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CS:GO Source 2 & Battle Royale Leaks - CSNN Nov 2018

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Video Sponsored By Tradit.gg : http://tradeit.gg/?ref=vnn My E-Mail : tylermcvicker@yahoo.com Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Discord Server : https://discord.gg/HUVh3YJ Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at all the content and community events that took place throughout the month of October of 2018. This includes incredible amounts of small updates, new content, a very communicative Valve, and the return of some new leaks, one pointing towards Survival Mode, which is CS:GO's Battle Royale mod, along with a push of Source 2 specific localization. Sources : Battle Royale Leak : https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/02c444ff7e57f14f6c2879e33d95f383c3c360fa#diff-fde592e7b8d8fd7e05bff72e3ca9b4dcR26380 Source 2 Leak : https://github.com/SteamDatabase/GameTracking-CSGO/commit/7b7409afff4c1a7f91ef069c52119ca4e446ed8d#diff-2376c954aec3534dcd1d16ff16959553R17586 Operation Hydra Dates : http://counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Operation_Hydra CS:GO's Dev Twitter : https://twitter.com/csgo_dev Original Survival Leak Coverage : https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/7jm1s3/the_unnoticed_patch_update_part_65survival_island/ SlothSquadron on Pistol Changes : https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/9mvf2p/in_depth_analysis_of_the_october_9th_2018_weapon/ Music By HOME : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPKDbgDplXk My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (582)
MindKey (2 hours ago)
Last major update was september 2015, some minor updates are fine though
FromDayUni (4 hours ago)
Please no
MOHD (10 hours ago)
PUBG lost more than half it's players (atleast as seen on Steam charts) in 1.5 years and CSGO which was released 6 years ago still has more than half of its player base active and dedicated. Says alot.
YoQuint! (21 hours ago)
Nice clickbait you fucking gurkin
Andrew Lunsa (21 hours ago)
Hell no battle royale. Bad tournament for battle royale. Dont destroy this game like pubg.
TRUTH _ (1 day ago)
i dont know a thing about the next big update/operation, but i feel like its gonna be HUGE !
Y D (1 day ago)
Poeple will play this including me..
Fred Flex (1 day ago)
would like a new operation. really boring game
eQUALITEE (1 day ago)
battle royal in csgo....awp will be sooo op
Diego Arcos (1 day ago)
Source 2, Half-Life 3
SCRUMB (1 day ago)
Br Games are mostly overrated
Hardwolf (1 day ago)
lul ad with pubg item but you can't trade pubg item
noobito (1 day ago)
i think they release operation before major just like dota ti
next operation might be coming in 2019 to sync the releases with the year, kinda like league of legends, which has ended their season 8 earlier today.
Julian (2 days ago)
as a competitive tf2 player, i'd say valve doesn't communicate with tf2.
Daniel G (2 days ago)
Csgo? When they fix cheating then they'll actually be doing something
apfeltortelini (2 days ago)
The support from valve is far off incedible but its getting better and i like wäre it is going. As far as i know dota had better support. Especially if u look at consistent updates
Zeltra X (2 days ago)
Source 2?
B VH (2 days ago)
If CS:GO is the leading game that gets the most attention from all Valve's games... I feel REALLY sorry for people playing TF2 or Dota. CS:GO has had some small updates of the last few months, but before that it was sooooooooo aweful.
Shinda Haisha (2 days ago)
So this video brings nothing new to the table. No new info, no new leaks.. alright
Rodolphe Simon (2 days ago)
A good anti-cheat ?? :( cs:go battle Royal. Lol it's gonna be CS:GO cheat Royal
KooreM (2 days ago)
Great well Done video å
Ваня Сокол (2 days ago)
people desn't care about skins anymore, and paid attention to actual issues. who care if it's 500K or 300K players, if they came to play cs and NOT FOR SKINS
GoPro478 (3 days ago)
airhead077 (3 days ago)
Valve needs to invest in removing cheaters in game or segregate them all in a Different server
Jon Snow (3 days ago)
Fuck BR let'em do in which they are the best their fps mode.
Evolve Csgo (4 days ago)
gj volvo counter strike global hackfensive
Adam Socha (4 days ago)
Wojciech Starczewski (4 days ago)
How is pubg supported on tradeit if it doesnt have trading
Darartar (4 days ago)
well, maybe we'll get this in 5 years knowing valve
They should re-make Pirenesi. Wait.... They NEED TO re-make Pirenesi.
