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The Historic Fails of Na’Vi at Valve Majors (CS:GO)

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Natus Vincere is one of the most storied franchises in Counter Strike history. Fielding one of the most dominant rosters in 2010, they were considered to be a team that had “won it all” when it came to Counter Strike. But they never quite lived up to that name in the Global Offensive era. Despite fielding championship-winning lineups throughout the years, when it came to Valve Majors, Na’Vi always seem to fall short. Especially when you consider that they’ve attended them all, Na’Vi is without a doubt one of the greatest teams to have never won a Major. Written and edited by: Simmy Fong (@Sifolyy) Hosted and narrated by: Navneet Randhawa(@navneetr) Shot by: Matthew Massey & Simmy Fong Thumbnail courtesy of ESL. Footage courtesy of: https://pastebin.com/9phmR5AH Bracket courtesy of Liquipedia: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/MLG/2016/Columbus Fnatic forfeit article courtesy of HLTV: https://www.hltv.org/news/13731/fnatic-forfeit-ldlc-match Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (194)
RemodledBeatZz (11 hours ago)
what about flipsid3 huh? attended all majors but 1...
jazithePOW00 (1 day ago)
ok.... they are nothing without s1mple
ItsTheBibby (1 day ago)
Genuinely lost interest in watching this video because of the narrator. She either needs to make a lot of improvements or just not narrate at all.
Optimus Grime (4 days ago)
So much talent in CIS waiting for a chance, but yet they keep edward & zeus and just pray s1mple performs well. Actual moronity
Koastala (6 days ago)
*Proceeds to win a major after the airing of this show*
Dapri luns (7 days ago)
I think the next video should be about the loudest crowds ever in csgo.And congratulations to the great work and afford u guys are showing.
LucasEJM (7 days ago)
The production itself of these is great, but I don't know who is writing the scripts for these, but they need sacking as they are just cringe at some points, the commentator also needs to go. No enthusiasm when needed, intonation all over the place, sounds bored, just sub-standard overall. Make these changes and the quality of the videos will be so much higher.
Ridhuan Abu Bakar (7 days ago)
Navi is like jimmy white in snooker
Itihas Adhikari (7 days ago)
Simple carries simple wins simple dies navi loses
Earth O' Pedia (7 days ago)
this video applies to navi dota too
thetruthis. (7 days ago)
10:50 why zeus said that? "Olofmeister , I love you" Sorry pros , I'm new
Otak Ciki (7 days ago)
make video about faze clan please
Faiz Adil Khatami (8 days ago)
just like Navi in dota 2
Tony Zhen (8 days ago)
Cloud 9 your 2018 boston major eleague champions
ctppptv (8 days ago)
No feelings narration kills the hype of the vid and the content its just sad
Desmond Martin (8 days ago)
Story of Hai!
Nope I don't like this chick, yeah she's pretty hot but the lack of enthusiasm from her makes the video boring and it seems like she doesn't know a thing about the game
Salt_ (8 days ago)
na'vi looked great in the past few events. s1mple is always consistent and electronic is finally showing up. they looked great in starladder and marsielle.
Shaggy (8 days ago)
Now Navi are favorites on Faceit major. I hope they will win it.
Chaddy Warden (8 days ago)
This is really just the history of Na'Vi, not historic fails..
Scott Johnson (8 days ago)
this girl leaves some to be desired in her commentary
Skyrux (8 days ago)
Edward is the problem
Luka TheKostic (8 days ago)
Great video as always. Keep up with more stories like this!
SmOkE (8 days ago)
Ne0n (8 days ago)
0:10 my dog blew up
Huy Tran (8 days ago)
holy shit IT'S SEMMLER AND ANDER my tears start rolling :(
Arnav Rawat (8 days ago)
I crie
Trutty Faylout (8 days ago)
Ez grandfinal for navi at faceit major
zZArsenicZz (1 day ago)
Trutty Faylout and this mfer will be there to witness it 😍
seventay (8 days ago)
Nah-toos V(W)een-keh-reh would be more accurate :)
PK-Studios (8 days ago)
The commentator obvisouly has no idea what shes saying she has no passion shes just a pretty face that i hate
Vaiper Man (8 days ago)
Автор ч знаю что ты будешь это переводить !😏 . Ты кусочек говна , болеем за Нави с юношества , они хоть придерживаться в топе 10 HLTV уже немало лет , это длиннющий линия и он ещё будет длинный .
KobieClaw Gaming (8 days ago)
When you get sponsored by valve
WoZmmy (8 days ago)
even Na'Vi in DotA 2 was like this. Failing... sad but true
Muslim Nazir (8 days ago)
Navi remind me of the NIP. But NIP win and Navi don’t. So goodluck. I love simple btw. He’s godlike
CasinoR (8 days ago)
You should really say what game. I was here expecting dota and it was cs go. [CS: GO] [DOTA]
Erin Hardie (8 days ago)
between CS and dota being a navi fan has been rough the past couple of years
What's This? (8 days ago)
Oh... so... I just realized that Gambit, with Zeus, got won the major and FaZe Guardian kicked Na'Vi out of the majors while their team, Na'Vi, never won one :/... Damn... I feel like Guardian and S1mple deserved a major, I don't know about the other players of Na'Vi...
