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TH 10 Best Farming Army for Farming Massive Loot in Clash of Clans. This video is my secret method to TH 10 Farming to Max with the best troops for farming in Clash of Clans. This is a Guide of Tips & Tricks on how I continuously farm Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir in what I feel is the Best Farming League in Clash of Clans, to constantly upgrade my TH 10 base! There are also the best troops for farming with no heroes! GAMES I AM PLAYING: Clash Royale: xXSARG TRAINXx (#YLPLOVYR) Clash of Clans: xXSarg-TrainXx #UGCLUQ92 Jo v2 #RPG9RVV Jo v3 #28JY8LPUY Little Jo #LPCYQYY2 JOIN MY FAN GROUP https://discord.gg/Gu9AN34 NEED A CLAN https://discord.gg/D3vddCv TIME ZONE CONVERTER FOR EVENTS https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?pl=1&lid=5128581,2643743,1273294&h=5128581 CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE https://twitter.com/Clash_with_Jo https://www.facebook.com/clashattackswithjo/ www.twitch.tv/clashattackswithjo https://www.patreon.com/ClashAttackswithJo https://forum.supercell.com/member.php/1609336-ClashAttackswithJo clashattackswithjo@gmail.com
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Text Comments (76)
s kumar singla (2 days ago)
Best farming video on YouTube ever..... Thx... You are one of my favorite YouTuber
Mark Tompkins (24 days ago)
Imo miners is a stupid way to farm for de fast maybe over time yeah but if you want fast just boost and use barch I’m almost maxed th11 and I batched all my walls and my hero’s my hero’s where constantly down from level 30 to level 50 it’s much better for farming loot fast
Saif PS (1 month ago)
It's not about how much u loot it's about troop costs Looting 200k using goblins Better than looting 1Million using 12 dragon and 5 rage spell's Edit :(if u don't wanna rank up)
Try this troops for looting 20minnions the rest loons.
AlphaPath (1 month ago)
Guys, I would not recommend doing this. Sniping dark drills in gold 2 is way better. I can consistently get 3k dark without using many troops.
I use dragons to farm dark elixir to upgrade the heroes. I use valks to farm elixir and gold. Am I good?
Gaming Kush (3 months ago)
Hi q
Jimuel Sunga (3 months ago)
Nice bro it work
Omair Alhinai (3 months ago)
Great idea because I think many players face a problem with walls so barch and miners are great. Good luck man
i want a screen shot of ur th10 base so plz send it
Zeeshan Mujtaba (3 months ago)
#GoodVideo #ENjoyed
Rald Sapo (3 months ago)
Please make a video on what to use when you were still upgrading heroes
F is the bomb (4 months ago)
It sure does take a long time with the cooking right?
Dhruv Shady (5 months ago)
That's why I dropped to crystal 1 .Nice video and i'm using miners from the very first day of Th10.
SHRE S MJ (5 months ago)
Lvl 2 miner is k bro ???
S.R.A (5 months ago)
Tanya Knight (5 months ago)
Gold 1 has dead bases 2 ;)
cornejo louie (6 months ago)
its bee so helpful,thanks for the tips and tutorials bro.
Otaku's Gaming (6 months ago)
goblins without spell is the best HAHAHAHA
Notorious Gamerz (6 months ago)
what cam software do you use please ?
Notorious Gamerz (6 months ago)
nice video bro
rahullimbu songs (6 months ago)
bro iam also a twn hall 10 ac holder and I have all maxed my army camp but even tho I can't able to take more then 28 miner when I use 5 healer for queen can u explain how u did that
Md Shariful Islam (7 months ago)
Cody Maples (7 months ago)
In your queen walk miner att you have a total troop count of 270 30 miner 5 healer 5 bombers and 1 baby drag. Highest you can have is 240. How do you explain this?
Jimbo Slice (4 months ago)
Just got to TH10 about 4 months ago, completely forgot they changed the housing space on miners. Rolling with 25miners, 5 healers, 1bd and 5 wbs. Working well
Cody Maples (7 months ago)
SargTrain Gaming ahh that's right. Forgot about that. Just recently started using miners so slipped my mind. Thanks for the speedy reply.
SargTrain Gaming (7 months ago)
This video was made prior to the adjustment to the miners housing. If you recall about 3 months back the miner was at 5 housing and was changed to 6.
krish singh (7 months ago)
I am newily th 10 tell me best army
Matthew Waller (7 months ago)
I just use lavaloon in champs and I get a lot of resources fast plus trophies
SargTrain Gaming (7 months ago)
Seems like there’s a ton of loot everywhere as of late. Just an observation from my standpoint
j Patch (7 months ago)
Was confused with troop size. Then realize the housing size was updated from 5 to 6 for miners. Bdrag must have been changed too? Does this strategy still work with the housing space changed for the troops shown?
