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The Biggest Dynasties in esports, and Why We Need Them

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In a environment as fickle as esports, where organizations can come and go at a whim, brand loyalty is hard to come by unless you’re a team that can consistently stay atop the standings. Though parity in esports might be the ultimate goal, for now, we should welcome each dynasty with open arms because it's those teams, the star players they produce, the plays they’ve made, the memories they’ve created, and the kids they’ve inspired that made and will continue to make esports great. Written by: Paul Park (@phjpark) Edited by: Daniel Cole (@RandomTens) and Paul Park Voiced by: Daniel Cole Footage courtesy of: https://pastebin.com/NNRDu9ST Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (344)
JNight (1 day ago)
The halo and cod part first off optic and faze were never a dynasty in halo Final Boss is the Halo Dynasty Faze is always a top team but they not a dynasty Optic - MW3 fell off then of course AW until now Col/EG - at the end of black ops 2 and Cod Ghost Had to get your facts straight bruh
Khusein Bespalyi (1 day ago)
Engineer 314 (4 days ago)
Now do a video of one-trick pony streamers' effect on eSports. Anyone feel me when I say LL Stylish, Boxbox, Gosu, and gripex?
Jeffrey Vauxhall (4 days ago)
making me cry at 2 in the morning shame on you theScore
jericho skywalker (5 days ago)
dondo 😟
Jasper Rehkämper (5 days ago)
You think this is dominant tf2's froyotec has not lost an official in years and meme in games vs na's second best teams while still rolling them
Felix Jäger (6 days ago)
You guys really have to sort out the plosive breath sounds on the voice-overs. PUH-lease
Inan Xu (7 days ago)
Well... they were marketing SKT until now. Just look at their performance in the LCK.
Antonio gama (7 days ago)
Evil geniuses on cod bo2/ ghosts
Saxuri (8 days ago)
Optic cod
MemphisHelstron (8 days ago)
I figured this story would not even mention Halo 2 and Final Boss w/ Ogre twins, Walshy and StrongSide. Way too much LoL.
Gerald Sagum (9 days ago)
Win or lose, I'm an SKT fan till the end
Phoenix Wells (9 days ago)
honestly such a great video really inspiring and really cool
NunyuhBusiness (9 days ago)
Sad there wasn't more about Smash (M2K, Mang0, Armada, etc.). Those dynasties came way before League or Dota even existed and honestly were way more dominant and incredible for their time.
Bohhh_ (9 days ago)
Pavia League (9 days ago)
SSG is not that strong its just skt is in a wrong rooster
Pavia League (9 days ago)
Btw whos to blame bout skt lost 2 ssg
Pavia League (9 days ago)
Dis wont even happen if bengi is still there
x yosh (9 days ago)
lol its not about dota too much LoL boring
hidesk dwi (7 days ago)
x yosh some players may have started with dota 1 but the majority started in 2013 when lol exploded into popularity.today 95 percent of the players didnt play dota 1. Lol has been out for 8 years that is enough time for new players to start playing. So no not every lol player started in dota 1, lol has more players then dota ever had.
x yosh (7 days ago)
hidesk dwi Lol every LoL player came from Dota1 game
hidesk dwi (7 days ago)
x yosh yes lol is way bigger then dota. Lol is either the most or seconde most played game in the world.(not sure if fortnite is bigger) On twitch lol is either 1 or 2nd dota is usually 8 or 9th. Lol is so much bigger then dota in every way. They get more esport viewers and have way more players. Now i love dota but its very niche compared to lol.
x yosh (7 days ago)
hidesk dwi lol bigger than dota u sure?? hahahaha
hidesk dwi (9 days ago)
x yosh the vid is about dynasties dota doesnt have many dynasties plus sadly lol has a way bigger audience so they obviously would want the lol fans to not be bored more then the dota fans. ( they would much rather all the dota players leave then the lol players)
Muammar Raihan (9 days ago)
ur content deserve much more viewersss!!!
j0lt (9 days ago)
Turned this off at the mention of counterstrike being a small scene, Jesus Christ.
Andre Ramalho (9 days ago)
I do agree about the csgo fnatic legacy, still u should've mention NIP 87-0 record. It was a massive record for the time and a lot of People were watching csgo because of the NIP record
Iwano Morgan (10 days ago)
I always dream of becoming a LoL pro player, and facing against the other pros, especially SKT. It'd be the most thrilling and passionate experience I'd ever have. But what now to look forward to...?
