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10 Ways Valve Is Killing CS:GO

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Counter-Strike is possibly the biggest pillar and foundation of Esports in the short history gaming has created thus far. But with games like Fortnite and Rainbow six slowly winning over a good portion of the player base on top of the fact that Valve’s support for the game has slowed to a minuscule pace, many have made the claim that CS:GO is on the decline. While others point out that CS:GO merely isn't in it’s prime anymore. Let's take a look into some of the reasons that so many people are claiming CS:GO and its players to be a dying breed. In this video we talk about: CS:GO Trading Update Steam Trade Ban Is CS:GO Dying Worst CS GO Updates ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked 10 Ways Valve Is Killing CS:GO, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (1445)
hutchy bayawa (15 hours ago)
if csgo die valve will always make a new csgo game
HaekalzPlays 20 (2 days ago)
You should make a video about panorama, it's already on beta
Bizket Butt (2 days ago)
and 1.6 was way better with no bells and whistles. Even though when the shield debuted it was taken very negatively
hinzeePlaysDayZ (3 days ago)
Really missed the mark with the panorama UI lol
GHOST (3 days ago)
The New Panorama is being added :D
Cynical (4 days ago)
They should have added the CS trademark MP5 instead of the R8.
rubic 72 (4 days ago)
Overwatch has a totaly better anti cheater sistem
Morris Bonne Marcus (4 days ago)
Valves main idea of games; MONEY, Uhm Mr Dev we need to get a better anti cheat system, I know we are mostly for the money but, YOU ARE FIRED (Heea do you have any expensive ideas?)
I Am Phenomenal (5 days ago)
Valve is like chicken nuggets.....good looking but....good taste aswell?
hofee _ (4 days ago)
I Am Phenomenal of course chicken nuggets taste good, thats not a question
Leo Casi (8 days ago)
yeah csgo is boring now
Ívan Guðmundsson (8 days ago)
How come he didn't mention the smurfing at a gold nova elo. One of many reasons why I have been higher than gold nova 4 after almost 1000 hours of playing CSGO.
Luqman Al-Hakim (9 days ago)
*hears second point* Hey dude, what happened to your sponsor segment at the start of the video? Could it be the reason for all the salt?
andrew coleman (10 days ago)
This video is whack. Have you seen how high the ban rate has been since they changed vac. And valve already said that the reason the valve servers aren't 128 tick is because it would negatively affect the majority of casual players with less then ideal connections
Andre Franco (10 days ago)
for me it was the cheaters, 1/3 people i know that play cs, use cheats, thats sad
R3V1V3R (11 days ago)
I miss the moment i just started cs... everything was way better. Inferno was the old 1. Dust 2 aswell. You were able to play every map in a competitive way, like italy. There wasn't any trade cooldown after trade. There were way less cheaters. I was silver (this may seem dumb but i really enjoyed to play with my other low ranked friends, now i can't play competitive with them since i am lem and they are like gn1-gn3)
Truth Teller (11 days ago)
love overwatch devs? nah man its only all the crying children that always yells ''nerf nerf'' that are happy with the overwatch devs. everyone else hates em.
HOSTOBI HD (11 days ago)
Game cant live forever are you dumb? I expect 2 more years of csgo before we get an announcement if a new cs
nesnalica (12 days ago)
there is a reddit response of a dev stating that they dont want to add 128tick servers because the majority cant even handle a 128tick server. because for 128 tick you will need at least 128fps which according to the dev, is the majority.
nesnalica (12 days ago)
i appreciate your video concnering your points. however i have to disagree with many if not all. starting from "new stuff" to "trade bans" and such. cs for me was always about its core. i dont want new stuff. this isnt call of duty or battlefield where new expansions are needed. hell i havent even played any operations besides the very first one.. and that one even less than 10 hours. the concept about skins and trading isnt a big deal which I do agree, however gambling is a big big NO GO. cs used to be an innocent e sports game until trading and gambling hit the scene. with match fixing following not to long after the introduction. i highly disregard gambling.
hofee _ (4 days ago)
nesnalica i dont think he meant new stuff. Its just that balance updates come so rarely, that its almost like valve doesnt care about this game anymore (which is probably the case)
Lio (12 days ago)
I notice the first background song. The second too! I think those come from a specific channel which I don't remember.
