!
Greg Berkhof (15 days ago)
I don’t even play cs much anymore and I watch every owl vid. Keep it up
Bruno Pastorelli (15 days ago)
This is great! I could go for a bit more for the tactical drawing instead of the epic slowmo running moments. A whole match analysis could be fantastic, great video Warowl... as always
Henrick Pongratz (15 days ago)
I liked this video a lot. 2 year subscriber here. Keep it up old man.
The Cheaterman (15 days ago)
Longer please, don't rush it, it's good material!
Djarlian (15 days ago)
Even though i know this kinda stuff, it's good to get updated and refreshed. Ty for this vid
Seb Su (15 days ago)
Was very basic but I liked it. I think it is good to do some more videos abd decide then.
Starcraft background music... makes me nostalgic.
Alex Szűcs (15 days ago)
So you have to kill the other team BEFORE they kill you. That seems essential, thanks!
Pablo UrBan (15 days ago)
Let's make match making academy great again. Nice video.
Diego Adam Blake (15 days ago)
Mehdi Sabeg (15 days ago)
CSgo Flick T-shirt now at amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F962JHN/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_U_wWJpBbDHHK9H9
Jason Holden (15 days ago)
this was cool i'm trying to get better I'm new so this is awesome
Adam the best (15 days ago)
Great video! Nice job WarOwl!
MSFexcum (15 days ago)
Loved it
Hajdu Thomas (15 days ago)
Great one! We want more! :D
Voyez Vous (15 days ago)
very useful for MM ! keep quality up

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