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Top 10 Reasons You Are Stuck At Silver In CS:GO

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The Silver Rank.. The darkest, scariest, most fear inducing place in Counter Strike Global Offensive..Welcome to Valve Guides. Today, we are going to be going over 10 reasons you may be stuck in silver. Of course, if you are not in silver, you can still easily learn from this video. But if you are in Silver, and you do some of these things, these are ten ways that you can crawl your way out of Silver, and into the light.. Keep in mind, these are not particular order. If you enjoyed this video "Top 10 Reasons You Are Stuck At Silver In CS:GO" Make sure to subscribe to get more "CS:GO tips and Tricks". ★GRAB CHEAP SKINS UP TO 40% OFF: http://goo.gl/1nR2TW★ ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___________________________________________ ▼ SOURCES! ▼ 1 - CSGO | SILVER MOMENT | KNIFE FAIL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yJIX3CYF_c&ab_channel=Visced 2 - CS:GO - Silver Defuse (Fail) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMVSDwfL8ZY&ab_channel=Swagface 3 - CS:GO | Best AFK eu! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YamFcRoWUGs&ab_channel=SebastianM%C3%B8ller 4 - CS:GO Fail Spray https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cvSroPMld8&ab_channel=AmplifiedX 5 - CS:GO {LOUD AUDIO} - Surfing Mic Spam, Music Wars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg2JCFKO_Bs&ab_channel=TheHyperChimp
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Text Comments (4649)
Drageloff (12 days ago)
I just sucked when i got my rank, sliver 1, and now im very good but it just takes ages to get out of silver.. i got 41 kills a game but lost cause second Place had 8 kills
VlaDmYV (13 days ago)
1mil views=1mil silvers
iLLuSiONs (14 days ago)
Not Russian's fault
xeN Highlights (28 days ago)
Im not using mic and im LE
Herobryce1075 Gaming (29 days ago)
Why am I still a Silver? I don't play competitive lol.
Mr.Dhotar Chor (29 days ago)
I am SEM and have 25 wine
PJ830 MASTER (1 month ago)
I am at gold nova master aka gold nova 4
ILucaPvP (1 month ago)
You forgot the best tip USE YOUR HEAD PHONE AND YOUR EARS, always if I play with my team no one using sounds and thats pretty yea.....
MTG Ahoy (1 month ago)
All these silver noobs complaining about not having a premade team LOL. It's hard to even stay in silver for anybody smurfing above MG level. If you have over 300 hours and still stuck in silver you are just mentally challenged even without a premade team
HowYouFailCsgo (1 month ago)
Congrats for 288K subs???
Torbjörn God (1 month ago)
I play with a crappy pc atleast my cs go works and I have an ok setup im stuck at golf Nova :D
real name (1 month ago)
Thanks man i was silver 1 now I’m silver 1
BODO AMA5 (1 month ago)
I have 200 compe wins and im sliver 2
Ahmad_J (1 month ago)
i still am unranked
DeadlyDerp (1 month ago)
reason 10 is the most bullshit reason ive ever seen
Der Betrachter (1 month ago)
Aint even silver, still watching
Your Gay (1 month ago)
C I would talk but I am squeaker
Topias Kristian (1 month ago)
#1 reason you are stuck in silver is you probably dont have banana socks thank me later
kiva puppy (1 month ago)
U r true thats why i been stuck in ailver for 3 years now
Normal Bir İnsan (1 month ago)
i m always get 20 Kill at least but i mu waiting to be nova 40 matches
Amandamandan (1 month ago)
I’m LEM, what am I doing here.
TheTacBanana (1 month ago)
Tbh, I'd say mirage mirage is the best choice to out out of silver, it's evenly sided and easy to learn the call outs and entry frags
junaida (1 month ago)
All my friends are console peasants
EvilSharkEater (1 month ago)
im gaming cs go at $250 laptop at 30 fps
Fergagame xD (1 month ago)
My pc shity and i am new at this shitty game. Lol and i just got gn3..
