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The Biggest Dynasties in esports, and Why We Need Them

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In a environment as fickle as esports, where organizations can come and go at a whim, brand loyalty is hard to come by unless you’re a team that can consistently stay atop the standings. Though parity in esports might be the ultimate goal, for now, we should welcome each dynasty with open arms because it's those teams, the star players they produce, the plays they’ve made, the memories they’ve created, and the kids they’ve inspired that made and will continue to make esports great. Written by: Paul Park (@phjpark) Edited by: Daniel Cole (@RandomTens) and Paul Park Voiced by: Daniel Cole Footage courtesy of: https://pastebin.com/NNRDu9ST Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (365)
Kiki (2 days ago)
There is also G2/Penta in R6 litterally the best team in R6 just domination.
atullo (19 days ago)
Is that Alex Ich on Navi?
Ken Kaneki (23 days ago)
Your videos are well made, keep up the good work....
Jonathan Lenthang (25 days ago)
Good video, Great topic, on point dynasties but a little biased towards one game only.
Dolphin Fish (25 days ago)
stupid LOL
Chipper (1 month ago)
Penta/g2 in rainbow six
Mr PePe (1 month ago)
Without even watching full video.. Optic Gaming
Asz (1 month ago)
Come here only for 4:50 - 6:40
Si Val (1 month ago)
Fucking SAvior..
Ben Baxter (1 month ago)
Rip SKT1
Max G (1 month ago)
No final boss from halo? They were like the first ever esports dynasty
Benjamin Leonard (1 month ago)
I'm waiting on videos on r6s, its reaching 40 mil players, I'm excited to see the video of you guys make one
Trasheye (1 month ago)
Sweden has dominated CS since heaton And Spawn
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (1 month ago)
Kinda unbalance video might as well call it SKT dynasty I know more people play LoL than the others but still this video 80% of lol lol
Xian Scion (1 month ago)
It's so painful to see faker crying :( Gamers for life!
Kitoka Assumi (1 month ago)
Man that intro, right into the feels :'(
adrian villasenor (1 month ago)
So much focus on league in pretty much all your videos. You do know other esports exist, right?
Mike Pflanzer (1 month ago)
I could watch these videos all day, absolutely love them! Keep up the good work!
GrandeFree Foundation (1 month ago)
Dendi feelsbadman
tom pillar (1 month ago)
U should make a vid on the dynasty players from each game who won on multiple teams ex: cs-go LOL Halo COD dota 2 overwatch ect..
Crippling Depression (1 month ago)
God this made me cry
Krudy 7kk (2 months ago)
Armored CSGOplayer (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me major differences between LOL and Dota2. I don't play neither of them so they look pretty similar to me.
Angga Ihza (2 months ago)
I thought that DotA 2 got that face from Dendi but no, i don't think that any of DotA 2 pro could match the marketability of Faker from LoL, Faker marketability is just crazy. Undisputed Greatest Player of LoL
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (1 month ago)
Angga Ihza dota market is blooming after final TI3, and it also downfall of navi U know the team that always dominated game and losing at the very end is always doomed, for they player will be too arrogant to admit their mistake
Thomas Remmers (2 months ago)
I think final boss for halo deserves a spot.
Asher Panizales (2 months ago)
And people still say: "It's just a game"...
Taufiq Asharwan (2 months ago)
oppa dendi
Swagrid From Hogwarts (2 months ago)
What about SSBM and their gods? I felt like they should have been named
ExD ShineeX (2 months ago)
SKT should come back and dendi too..
Charles Jade (2 months ago)
You know what? Why too much LoL if the players on that game was Koreans? No other things that you could explain on DOTA 2 while CSGO is too short
Kaleb Stauffer (2 months ago)
That intro was sooo good.
JeezUz (2 months ago)
Talking about greatest esports dynasties and not talking about NIP... Did you researched?
Caped Baldy (2 months ago)
We need Story of Yaphets, IllidanSTR, and SpawN please
Lev1 Rain (2 months ago)
Too much League of Legends.
Lev1 Rain (2 months ago)
2 minutes feature on Csgo.. Lmao
JL Gomez (2 months ago)
Freinzy (2 months ago)
If you’re not going to have NiP as your CS:GO team, at least get fnatic’s resume right. They have 3 major titles and that ESL major was their second title.
gerax palma (2 months ago)
The biggest dynasty in LOL and not in Esports
Ryanzkie Blue (2 months ago)
half of this video about LOL..
Prepubescent Donger (2 months ago)
Bet y'all it was a staged loss
Prepubescent Donger (2 months ago)
The NiP 87-0 streak is somehow not on this?
Tj Hunter (2 months ago)
Well Seoul didn't leave one of em.
