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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gun Sounds OLD vs NEW

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Do you still remember how CS:GO weapons used to sound back then? Then Check Out this cool video where we put the NEW CS:GO against the OLD version. 2017 vs 2013! Enjoy! First is Old CS:GO version the followed by New CS:GO version. #CSGOGunSounds #OldvsNew #GunSounds
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Text Comments (4340)
Nazım Gökhan (2 hours ago)
old usp-sd better
Яёd (5 hours ago)
i love old sounds...
Max Dison (11 hours ago)
Cs go 2013 sounds cs 1.6
OPxPro (17 hours ago)
Old ones was so good
How do you get dis please tell
*_Old Sounds = Real Guns_* *_New Sounds = Anime_*
MS:M Kamil (1 day ago)
2017= AK47☹
What the fun man really 2013 lose
The Fail Ninja (1 day ago)
Some sound better and worse in new
Gaming Surya (1 day ago)
You can see the difference between gloves from 2013 & 2017 when u look at the texture of them
Gaming Surya (1 day ago)
Plus the graphic of guns are different
Gaming Surya (1 day ago)
The CT gloves are different
uzu plays (1 day ago)
new sound is trash thats part of reason why stopped csgo
fakeblackcat (1 day ago)
2013 much better than the actual
simspottertv (1 day ago)
in old times, every weapon sounded like the m249 today
Ashiqui Roy (1 day ago)
_SMOKE _ (3 days ago)
Zach Silby (3 days ago)
Stijn Kulche (3 days ago)
The new guns look like plastic
Mythrintia (3 days ago)
Ignorant people overreact to the smallest things. No one seems to be complaining about the new sounds now, but back when this update just came out it was like the end of the game.
ice_wallow come (4 days ago)
Everyone who chose 2017 sounds, They are retarted.
Alexander Kuzin (4 days ago)
Stefan (4 days ago)
Love the new sounds. They have actual depth and tune in them. The old sounds just sound like someone is smacking a bin in a garage and they recorded it, just loud and annoying. The overal new game sounds are much better, especialy now that we have 3d sound and echo
Khalidalbloshi Hhhh (4 days ago)
Ak-47 old 😭
Enrique Estrada (4 days ago)
It sounds like you put in ear plugs so the gun does echo as much
scorepit (4 days ago)
I like the new ones better
jedrus gasnica (4 days ago)
Old SG looks so fuckin badass
tim (5 days ago)
For those complaining that these noises are unrealistic, go somewhere else. this is not a war shooter, it is a competitive and strategic shooter that relies on audio for tactile plays. I do not want to hinder my ability to hear footsteps just so that i dont get fucking earraped by an ak47. The new sounds are clean and satisfying (imo)
Stefan (4 days ago)
They are!
Edward (5 days ago)
let's make a petition guys!!!!!! WE WANT THE OLD SOUNDS IN THE GAME ,AND THE OLD MAPS AS WELL
Stefan (3 days ago)
Nah. The new sounds have depth and detail in them, they allow for a better hearing experience in game wich is needed because this game is about listening to your opponents and calculating every move. The old sounds are all loud and annoying, sounds like someone smacked some metal and recorded it. the maps add a lot of detail and soft and clean textures wich evolves the game and fits it in current day game graphics. I bet you are one of those people that hate against the new panorama as well. I also bet csgo isnt your favourite game seeing as you want it to die off due to being an old game out of its time. Just look at css, you want csgo to become a game like that? With 0 development, everything looks, sounds and works like trash. ..
Edward (3 days ago)
Stefan the new sounds are like water guns lmao and the new maps like d2 is just trash ,the old one was way better
Stefan (3 days ago)
Edward you know, you're not really giving any good reasons. You're just shittalking. Why are the new sounds crap. And why are the new maps crap.
Edward (3 days ago)
Stefan sounds are trash and new maps as well except inferno
Stefan (3 days ago)
Mah m8. Tell me 1 good thing about the old game wich hasn't been improved already
Mr Nurik (6 days ago)
Old CS GO - RIP...😭
c0mpl1cated_Tv (7 days ago)
Old usp and m4a1-s sounds sounded too much like guns from starwars
Ferit Melik (7 days ago)
Champion = ZULA 😅
Ceyhun Hazretleri (7 days ago)
old csgo=cs 1.6
12574 oops (7 days ago)
I love old dust map unforgettable ❤️❤️❤️
12574 oops (3 days ago)
Stefan yep thats right
Stefan (3 days ago)
Yh you mean 2012 dust. And i am talking about 2018 dust
12574 oops (3 days ago)
Stefan I mean the previous one not the cs strike version
Stefan (4 days ago)
New dust is better tho
Tatiana каков (7 days ago)
Cfg CS GO Global Offensive
old one doesnt sound like a stapler
M.Deniz Tutus (8 days ago)
ZubZ3r0 (8 days ago)
Elitzou (8 days ago)
some of the new sounds are better then the old ones
Anthony Mottram (8 days ago)
how come counter strike nexon zombies came after csgo and still looks like crap
John Kiely (8 days ago)
The only one I REALLY want back is the m4 bc it was so iconic
David Maybach (9 days ago)
2013's sounds better
Sami aydoğdu (9 days ago)
How the fuck i could play with these sounds
Kung Lao (9 days ago)
old m4a4 sounds sick.