Jomart Canlas (10 days ago)
Skt might not even qualify this yr worlds
dav NO (10 days ago)
I think skt needed new owner not new coach. They r too cheap to get marin. They almost get marin back but didn't wanna pay a high salary. And look at their roster now. Smh
Taha Ateş (10 days ago)
It's not about SKT dynasty its all about Faker's dynasty. And he's still king but he got bunch of lamers..
butiz (10 days ago)
Team final boss halo 2?? Shame on this channel
Arc Miracle- (10 days ago)
Great League of Legends Video would like to see more Kappa
Chou Xiong (10 days ago)
It’s not hard to win titles in multiple years on the same shit forced meta that Riot Games enforces. Don’t ever compare Michael Jordan or the Chicago Bulls to Faker or any LoL team. Might as well watch paint dry instead of watching 2 mid adc players or whatever the fuck farm for 40 minutes and win the game in 2 fights with a kill/score line of 6-2.
Thekaszkiet (10 days ago)
NaVi Xd
Accelereight (11 days ago)
Uhh complexity in cod
Flying Motion (11 days ago)
Final Boss in Halo? Arguably more dominant than anything you posted here. They literally dominated the Halo games for 10 years.
Clay Earnest (11 days ago)
...this skips a whole bunch of esports history lmao. No halo or counterstrike
Francisco Lachowski (11 days ago)
Focus also on dota almost of the videos are nonsense
towfeii 22k (11 days ago)
oskari (11 days ago)
Funny thing about their basketball comparison is that they actually changed the 3 point line which was a huge thing
Palmer Ochs (11 days ago)
No ZeRo from smash 4 lol okay
Arkojit Das (11 days ago)
We want "The story of scream"
Humor Machina (11 days ago)
Too much LoL nahhh
Dreamguy Gt (11 days ago)
navi PEPEHANDS Kappa
Mathwiz 314 (12 days ago)
Flash dominance in brood war doe
New kings LUL still loses to playoffs with Blank
Kamal Ahmad (12 days ago)
Please make a best of Liquid.GH. No player has been this successful in his first year of play
Pravat Nistala (12 days ago)
How was Fnatic talked about, but NiP was barely even mentioned?
2choppa (12 days ago)
wtf, im not here for some shitty league game where i see only asians, I want more csgo and dota 2, games with more competition and better esport scene
Title is not appropriate. Only 2 minutes of CSGO. Bias
PranksterGangsterNation TooMLG4You yet they focused on LOL. Dota 2 and CS made larger impacts than LOL
finally, someone who looks at the title, but yet you still talk about bias? do you even English bro? cuz it's pretty clear to me that this video isn't about summarizing the dynasties.
Sean Pagute (12 days ago)
NaVi ends their dynasty in 2014 Not 2013
7 Exartive (12 days ago)
How about you guys make a separate channel for LoL if you like it so much. If you are consistent to esport channel then at least be fair on making your content.
hidesk dwi (9 days ago)
7 Exartive the fact is that sadly lol has the biggest numbers of players and watchers so more people will be the most interested in the lol vids. You are basically asking why a american sports radio station talks about baseball and football more then soccer.
Alfi Zodhy (12 days ago)
bias as always, more lol rather than dota and csgo,
Zhi xci (3 days ago)
Because dota2 has no dyansty besides na'vi.. the next best team to come close is eg led by ppd from 2014-2016 winning 12 major tournaments(as in big not the major today) and placing top 3 from ti4-ti6 and winning ti5 [A] only dominated in 2013 they were shit at 14. Dk dominated 2014 but didnt won ti.. same with secret OG won 4 major but no TI VP won multiple tournaments and still no TI
cuz it's more popular, and don't even argue with me cuz that's a fact.
Kinda Venty (12 days ago)
No red marth? Ok then
Samuel Sutton (12 days ago)
Why didn't they mention fakers throne
TheHrishikesh99 (12 days ago)
11:22 Wait what? Fnatic won their first major in 2013 (Dreamhack Winter) with the lineup of: JW, Flusha, Pronax, Devilwalk and Schneider ,against NIP in the Grand Finals. Plz do your research properly.
