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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds OLD vs NEW

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Do you still remember how CS:GO weapons used to sound back then? Then Check Out this cool video where we put the NEW CS:GO against the OLD version. 2017 vs 2013! Enjoy! First is Old CS:GO version the followed by New CS:GO version.
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Text Comments (3426)
Skrenja (3 hours ago)
New supressed guns sound better but that's it.
Ter0zak (8 hours ago)
old: fucking grenades new: air-soft guns
Roblox Game Codes - RGC (10 hours ago)
its 2012 btw
DarkGharren (12 hours ago)
Some sounds are definitely better than before, I just think that the new ones mostly lack impact. Gun sounds like the P90, M4A4 and SCAR had so much character, now they just sound kind of... dull.
Federico Perez (12 hours ago)
They removed reverb and filtered every sound to sound much more muffled and compact
LIQUIDMETAL (13 hours ago)
The new sounds sound fucking AWFUL
TAC (13 hours ago)
All sound the same.
Cryokull Production (14 hours ago)
They have to change because the old sound is very loud and can harm your ears.
Clorox bleach (15 hours ago)
A sSpendoS (16 hours ago)
Old good
The Sir Rolfe (16 hours ago)
Wow, I never noticed all the weapons sound like they have suppressors on them. Why did they get rid of the old sounds?
I like old sound it better my opinion
Gaming Rag1x (17 hours ago)
Nail guns...
Hans Ramadhan (19 hours ago)
Old:Badass New:Sounds Like Fart
a t (21 hours ago)
If they had kept the old awp, the rest of the pistols aside from the glock and dualies and usp. (But tweak the un-suppressed usp sound) And the old rifle sounds. Aside from the AK because the new ak sound is sick. And put back the old 1.6 Aug sound. (DUDE, MY GOD the 1.6 aug is fucking sick!!!!) I missed the rumble and rattle of the old guns. Back when everything was a boom or a pop. And had that real percussive sound to it. And each gun had a distinct sound. Not gonna lie tho. The ump and m249 sound alot alike and the sawed off was definitely lacking and bland. Same with the scout, scout sounds like someone spitting a cherry-pit or an air gun. Or rather the nerf-gun. And the suppressed guns were wayy to fucking quiet. And the pp-bizon and dualies kinda sounded retarded. As I was saying, each gun had a distinct sound. The m4 rumbled and rattled like a car. The ak had this percussive snap followed by a mechanical plinking sound. The famas had a mechanical and very sharp rattling sound. The autos sounded like fucking cannons raining down shots like fucking mortar shells. Like the scar literally sounded like a fucking automatic cannon. The GS3G9 had more of this percussive thumping sound. The Awp, you could literally that shit from across the fucking map. Like it was literally real thunder. The shotguns had that explosive boom that you were looking for. The smg's rumbled and rattled and popped. Mac-10 sounded like a firecracker on steroids. The mp-7 had a nice rattle. The mp-9 had that throaty rumble. The p90 rumbled like a pissed-off bee. Like the p90 had a unique fucking sound all on its own. You know what a p90 rush sounded like. Thats why they called the hornet's nest strat in stratroulette csgo. The Negev roared. All the sounds were so different. Now they're all the same.
Cloud Chan (22 hours ago)
This was really satisfying. I miss the old sounds. The new sounds just tilt me from how lackluster it feels/sounds.
iyabi burn (23 hours ago)
Siren (1 day ago)
I like how they tried to move on from the high pitch computer generated gunshots back then and lean towards the amplitude of a gunshot. But they ended up making the guns just sound terrible.
Adrian Chmielewski (1 day ago)
changing sound doesn't make any sense. Only new glock and old famas making good sound. It feels that you really shoting, not trying to kill a spider with bucket of flat rocks. And i don't know about other weapons but long-barrel shotgun doesn't make any flash, becouse powder got burned in halfway of barrel lenght. But nope, all weapons makes flash, becouse gaben gave flamethrower to all weapons for free! Btw lmg was made for bigger ammo type at least .50 cal, and it should sound like awp, or At least ssg. Every other weapons making voice or too quiet according to their ammo type or they are similiar to other weapon, that uses different ammo type. USP-s sound like shit in both version. It's like you shooting synergies instead of military rounds. And flash for ssg- the low caliber sniper with longer than shotgun barrel and flash hider at end is riddiculous.
