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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds OLD vs NEW

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Do you still remember how CS:GO weapons used to sound back then? Then Check Out this cool video where we put the NEW CS:GO against the OLD version. 2017 vs 2013! Enjoy! First is Old CS:GO version the followed by New CS:GO version. #CSGOGunSounds #OldvsNew #GunSounds
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Text Comments (4737)
flinny OwO (17 hours ago)
honestly dont care about any of the new gun sounds exacept the cz, both m4s, ak and to an extend the awp, old awp just sounds like it carries a harder punch
new sounds of smg's are just completely same
ERTUĞRUL ÇILDIR (18 hours ago)
stop changing game and a make new goddamn cs
AdmiralJustin (1 day ago)
Basically all Smgs sound like airsoft guns now
Richárd Sipos (1 day ago)
Old cs go is better
can you not (1 day ago)
yall nostalgic lmao
Sir Harry Hirsch (1 day ago)
Put the old Sound back.
fuck monkey (1 day ago)
Liek if u cri evertiem 😭
BOOPED SHOOB (1 day ago)
They all became more silent
3:00 old model graphic is better than now
All the new one is more kinda silence than the old one
KNIGHT SS145 (2 days ago)
New is better of course Because it sounds like a new game
c0mpl1cated_Tv (2 days ago)
The suppressed usp made me feel like I was in starwars or I was James Bond. Now I wonder if I'm shooting a gun or a stapler
the old sounds we're from cs1.6...
Lil Savage (3 days ago)
New is always better
mwpuneetg (3 days ago)
that old M4A4 and crisp AK sound.......now m4 sounds like a snack box being whopped
Icytoster (3 days ago)
뮤져 TV (3 days ago)
OLD: Earrape NEW: 2soft
Harsh Motiani (1 day ago)
lol there is no in between
Cross 76 (4 days ago)
With old sounds you could tell what weapon was your enemy holding because the sounds were so uniqe for each weapon. Now almost every weapon category sounds the same and it's hard to tell which gun you hear
ktzy nekoo (4 days ago)
I just miss the M4A1-S tbh
Ultra_ABDULLAH_ TR (4 days ago)
2:15 What a Super tec 9 man...
Snip3r (4 days ago)
Human logic : it doesn't matter how good a gun sound is, if it doesn't break your eardrums then it sucks
xbanana (5 days ago)
they REALLY should give some weapons new animations... the tec-9 animation looks so god damn bad as if an amateur animator would've made it...
sean watson (5 days ago)
old guns echoed had punch to them like wall auto magic guns these are to Low pitched not very intimidating
Christopher Blackburn (5 days ago)
Pistols are an abomination, SMGs should be somewhere in the middle, Rifles are an abomination
NCR Ranger (5 days ago)
Damn the sound of the old AWP feels much more intimidating
Calle Nord (5 days ago)
The old AK D; so sad
F26 Ragnarok (5 days ago)
The nostalgia tho.
SurneX CSGO (6 days ago)
Knight wolf 98 (6 days ago)
I don't get why they changed to gun sounds like most fps I know their never change the gun sounds ( if you play the beta version of the games) so why they change the gun sounds in this game?
SyllabicRose858 (6 days ago)
You can call shit gold just because of nostalgia. Just accept that the new sounds are more modern and better, because nostalgia doesn’t make something good, just because it gives you the feels.
В древнем кс го лучше звук перезарядке
Funay Productions (6 days ago)
1:17 evrybody clap your hands 👏
FROLIVANOV (7 days ago)
где передать привет ясосу бибу?