Neonax! (10 days ago)
Eski sesler daha iyi
Blooddy y (10 days ago)
new sound sound like weapon toy you buy for kid
30 fps?
inzer (10 days ago)
Kartal Arda (11 days ago)
Old better than new
Victor gamer (11 days ago)
Old PP bizon sound: high fire rate tec9
SpartanLima S-172 (11 days ago)
Watch the old neguev at 2x speed
Mike Key (11 days ago)
Why did they even change the sounds in the first place?
Rest in peace M4A4 sound
Devereux Gaming (12 days ago)
The old guns sounded powerful you knew you were holding a shotgun or a high caliber pistol now the guns sound weak And while i do get the change in order to make weapons sounds more distinguishable its a shame
Devereux Gaming (12 days ago)
I hate the silenced sounds on the 2013 version but everything else sounded so much better
Dallas (12 days ago)
Okay,for those that hate the sound now,OKAY THEN!LET’S MAKE A FUCKING 9x19mm PISTOL SOUND LIKE A FUCKING BARRETT .50 CAL!
Torou (12 days ago)
Почти все новые звуки не похожи на выстрелы и никак не подходят своим носителям !!!
TUTORMAN (13 days ago)
Old is better!
Lu Na (13 days ago)
why did valve had to rework EVERY sound??? i don't get it...
Twitch Kaplanı (13 days ago)
rip cs
ElMandores (13 days ago)
New Pistol sounds better, old shotgun sounds better, new smg sounds better, new rifle sounds better, new mashine gun sounds beter. The old sounds always sound kind of roar and I think thats not pleasent for the ears.
filthy frank (14 days ago)
Here you can notice that alot more things were better.. i mean just look at the lighting!! Everything from the old version looks much better.
filthy frank (14 days ago)
Oh.. i come here just for that old usp silenced and m4a1-s sound... :(
Aguas Abby (14 days ago)
Old cause it never gets old
Tryphix (14 days ago)
New sounds are like nerf’s gun wtf oldest sound are more savage
Zarsa (14 days ago)
Are people still seriously freaking out over them changing the sounds? This was nearly 2 years ago now. If you haven't warmed to the new sounds at this point then you're just a brainlet. Buncha whiners.
GoD co (15 days ago)
theres a certain charm to the old charms. idk tho i might be bias to the sounds ive known for longer
Monovy (15 days ago)
3:34 Pills here!
Monovy (15 days ago)
Only l4d players will understand
Mr_Demeanor (15 days ago)
the old sounds are all better and sound more realistic except for the silenced weapons in my opinion
Gleamerguy Fang (15 days ago)
Although the new sounds are more refined, they pack less of a crispy taste and punch, and are more subtle and quiet. I bet they changed that because some Mom went to complain to them that it was too loud when their kid was playing this.
X-ryein (16 days ago)
Alot of the new sounds make the guns sound like the popcorn gun
Sir apple (16 days ago)
The new awp sounds a bit like the Halo UNSC Sniper Rifle.
Zach Noorman (16 days ago)
The old sounds are dated af everyone. Some of the guns power was taken down which is a bit unrealistic but come on those 90s action movie suppressor sfx were trash. The new sounds make the guns sound unique from eachother and added to my fun using them tbh.
ZizzLeX (16 days ago)
that old p250 sound hurts me emotionally
Kori (16 days ago)
Ah, the classic glock sound.
artist cat (16 days ago)
personally i think the new reload sounds are better than the old ones and every shot sound except m4a1/m4a1-s/m4a4, ak47 and usp-s are better with the old shot sounds
Colo Alvarez (17 days ago)
Los sonidos nuevos dan asco la mayoría, lo viejos safan pero podrían mejorar
The Eighth Channel (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who's focusing on the gun's reflections? I like the older ones more
JItterRy PoKERy (17 days ago)
God i miss the old m4a1
Hussain Ali (18 days ago)
old sounds real but new sounds good
Kurt Cobain (18 days ago)
It just sounds like trash, game was more enjoyable before.
Amerikan Templar (18 days ago)
rekt 9 these days sounds like its fucking silenced or something but in fact in real life its fucking loud more loud than those russians yelling cyka blyat at their mic
NCS& EDM (18 days ago)
Hamsetpotter21 (18 days ago)
Old glock ıs better because the old glocks grafick is better
Frederick Yu (19 days ago)
New sounds become real, but old sounds are classic.
Marco Valenzuela (19 days ago)
the desert EAGLE old sounds its so coooool
Non-Potato (19 days ago)
The new sounds are more distinctive and comfortable to listen to. The base quality has also drastically improved, I've heard zero artifacting or strange tones from any of the new sounds. They're objectively better in terms of gameplay and probably personal health.
Jamiee (19 days ago)
The new SG RELOAD gives me aids
Dominik Pięta (20 days ago)
pls no
cloud'Y (20 days ago)
Dimitri Z. Stojanovski (20 days ago)
the old sound are better
theMightyWebb (20 days ago)
its like they purposely made them sound like toys
Colby Boucher (20 days ago)
Am I the only one that prefers the new sounds?
DjoksPlays (21 days ago)
Old sounds like Source
Dynasty (21 days ago)
the old silence usp is so satisfying
AnibalPty07 (21 days ago)
i like the new sounds, are so smooth
Vardaark (21 days ago)
The new sounds are like wet farts.
WRオフライ (21 days ago)
Old Glove And sound is a best =(
PHace (22 days ago)
watch this with headphones on full blast and u will understand the change.. i hated it when i had speakers but now that i use headphones i appreciate the work committed to this
XawE CSGO (23 days ago)
idek but i hate the new ones ever since, and it just sounds like they just put a pillow around the barrel of every gun in the game xd

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