Lucas Lourenço (1 day ago)
the old is better
The desert eagle doesn't sound different 🔊 and sorry m4a4 but u cracked my ears 👂🏽
Жанд Нурга (1 day ago)
Я задумывался на данный момент лаги будет однако не был
Viktor M (1 day ago)
m4a4 sounds so shite, cant even enjoy using it anymore
Cz with a ak sound is hilarious...lol
Ashtön (1 day ago)
The only thing I can say is that atleast the new suppressed weapon sounds are a lot cleaner and nice than the old suppression sounds?
WAKE ME UP INSIDE (1 day ago)
so its 1.6 vs csgo :(
Vultz (1 day ago)
i love how the comments are from fanboys who couldn't move on when the update came out lol
redan (1 day ago)
the old sound is better
Arsenic ___ (1 day ago)
when you compare them side by side it makes it sound as if all the new guns have invisible silencers
Saki Masa (1 day ago)
Real Gun VS Nail Gun :d
Alonzo Harris (1 day ago)
The Nail Gun Update
TacticalBananas (2 days ago)
I can repeat a comment an video I saw on Black Mesa VS Half Life sounds: Half Life (old): nostalgic Black Mesa (new): realistic
Xaracen (2 days ago)
"theres some idiot shooting down long, sounds like hes got the entire armory there, easiest awp if ive ever seen one"
Peppa Swig (2 days ago)
When the new sounds came out I was eating food yea
Teddie (2 days ago)
Literally everything was better in the old CS:GO from the gun sounds to the gameplay to the community. It actually felt like you were playing a counterstrike game. but now the community is toxic, full of smurfs and hackers, and it feels like some cheap russian (No offence to russians) remake of cod . GG Valve, you've fucked up a great game.
Trixmay 988 (2 days ago)
Some are better some aren’t
GoaDog7 (3 days ago)
SylphidUndine (3 days ago)
a lot of the SMGs become sounding a lot softer like call of duty quality
Bacon (3 days ago)
theyre literally forcing the ones of us without shitty headphones to equalize them to remove all bass to hear anything because theyre working with the likes of logitech/hyperx to make gaming phones prove me wrong
Marcy2200 (3 days ago)
The older sounds are your typical gun sounds you find in mobile apps
Marcy2200 (3 days ago)
All sound's are a great improvement overall. The older sounds sounds like its from an 80's movie.
Marcy2200 (3 days ago)
The reload sounds are improved
iiEixo (4 days ago)
old awp :/
Shane Rivers (5 days ago)
I think they did a good job on the new reload sounds, but most of the new shooting sounds are just anemic.
MCDieBlox (5 days ago)
old: real guns new: bb guns
ВЕГАС ШОУ (5 days ago)
And where P2000 and revolver?
City is my England (5 days ago)
9:14 rest in peace Old AK ;(
Mads Jensen (5 days ago)
old ones way better
MosoKaiser (5 days ago)
'tis a truly sad age we live in when every goddamn gun in almost every goddamn game has to sound like a weak COD peashooter. Pew pew. Guess this era of "offend no one" political correctness applies to gun sounds in video games as well. Or then it's due to COD kiddies complaining that their delicate little ears were ringing because the sounds were too loud. Or that it made it "impossible to hear the footsteps or some shit. Fuck this trend of ballless, neutered gun sounds.
TWIGSTER (5 days ago)
Old sounds back new sounds can go to hell
Cid Concio (6 days ago)
Old usp sounds like the one on CS 1.6 lol
Williammc10 (6 days ago)
Whatever he was shooting at is probably dead by now
inVIcious (6 days ago)
miss the old sounds i can't tell the difference between the new sounds when it comes to pistol/smg
Edward Polo (6 days ago)
They try to make it more realistic Meanwhile real guns don’t have these shit spray patterns you have to memorize
Global Élite (6 days ago)
Old: BOOM !! BOOM!! PRSHHH !! New: phew piew phew Bruuuhh in swear AK, M4A1 (no S) Famas, Galil Ar, Water gun (pp bizon) and m249 was better than now
Daniel (6 days ago)
Negev has a new sound again. We need all the sounds
someone unknown (6 days ago)
old usp s and m4a1 s sounds remind me of star wars for some reason
Chris (6 days ago)
gun sounds went through puberty
Jar Of Piss (6 days ago)
It's terrible, though I could somewhat agree with Valve as they want to emphasise players ability to detect sounds and improve gameplay elements
no name (6 days ago)
the old cs go was better o.o #notmycsgo all the old gun reports are better
Bon1&Peri (7 days ago)
nice video man
Imitation Krabs (8 days ago)
Don't get why people hate the new sounds, maybe nostalgia but the new sounds feel way more realistic.