Vexs (1 month ago)
I’m in s2 and I play on a old tv should I upgrade to a monitor?
thatBoyZerk (2 months ago)
i win 90% of my top frag 60% of my won games and am still elite master oof
Gautam Mehra (2 months ago)
I mostly solo queue in silvers with the expectation that I will get good players and what do I GET? players who will not give you a drop, will not buy kelvar and will not buy nades. I'm stuck at silver for a long time. I always top frag in the matches but because of my teammates, I cannot rankup and I'm tired of it
gabi marin (2 months ago)
Getting out of silver it's like learning to be a pro,so much time and effort,doesn't worth it
SmiledBoy417 Boy (2 months ago)
hm... interesting. I am rank 7 and i beat all silvers. I hope i will not be like them 😅
curtiouse core (2 months ago)
90lxFox (2 months ago)
No one in silver takes a game seriously they all just think oh it's silver who cares nobody's trying to get out it's shit and it should be a requirement that you have to have a mic to play competitive
cabanday Cy (2 months ago)
I dont Have friends
Ridingskull 321 (2 months ago)
Or... stay with me now... the rank up system is fucking horrible
Lozzaq (2 months ago)
I got to gn4 but my pc broke for a few months and I lost my rank, then when I stared playing again I was ranked in silver. I’m always top fragging by at least 10 kills but I can’t get out of silver because I always lose games due to poor teammates. Also I can’t communicate with teammates because I speak English but people in my games speak other languages
Hornyman9000 (2 months ago)
Buy skins. You will become so much better at the game.
CactuzFPS (2 months ago)
If you dont have any gamer friend?
McSugary (2 months ago)
I play on laptop and get 100+ fps
ali oyunda (2 months ago)
The reason for me is my tests
dog bless yes (2 months ago)
EU MM is impossible because noone communicates and speaks English, out of my 5 matches yesterday I had 1 team that didn't communicate (de_cache), a four man Russian queue and I got kicked by them (cs_office) , two decent teams that communicated and we won (de_mirage and de_cache) and finally a team consisting of me, German girl, two Russians and an Italian (de_inferno) another loss. I still stand by my point, I luckily managed to reach Gold Nova 1 somehow.
Cretu Razvan Daniel (3 months ago)
I play with 30 fps 😕😕😒
Data27 (3 months ago)
I stuck because enemy in every map is smurf and hacker never in my team only others
Data27 (3 months ago)
I am 10 yearw old i give info i know the maps i am good at aim good at spray but stuck in s3 i have main gn4 and some more and i will have main mg
Data27 (3 months ago)
Guys i am s4 and main rank gn3 or 4 and higher rank gn2
Ninjabluebutt XD (3 months ago)
What if you don’t have friends?
ACER GAMEPLAYS (3 months ago)
I have a msi 1060 Silver 4 :,V
alex bucker (3 months ago)
alt f4 for free robux
Phoenix Roles (3 months ago)
Broken mic. Like indian ppl i meet
Sesko Keksic (3 months ago)
I was mg2 and than i stopped playing for 6 months. I come back and i get the silver elite rank. Wtf...
Marcus Ang (3 months ago)
i play on a hp laptop
Kaiser Kun (3 months ago)
U know why people are stuck at low ranks? it's because they take this game seriously that they forget to use their brains really im not joking i don't even have csgo but i play 1.6 and source and the reason people in these 2 games were actually so good that they can reach high ranks after playing few games in csgo ranked games is that we play for fun and learn from our mistakes while having FUN and that's how you gonna learn everything in this game .....btw pistol is so op in csgo nerf pls im wrecking people in lan games XD
The Stilicko (3 months ago)
#11: You are playing on a mac rip
Pfff, CS:GO was my first FPS game on pc when a friend recommended it to me January, and my first rank was MG!!!!
O yea, It appeared in my sub box
Why did I even watch this!!
I am currently Supreme!!!!!
Carl johnson (3 months ago)
I let the silver players win the game
Carl johnson (3 months ago)
Silver players plz watch a video called how to be pro in CSGO to become a good player or legend player
EvaNxdd (3 months ago)
Im going to say 1 thing. I lost a game with 120 points, top fraging and 13 deaths
Hamudi (3 months ago)
i have no friends in csgo, thats true lmao
Darkis (3 months ago)
Stuck in silver for like 3 months, I deranged from s3 and now I’m stuck in s1 it sucks, don’t complain about Mge at,east they are good I should be gn2 atleast but toxic 6 year-olds and, retarded 20 yearolds and I’m in the middle, 13 freakin sucks , I have tried everything, not soloqueing looking for friends when I play with top foragers on my team they are only good for one match the next match they are bottom fragging, I have learned nades, communicating, improving aim, and movement but I can’t be the only silver doing that because it’s a team based game. And yes I have good skins
GoodSir (3 months ago)
The computer one makes no difference, because you can only see up to 23fps anyway
master_gems (3 months ago)
Thx for thes video know i get more batter game and more fun and i rank up thx
luca greco (3 months ago)
the reason i'm stuck is that i play on laptop and arond the 7th round my laptop overheat so i have 15 fps
Xzdan15 _ (3 months ago)
But what if my limiting factor is my shitty fps
Chewtroix (3 months ago)
did i just watch a 3min advertisment?