Valtv2 (12 days ago)
2014 cs go is dying 2015 still dying 2016 cs go is dead 2017 cs go is dying 2018 cs go is dying What will 2019 be?
Just Sub (13 days ago)
It's your age group stfu...we ve had that game for how long...moron
Just Alex (13 days ago)
Csgo is dying because of the big games rn, fortnite and pubg is taking everyone away from anything its not valve fault epic for example just made a great game and people from other games leave and come to fortnite for examble because its good, fresh, and unique
Gyro (13 days ago)
I used to be a massive fan of CS:GO, but I left the game months ago, cuz of 2 segments of the community. Cheaters and 12 year old kids screaming CYKA BLYAT into their microphones 24/7. Cheaters just straight up take the fun out of the game, even when they are in the same team as you, and the kids, well, they are just purely annoying as hell. These 2 groups of players have completely ruined my CS:GO experience
Noob Saibot (13 days ago)
Its full of Cheaters :D
Brian Camacho Hidalgo (13 days ago)
Play Rainbow Six Siege
The Warptarium (13 days ago)
Ivan (13 days ago)
The only important point here is "updates", all the other point are superfluous. The hitboxes right now are the best you can find in this type of games, and 64tickrate is good enough, and no other game provide server with higher refresh. Bring it into 128ticks, just means for them to double the server capacity, and with the less incomes are more unlikely to happen. The servers aren't free, and 128 means more money to run them. Cheaters? really someone really bother if there is a probability to encounter a cheater? Usually, this kind of people who say this things, are people with 1000+ hours on the game, so no, it's not a problem. The game just need frequent updates, more new contents, more frequently. Stop. 2 year with no content, and that's what happen.
Mister Sippy (13 days ago)
3-4 operations too many, 2 is a good number
Mikecristo 10 (14 days ago)
Panarama is coming out this month they have announced
WSWEss (14 days ago)
ultr4nima (14 days ago)
maybe once csgo dies you guys will actually make videos that arent csgo
MardukeTheRaven (14 days ago)
Yeah, because CS is really ALL ABOUT THE SKILLS. If someone leaves CS just because he can't trade skins faster, then this person should have go to casino instead.
A true meme master (15 days ago)
CS:GO should die off, its full of aim-ware users and fucking gambling pay2win platforms. When did a basic source game get so fucking jewy
Maruku_Kun Time (15 days ago)
Csgo has been dying and rising constantly through out this years, so its gonna take years before it finally dies or ends up being replaced with a new counter strike just like how cs source was immediately replaced by csgo.
Am Damn Good (15 days ago)
CS:GO + lofi = <3
RaimaNd (15 days ago)
It is so sad how people talk about CS since CSGO. Back in 1.x and CSS times the game was meant to be played and now one of the arguments why the game is dying is the 7 day tradeholt. xD Alright. No real CS player cares about this tradeshit or skins. Nobody cares when the 16 year old ex minecraft player stop playing the game and start playing CoD/BF. This is all good for the real CS community. The game isn't dying. The game is living up in the next years.
GAC G (16 days ago)
Basically they need to add source 2. That's it. I hope that VALVE is taking their time to implement source 2 (or 3, who knows): better graphics, better hitbox, better performance, easier to make 128 tick and decrease overall latency
Vpoika The Gamer (16 days ago)
I think while these are the more inportant things to look when improving cs:go. I think cs:go definitely has other things that people wish for. For an example The (Old) Gun sounds wich i think should be an optional thing in the cs:go options menu, being able to choose between the Old and The Current gunsounds, because there are people who like the Old gunsounds and people who like the Current gunsounds. Oltho im ok with the current gunsounds in fact i kinda like them. The old sounds made the weapons feel much stronger for an example the old usp-s. There is also the lack of new maps.
SanitysEdge (16 days ago)
0:39 I am a CS:GO player and I'm mostly healthy.
3ND3RZ (16 days ago)
Csgo is like an abusive relationship but the girl is extremely hot and you dont wanna leave, ive tried pubg, fortnite, overwatch and r6s. I just keep coming back.