GlowingOrangeOoze (8 days ago)
Punchiness may be worse but distinguishability improved a lot, which I definitely prefer for a game this competitive. Kinda sad that all the comments overlook the positive side. Complaint culture, I guess.
Mathemoto (8 days ago)
I'm not a CS player but damn, what happened here? All the gun sounds got worse.
Czarny Rafauu (8 days ago)
it was prefectly sounds in cs go style, now csgo is no more csgo. I mean it is. but not exactly
Ramtin Askari (10 days ago)
I have the weapons from new but sounds and gloves are from old
Hayden (10 days ago)
how do u even change gun sounds?
Rol (10 days ago)
Gs go game for idiots
Gabriel Petit (11 days ago)
Michelle Vo (11 days ago)
Everyone loved the awp didn’t you guys? I know I miss it too
Zade (11 days ago)
bill frg gamer (11 days ago)
The old sounds is sucks
Fat (11 days ago)
the new sounds are better imo
Fat (11 days ago)
but some like the old shotguns sound so much better tho
Silas Carstens (11 days ago)
The Old sounds are so much better, but the new silencer sound i think is better than the old onr
LegacyWolf (11 days ago)
The CS:S sounds
Tgeg-Nebi Aydoğan (11 days ago)
OLD :(
Say Hello! (11 days ago)
LoL. Old sounds from CS:S, and they better than new sound
FallyD (11 days ago)
New sounds are so much better cus old little bit raped ears
AzzurE17 YT (12 days ago)
CZ75 Auto 2017 and FAMAS 2017 is same sound,M4A4 2017 and Galil AR 2017 is same too!
Shaun HD (12 days ago)
New sounds are cool but more cooler than old
Karma (12 days ago)
how do you have the old csgo version
Jamie Winter (12 days ago)
Xzhi (12 days ago)
Newer sounds much cleaner than the old version. That is just how it is, but humans need time to adopt
Niku Gaming (12 days ago)
Old sounds : *Shoves a sniper bullet in a pistol* New sounds : Realistic
Niku Gaming (19 hours ago)
Ive shot a lot guns in real life...
MosoKaiser (5 days ago)
...coming from someone who has never shot or even heard guns being fired in real life?
DogeTheSnoop (13 days ago)
I feel like I'm the only person who likes most of the new sounds based on the comments
DogeTheSnoop (13 days ago)
But the old sounds give me 6000 nostalgia
SB (13 days ago)
Were they legally forced to change the weapons to sound like toys or something?
Alex Voinea (13 days ago)
Old cs go was so much better.
Conejin (13 days ago)
Lol, CS:GO has new sounds that dont bust your fucking ears = LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE.
Choka pick (13 days ago)
BRICIMOUSE (13 days ago)
Windows10User (13 days ago)
Still better than CoD WWII
Muhammad Ilham (13 days ago)
Old : feeling painful New : ok
Muhammad Ilham (13 days ago)
*on my opinion P.s I started playing this in 2017
Henry Black (13 days ago)
The thing about the old weapons is that they all sounded so distinct from eachother. The P90 sounded like the spray machine that it is and the bizon sounded like a high speed peashooter. Now they all sound the same. I will never understand why they did this.
Spinosaurus (14 days ago)
I loved the old awp sound so much unlike the new one that sounded weird to me
ThePoopyPeePeeMan (14 days ago)
Michael Hu (14 days ago)
really miss the old usp
FearlessWarior (14 days ago)
Galil Ar Fake First Galil Have A Scope
martájn (14 days ago)
Old sounds.
Fernando Carrillo (14 days ago)
R.I.P. sexiest sound ever (A1S)
NotMyRealName (15 days ago)
All of the old SMGs, shotguns, and rifles sounded the same lmao. They are more distinguishable now. Get off the nostalgia train.

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