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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds OLD vs NEW

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Do you still remember how CS:GO weapons used to sound back then? Then Check Out this cool video where we put the NEW CS:GO against the OLD version. 2017 vs 2013! Enjoy! First is Old CS:GO version the followed by New CS:GO version.
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Text Comments (3965)
MMG [RO] (24 minutes ago)
old= ear rape
jazon345 (1 day ago)
Prefer the new sounds because they don't blow out my eardrums.
kacper adventure (1 day ago)
that usp sound bruh, like real gun@
kacper adventure (1 day ago)
jh13 4 mvp (1 day ago)
the gold old days when there was 5 negevs charging up mid everyone holding m1 at the same time and u couldnt hear shit
K EP A S (1 day ago)
Old sounds
Oyunsal Kafa (1 day ago)
Old bar bar. New pew pew
BronZ AnimE TR (1 day ago)
old wins
Kirill (1 day ago)
Старые звуки были один в 10 лучше новых.Жаль,что валве их не возвратят.
SOSİS VE SALAM (1 day ago)
Old Sound ♥
RvK RvK (1 day ago)
Старые на немало лучше чем новые. Они глупо одинешенек звук прикрутили ко всем пушкам, малость изменив его и все, а сейчас хуй усвоишь кто с чего стрелят когда в в соурс либо 1.6 на любом расстоянии вечно понятно было, что за орудие стреляет.
Old csgo sounds, are cs 1.6 - Cs:s sounds... Right?
Kucing Gila (1 day ago)
Old gold New trash can
Hanan Nazir (2 days ago)
This is remaster
Flaming Heatwave (2 days ago)
Why no showing of scope for SSG 08
The Романус (2 days ago)
In 2013 sounds like CS S
yungtaco (2 days ago)
old sounds bring back nostalgia
Eren ozmen (3 days ago)
old Awp Sound <3 :/
Sniz Nogenora (3 days ago)
The old one sounds like COD, and terrible imo. I love the new one
Frostbite 712 (3 days ago)
Valve MUST make it so that the new one is louder
Sad Otaibi (3 days ago)
0:55 did anyone hear the fart?
rehan naseer (3 days ago)
Old cs go weapon sounds were realistic
Carlos GamePlay (4 days ago)
New deagle sounds like a MP412 Rex
Zeki Haldan (4 days ago)
Rob (4 days ago)
old sounds were better
Scops Ops (4 days ago)
I couldn’t tell them apart
Petrockspiracy (5 days ago)
I'm unbiased because I didn't play Go before the changes and the old ones still sound way better to me.
твой нигер (5 days ago)
Спасибо Валв за этот Гейб
New sounds: soft air guns Old sounds: real weapons
Tom Yang (5 days ago)
Generally, old sounds sound crispy while new ones sound more bass.
MrDen (5 days ago)
old sound brutal
GGFantom (5 days ago)
2015 version one love
Gabriel Angelos (5 days ago)
They need to bring back the old M4A1 and USP sounds. They are such a staple of CS gun sounds
D.2 Gameplays (5 days ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so tem eu br qui
Cynical (5 days ago)
Old sounds are more jarring and sharp while the new sounds are much easier on the ears. New sounds are much better.
lampenpam (6 days ago)
New ones are better imo. Old ones all sounded the same and are earpiercingly loud. Take care of your ears when playing with headsets.
Martial Pandemic (6 days ago)
More like cod
WatarouDesiderus (6 days ago)
God I miss these so much
Steve Cruzana (6 days ago)
THIS LIKE 2017/2018
Steve Cruzana (6 days ago)
Ali Hamdi (6 days ago)
Before it was better
Sjay TV (7 days ago)
i like old and new.
MultiEyeballz (7 days ago)
Die neuen Sounds hören sich sowas von billig an als wenn man auf Pappe schießt... So richtig langweilig alle Waffen hören sich ziemlich gleich... Darf bestimmt nur so kacke sein weil sonst angeblich einer durch dreht und Amok läuft! Ich spiele sogar noch lieber CSS ist einfach besser und macht mehr Spaß!!!
The Ragingdolphin (7 days ago)
Only gun I agree with is the usp silenced
Regeneration (7 days ago)
you know that when you get deaf from all that shooting, i think thats what happened with the blast the old weapons had
VAHE G. (7 days ago)
0:53 the plane randomly flying by :D
Chemmy (7 days ago)
New sounds are pea shooters
Raphael Leite (7 days ago)
USP-S have sounds in the CS:S and CS 1.6
TheBanjoShow (7 days ago)
Old sounds are better because I can't move with the times and stick to nostalgia to sound older and cooler.