What's This? (8 days ago)
More of a choke, not a fail :/
Vestrio (8 days ago)
Glad to see that girl Navneet Randhawa is from my country (India) and knows a lot about CS :D
Stanny David (8 days ago)
shit host i rather listen to thelast guy
Tempo (8 days ago)
If they fail in London, they have to make some huge changes, you have to win something while s1mple is at peak of his career.
TryZoid (8 days ago)
Sheva DOTA 2 (8 days ago)
absolutely dislike, no reasanos why or how did they lost, ofc its disrespect to navi and all CIS community
HagridsBlunt (8 days ago)
5:01 Lenny Face.
RiiDH (8 days ago)
Is that a GuardiaN with braces?! 4:14
Chris O'Heat (9 days ago)
Lol it's clear this bitch doesn't know what she's talking about.
湊サルト (9 days ago)
Great vid but ENVY is the real meme
Ranbir Singh (9 days ago)
LegendaryVegeta (9 days ago)
a historic fail is choking or getting 16-0ed
Adnan Khan (9 days ago)
Navi ... RIP CSGO / RIP DOTA 😢
aakarsh pawar (9 days ago)
It's same for both both Dota 2 and Cs:Go for Navi. A tag enjoying such a huge fan base without achieving any result. It's more sad for Dota 2 fans since Navi don't even qualify for quarterfinals.
linkin krap (9 days ago)
Wow, so uplifting and embarassing at all...
Sumit Shrivastava (9 days ago)
I wont be going so harsh as to ask for a change of narrator but she needs to work on her narration. It sounds like a bit of a drag at quite a few places, and she is unable to fully express the hype or the low points with the background music. Its always good to try and mix up things though. And good video though!
Rabi Narayan Hansdah (8 days ago)
Counter-Strike ki feeling nahi aa rahi iss ladki se. 😅
Stanny David (8 days ago)
Sumit Shrivastava more like no emotion she only reads straight and no feeling im being a trsh srry
Monster Dante (9 days ago)
Fl1pS1d3 is a failure too, a crap ton of Major appearances, but lost every single 1.
i love how they show Seized's face with every lose lol
The Tutorial Teacher (9 days ago)
This indian girl. Let her do more videos please
Wapen (9 days ago)
Hey maybe narrating isn't her thing huh?
Surume Man (9 days ago)
I think she can work on her tone, it's very flat and uninteresting. Not bad, but could be better.
KittenzAreEvil (9 days ago)
Love the content but damn that was hard listening to.. not a storyteller voice I'm sorry
Adam Tohid (9 days ago)
Born to choke LUL
chen andy (9 days ago)
Poor Na vi
Uchoa (9 days ago)
Guardian is a great player, but I feel like he is a curse. First Na'Vi, now Faze.
Pradyut Sarma (5 days ago)
I know u dont hate em , bt thinking they're cursed is just sad
SCS FL1PPY (8 days ago)
But Faze won IEM Sydney
Blake Bridger (8 days ago)
Except Guadian just floored Astralis at IEM 3-0 in the finals and was MVP for the night?
krishna (8 days ago)
Pradyut Sarma we don't hate them bruh
Stanny David (8 days ago)
krishna ad tsm back in early years of csgo in esports
Hoody Toad (9 days ago)
Navi Dota team are worse tbh
Joardy 124 (9 days ago)
if the Londen major was next week, Na'Vi makes top 4 EZ and Top 2 if mous and astralis meet in playoffs... I would say: Na'Vi, mous ,Astralis are the strongest teams since februari idk how everyones form will be at Londen, but i know 1 thing for sure.. its gonna be EPIC
Jeremy Sim (9 days ago)
same could be said for dota2 roster for NaVi :(
Joshua Allen (7 days ago)
NaVi is a meme now
nguyễn minh hoàng (9 days ago)
Historic fails at Valve Majors? pfff, NiP made the first FIVE finals and lost four. Navis arent nothing. They r improving but theres a long way. BTW, bring back Colin, she can narrate but seems w/o enthusiasm. Good content anyway, maybe do a vid abt Fnatics era next guys?
Joshua Allen (7 days ago)
Yes but NiP made finals 4 times as opposed to navi's 2 times, and they actually won a major. NaVi making making it to the major every time but never winning is a much worse track record
Kanji Linares (9 days ago)
Can we please have Colin back... please?
