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Text Comments (210)
Cacci 2 (4 days ago)
Knife knife knife
Enrique 18 (5 days ago)
Nice video bro
The Ckw3 (6 days ago)
hello bro nice video btw nice giveaway
kalai thasan (6 days ago)
I really like this 😀😀 vidoe
Nice Video! ❤️💪
Davies Andrew (7 days ago)
Nice video dude!
H1ns Productions (7 days ago)
Chris RL (7 days ago)
Eyyyy have a good Monday love youre vids
Zenny Coyote (7 days ago)
Anirudh Ranganath (7 days ago)
Hey!! Nice! Please give me a that knife so that I can sell it get money to buy books for my school plss
Yukio Komura (7 days ago)
Im an asian and i dont get knives :/
Ahahaa asians
raditya as (8 days ago)
Knife knife knife
SBB/ Schrampfi (8 days ago)
Man o man i got one knife and it was a falchion scorched
Tarik Nischke (8 days ago)
Adam Ovčarík (8 days ago)
Nice video
THE SUSPECT (8 days ago)
HaPpY CluB (8 days ago)
venom 765 (8 days ago)
Yea so cool
noob yolo (8 days ago)
Marco Landerl (9 days ago)
Demonz-CanPlay-Gamez (9 days ago)
Ya yeet yummy knife
Top Videos (9 days ago)
DAZZ LEgENd (9 days ago)
How you get all these video o_0
Meku (10 days ago)
S SkillzBox (10 days ago)
Rhaimund P. (10 days ago)
K N I F E for asians
f3Xm.- (10 days ago)
Skunware (10 days ago)
Videovolume: -400db
Simfab (10 days ago)
when do you show the winners?
Christine Toledo (10 days ago)
Nice vid
BooM BooM (10 days ago)
Bayonet is best
Nuc (10 days ago)
nice video
noname ez (11 days ago)
When you give that skins?
Gia Minh (11 days ago)
titah afif (11 days ago)
ke jianyu (11 days ago)
i better win a knife
ke jianyu (11 days ago)
racist fuck
89EROCK (11 days ago)
good vid
muifer (11 days ago)
When ur out of ideas
Shan CS:GO (11 days ago)
Make one for black people
EcoNomy (11 days ago)
Subscribed and liked and turned on notifications!
HarYana BoyZ official (11 days ago)
Nice one
Cameron Tugwell (11 days ago)
Nice man
Henry Holt (11 days ago)
Hey! Got no Skins Enveeh would love to win something
Astikes Dekasy (11 days ago)
Nice video again I hope you channel will reach 100k subscribers 1day
shrek 2620 (11 days ago)
im asian and i would like to win the knife
RFK (11 days ago)
Why the fuck did you have to make it "Asian Unboxing" who cares what race they are
zaid asad (11 days ago)
Nice nice
TENdRA (11 days ago)
Nice vid
Niklas E-Sports (11 days ago)
Nice Video
v1rzt TV (11 days ago)
Wade (11 days ago)
All I could understand was holy sh*t, still sick video
venomcs (11 days ago)
Joshua Hahn (11 days ago)
Hey nice
bySeason (11 days ago)
Oliver Høj-Jørgensen (11 days ago)
Nice video
asha panwar (11 days ago)
Wai Yang Chong (11 days ago)
Nice stuff! Keep it up
MrDadCard (11 days ago)
Nice video
Jl Kl (11 days ago)
Join the giveaway
Fikko (11 days ago)
Racist fuck
Diaolener (11 days ago)
Number one was the best
Linneboi (11 days ago)
Lucky dipshits lol
nuhaid maredia (11 days ago)
nice one
john lloyd llanto (11 days ago)
S2p3nd0us (11 days ago)
hahahaha GG's indians opening knife
Dragon Knight (11 days ago)
I hope i have knife
FroZeN_Dude (11 days ago)
why not use my unboxing video?
L E O (11 days ago)
Nice, lol
nerf attack (11 days ago)
maby polish openings?
CrazyMami10 (11 days ago)
Mark Anthony Chua (11 days ago)
Yey knife
W3ldA1din (11 days ago)
Giveaway has gone on for longer than a week now...
Jefferson Soriano (11 days ago)
Ryan Jovian (11 days ago)
Pretty neat!
Abhishek Shinde (11 days ago)
I'm an Asian myself never unboxed a knife tho ;(
TheEgyptian (11 days ago)
Your list In the description is not right it's out of order
محمد ياسر (11 days ago)
SO Nice
kratos the gamer (11 days ago)
By the way
Hacker (11 days ago)
Yun Xiiao (11 days ago)
NIce Video ~
Dr.Thrax (11 days ago)
They probably say ching chong whenever they get excited
sealt188 _ (11 days ago)
Erivan Silva (11 days ago)
PenguinDog Na (11 days ago)
New knife rly?
Danter 1 (11 days ago)
My B-Day is tommorow i wish ya knife
崩壞の小傑 (11 days ago)
Nice video for unboxing, the first one that boy open many case didnt get butterfly then the girl open once get it xD
Diemazing League (11 days ago)
Can you make this Video with German people pls? Give me Skin pls÷)
xMartiiin (11 days ago)
- 2crub_L0rd - (11 days ago)
Nice video sign me up for the giveaway again!
darshan prajapati (11 days ago)
Come on
Major_Tom56 (11 days ago)
How’d you find Asians playing csgo????? Lol but nice video!
Enrico Toffoli (11 days ago)
ITESH BHARTI (11 days ago)
Nice video man .. <3
Simqle (11 days ago)
Love the video!!
Oliver Kuckshaus (11 days ago)
Are you German?
codyy (11 days ago)
אייל (12 days ago)

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