Captain Barbossa (12 days ago)
allow more time for cs pls...
ItzSniper (12 days ago)
And we are entering the new dynasty of Astralis.
Fowl (12 days ago)
1 minute for fnatic and almost the entire rest of the video was about skt might as well have just called it a skt/lol video. No respect shown to cs or other games here.
Fowl (12 days ago)
the title is "The biggest dynasties in esports, and why we need them." Yet the entire 13 minute video spent about 80% talking about 1 game and 1 team and you don't see how flawed that is?
specifically talking about dynasties isn't the point of this video. And I don't find "respect" being relevent in this case, it's a big word to use. Also league is just more popular that's all.
lucid_x P6 (12 days ago)
Nip 87-0? Colofduty(10s of event wins in a row)
hailstxrm - (12 days ago)
*Am I the only one lipsyncing LDeep's commentary on "The Play" ?*
Allen Andre (12 days ago)
why not discuss cs go more ? A lot of videos on the channel that discusses all three games always get cs go shut down
Jose Montiel (12 days ago)
hello? NaVi 1.6?
Lol Lol (12 days ago)
csgo is dying fast lol
Long Egg (12 days ago)
Old NiP - CS:GO NYXL - OWL ZeRo - Smash 4 Hbox - Melee Dignitas/GFE - Rocket League PENTA Sports - R6S
Austin Johnson (12 days ago)
HBox is the best right now but Ken Mang0 and Armada all had more dominant runs
Jamal hasbi (12 days ago)
after navi's era, dota became more more competitive, and that makes the game more interesting
Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro (12 days ago)
Too much focus on League of Legends. That was unnecessary to me. Talk more about Dota, the game that created the Moba genre. How about the dominance of Alliance in 2013, the DK dominance in the Chinese region in 2014, the Secret balls to the wall run on 2015. Talk about SK Gaming in 2015/2016. The channel should be about esports, not about League of Legends 80% of the time
Dislexic-Woolf (2 days ago)
DOTA is just an Aeon Of Strife clone anyway
Zhi xci (3 days ago)
The difference between dota and lol is the amount of talent...dota has a vast amount of talent .so it will be impossible for dota2 to have another dynasty.. i mean china alone has more than 10 legendary players and also atleast 10 godly players right now... Also [A], secret and dk's run wasn't dinasty they were dominant yes but we all know peak is at TI..much like VP today it they dont atleast place themselves as ti winner this year and continue to dominate next year they will not be considered as dynasty And the only one who has ever come close to na'vi dynasty was the eg led by ppd during 2014 to 2016 where they won 1 TI, placed 3rd to ti4 and ti6 and winning 12 major tournaments(outside ti)
MaXx Rr (4 days ago)
I do think that Dota allstar is the father of DotA2 and LoL. DotA 2 is not the father of Moba. Valve does not own the platform which Dota allstar is created but icefrog sign a contract to valve to create another platform for them to control the game much better just like what guinsoo did with LoL(LoL is older than DotA2). At the time DotA 2 is much more popular because of its name but LoL did catch up. But now if you see the active users of DotA2 it is declining much faster than LoL. It might be because of the new genre that is growing the Battle Royal genre. maybe maybe not.
Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro (10 days ago)
Brandon 1ngr4m Ion of Strife was definitely not a Moba. Was the basis, for sure we can agree on that, but heroes skills, team work, map and everything were not Moba
Brandon 1ngr4m (10 days ago)
Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro aeon of strife is the first moba I believed but Dota Allstars that made lol today cuz lol is inspired by dota
don't mind me (12 days ago)
plebs that started watching dota 2 pro scene after 2013 needs to see this all of your fav players are here because of na'vi winning the international 2011 to kick start it.
Sky_ Light (12 days ago)
That opening :(
Sampang Luigi (12 days ago)
the feels in this video is amazing especially i witnessed skt and navi's world changing game
Zach (12 days ago)
Optic in cod?????
