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Counter-Strike: Source - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_Bathroom_v2_5s - Unloze

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Visiting the bathroom in CS:S! Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the custom ze bathroom v2 5s map. CSS Zombie Escape playlist: http://bit.ly/CSS_ZE Previous Video ( CS:GO ) https://youtu.be/41Rns0zi_yo Boss Fights: 5:10 - Spectating Level 1 Boss 6:32 - Level 2 Boss ze_bathroom in CSGO - https://youtu.be/U0IoeEVABac MAPPER Creator of the map: Puklica & Cuniczek SERVER Name: Unloze IP: How to play / join zombies servers you can find in axonek3 steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3 Video 1080p 60fps // PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (51)
Black Rose (16 days ago)
4ebyrek TV (24 days ago)
Поцаны подпишитесь на меня
CoolEst Boyst (26 days ago)
Nice video
Miorla (27 days ago)
*fire in the hole*
Petk0vic (27 days ago)
You crosshair plz tell me console
Ingrid Thayna (28 days ago)
Algum br
RoyalGreenBeret (28 days ago)
Your original best upload ;)
InvokerPlayerPH (29 days ago)
can anyone help me? im connecting to the server but the map isn't downloading pls can anyone respond As soon as possible??
Маруся (26 days ago)
oh okay
InvokerPlayerPH (26 days ago)
Маруся no no its okay now i just fixed it no need to help me
Маруся (26 days ago)
tell me the problem
Маруся (26 days ago)
what do you mean?
Noob Gamers Yt (29 days ago)
like CSGO
Alisson Silva (29 days ago)
old times of your channel, this was one of the first videos of yours that I watched
Amj CS (29 days ago)
Why this server did this map when I wasn't play???>:(
Amj CS (29 days ago)
Sorry I'm not good in english
Commenter 24 (29 days ago)
Res Trick (29 days ago)
server name? connect
Amj CS (29 days ago)
김태성 (29 days ago)
Good play cs source game
AJISDOANK CF (29 days ago)
Reupload, i know this maps
Xen Scarlet (29 days ago)
Wowowowowow On Sourceee
Mape Muts (29 days ago)
Im always watching
wayne lee (30 days ago)
They say that unloze is already dead but.....
wayne lee (29 days ago)
I mean i heard no me say it
Luke (29 days ago)
wayne lee no Unloze isn't dead 😁
Dark rp (30 days ago)
ass you know "axonek3"already finish this map in cs-go plus this is cs-s... so map still the but no skin and no new weapon that sucks! *OwO*
Mr. Tvisti (30 days ago)
Оооо российский мальчуган закричал
Klamby (29 days ago)
я вас поздравляю xD
Klamby (30 days ago)
4:25 дебилы дебилы я вас поздравляю ахахах
axonek3 (29 days ago)
Enaomacha Salam (30 days ago)
He became a zombie??
D3V1L (30 days ago)
Best map ever!!
Kervin Steve Roy (30 days ago)
Nice Vid<3...As Always xd
CenTz (30 days ago)
will this video hit 1mil views ?
That One Goose (29 days ago)
haha nice joke buddy
Splitzgamer Strives (30 days ago)
Well there is a probability he can reach 1mil but not this time as you can see you posed this 4 hour’s ago and as you can also see that he has a 1k view so you said too early why not say it when he has like 900,000 or 700,000 vews
EJ Pioquinto (30 days ago)
I play in that server I wish I can play with you :)...nice video keep it up you earn a sub
Luke (30 days ago)
So clooose 😁
Luke (29 days ago)
axonek3 i am Srry, im in a vocation school I can't help during the Week. Only Weekend now
axonek3 (29 days ago)
You didn't help me, Luke!
Si Dracula (30 days ago)
Nice cs
Killer Man (30 days ago)
Glitchy Gaming YT (30 days ago)
U made my day
Jack Aboy (30 days ago)
jlord (30 days ago)
nice vid 3
Duvan Buitrago (30 days ago)
Nice bro :D
[EL] Megalomaniac (30 days ago)
didn't you already do this map?
That One Goose (29 days ago)
different game
Ducky Momo (30 days ago)
Ikr like what the heck mann
Zavier Hahn (30 days ago)
[EL] Megalomaniac he did but this is on source.

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