Bakkula (4 days ago)
and they're still saying "dead game"
_ holy_ (4 days ago)
Сколько здесь российских 🤔
Michael Nugent (4 days ago)
Let's put a end to all this. There's no source engine 2 period. Valve is a game distributer. Not a game creator anymore. Gabe is worth 4 billion. That's because of steam. Not making games. So it makes no sense wasting time making an new engine & games. When they make more money distributing games on steam. Csgo will be around for the next 20 years yet. VNN Uses source 2 in his title for click bait $$$ . There was nothing in this video that was helpful to anyone. But him $$$. Yous all need to move on. There's far better games out there, that valve could ever make. Gabe has no interest in the community opinions. Valve isn't hiring. People are leaving. Steam is their future. Not games.
Escape (4 days ago)
people saying "" please no battle royale in csgo"" . Listen, no one is forcing you to play the battle royale csgo mod if it gets released, its OBVIOUSLY your choice what game mode you wish to play. Its just gonna give us another game mode, don't wanna play then don't but there are people who wanna play it so let em.
Friendze (4 days ago)
OMG! Battle Royale is so boring. How can anyone play it for more than 15 minutes? I'm not saying it is boring because I don't like it. I used to like it before battle royale was created. In minecraft and gmod were servers that had battle royale like mods and plugins and I loved them, but I couldnt play them for more than 1 hour, because they were getting boring very quickly. Nowadays battle royale is even more boring due to slower pace and shit amount of kiddos, pro players and weird people (like campers) + there's a lot of different weird mechanics. I really don't like it now and hype around it makes me angry, because no matter how hard I try I can't think and realize why people play those games so much. 80% of my playtime is time I play with friends (the other 20% are games that have only singleplayer) and I'd lie if said battle royale games aren't games which get us bored the fastest. They do. And as I said it's not due to hype. Hype makes me angry, yes, but it's only because I don't understand how such a boring games can be played so much. I know shooters arent much different, the outcome is almost identical, but shooters are more dynamical, the gameplay is much better and overall feeling of the game is usually also better.
Aleks Shar (4 days ago)
Time to make CS:GO Ommortal. Come on guys don't you have phones?
WheelBite (5 days ago)
I have 1600 hours in csgo The game is good Real good
WheelBite (2 days ago)
Diabl0 (2 days ago)
WheelBite you're right my friend. What rank are u?
Drei Gitter (5 days ago)
useless music
knockknock itsvenom (5 days ago)
Battle royale= revival of dead game
time to quit
ashish_asdf (5 days ago)
They're probably going to push the survival mode in the next operation which is why it's taking this long
ashish_asdf (5 days ago)
They're probably going to push the survival mode in the next operation which is why it's taking this long
Sonic Son'edit (5 days ago)
Totally don't regret to move over to pubg.
That Fuck Tonnato (5 days ago)
COD guns? I gotta remind you AUG and SG existed before Cod so, keep that in your head will ya?
RaLo4 (5 days ago)
3:36 whats up with the selected regions in this graph?
Cicholas Nage (5 days ago)
valve realising CS:GO is better than dota?
Derpy Derp (5 days ago)
I hate that background music, very distracting...
Joe The Space Guy (5 days ago)
Benjamín Gaete (5 days ago)
I hope warframe doesn’t take that first place with fortuna
Watcher NotYoutuber (5 days ago)
Bring Back DUST 1!!!!!
Samuel Teixeira (5 days ago)
We just need the operation :( and csgo also will grow up
The Noob Gamer (5 days ago)
Battle royal plsss dieeee
GoToPlay GD (5 days ago)
Game devs: 1. Fix game 2. Add Battle Royale SPAAAAM 2!!!!11!!
Simon Sarkis (5 days ago)
They should make the gun to run on the Vulcan API.
Owais Khanzada (5 days ago)
What if Valve releases a mega update with a source 2 beta and an operation with battle royale new maps and the cache rework.
Damn Z (5 days ago)
I'm happy! VALVe is DOING something!! Csgo could be brought back to popularity, and WIPE OUT FORTNITE! (That'll never actually happens but it would be cool)
Gordon Freeman (6 days ago)
Do you guys not have phones? Oops! Wrong company...
Eeshaan Rai (1 day ago)
GameSpieler123 (1 day ago)
dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS? How's it going fellow Diablo player? Hyped for Immortal? forsenOmega
von Brunnenberg (6 days ago)
CSGO is dead, failed updates, broken guns and hitboxes. Valve don't really cares about this game you know that. Waiting 5 years for 128 tick servers. All we got are silly weapons and stupid maps. Now we get CS battle royale, please fuckoff!!
Katakuri (5 days ago)
You are so ignorant.. 128 tick servers would bring more bad than good. Please do more research...
sevenhelmets (6 days ago)
I’ll take these updates over an operation any day. It shows the company really cares about the base game, and not just out to make money by releasing operations every few months...
