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CS:GO - Your view is a lie

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I played on a laggy and dodgy server in competitive CSGO match-making and decided to compare what I saw with what the server thought happened, courtesy of the Source-TV recording. I don't quite know what I expected to find from this, I guess it's also a bit of a vent about dodgy servers, but I'm sure you'll find something of use in this video somewhere. The differences are normally small, but even small differences with aiming and timing can make a world of difference in a twitch-shooter like CSGO, where one bullet can change the COURSE OF THE FUTURE! Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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scrubl0rd (25 days ago)
Around the 2:30 mark what you're experiencing is a problem caused by the fact that when you're shot you move slower which means you get 'rubberbanded' back on your screen but on the server/source tv you're already moved back and thus your shots are missing. This is the most misunderstood concept in the game and why people say but I got a hit and the game didn't register it (no-reg). It's due to the slower movement mechanic which should NOT fucking exist in online play because it destroys the game in this way. On LAN you would not experience this at all. This is just one of many reasons why CS:GO is a trash game on a trash engine made by trash developers who only care about money and not having a serious online FPS competitive game.
Chris (27 days ago)
The amount of times i've heard my awp shoot and die at the same time but not hit the guy or make a mark on the wall
ColasTeam (27 days ago)
Literally impossible to aim if you don't have good internet or live near the most popular servers, playing from a small city of Argentina is absolutely horrible.
Bugeye (1 month ago)
I once experience something weird. I usually play with 70 ping, but long story short I have a lot of ping spikes, during one of those spikes my ping got stuck on 139. when i play above 100 the lag feels extreme but this time it was perfectly fine for me, but for others I was glitching (confirmed by a friend) I was hitting shots in a face to face even before the foes saw me apparently. This was a couple of weeks ago
Alex Lee (2 months ago)
No wonder i got so many misses when i actually hit the player on my screen. When that would happen, i would joke like aiming at the ground to hit a headshot
Esdynu (2 months ago)
im having this issue but its a lot worse
Clemmy (2 months ago)
2018 still the same
APerson NamedPerson (3 months ago)
Simple Solution. Get gud.
Alucard Pawpad (3 months ago)
2018, this still happens.
Daz B. (3 months ago)
2018 still the same
scylla019 (4 months ago)
Sometimes I fire 4 shots while I’m stationary point blank and get 0 hits. Then I’m watching people AWP half a second late on their target and still hit. It gets pretty annoying to die when I am behind cover too
Kippykip (4 months ago)
I swear this happens to me way to often, hence why I started using shotguns more. Probably has something to do with my mates having 20ms and NBN while I average about 50ms with ADSL2.
Supreme (4 months ago)
I'm still having the same problems today..Valve pls fix..
Renz Aaron (4 months ago)
2:29 wtf flame thrower?
LittleBoxxx x (5 months ago)
It's still like this..........2018.....
Mathias Lui (5 months ago)
my ping is about 50 to 80 on normal servers but i still get the exact same errors here
Hide Nagachika (5 months ago)
This shit is the mist annoying thing in cs
Ashwoof (6 months ago)
My ping is always over 100 and it pisses me off
Swft Anarchy (6 months ago)
0:55 thats a hack called backtracking... you can make the person you are shooting at teleport back to the place they were.
Joshua Mitchell (7 months ago)
Honestly, this is why I can't really get engaged into playing Counter-Strike. The gameplay ends up boiling down to these incredibly minor factors where even barely noticeable hardware fluctuations are obsessed over because they mean the difference between winning and losing. Where it's all about ridiculously fast reaction speeds with slow characters and bullets that don't fire straight (or consistently inaccurate) at a couple feet, and I can't see those three factors mixing well together at all, at least not with automatic weapons. But hey, I guess CS is more of a sport than a video game.
Cosmonauteable (7 months ago)
this video gave me cancer.
Hampo2003 (7 months ago)
I play with 5 ping and this seems like a constant problem most matches for me.
Rossebma (7 months ago)
Same Problem after 4 Years. What is Valve doing? I forgot... Mapreworks and new sounds
Toğrul Hüseynli (7 months ago)
I need to switch to fiber internet....NOW
asdasd asdad (7 months ago)
my word philip! but unless the whole world gathers in a lan party we gotta accept that it takes some time for the signal to reach all ends^^
Marek Pietrak (7 months ago)
What version of overpass is that? :D
Davis1337 (7 months ago)
MixHalZX Polska (7 months ago)
My life was a lie...