SomsoKca (7 days ago)
Old sound more like CS:S
Hellcat9k (7 days ago)
I want old sounds back
Bos Yogurt Light (7 days ago)
TF2: Downgrade CSGO: Upgrade ...
avery splinter (7 days ago)
The echoing of the old sounds are so good
Pedro Mendes (7 days ago)
I like the new sounds but the shotguns... nah they dont sound as powerful as they used to
Maximilian Shaffer (7 days ago)
Old - *BOOM BOOM BOOM* New - _pew pew pew_
WhiteLegs (7 days ago)
i thought the title read; Counter-Strike Global , Offensive Gun Sounds OLD vs NEW
Noice1234 (8 days ago)
All these comments are just talking trash about the new sounds
Antoine Langlois (8 days ago)
it's simple, Old: sound like cheap audio editing, gives headaches because too loud, but sound SOO NOSTALGIC most of us want theses back New: sound cleaner, actually recorded by real life gun-fire, seems more mature now cause it's more realistic BUT sound too soft Conclusion, everyone have his own preference so don't be a dick and share your opinion without insulting others. Thank you :)
Vladimir Makarov (4 days ago)
+Antoine Langlois they sure as hell sound more realistic, they are just missing the punch. The old ones sound like a really cheap audio, they are just horrible and they aren't even gun sounds, just noises. Even cs source is better and I don't know how can someone like these earrape sounds
Antoine Langlois (4 days ago)
+Fawthur haha thats okay, i guess the news AAA shooters games are more realistic than this old CsGo :p
Fawthur (4 days ago)
+Antoine Langlois haha no big deal, the sounds are like they were recorded in an open space shooting range and with a microphone that doesn't really have the capacity to accurately record the higher decibels, which is my only gripe.
Antoine Langlois (4 days ago)
as a real estate agent i don't know much about gun 🤚😂
Fawthur (4 days ago)
Guns don't sound muffled (unless you're wearing passive hearing protection, like those big ear muffs that professional shooters in the 90s used to use) and the guns don't sound as puny as they sound in the game. The old gun sounds were plenty loud and have an echo effect that sounds like it's bouncing off the walls of the compact space all maps are set in, unlike the cartoonish peashooters that have an echo like it's in a massive open space, which the game has now. The only point I can give is the suppressed weapons sound more realistic, but they lack the crack of the bullet leaving the muzzle as that's the sound of the bullet breaking the speed of sound, and you can't reduce that sound with a suppressor. If they were going for a more realistic sound they should have changed how the guns sound when they're being manipulated by hand, like the loading of a shotgun, which sounds like metal and springs scraping against metal.
Ketzakov (8 days ago)
Old reloading sounds are nostalgic...
Mourning Lisa. (8 days ago)
Love all the retarded Eastern Europeans having a fit over their precious old sounds
Satchury (8 days ago)
its been a long time since ive listened to this
FrullarN (8 days ago)
old is better
Dylan Loo (8 days ago)
All the new gun sounds sound like they have a suppressor on
Dylan Loo (8 days ago)
They definitely toned down the gun sounds a lot more in the new version, but the new sounds with the silencer sounds better than the old one.
burnt f1ames (9 days ago)
video title should be gun sounds vs office supply sounds
Harsh Motiani (1 day ago)
the new gun sounds are edited clips of real guns firing
cam cam (9 days ago)
Omfg these old sounds
lolHiyoko (9 days ago)
People complaining that not all guns sound the same anymore, lmao
Aldo Pardede (9 days ago)
why my gun sound its still old ?
gamer logic (9 days ago)
so, I'm the only one who likes the new sounds isn't it?
죽고싶다 (10 days ago)
old gunsound and old gun skin are best, i can't forget old ak47 spray sound :) i miss that so much :_(
SEEDLING Tomato (10 days ago)
OLD: BANG BANG! new: pew pew
The Outdoor Gamer (10 days ago)
The new ones have better quality sound, but the old ones had better sound effects.