Someguy (6 days ago)
Its nice that they are working on current titles. But I would much rather see them putting the resources into working on new games, CS:GO is 6 years old after all. But that is just my opinion.
DJ L3G3ND (6 days ago)
not battle royale valve... not battle royale...
Kasper E (6 days ago)
FMPOne has been talking about the Cache rework a bit on his stream, it's definitely something big he's working on.
D3DS1R (6 days ago)
If valve makes a battle royals mode, I’ll quit tf2 and csgo.
liquidlethe (6 days ago)
sounds really arrogant to believe your game doesn't need an community manager
Adrian Korndogs (6 days ago)
Honestly operations are overrated, would much rather source 2 or quality stuff like that
Callum Hughes (6 days ago)
its funy how anyone that plays valves games still thinks valve cares, they dont, the cash they make from steam+keys... why would they, thats why you STILL have massive problems with cheating, ggames are still broken as fuck and unbalanced... valve doesnt give a fuck anymore
Mimiyo (6 days ago)
*Is this an late season April fool's joke?*
Anas Nasim (3 days ago)
you guys have phones right
Foon (4 days ago)
You guys have smartphone right?
Gordon Freeman (6 days ago)
out of season*
Flex Gopnik (6 days ago)
Thank Göd cs go is curently blooming!
Baba Ghanoush (6 days ago)
Carlo Emanuele Doria (6 days ago)
so guys, we did it
23rt2308u24tkhg (6 days ago)
Dota gets the most attention by far especially if you look at the pro scene.
Thisnamedoesntfit (6 days ago)
Csgo in my opinion lost its chance when they went quiet for months upon months, I have nearly 3000 hours and I hate the game I’ve always hated the game, but I’m always going up against globals, Supremes, and LEMs while I’m in MG (I stopped caring about rank after a while), it’s absolute ridiculous
Does Tyler still work at Valve?
Broken Keyboard (6 days ago)
CS:GO's battle royale gamemode might be the best battle royale in gaming. Not necessarily a good one, but the best one.
Joshua Burton (6 days ago)
If we see maps the size of Erangel from PUBG, for CS:GO survival island, then their file sizes will be huge.
Regolith (6 days ago)
Honestly csgo is fun but the most recent updates kind of ruined it for me. Buffing the ssg and aug totally fucked the balance in the game.
정승호 (6 days ago)
Get ready Fortnite, BO4 and PUBG
varietyrange32 (6 days ago)
come on, CS has always been the most relevant game in PC gaming world
DoomGuy (6 days ago)
"just 1 question" to valve. There is only 1 possible question to VALVe. And we all know it to be a three part question
ThatsMyChannel (6 days ago)
Wym lmao, dota 2 is having updates each week, they have a battle pass, recently released a new hero and another upcoming this winter
Citizen 17 (6 days ago)
Stop saying "quote unquote saidquotehere". It's supposed to be "quote saidquotehere unquote", like html tags.
Prateek Nageshkar (6 days ago)
You hardly mentioned anything about source 2 and battle royale. What a waste of time.
Sinned_Nation_ (6 days ago)
The teammate at 0:43 has 1% packet loss...i feeeeelzz yuu
TheJas20 (6 days ago)
This is a beta test for the new community management approach. They wanna see if it works, gather all the data on it and branch it to the other games.
GIRL GAMER 9000 (6 days ago)
lmao I had to make a double take at that video title
LifelessHawk (6 days ago)
Skip to 0:40 to skip ad
PEKSYK (6 days ago)
I think (and hope) that the reason the operation isn't out yet is because they are working on something big that will make more people come back to the game
Raider (6 days ago)
Thank god you pronounced "CZ" correctly.
foist (6 days ago)
Aidan Freeman (6 days ago)
Spinbotting In csgo br
Turntey Boy (6 days ago)
Battle royale is a shitty trend that will die out soon enough
플랑란루 (6 days ago)
'Despacito 2' confirmed by NASA *crying in scream*
Sebfofun (6 days ago)
Please no battle royale game valve. Please
Bacon_Bitz27 (6 days ago)
Tyler mixed up Inferno and Italy again.
Lord Tachanka (6 days ago)
What if csgo had some gore
Fade (6 days ago)
If CS:GO become his one Battle Royal Mode, my social life is gone.
Pixel Shibe (6 days ago)
**ali a swoops in with a video about csgo battle royale**
みっちり猫 (6 days ago)
So Cs go community is active because of Esport. We can the goal of Valve where there is money
CEDAR (6 days ago)
hearthstone and blackout copies well valve is going to shit

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