A.J. S. (16 days ago)
Calling the trade ban a reason for why the game is dying is redicolous. Online gambline sites are illegal in 90% of the world, so they posed a huge legal threat to Valve, which would STRAIGHT UP kill the game btw. Raging over the trade ban is just straight up ignorant (not to mention you're biased bc most of your income comes from gambling sites who sponsor you to advertise for them). And if you need skin gambling to stay invested into this game, you should probably admit to yourself you have a gambling problem and move on to a different game. The cheating thing? Saying Valve does nothing and/or it's not doing anything is simply redicolous. AimWare got detected just this week and the Overwatch programme is getting more people banned than VAC could ever hope to achieve. It's videos like this that kill the game, not the game itself. Many impressionable people will see this (clickbait) video and will stop plaiyng the game because of a simple thing known as bias confirmation.
HippoCrit (17 days ago)
What's actually wrong with hitboxes now? Tickrate, etc, yeah, but i haven't seen any actual problems with hitboxes in months, but I do see people preemptively strafe before a shot then complain about hitboxes all the time. Also 1.6 was played for more than a decade with no patches. The casual fan base, traders and some of the competitive side is moving to other games, but the core CS community will remain
roennesdungeon (17 days ago)
Just a tiny bit of insider information here... VAC does pretty much detect cheaters instantaneously these days, but does not instantly ban people if they spend money on the in-game cosmetics. The more money people spend, the longer it takes for them to get banned. There is a limit though, one is not able to just keep buying stuff and keep cheating indefinitely. Plain and simple, it's a money machine. Cheaters not spending any money gets banned first, then VAC looks at the income cheaters are generating, and then takes if from there.
Jordan Fire Star (17 days ago)
10. I don't mind having low updates unless it is fixing key features that need changing such as smoke throws being impossible without a macro 9. yeah trading is very good, gambling is horrid tho. i don't like 7 day trade ban though, makes it hard using sites like opskins 8. easy fix for valve tbh 7. *cough* negev change/sound change, this also goes back to 10 6. csgo is doing everything they can, overwatch and vac, hvh actually isn't that bad if the whole enemy team has hackers and most people aren't getting effected 5.. no game has perfect hitboxes 4. yeah should be 3 a year 3. 2 a year makes it feel more important and more worthwhile 2. WE NEED 128 TICK SERVERS DOWN WITH 32 TICK DOWN WITH 64 FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU 1. That would be nice, but it's not too needed or an issue that we absolutely need
Eva's Projects (17 days ago)
It's not dying, it's just dead ahahahah
Kampy187 (17 days ago)
worst is cheating. second worst is no cutom map modes
NoiseBomb (17 days ago)
If i got a penny for every time cs was dying....
HerpFlerpDerp Nerp (17 days ago)
I really struggle to see why Valve gets any love nowadays. Look what they did to HL3, look at their neglect towards the community. They're just after the money now, that is seriously it. If CS is dying it's because of them and they're aware of it.
Adam dark (18 days ago)
dying/dead? depends on what perspective you're looking at it.
Frank Stoner (18 days ago)
It is still best fps game, in no other games you can get so high frame rates and this feeling, no matter how much we are angry on valve every time cs players try a other shooter we see how good this source engine works in CS games.... it is 100% optimized for competetive gaming. If you ask me they are working on a new CS for sure! The only Source 2 engine game is DOTA and the engine is still not available for free thats why I'm sure the new CS is in work on Source 2 engine. When I see how big problems other games has like pubg this in csgo is nothing still a good game! I hope in the new CS we can lie on the ground and aim around the corner without to go out with the whole model, this are things a new better realistic CS need!
死ん内部 (18 days ago)
Bad audio editing, sometimes way too silent then the intro way too loud...
PlusPlus (18 days ago)
They don't need to add updates you ate just bored of it. This is not fortnite
Gary (18 days ago)
Why the fuk is the channel name valve guides when u only upload top 10 pro players..
Killerbnizz (18 days ago)
Thousand dollar virtual weapon skins lul
Jean Gagnier (19 days ago)
128 tick servers would be great, sure, but is that really the main reason CSGO is getting fewer players? Is that the major reason why people stopped playing CSGO in droves, and why it has failed to find a bunch of new players? Is that why OW and R6 are thriving, with people flocking there for equivalent tick rates? Why Fortnite and PUBG, with their 20-30tick rate, are the main multiplayer success of the past two years? Going to 128 from 64 is a luxury item, I’d love to have it, but the main reason CSGO is losing popularity... Nothing points in that direction.