JNight (3 months ago)
The halo and cod part first off optic and faze were never a dynasty in halo Final Boss is the Halo Dynasty Faze is always a top team but they not a dynasty Optic - MW3 fell off then of course AW until now Col/EG - at the end of black ops 2 and Cod Ghost Had to get your facts straight bruh
Khusein Bespalyi (3 months ago)
Engineer 314 (3 months ago)
Now do a video of one-trick pony streamers' effect on eSports. Anyone feel me when I say LL Stylish, Boxbox, Gosu, and gripex?
Thee Crenubyx (2 months ago)
Engineer 314 Yeah but BoxBox seems to branch out now since Riven isn't that dominant this patch And I'm a Riven player myself (pls don't flame me)
Jeffrey Vauxhall (3 months ago)
making me cry at 2 in the morning shame on you theScore
jericho skywalker (3 months ago)
dondo 😟
Jasper Rehkämper (3 months ago)
You think this is dominant tf2's froyotec has not lost an official in years and meme in games vs na's second best teams while still rolling them
langdon liebeler (1 month ago)
Jasper Rehkämper it’s true. Froyotech is the no 1 dynasty in esports by far. They just don’t lose
Felix Jäger (3 months ago)
You guys really have to sort out the plosive breath sounds on the voice-overs. PUH-lease
Inan Xu (3 months ago)
Well... they were marketing SKT until now. Just look at their performance in the LCK.
Antonio gama (3 months ago)
Evil geniuses on cod bo2/ ghosts
Saxuri (3 months ago)
Optic cod
MemphisHelstron (3 months ago)
I figured this story would not even mention Halo 2 and Final Boss w/ Ogre twins, Walshy and StrongSide. Way too much LoL.
Fhenomenal Obelisk (3 months ago)
Win or lose, I'm an SKT fan till the end
Phoenix Wells (3 months ago)
honestly such a great video really inspiring and really cool
NunyuhBusiness (3 months ago)
Sad there wasn't more about Smash (M2K, Mang0, Armada, etc.). Those dynasties came way before League or Dota even existed and honestly were way more dominant and incredible for their time.
Bohhh_ (3 months ago)
Biboy Paro Ng Pinas (3 months ago)
SSG is not that strong its just skt is in a wrong rooster
Biboy Paro Ng Pinas (3 months ago)
Btw whos to blame bout skt lost 2 ssg
Biboy Paro Ng Pinas (3 months ago)
Dis wont even happen if bengi is still there
lim kesniel hecalao (3 months ago)
lol its not about dota too much LoL boring
hidesk dwi (2 months ago)
kms myself that is exactly what i said
kms myself (2 months ago)
hidesk dwi LoL is still larger than Fortnite. And as of right now, League of Legends is much larger than DOTA. Doesn’t matter if it was originally a copy, or takes less skill. It’s simply fact that it’s a more popular game.
hidesk dwi (3 months ago)
x yosh some players may have started with dota 1 but the majority started in 2013 when lol exploded into popularity.today 95 percent of the players didnt play dota 1. Lol has been out for 8 years that is enough time for new players to start playing. So no not every lol player started in dota 1, lol has more players then dota ever had.
lim kesniel hecalao (3 months ago)
hidesk dwi Lol every LoL player came from Dota1 game
hidesk dwi (3 months ago)
x yosh yes lol is way bigger then dota. Lol is either the most or seconde most played game in the world.(not sure if fortnite is bigger) On twitch lol is either 1 or 2nd dota is usually 8 or 9th. Lol is so much bigger then dota in every way. They get more esport viewers and have way more players. Now i love dota but its very niche compared to lol.
Muammar Raihan (3 months ago)
ur content deserve much more viewersss!!!
j0lt (3 months ago)
Turned this off at the mention of counterstrike being a small scene, Jesus Christ.
Andre Ramalho (3 months ago)
I do agree about the csgo fnatic legacy, still u should've mention NIP 87-0 record. It was a massive record for the time and a lot of People were watching csgo because of the NIP record
Iwano Morgan (3 months ago)
I always dream of becoming a LoL pro player, and facing against the other pros, especially SKT. It'd be the most thrilling and passionate experience I'd ever have. But what now to look forward to...?
Jomart Canlas (3 months ago)
Skt might not even qualify this yr worlds
dav NO (3 months ago)
I think skt needed new owner not new coach. They r too cheap to get marin. They almost get marin back but didn't wanna pay a high salary. And look at their roster now. Smh
Botond Biro (3 months ago)
Dude you have no fucking idea about StarCraft, what about Flash or Jaedong? For fucks sake, at least do your research
Taha Ateş (3 months ago)
It's not about SKT dynasty its all about Faker's dynasty. And he's still king but he got bunch of lamers..
butiz (3 months ago)
Team final boss halo 2?? Shame on this channel
Arc Miracle- (3 months ago)
Great League of Legends Video would like to see more Kappa
Chou Xiong (3 months ago)
It’s not hard to win titles in multiple years on the same shit forced meta that Riot Games enforces. Don’t ever compare Michael Jordan or the Chicago Bulls to Faker or any LoL team. Might as well watch paint dry instead of watching 2 mid adc players or whatever the fuck farm for 40 minutes and win the game in 2 fights with a kill/score line of 6-2.