「Kingom Come」 (9 days ago)
S1mple has so much potential but he's being constricted by his own team
Sahil Singh (9 days ago)
There's always an Indian 😍
John Wick (9 days ago)
Navneet is back <3
Alvin Sagala (9 days ago)
Her as narrator makes me not want to watch this video
mainetw (9 days ago)
nice vid, but the girl narrator. valve, pls fix
Pro Player (9 days ago)
Lol nab
PowR (9 days ago)
And they talk about choke 9
Defii (9 days ago)
Pls stop this girl from narrating omg
Richard Strage (6 days ago)
Sounds like shes reading from a paper and doesn't really give two fucks of the story being told.
Thiago (7 days ago)
Why? What's the problem?
Ralph Co (9 days ago)
Defii no she isn’t
Defii (9 days ago)
Ralph Co she looks like shit
Ralph Co (9 days ago)
Defii but she hot
Ryan Sodhi (9 days ago)
Wow 4:05 Lauren was fit back in 2014
Ryan Sodhi (9 days ago)
Pls make one flusha or jw or even krimz!
syne_euw (9 days ago)
Is it so hard to just pronounce ‘Krakow’ correctly?
GD Crysisbai (9 days ago)
that "if u cant beat them, u sign them" really gets me hahhhahahha
Infinite Ouya (9 days ago)
The problem with Na'vi is that despite them having great teams they never had the best team despite having the chance to become the best multiple times. Inconsistent teams are the hardest to watch and Na'vi is one of them. Even now with having the best player in the world they can't win anything since they have 4 players that have consistency issues. Hopefully they pick up some good CIS talent and put up a good showing at the ECS London Major
Natsu Dragneel (9 days ago)
Not even a navi fan but this is heart breaking
Mind blowers (9 days ago)
Now do the Dota 2 team
fail_lip (9 days ago)
Navi's failures? Where's TI2 and TI3 when you need them?
fail_lip (9 days ago)
「Kingom Come」 title says it's Valve major TI is a valve major so it doesn't change
「Kingom Come」 (9 days ago)
fail_lip this is the csgo scene not dota 2
Coach McGuirk (9 days ago)
The Originals (9 days ago)
You gotta feel bad for GuardiaN man... 3 major finals and he still didn't won the major but he deserves it so much,if FaZe wins FACEIT Major London 2018 im gonna buy alcohol and drink until i drown in it.
nguyễn minh hoàng (9 days ago)
Irish much?
Fakr000 G (9 days ago)
The Originals mee too.
anshul pal (9 days ago)
Zues left gambit and joins NAVI ... NOW BOTH TEAMS ARE SHIT
Beaver Man (9 days ago)
Do story of Stewie2K???
Lord Jaraxxus (9 days ago)
dang it wrong navi....
Enzo Tansingco (9 days ago)
Been supporting Na'Vi Dota and CS for years now, and it's pain every time
m0nius (2 days ago)
Enzo Tansingco XDD
Ali Johar (8 days ago)
Enzo Tansingco I feel you
Sam Tait (9 days ago)
this chick likes navi and ''fails'' marry my piece <3
Fade (9 days ago)
You cant blame em. They try pretty hard.
Jess No Limt (9 days ago)
Fountain Hook tho💕
「Kingom Come」 (9 days ago)
This isn't dota 2
Drew Drew (9 days ago)
When you're a fake girl gamer and only know Na'Vi doto
Natsu Dragneel (9 days ago)
Wrong game😂 atleast dota won an international
Diego Sanchez (9 days ago)
wrong game tho XD
Marcos Vinicius (9 days ago)
navis problem is consistency, every player has some good matches and all, but they never shine all 5 together, s1mple can only do so much for the team.
Ali Johar (8 days ago)
Marcos Vinicius Zeus has been amazing and his leadership is essential for us. But how Edward is still on the team I will never understand. Our team right now is really good and we can beat any team on our day, but if we can replace Edward with an AWPer or a strong fragger, the team could really be onto something.
Ren Guy (8 days ago)
seized :)
TryZoid (8 days ago)
Guido Zancocchia ange1 and mir
Guido Zancocchia (9 days ago)
navi needs to kick zeus and edward to sign ange1 + anyone
Nicolas (9 days ago)
Zeus is the problem.
Jyethe Wong (9 days ago)
No disrespect but can we not have her narrate anymore. Thanks
Thiago (7 days ago)
Why? What's the problem?
Francisco Djasman (8 days ago)
Give her time to adapt
Arxios lmao I said sheis doing her job she says what they told her to say so stfu...she is good and she just started do u think she love to talk about cs go? No but she have to so stfu
Arxios (8 days ago)
shut up gh0styy he said no disrespect and a lot of us prefer the other guys narration, nothing wrong with it. i do too
Jyethe Wong wtf s wrong with u she just does her job so stfu
Ajay Kumar (9 days ago)
NAVI is cursed, as soon as players leave they seem to win majors and when they come back they act like trash again.
The Originals (9 days ago)
But he was so close to it.
Marcos Vinicius (9 days ago)
what are u talking about? guardian didn't win any major
Jimmy Reich (9 days ago)
Ya hate to see it
JHthan (9 days ago)
im not first, have a nice day
David Oledan (9 days ago)
Yooow i love ur videos man

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