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I CAN"T BELIEVE IT | CS:GO Wildfire Case Opening

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I got bored, so I sold some stuff and bought some keys. Little did I know I'd have a heart attack in the middle of it (not literally). That was fun. Total waste, but fun. Hope you enjoyed! Twitter: https://twitter.com/FracturedGlitch If you enjoyed and want to see my soul die from opening more cases, like and subscribe for more! :D Donations (If you want, IDC) : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=94458631&token=OUF7gK9W
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Text Comments (8)
ItzKuro (1 year ago)
trololololololol!! (Gaben)
Desync (1 year ago)
Tilted Moron (1 year ago)
I think u should do giveaway of this dual berettas skin u have 3 of them
Desync (1 year ago)
Normally, I'd love to. Buuuuut...I used them in a trade up contract. So I'm working on a new giveaway that should be real nice.
Muddy Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey I was wondering if you would want to play and record together sometime? I just started my channel yesterday.
Desync (1 year ago)
Yeah that'd be pretty cool. :D
Tan Plays (1 year ago)
Cool vid! I have a shoutout series and can get you some subs, msg me on steam "Tan Plays" or link me your steam account so we can talk soon, Keep it up!
Desync (1 year ago)
Sure man. Thanks!

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