LolThijs Gaming (10 days ago)
the only better gun sound are of the cz-47
Unsc Fr (11 days ago)
BefoRe ThE UPtaTe
TestietFoot (11 days ago)
old awp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R8hfcRulhk new awp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzIXFjdnflw
Lorenzo Guimarães (12 days ago)
they like, lowered the amount of echo in the backround of all of them
蒲他屠 (12 days ago)
i miss the old gun sound
huu (12 days ago)
Eh, I'd say the new sounds are better. Gives the game a separate image from a game made in 2004. I don't think the CS:S/L4D sounds are bad by any means, but it doesn't do much for the game's image when you could be listening to, say, CS:S sounds but turns out it's CS:GO instead. Having unique sounds makes CS:GO actually different in its image, which is good since it stands out a bit more from other CS games. I honestly feel like most of the people complaining about the new sounds are just people from the old days of CS when everything sounded the same between games with minor differences.
Commandervaultec (12 days ago)
Old m4a1 sound is better
Bargan (13 days ago)
The only new sounds that are good are the glock, tec 9 and galil. The machine guns and shotguns i dont care
Jäger Main (13 days ago)
All the new weapons sound so weak.
Danny (13 days ago)
it was more realistic then
La Resistance (13 days ago)
Old is much better
Dream Show (14 days ago)
I love the old sound more...like alot more...
Vìt Tran (14 days ago)
New Negev is lawn-cutter
Currently (15 days ago)
Every old gun sounds so much more powerful
Game on (15 days ago)
9:14 rip old ak
Bobby (15 days ago)
I miss the old arms :( The new arms look like fucking baby arms D:
adop (15 days ago)
Itsjustewan (15 days ago)
The old DEAGLE!!
ByJermaIN (15 days ago)
PonzooonTheGreat (15 days ago)
The old sounds were so damn loud The only ones I really miss is the old M4A4 and Nova
Kanji (15 days ago)
Old ones gives me headache
Kanji (15 days ago)
Old ones gives me headache
Mantul IsMe (16 days ago)
nowaday it's sound just like a nail gun
Kaos (16 days ago)
I liked the old ones way more :(
Sp33dy (16 days ago)
old is better
Graxy playz (16 days ago)
i watched this without sound cause its 2am
Tadmorion (17 days ago)
This, in my opinion, was a great change from a competitive standpoint, the sounds are way more unique and recognizable, making it easier to identify which gun the enemy is using (it was very hard to know if an MP9 or a UMP was being fired, for example). And, let’s be honest, the quality of the sounds was much worse before, they were really loud
Hessey (17 days ago)
Now all the weapons sound like the M4A1-S
NEOsent mX (17 days ago)
They became sewing machines
Strand of hair (17 days ago)
Old m4a1 Old usps - pew pew pew New m4a1 New usps - tut tut tut :/
Hannes Mattsson (17 days ago)
Wtf were they thinking? The old ones are a lot better
Star (17 days ago)
old = 99% of them are recycled. new = 40% of them are recycled but with more unique sfx
Либератион (17 days ago)
old ones were much better :'(
Jiangzell (17 days ago)
Real gun 2013, toy gun 2017
Asher The Mad (17 days ago)
Oh god the SMG’s sound so bad in the new version.
panzer hat (18 days ago)
paintball guns
Abrar Biswas (18 days ago)
Anti aliasing off vs anti aliasing on
Illuminati Just (18 days ago)
Everyone who has never fired a gun thinks the new sounds are more realistic. I see why the new sounds work in CS tho. Not getting earraped in a sound-whoring game is a good thing.
hlua Sailo (19 days ago)
the awp old sound give me so much nostalgia
Michael Schaub (19 days ago)
10:51 7 bullets left in belt, taps 4, sprays 5 more shots... Logic? Edit: Also, bring back old Negev sounds!
I have okay content (19 days ago)
Honestly the old usps sounds like a laser gun
FifeFX (19 days ago)
Ok but why all weapon do thé same sound the New ak47 m4 m16 New sound is same
谢宇森 (19 days ago)
Usp sound like shit now
George George (20 days ago)
The new ones are more realistic the old ones are more loud... Just turn up the volume and you've got new sounds

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