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Cr0nus.net | CSGO Cheat Review

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Text Comments (81)
B U R N I N O (10 months ago)
the link don't work
pisuN (11 months ago)
How to take cfg?
Kiwi (1 year ago)
Ayyware paste
葵MAX (1 year ago)
wo ist das Stimme :(
ognjen jovanovic (1 year ago)
can anymore help me ragebot dont work
Not Pro :D (10 months ago)
ognjen jovanovic when you use ragebot in comp you get Vac ban instant lol
toronkie cc (1 year ago)
cr0nus.net leak by toronkie.cc - Video on our channel - DL Link to Build 19: https://mega.nz/#!sihmnbqa!jsLuc0gQASkcavLaIDm9hY5ubWyqSi9nnWLYZBPAhb4
ZyreX RIP MAIN (1 year ago)
toronkie cc (1 year ago)
:D wannabe... Only real crack was from us, kthxbye - Video on our channel - DL Link to Build 19: https://mega.nz/#!sihmnbqa!jsLuc0gQASkcavLaIDm9hY5ubWyqSi9nnWLYZBPAhb4
דוד (1 year ago)
all ayyware priv8 got leak
דוד (1 year ago)
got leakd axaxa
JuiceyJay (1 year ago)
When review a cheat then gets cracked
averal (1 year ago)
Jo netter Cheat, direkt mal wieder geleakt.
Denz (1 year ago)
cronus > all
Denz (1 year ago)
Killa4evaable yes he is a shy pedo irl
Killa4evaable (1 year ago)
u should call the police, what he did is actually child pornography
Denz (1 year ago)
all > krnk
Killa4evaable (1 year ago)
krnk > u
scarley jones (1 year ago)
10:07 song name?
carson menzies (11 months ago)
Tree Hops (1 year ago)
VAGUE003 - tonight
Tree Hops (1 year ago)
nd (1 year ago)
Showcase map name?
zibzab (1 year ago)
realtalk ohne iwen jz zu haten, aber sein multipoint ist nochimmer der größte Rotz.
vex // (1 year ago)
Tree Hops (1 year ago)
VAGUE003 - tonight
Tree Hops (1 year ago)
your name (1 year ago)
killa warum cuttest du nur 3 runden von 50 rein wen du immer taps kriegst lololol
VossCs (1 year ago)
Yuuto 1337 (1 year ago)
byKilla where i can get invitation ?
Vuldu (1 year ago)
looks dope
Geile Musik und nices Video :)
MaThiew (1 year ago)
wvl wochen hast du gebraucht um die clips zu recorden? xd
Texy (1 year ago)
The first minutes thought that this is external
CGLXRD (1 year ago)
Same menu as getcoeus, just a little bit edited.
Aqqure (1 year ago)
It is from the same coder
\\ robbery // (1 year ago)
ayyware, shitty getcoe/crowned copy
Oik Mijn Loly (1 year ago)
Aqqure are you littarly retarded? The knifechanger is the same as that from every single piece of shitty ayyware source released on uc. If that is the case wich it is with getcoe then your cheat is based on ayyware.
Aqqure (1 year ago)
Fan?? i have cr0nus lol
averal (1 year ago)
Aqqure stfu fan
Aqqure (1 year ago)
oh my god :OOOOOO 1 feature has code that other hack has in it Fuck man busted af
Support Donald trump (1 year ago)
And no need to get this trash same as crowned and getcoe it got leaked
SlaMiSeN (1 year ago)
nice copy pasta
averal (1 year ago)
Original Bluxey hm the Skinchanger Code 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Support Donald trump (1 year ago)
Are you retarded?
Frosty (1 year ago)
The typicall UC kid that thinks everything is a paste. Once you actually see the source of this cheat you would say otherwise.
Din Babba (1 year ago)
gimme dat 🅱1g in🅱ite my chigga
Din Babba (1 year ago)
Nice :D
Din Babba (1 year ago)
Welcome back man :)
Arctic (1 year ago)
Gimme inv code heheh
vex // (1 year ago)
J. Clark (1 year ago)
Ayy ein neuer Mode cheat :^)
charlie pewds (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on chods cheats I just wanna see how it is up to today
astr0n (1 year ago)
punjabi mc with good Configs ok but not that good anymore
HvH Legend (1 year ago)
Second Skeet
Lapa V (1 year ago)
Welcome back bro ❤️
sasha (1 year ago)
D3d is at it again #exitscams00n
zibzab (1 year ago)
ahahhaha hell ya
Aqqure (1 year ago)
whatever floats ur boat mate he showed proof he never scammed anyone to alot of people but u must know better :)
sasha (1 year ago)
Same as sentinel and crowned.me he will exit scam again 100%
sasha (1 year ago)
Aqqure (1 year ago)
xer0 showed proof to alot of people that he didnt scam anyone so nice Think with ur brains
gamer (1 year ago)
Great video killa!
Aqqure (1 year ago)
ay nice vid
Vibe C (1 year ago)
Can't even watch in HD yet ):
BOOM - CSGO (1 year ago)
Killas back <3333
BOOM - CSGO (1 year ago)
Only 360p because so early lol

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