Mr Read (7 months ago)
4:38 you missed because he had ultra instinct
NekoColaQ (8 months ago)
this kinda shit makes me want to die on the inside
Sagnik Mukherjee (8 months ago)
So thats why my aim is perfect with bots but it sucks at matchmaking
Riptide (8 months ago)
prob is different now cause it was bout 4 years ago
Sergiu Auditore (8 months ago)
Dionretz Vallarta (9 months ago)
so that means valve made a replay system that completely fucks up in a whole lot of different ways; so it means there's a chance that those reviewing overwatched games means that they arent seeing the actual truth and is seeing a very much false image. "valve pls fix"
Dionretz Vallarta (9 months ago)
imagine (insert your fav pro csgo player here) smurfing.... and get's banned because the person reviewing the game ( overwatch ) isnt seeing the raw truth.
billy bob (9 months ago)
This is still happening lmao
Raimonds Samsanovičs (9 months ago)
I have same problem
snooz (9 months ago)
In this video, does anyone have the view model settings?
vf fa (9 months ago)
So my 5ms ping theoretically gives me a disadvantage against a 30ms player? Well, thanks valve.
Medkit (9 months ago)
2017, still hasn’t changed
The Shield (9 months ago)
The cake is a lie
Orasmith (9 months ago)
yep this is why we volvo needs to fix csgo
DannyRooper (10 months ago)
Valve need to sell CS to someone who cares
Jaxx (10 months ago)
November 2017...... Still not fixed
sebastian olmos (10 months ago)
how dou you get that source tv demo?
Aleksander Baron (11 months ago)
i have the same problem but on 30ms ping WTF
Xerinnian (11 months ago)
Mr Lux (11 months ago)
suka blyat
noro Noro (11 months ago)
SlipshodOak76 (11 months ago)
What we gonna do then?
Smack Bramhall (11 months ago)
Could be the server, could be that you rushed at full bought players with a USP.
biohazardous gamer (11 months ago)
what the heck is a source tv
elbowgreese (11 months ago)
how it feels to play above 30 ping
Dragon (11 months ago)
having 10-20 ping on servers feels incredible and everything is mostly accurate most of the time
theemacsshibe (1 year ago)
The extra U's made your connection worse than others'.
It's not about _"How the heck did that shot _*_not_*_ hit!?"_ It's about _"How the heck _*_did_*_ that shot hit!?"_
Esdynu (10 months ago)
Shad0w (1 year ago)
I'm confident that gunshots are synced the best and that you should use lined up gunshots for every clip
Mr Murchy (1 year ago)
how a smart person complains about lag
Matt Yaqin (1 year ago)
Asia? Malaysia?
Flops (1 year ago)
In brazillian servers, i get MAX 15 ping
M4RV1N M4RV1N (1 year ago)
Am only i wondering how he got up there at 4:03
Ali Kareem (1 year ago)
I love when people think 64 tick servers are the fifteenth circle of hell, even tho in game no one notices, cares or thinks of things like ticks and hitreg, because proble,s relevant to these issues are rare and unnoticeable, no matter how savvy and attentive you are
SushiRolls (1 year ago)
Note to self: Stay on cool 128 tick community servers and take my gunfights there
그냥사람 (1 year ago)
In my contry, i have 5 way to play csgo. 1. 50 ping 64 tick offical server full of toxic chinese and russian. And of course hacker 2. 100 ping 128 tick unoffical matchmaking server full of di*ks 3. 300 ping 128 tick unoffical matchmaking server 4. Fu*k competive match. Custom game modes should work for me 5. Uninstall csgo and play something else
mattia galantini (1 year ago)
You hit the enemy in the chest, the blood came out, you are using an AWP, you die and he is alive... *ragequit*
mattia galantini (1 year ago)
Ps: hello from 2017
techsimmons (1 year ago)
It's mid-2017 and I get 5 ping. This unacceptable issue remains present. I've never played a game with hit registration this bad. And back in my 100 ping days, this game was unplayable. Every other FPS I played ran fine at 100ms. It's either the dated Source engine, or an issue with Valve's service. Maybe a bit of both.
HarukiPlays (1 year ago)
we need either 64 tick source TV demos or 128tick mathcmaking servers with lets say 40ticks source TV demos which is double too.
Silver Werewolf (1 year ago)
Fucking shitty server
Senpai (1 year ago)
What I hate is that I am able to set my max acceptable ping to 25ms, which is pretty okay, but then have enemies with pings ranging from 20ms to 100ms. I would accept waiting two minutes for a dust2 game as long as I can set the max acceptable ping of my enemies to below 40ms.