Cassandra1883 (12 days ago)
I hope Astralis can Keep going and build a Dynastie of their recend succes with Faze as their big rivals. I can understand if People think a dominant Team makes the Scene boring, but I just prefer it like the old days when Fantik, NIP and VP were clearly the best Teams and the upsets still actually meant something. And what I simply hate are the constant roster changes. I dont care About the Name of the Team - I like the Players. For example NIP: They were by far my favourit Team and now only Get_Right and Forest are left. While I can understand changing Friberg to REZ ( and I can live with giving new Young Players a Chance thats fine), changing Xist to Dennis was the Point my NIP Team finally stoped existing. Or look at VP they stuck together and are now not even the best polish Team not even speaking About competing internatinally. Having a dominant Team means having a Team that wont Change every 4 months.
Cassandra1883 (12 days ago)
PranksterGangsterNation TooMLG4You that's my German auto correction. Words like team exist in the German language as well ( has been brought in from English) and in German you have to capitalize all the nouns, so my auto correction automatically capitalizes those words and I simply was to lazy to correct the auto correction :D
not related to what ur saying but can I ask why you always capitalize the first letter for those specific words like Team, Scene, About...
Sadlyevil (12 days ago)
Nip early league and early csgo??
Grizzly Bear (12 days ago)
Old NaVi PepeHands
The Nugget God (12 days ago)
Yesterday Turbopulsa won his 3rd Rocket League World Champion, I know you guys don't cover Rocketleague but I think you'd guys make a great video on him or his team Galeforce/Dignatas
AzeTyler (12 days ago)
Could you do something on Rocket League?
James Karanu (13 days ago)
Nice video. But you forgot to add the dynasty of SonicFox in Mortal Kombat X. Now he is winning again in Injustice 2, Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Dead Or Alive. SonicFox is literally an FGC god
James Karanu (12 days ago)
PranksterGangsterNation TooMLG4You That's alright. Was just pointing out that. He should have added it anyway
same as there isn't an example for any of the other 90% esports games...
James Karanu (12 days ago)
PranksterGangsterNation TooMLG4You Am just saying they could have added SonicFox as an example to the FGC because there is no FGC sample
this isn't a video about listing the esports dynasties, they're using those three games as examples for their main topic.
James Karanu (12 days ago)
Hahaha alright. But he did create a dynasty and he is still wining everything. At a point, I thought Tekken Master or DJT would dethrone him but they didn't
I'm Batman (13 days ago)
Navi is back
Moldoveanu' (12 days ago)
I'm Batman
Mohd Asyraf (13 days ago)
SKT Flash (13 days ago)
tfw samsung only won worlds because of ardent censer meta also >mentions bonjwas >doesn't mention Flash
Efren Suarez (13 days ago)
Fnatic on DOTA 2 , on CS:GO and on LoL. Seriously, the team Fnatic is almost on every eSports like LoL, Dota 2 and CS GO
Michael John Garcia (10 days ago)
Team liquid, cloud 9 and Na'vi are also in those esports games as well, not just fnatic lul
Efren Suarez (12 days ago)
Well I just noticed them not all of other groups
that point is obvious, but FNC clearly isn't the org with the widest variety, its really that him using the word "everywhere" and mentioning those three games over and over is what tipping people off.
Pika Chiu (12 days ago)
Do you guys really not understand his point? Efren is saying that FNC have pretty good teams in a wide variety of esports. I say a wide variety but mainly bigger name titles. They may not have super amazing teams and they may not have a super wide spread organization but they do pretty well for themselves to be fair. Also @Alex just because the video is about esports dynasties does not mean that every comment will be referring to an orgs dynasty.
"everywhere", yes they do appear in several games, but yet you only gave 3 examples, mentioned them and only them countlessly, so I don't really get your point. Oh and Fnatic isn't the team with the broadest game genres, for that I also don't really get your point.
Lin Jingyu (13 days ago)
We need a villain in every sport. It is just like the Lakers, Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, or Fnatic, NiP, Sky, SKT and the list goes on. A team, a player who is so good that everyone hates them because they are not the team they support. It is the drive that keeps people watching.
Raven Roars (13 days ago)
when faker cries is he a faker?
PlatoIII (13 days ago)
There's more to esports than just LoL this channel has been falling into the trap of only covering League. Look at Rocket League for once. It's the easiest game to view bar none and you still have no content on kt.
Vincent Sumiguin (13 days ago)
...Daigo Umehara? No? Okay....