Mine_크루소 (8 days ago)
Hate new sounds.. :(
Deha Oynuyor (8 days ago)
old : tatatatatatatata new : pıpıpıpıpıpıpıpı
winston bouchie (8 days ago)
i like the new
Mundane (8 days ago)
The old ones sounded more powerful, but I guess you can more easily define a gun shot now
Toxic (8 days ago)
Older effects are like cod
StarXsu (8 days ago)
New sfx better
Blarg227 (8 days ago)
The funny thing is that you can tell that the volume is reduced for the new sounds, for some reason...
Donn Kühler (8 days ago)
Just my opinion, but the old weapons look more realistic. The light and shadow is shit in the New csgo
xy ღ (9 days ago)
new sounds are better bc I dont feel deaf after every match.
smackdown Hotel (9 days ago)
You can still download old guns sound mod in gamebanana .like for old
I personally liked the 2013 version a little better than 2017, 2013 sounded loud and metallic, kinda like an ACTUAL gun, 2017 version had realistic sounds and didn't blast your ears EVERYTIME you shoot a gun.
Plocký /) (9 days ago)
sry i dont have a photographic memorie to compair 2 weapons in detail i saw 5 mins apart from each other.
hunnuggett (9 days ago)
They used to be too loud, and now theyre too soft. Valve just needs to find a balance. I understand real guns are really freaking loud, but from a gameplay standpoint, the gunshots were too loud. Also, some guns sound better with the new sounds anyways (like the USP), and some sound worse (Bizon)
Pe[a]chman (9 days ago)
I've played 99% of this game with old sounds, so for me it's definitely the old ones. I cant stand the new ones unfortunately.
Mateoski (9 days ago)
New guns look better, old guns sound better. Only new M4A1-S, MP7, USP-S, Dual Berettas, P2000, and auto snipers sound better. The only thing else that sounds better in the new version are the sounds where you pull out your weapon and reloading sounds.
Arisotle [GD] (9 days ago)
I like all the new sounds, well, except for the AK47. I loved the old classic, DUN DUN DUN DUN. Not the DWUM DWUM DWUM DWUM.
aamP (10 days ago)
I just want, mix old gun sound and new gun reload
AdrianMysterUp (10 days ago)
the old M4A1-S sound is so good
7.62 x 39 (10 days ago)
I wish there was a button to enable or disable the old sounds.
trabydeski YT (10 days ago)
Old sounds cs sours
Gala gamer (10 days ago)
Almost all.the 2017 versions sound like a peashooter
Wagner Gonçalves (10 days ago)
Rip new Sounds
Christopher McCain (10 days ago)
New ones sound wimpy
your tags (10 days ago)
I like the new one
hypeboss69 (10 days ago)
Funny how small handguns look like in csgo. Almost like toys lol except the Deagle
Big Smoke (10 days ago)
I want old gloves to come back.
Jackob_cz (11 days ago)
New is beater
The Dark Devil (11 days ago)
(⊙_⊙) o.k ok
TheTechCguy (11 days ago)
Old sounds were better.
XxSunxX (11 days ago)
100% Old is better. Cs:Go new is water gun sounds.
J0riS (11 days ago)
The Good old time when you spray with the negev for 30 secs Just enough To destroy your eardrums
HyPrGaMe YT (12 days ago)
The old sounds make the weapons actually sound powerful and 2017 ones sound lame
SEEDLING Tomato (12 days ago)
Old sounds... its memories to csgo players..
4D1 (12 days ago)
Am I the only man whos here for models not sounds ? ah okey
Biittinikkari (13 days ago)
old usp sounds more satisfying
Hoodie Nation (13 days ago)
Old sounds sounds like an aggressive guns. IT'S TOO LOUD!!
Simpletonium (7 days ago)
Hoodie Nation But guns are loud...as hell.
Trọng Nguyễn (13 days ago)
the old cz :(
Yayo Said (13 days ago)
The old block sound like a ak 47 sound
Haloblackops (14 days ago)
Mixed feelings :'(
Dominik Benzer (15 days ago)
the old one sound realistic but the new one not
Emil Wikström (15 days ago)
The old sound is much better than the new
Galaxy 31205 (15 days ago)
Every new gun sounds like a fucking pea shooter. Every old gun sounds more powerful than it actually is
FONGERLORD (15 days ago)
at least they didn't change the awp too much
M Lock (15 days ago)
AWP :( sad
Hawk Z0NEE (15 days ago)
Old Sounds: Was like a barret New Sounds: Was like nerf
Delton (16 days ago)
god the new suck so hard
Liirum Laarum Pewkele (16 days ago)
Why does every gun in every game sound like fart nowadays?
ヅLordOrange (16 days ago)
New CSGO=Toy guns
Chiko Loco (16 days ago)
Yes the old sounds are more realistic

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