Esdynu (10 months ago)
fucking weeb
Ilbenaattori (1 year ago)
i have a latency is only in csgo. if my ping is over 30 and i'm shooting at someone who's ping is under 20, i can shoot half of my clip into the enemy's head/chest area, then i get shot by the player with the better ping. Then in the kill replay, it shows that shot 2 shots at the enemy.
Levi (1 year ago)
England is your city. xD
Miguel Mif (1 year ago)
I don't know dude, there should be more servers in latin america and north asia too (i live at the same distance to US servers and brazil server, it sucks)
RoyaleNoir (1 year ago)
Meanwhile in New Zealand.... Ping: 876ms
prototype (1 year ago)
4:03 what is that map called with the custom tunnle added in?
Jesus Velarde (1 year ago)
Luckily for me, I live close to LAX servers. 17 ping for days!!!
Mathias Lui (1 year ago)
GOD i know this all stuff, not missing awp shots, that 100% hit clientside, teleporting back out of cover lol
Artek [General] (1 year ago)
Aaaand that's the reason i hate CS:GO. Its just so frustruating when what you see is not what you get. I mean... Other games probably have that too, but they are not glass-cannon simulators, making mistakes is less punishable and therefore the game is more enjoyable while in CS:GO a lot of the times you feel like your death / failed kill were not deserved and you got screwd over because the game is not good enough.
Olzhik (1 year ago)
"you saw"
GilgameshAurora (1 year ago)
June 2017 here, precisely dick butt has been fixed
Blaze (1 year ago)
this is like 90% of my games
TheNoob (1 year ago)
once i the enemy wasn't moving and i wasn't moving too and i was aiming at his head and shooting slowly not spraying and he did not fucking die after like 25 bullets from the AK and the same thing too he can't hit me
ZdrytchX -{Reference (1 year ago)
As a western australian, I don't get < 90 ping in the MM...
pkwism (1 year ago)
2017 and this issue is worse than ever, killed before seeing enemies on a regular basis. near 90% of games effected. 0 loss, o choke, 55ping, consistently out of sync.
IDarker112 (1 year ago)
i dont have this problem (sometimes), i hit an awsome awp hit that even flusha cant do (flick asf) and I SHOT HIM! and i just didnt shot him from the shit source tv the game have to register bullets from player perspective, not that shit source tv perspective...
OdhYsaT (1 year ago)
4:04 where to fuck are you ? :O
Con O'Keeffe (1 year ago)
I can relate to this all the time, literally every match. I'm averaging about 80 ping, and I sometimes get random spikes lasting anywhere up to a minute where my perspective freezes, but according to team mates, I kept moving slowly. As well, the AWP shots. I get so triggered by that. I hear my shot, see blood on the other player, but no damage and then I die.
xd Morphine (1 year ago)
2017, even worse.
No Name (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who is having a headache now ?
JKerman511 (1 year ago)
"I know what 100 ping feels like" Stop complaining about 1/10 of a second, us kiwis get 300 ping and don't give a shit.
big gay 137 (1 year ago)
Over 3 years later and it's still shit
NLxDoDge (1 year ago)
100 Ping?!? Are you on wifi or what? I never got above 30 with csgo europe servers.
Mr Foreign Twix (1 year ago)
Greeting from April 2017, everything is still fucked, its been 3 fucking years
Logan Pachulski (1 year ago)
It sucks when I get a few really nice headshots that splatter, but end up dealing like 7 damage
Nolan Perrini (1 year ago)
Google how does interpolation work in online gaming. Jesus dude. ur just doing these for the views.... the more videos I watch of yours, the more I realize that accurate information comes few amd far between. sorry fam.
Nikke 2800 (1 year ago)
CSGO has some of the best servers and lag compensation around and CSGO players bitch about it more than any other community. Compare CSGO to battlefield or call of duty. CSGO feels like local multiplayer after them.
Nevermore (1 year ago)
peekers advantage is a hell of a drug
The_Bearded_Engi (1 year ago)
you guys think 100 ping is bad? true it is BUT I HAVE 700 PING ON ANY SERVER I GO ON! uhhh...
Infarlock (1 year ago)
"You saw", "I didn't".
MrSnowman (1 year ago)
I'm not sure it makes very much sense to compare the GOTV vs a player demo. GOTV doesn't record the full tickrate. I'm not sure what it is but I'd wager it's half or a quarter of the 64tick. Maybe that's visible if you use the demoui ingame utility.
lili (1 year ago)
Okay so I'm not the only one Me: What? I hit a headshot......... Teammate: You were off by 500000000 miles, kill yourself you weeb faggot. I hope you get cancer because you threw that round
Ryan Baker (1 year ago)
This explains how I miss so many shots. I'm always on about 80 or so ping, and even very obvious shots that should hit don't.

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