7louis7 mois (3 months ago)
130 matchmaking wins and ranked silver 3
Infinite DOVAH (3 months ago)
Is it okay to watch this video when you are LE
XCEL SERVEX (3 months ago)
The real reason your stuck in silver because you havent ninja defuse yet lol!
pepe S (3 months ago)
I am stuck in mg1
crusha (3 months ago)
1:44 Competivily? Don't you mean Competitively?
NovanoDelta (3 months ago)
when i was silver 3 i managed to destroy a 5 year veteran
Bananana (3 months ago)
#1 reason: ur just shit get better
Retr0 (3 months ago)
Is it ok if i play on a laptop (gamer Acer)
subject superrurik (3 months ago)
I can only play 2 times a week because of my parents... :/
Tuomas 18 (3 months ago)
#1 reason is that you have russians in your team
Non Generic Channel Name (3 months ago)
Quit shaming me
Muhamad Omega (3 months ago)
I need friends ;-;
mysticfighter (4 months ago)
Ok, which points fits to me ? 10,9,8,7,5,3,2 and 1 and look at me I´m in mg 2/mge
Jithz_Walkthrough (4 months ago)
well no one cant stop smurfing................
kaiden hobart (4 months ago)
I don’t have any friends, I’m poor, and I’m a squeaker and I don’t want to say 1 callout just for them to kick me because I sound like a squeaky toy
Staline Kommies (4 months ago)
Kind of funny, I don't use nades, I play on a mac and I don't struggle lol
dimitar gondolqn (4 months ago)
Silver is best rank evryone is like chill out non stop (and most toxic)
Iskandar hakim (4 months ago)
My team full of gold nova and im only just a lonely silver (and i get 15 kill and 2 death) cri cri
TheSpryxe l Hardware (4 months ago)
How to get out of Silver: 1.) Play Aim Maps for half an hour per day and learn all important spray patterns. 2.) Warm Up atleast 10mins before a comp 3.) Lone Wolf carry your team with 35+ Kills every Round
SupeGaming (4 months ago)
I was gn4 but I deranked a lot so now I am silver elite master but I am really good but my teammates cant do a shit
david esktorp (4 months ago)
I wish you people would stop pretending that you're going to make a living playing this trash. The entire 'pro gamer' scene is a marketing hoax, executed by the peripheral manufacturers and computer retailers. They charge 20-30x actual value simply by appending the term 'Gaming' to a product. The research is complete. Marketing departments have long known that stupid kids come from stupid parents and that these people are willing to blow what little money they have on stupid shit. 'Pro gamers' are employees and not high valued ones at that. It's advertising for mice, keyboards, gpus etc. That's it. The fact that so many of you believe this pipedream that you're gonna 'go pro' is so fucking sad. It's literally the exact same fantasy pushed on millions of black kids every year; that they will ride a magic, gold-plated football out of the ghetto. Statistically speaking, it _never_ happens. Have fun playing video games. The moment you feel yourself believing that you could 'go pro' it's time to turn off the game and do something meaningful with your life. Learn some actual skills, before it's too late.
BoomBoomer28 (4 months ago)
What if my friends are fucking noobs and get 0 kills in the match and I get 40+ ?
BlueBur (4 months ago)
Yep playing csgo with a 2gb ram is a pain in the back silver elite fo life but when i try to play a gaming pc flicks are happening lolz pls respond
Gay Lord xD (4 months ago)
I still silver 4
abdal ucchash (4 months ago)
300 fps? Just how? I hardly get 120.
Jack Goethals (4 months ago)
4:38 finally someone else
Sethei (4 months ago)
But is it really possible to be silver?
Toy Boy (4 months ago)
Yo I have mastered the awp spray
pro2type (4 months ago)
im playing on an i3 no graphics card at 60fps
Agent RED #002 (4 months ago)
13 wins in a row still s3 GABEEEEEEN
Kevin Baltazar (4 months ago)
Excaliburn Hd (4 months ago)
Yeah I kinda think my pc might be holding me back a bit because I play on 720 p and barely get 45 FPS consistently which is really distracting as it frequently drops to below 30
Pure Depression (4 months ago)
60 - 80 fps? I have to play on 30, and there's nothing I can do about it.
Volks 1 (4 months ago)
But i don't have friends😢
snake gaming (4 months ago)
I am a global elite ez game
Jailzo (4 months ago)
I play on a laptop with an integrated graphics card that overheats a lot. I run csgo at 10-15fps
Legendary MuRAMasa1337 (4 months ago)
Why am i still stuck in silver...i mastered negev,knife and awp spray patterns..i use vibrator for mic and its good ..i have ruski friends,they gud at p90..why tho??

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