Hyp NotiQ (13 days ago)
Please make a story of UZI
Adam XD (13 days ago)
Hyp NotiQ Yesss
bismark5566 (13 days ago)
LoL is for gays
Christian Ticzon (8 days ago)
I play both game but lol is just a tutorial brother not for gay hahahaha..
hidesk dwi (9 days ago)
Dota 2 is for 12 people
Neko (11 days ago)
thank you, we are very open to multiple gender preferences, Sneaky cosplay gachiBASS.
Eternal Bliss (13 days ago)
Hating what others play is for RETARDS who doesnt appreciate the value of each game. Talking trash to other games doesnt change the fact that you're a Herald/Bronze (whatever you prefer).
Adam XD (13 days ago)
bismark5566 Dota 2 for noobies
Allen Fernandez (13 days ago)
It still breaks my heart to see SKT's dynasty slowly end.
Gerald Sagum (9 days ago)
Allen Fernandez me too. I still believe skt still has more in the tank. They just need to oil well, like the they did in 2015 w/ Marin in the top lane
Allen Fernandez (12 days ago)
Pika Chiu I guess don't understand what I'm trying to say. I want to see skt dominate like before. And if they fall I prefer a korean team to win rather than any western team. Because I know that the skill level between korean and western teams is different. I've never been a fan of western teams. Especially how their attitude are. Most of them are self proclaimed gods and yeah sometimes toxix
Pika Chiu (12 days ago)
Allen Fernandez just because SKT is doing poorly and their dynasty may or may not be coming to an end does not signify that western teams will win. You're assuming that SKT is the only thing holding back the west? If SKT falls another Korean team will take their place.
SurferPenguin (12 days ago)
nah I like west teams
Allen Fernandez (12 days ago)
SurferPenguin sure But I prefer korean or chinese teams to win rather than these NA/EU teams and players.
Zaσ (13 days ago)
Please cover smaller esports like Rocket League, you’ll find so many insane stories and moments from that, you could make multiple videos just based off this RLCS’ that just finished this weekend
Tiben (12 days ago)
Zaσ Translation : “I like rocket league, make rocket league videos. The other small games don’t matter, as long as you hit rocket league.”
Mr. Pig (13 days ago)
The vid is kinda focused on league right?
Kai (13 days ago)
They pull the same shit on miracle. Especially Odpixel. He just orgasms everytime he says miracle
Blind Eyes (13 days ago)
goose bumps everytime
Potato n' Bacon (13 days ago)
Posts this video as Na’vi is announced to not be invited to TI 8 xd
Eagle 88 (13 days ago)
9:50 USA
Janna Enoc (13 days ago)
6:33 the greatest man ever
Jeremaiah Kalingag (13 days ago)
Still waiting on that Puppey Story
HI JINX (13 days ago)
How can you include the 2013 SKT season in with the dynasty when they did not make it to Worlds in 2014 and struggled in the Korean splits that season?
venuspailer (13 days ago)
Pls make a top 10 best IGL in csgo
DeathWish (13 days ago)
NAVI had a dynasty?? LUL nc try
GodUd6589 (8 days ago)
Nothing is forever but without Na'Vi people like Miracle would be still getting bullied at school or something. To speak like that you got to be a "new player" meaning you haven't watched those TIs or played dota at the time.
DeathWish (12 days ago)
chill..i'm just joking..yeah they did..when the dota pro scene is still developing..but when the real deal came in..they got nothing..that's why I don't respect them that much
Alfi Zodhy (12 days ago)
they had it back then, 3 years in dota2 and 1 year in dota1 (2010-2013)
Lew De lara (13 days ago)
2012-2014 Navi era lul
Morph (13 days ago)
DeathWish lul no team in dota can do what Na'Vi did. 3 or 4 straight finals appearance every TI? So yes, they had a dynasty.
Brent Albert (13 days ago)
Heart warming
XxILikePie03 (13 days ago)
This one was really well made, thescore setting high standards on esports history videos
Flare RidLLe (13 days ago)
When will there be a vid about the optic gaming cod greatest team of all time(karma,scump,crimsix,formal) and there historic run and dominance in the scene. Ofcourse also why they(after teaming for 2 years) descided to drop karma and formal.
Ternedo (13 days ago)
Should have brought up the NIP streak a bit more
Subham kumar (13 days ago)
Love this channel Such a great content Best esports channel on YouTube
Svenska Teezeenåk (13 days ago)
wasn't gonna thank you, most ppl are not for csgo here.

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