Thekaszkiet (3 months ago)
NaVi Xd
Accelereight (3 months ago)
Uhh complexity in cod
aMongoloid (3 months ago)
Final Boss in Halo? Arguably more dominant than anything you posted here. They literally dominated the Halo games for 10 years.
Clay Earnest (3 months ago)
...this skips a whole bunch of esports history lmao. No halo or counterstrike
Francisco Lachowski (3 months ago)
Focus also on dota almost of the videos are nonsense
towfeii 22k (3 months ago)
oskari (3 months ago)
Funny thing about their basketball comparison is that they actually changed the 3 point line which was a huge thing
Palmer Ochs (3 months ago)
No ZeRo from smash 4 lol okay
Everything Hub (3 months ago)
We want "The story of scream"
Humor Machina (3 months ago)
Too much LoL nahhh
Dreamguy Gt (3 months ago)
navi PEPEHANDS Kappa
Mathwiz 314 (3 months ago)
Flash dominance in brood war doe
ㅋㅋㅋ저는라이란 (3 months ago)
New kings LUL still loses to playoffs with Blank
Kamal Ahmad (3 months ago)
Please make a best of Liquid.GH. No player has been this successful in his first year of play
Pravat Nistala (3 months ago)
How was Fnatic talked about, but NiP was barely even mentioned?
Suno (1 month ago)
”or the NIP or SK of csgo”
2choppa (3 months ago)
wtf, im not here for some shitty league game where i see only asians, I want more csgo and dota 2, games with more competition and better esport scene
Title is not appropriate. Only 2 minutes of CSGO. Bias
PranksterGangsterNation TooMLG4You yet they focused on LOL. Dota 2 and CS made larger impacts than LOL
finally, someone who looks at the title, but yet you still talk about bias? do you even English bro? cuz it's pretty clear to me that this video isn't about summarizing the dynasties.
Sean Pagute (3 months ago)
NaVi ends their dynasty in 2014 Not 2013
7 Exartive (3 months ago)
How about you guys make a separate channel for LoL if you like it so much. If you are consistent to esport channel then at least be fair on making your content.
hidesk dwi (3 months ago)
7 Exartive the fact is that sadly lol has the biggest numbers of players and watchers so more people will be the most interested in the lol vids. You are basically asking why a american sports radio station talks about baseball and football more then soccer.
Alfi Zodhy (3 months ago)
bias as always, more lol rather than dota and csgo,
Shadow Skrillex (22 days ago)
Zhi xci now og won ti
fjoca (2 months ago)
Anarchototalistcapitalistsocialistmonarchistarian wut.
fjoca wtf
fjoca (2 months ago)
PranksterGangsterNation TooMLG4You just like fortnite and pubg. Fornite is friendly and ez to play while pubg they are more focused on how the game would be realistic ;) Quality > Quantity ;)
Zhi xci (3 months ago)
Because dota2 has no dyansty besides na'vi.. the next best team to come close is eg led by ppd from 2014-2016 winning 12 major tournaments(as in big not the major today) and placing top 3 from ti4-ti6 and winning ti5 [A] only dominated in 2013 they were shit at 14. Dk dominated 2014 but didnt won ti.. same with secret OG won 4 major but no TI VP won multiple tournaments and still no TI
Kinda Venty (3 months ago)
No red marth? Ok then
Samuel Sutton (3 months ago)
Why didn't they mention fakers throne
TheHrishikesh99 (3 months ago)
11:22 Wait what? Fnatic won their first major in 2013 (Dreamhack Winter) with the lineup of: JW, Flusha, Pronax, Devilwalk and Schneider ,against NIP in the Grand Finals. Plz do your research properly.
Captain Barbossa (3 months ago)
allow more time for cs pls...
ItzSniper (3 months ago)
And we are entering the new dynasty of Astralis.
Fowl (3 months ago)
1 minute for fnatic and almost the entire rest of the video was about skt might as well have just called it a skt/lol video. No respect shown to cs or other games here.
Fowl (3 months ago)
the title is "The biggest dynasties in esports, and why we need them." Yet the entire 13 minute video spent about 80% talking about 1 game and 1 team and you don't see how flawed that is?
specifically talking about dynasties isn't the point of this video. And I don't find "respect" being relevent in this case, it's a big word to use. Also league is just more popular that's all.
lucid_x P6 (3 months ago)
Nip 87-0? Colofduty(10s of event wins in a row)
hailstxrm - (3 months ago)
*Am I the only one lipsyncing LDeep's commentary on "The Play" ?*
Allen Andre (3 months ago)
why not discuss cs go more ? A lot of videos on the channel that discusses all three games always get cs go shut down

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