MRH GAMER (7 months ago)
Miner army is not filling perfectly
MRH GAMER (7 months ago)
Bro for miner army cc wat have to take
Parth Dey (7 months ago)
I just use goblin with few spells. Works great but you lose trophies
SargTrain Gaming (7 months ago)
Until you get really good at it and then u find urself pushing trophy by mistake
nitto1320i (7 months ago)
does it still work in 2018 update?
John Doe (8 months ago)
Wow you are very unlucky. I usually get around 500-700k gold and elixir in crystal. I’m a th9.5
Andrei Cristian Spulbar (8 months ago)
Nice, it was useful to watch. Although, are you reading from some slides? cause i ve noticed that you dont really move your eyes
mallyg18 (5 months ago)
SargTrain Gaming lmfao
SargTrain Gaming (8 months ago)
Hahaha no I’m not sorry. Who the fuck comes up with this crap reading from slides? Wow I had better stuff to do then do all that
Bijan YT (8 months ago)
Hey jo, i want your th 10 base layout.Kindly please help me ☺
Ahmed Hussein (8 months ago)
TUSHAR Gupta (8 months ago)
Thanks man that's really helpful.
Giriraj Gaming (9 months ago)
Hey jo
All rounder Sj (10 months ago)
Need cln th 9.5
RoffaboyS (10 months ago)
Or you can use mass goblins when you go down this way you can really get loot fast if you aim for the storages :)!
Warren. Gaming (10 months ago)
Jo can i be your sidekick...my clan PF_HQ
Geron Pinfield (11 months ago)
First time I've ever watched your video's and so confused to how you haven't got more subscribers, you found a subscriber in me keep the vid coming
SimplyMemes Gaming (11 months ago)
What is his intro song?
Engineer Alex (8 months ago)
darude sandstorm
Zen (11 months ago)
All I'm doing is Heroes, walls and lab. Heroes being the main resource sink. RN I just do LaLo raids and drop trophies every 5/6 raids. Definitely going to try out Mass Miners, mine are lvl2 and they are going to lvl3 in like 3days so it's perfect timing for me!
SargTrain Gaming (11 months ago)
GODF1R3 Lalo is very solid as well. Personal preference from my perspective
darter 216 (11 months ago)
Appreciate the vids.....very helpful
BHAGWAN DASS YADAV (11 months ago)
can you say in hindi i am indian
Clash Master (5 months ago)
adam trw maa ki chut maaru teri bhaduwe
adam trw (5 months ago)
send bobs and vagene
LORD RAIYYAN (5 months ago)
wannabe bat Don't use bad language
Vigilante (5 months ago)
Arey laudekbal teri mi ki chut.. wo foreigner hai re.. hindi kaise baat karega lund ke bal. Go look for some Indian coc channels.
Shujau (11 months ago)
whats that bot 0:45
SargTrain Gaming (11 months ago)
Shujau sidekick for discord
The Arbiter Gaming (11 months ago)
Great Jo. Th9 guide like this?
Rabindra Poudel (11 months ago)
make video for th9 and 8 please...
shree ugaji (11 months ago)
Nice bro you have become one of my favourite youtuber
SBD Matthew (11 months ago)
Jo u have the 3rd bow?
SBD Matthew (11 months ago)
Clash Attacks with Jo have a nice day Jo :)
SargTrain Gaming (11 months ago)
Matt Black hmm no I don’t think I do.
SBD Matthew (11 months ago)
Clash Attacks with Jo do u have a video on building that layout i like it :)
SargTrain Gaming (11 months ago)
Matt Black yes it’s built, lvl 3 if I remember correctly
Jay Shah (11 months ago)
Gj Jo. I prefer the baby dragon loon attack for farming DE. But miners work as well 👍🏻
CAPITÃO LOKERA (11 months ago)
very nice....
Nice video jo 💪
Gaming with Yazan (11 months ago)
Very nice content
Lord Fiifo (11 months ago)
Yeah same here, I farm up to masters then drop back to crystal 3 and continue the cycle, I use lavaloon tho, currently full on all 3 resources and no builders to use
Jesse Pinkman (11 months ago)
Hey bro, I am also pro at th10 farming. And I have my videos. How can I send my videos to you? Can you publish my videos.
Tamil Clash Nation (11 months ago)
Send me.. I will check it..
Make Joke Of (11 months ago)
Jo join my clan by your one account tag is CQ28V2UC

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