Nikša Radulović (19 days ago)
Because of the fucking trade ban it took me an entire fucking month to trade up to a extremely low tier knife for a friend's birthday.
Nikša Radulović (19 days ago)
Its being killed the same way that Valve killed Team Fortress 2.
Nikša Radulović (19 days ago)
They really want us to play the new card game.
Mr EHEHE (19 days ago)
Because updates keep on breaking stuff and people got bored and moved to other games now
michael fish (19 days ago)
operation drops players spike same every year, same as every sale, not gunna change, trade ban wah wah, how many times you need to change a skin?
Esquire (19 days ago)
What ruined cs source? Valve did it on purpose to force people to csgo because the revenue model with selling skin items was better for them. But think through what they did to cs source to ruin it... They took all the skill based abilities out of it. The p90 became accurate, all the guns shot the same, they changed the movement dynamics. The best thing about all of the CS games was they were skill based and you could get better than everyone else. Nerfing the AWP was the worst move valve has ever done to CSGO, they started going down the path of listening to the noobs at the game that get owned by skilled players. That along with all the cheaters in the game is why I stopped playing.
Cyka Blyat (19 days ago)
CSGO is shit anyway
Dherya Arora (20 days ago)
Rip csgo
Dherya Arora (20 days ago)
They need to improve shot registration too
GeekyGymRat (21 days ago)
Too many cheaters fuck that
Dirty Henri (22 days ago)
I am very glad the game isnt changing. Change is the reason I dont play LoL anymore
Mute. exe (22 days ago)
well rainbow six sage is awsome game but sadly its not on top 100
Jack Marshall (22 days ago)
IMO, scenes of rape shouldn't be played in the background on a PG family friendly channel.
Kingcuz (22 days ago)
Hit boxes aren't a problem, have been update 3 times this year - you mention about all the problems and outrage about gameplay problems but don't mention any in particular... This video is pretty pointless, it panders to people who like to moan but don't talk about and resolve. As I said pointless.
Happy Monty (22 days ago)
got bored too bland
LinkieLinkGameing (23 days ago)
I blame the SHITG and FUCKNITE for they death of CSGO. Not the trade ban Not R6S ( that game is dead other than op operators ) And not the lack of updates.
Bali EditioN (23 days ago)
how get orange box in steam ? cs 1.6 ??????????
Just make csgo f2p at this point **cought** so I can stop playing csgo war zone **cough**
J (23 days ago)
Too many cry babies. What about the real Counter Strikes No "updates" every month, no stupid skins that these kids are all over. Thats what really killed it, the skins, keep the guns regular with normal skin changes
Subir Majumdar (23 days ago)
Well, I think the height of the characters needs to be random so that sitting in one place with the cursor in a specific place in wall kind of game can be given its rightful place in the dustbin. Also some randomness needs to be introduced in the maps, like a random slope change, or introduction of a new step in a staircase. Now that will really challenge everyone as mouse control and instinct will play a more important role in the game. And for heavens sake, gimme back my de_dust map :). I hope someone from Valve reads these comments.
TheTurtza (24 days ago)
I would like to see major of the weapons replaced .. Like "skinwise" if you catch my drift. AK-47 could be replaced with like AKM or AN-94 etc. MP7 to MP5 etc. New sounds, animation etc etc. I know it's not much of a difference towards to gameplay, but the game would feel overall refreshed?
Ktimsson (24 days ago)
Tbh i think there focusing on making new games. By that i also mean a new Counter Strike, So i think they are letting it die so then they can start hinting a new Counter Strike game is comming out and will be a whole new hype.
WaRRioR (24 days ago)
what? lol, when i leave cs go becourse it become boring, than i even dont care about E-sports anymore. i know that, cuzi left csgo for about 5 months, when i started playing again, i also stardet watching csgo videos again :D
WaRRioR (24 days ago)
sorry for my bad english, im from germany XD
Dope Boeee (24 days ago)
Guys lets sit back and think about this. Csgo is a great game who have lasted through the years because of its standards. A great experience with ups and downs. Just because everyone is buying into the "battle royal" era doesn't mean csgo is dying and to be honest it doesnt need a whole lotta fixing. It can run in low budget pc whether pubg for example cannot. Cs I accessible to anyone and that's what is keeping it alive
Daniel Venns (24 days ago)
Nooooo valve do not only want to make money....
Commissar Voyon (24 days ago)
Valve is killing all its franchises
Adenis (24 days ago)
Some things are true but u need a lot of research before u make a video. The cs developer John Mcdonald talked about most of this stuff on twitter.
Swagy On me (25 days ago)
Fortnite is for gays
Emroze (25 days ago)
Fat fuck only cares about the money, not the game or it's community :I
BH4x0r (25 days ago)
there's no real issue with the hitboxes or the lagcompensation, it works as good on 64tick as on 128tick and it's probly the best in any engine from a technical standpoint the main reason the hitboxes seem bad is because they deliberately desynchronized spread, so where the bullet lands on your screen is not where it actually lands. The main reason for this is because of the KQLY scandal, he had a cheat that manipulated the spread seed correctly so he was able to basically redirect the bullet to the head, in CSGO (and other source games) there are 256 possible spread seeds and by manipulating this to make sure it'll hit head or any other hitbox perfectly it's a great stealth cheat as no angles or anything is being changed. It also made it alot easier for legit players to kill ragehackers (since even those need to have some common sense as they also have to deal with spread) ofcourse the people used to "mmhvh" aka "matchmaking hack vs hack" are used to deal with it, the good ones atleast. CSGO's main people that do Hack vs Hack normally remain on mmhvh or nospread hvh servers tho
Irena Ivanoska (25 days ago)
New Counter Strike game
Irena Ivanoska (25 days ago)
I think they should make new Cs pls everything new I hate Csgo but my alltime favorite game is Cs 1.6
Turney (25 days ago)
Valve has showed it can keep a game alive, like Dota 2, but valve is the neglecting parent of counter strike. I am only with cs still because there is no game quite as unique and strategic as it. It's very disappointing the aren't keeping it alive.
skiZU (25 days ago)
They tried to fight with trading sites but sametime they fighted with communty. The key of fixing the game is listen. Valve has to read feedbacks/what players want. Hope Valve sees this video :D (no imo)
Roberts Studio (25 days ago)
Play cs:go 800h over year Download Fortnite Bought battle pass See new updates and game modes every day Play cs:go after 1 month brake See no updates and changes Start to play ranked but after 10 rounds quit becase slow gameplay and hackers Turn on Fortnite and play squads
SH4doW DR1ftER (25 days ago)
Jack Cardoso (26 days ago)
Lack of experimental/test server! There's nothing wrong with adding a new, completely broken gun, or changing the sounds of all the weapons, but do it in an experimental client. That way, tge community can test it, and give feedback. Lots of mainstream games do this. PUBG for example has two, and it's been out for less then a year! Come on Valve, in order to get work done with the few amount of people that you have, use your community to give you feedback. Experiment with them, but on an alternate client.
knownone (26 days ago)
They have commented on why they haven't added 128 tick servers (John MacDonald on his twitter about a month ago). He said it would give players with higher end machines and good internet a larger advantage over people playing on toasters, and valve has to cater to these people with bad PCs and internet which make up a significant portion of the playerbase. Supposedly that's their reasoning.
eXampL (26 days ago)
Im offering valve 90 million usd to get 51% share of the game thats dying just so i can fix it...
jens scheu (26 days ago)
Maybe assault or militia back?!
Brimstone (27 days ago)
-weapon inaccuracy -dumb pistols -weird hit reg. -little communication with devs -Fucking smurfs scaring off low rank players.
I think they said on the topic of 128tick that most people can't utilize it because they have lowfps. Thing is, At release I had easily 200fps on 720p, now I lock at 128fps in 800x600 and even have dips below 128. It's such a bummer that this game uses the same engine as the games hitler played back in the day. The game is hardly accessible to some. I think it should be more accessible at a base level, then people who can play it now could run it at maybe twice the fps which again makes the game smoother
warden K. (27 days ago)
cs is immortal

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