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How Valve Treats CS:GO

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Valve don't even make the skins featured in cases or maps in the operations. Sources and music: CS:GO - Problem with ladders on de_train https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhqBVlwMWms de_train Ladder Fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ercMKKGDc7I Building the Content that Drives the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Economy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd_QeY9uATA&feature=youtu.be Freakazoid Reaction to R8 Revolver and CSGO Patch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_89e8E7yS4 n0thing Rants: CSGO Update and R8 Revolver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yutcsKPyuhs Thorin's Thoughts - Update 9/12/2015 a.k.a Wild West Nightmare (CS:GO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BHLq-NvlHg Community and Communication in Games-As-Services https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwv1G3WFSfI Raw Video: NASA Celebrates Mars Rover Landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkVBXW4JeUI Exclusive Gabe Newell Interview at Valve HQ | SILVERMANIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdSKWKZFdrU Is Valve turning into EA? BANNING CS:GO PLUGINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeiM-kzEytI CS:GO - AWP / Deagle Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z_j7TXRtSI Thorin's Thoughts - The AWP Nerf (CS:GO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsFnJYJ2buU In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHC-uGDbu7s&feature=youtu.be Thorin's Thoughts - Communicating with Valve (CS:GO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrd65uL-X_w Run and Gun in CS:GO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw5a1qLVlwg Please Fix CSGO! Petition for Valve Fix Your Game @csgo_dev https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EsDMYQmYaE Freakazoid RAGE Reaction to CSGO HITBOX Post UPDATE [Valve Rant] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkftN9SwhNk Muisc: Herbert Chappell - The Gonk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXwz3wCmcTk Rob D - Matrix - Clubbed to Death [Kurayamino Mix] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RudpFzGLbo Comment if I'm missing anything.
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Text Comments (7126)
BreadStalker (48 seconds ago)
yo dota 2 team banned for 12 months but brax still banned feelsbadman
0rang3z (22 hours ago)
Still a relevant video.
CS:GO accuarcy machine BROKE, have a good day! P.S.-Thank you vavle.
Abdullah Barqawi (1 day ago)
Upcoming next: They will nerf AK one taps
kacperskyy (1 day ago)
Yo, riot is even worse. Banning for toxicity wtf, they rework champions who are extremely hard to play (rengar example) because they are too OP. I think thats what champions are after mastered. I quit league and went to fortnite. Im happy.
Mohammad M (1 day ago)
Why do people still play this shit game? Just move on. Valve isn't going to fix this fucking trash game. I moved onto pubg, I cant play this shit anymore. It's been the same fucking problems for FOUR FUCKING YEARS.
Jhon Astudillo (2 days ago)
panorama came out faggot
ThinkBlue (2 days ago)
About 6-7 months ago I had the chance to really get into Counter Strike. I was already good at the game and now I had mates to play it with. Watching this I now realize how much of a bullet I dodged deciding not to get into the game.
Dawkins & Tools (2 days ago)
God I love salty CS:GO players. Thanks for making my day!
Jhon Astudillo (2 days ago)
youre a sped
RAID0NKU (2 days ago)
dota just better man. Let csgo die
David Sinca (1 day ago)
But i don't like RPG's
Jhon Astudillo (2 days ago)
its already dead
MD Kasuko (2 days ago)
yeah all this shit and we are still playing haha
Sondus Hussein (3 days ago)
TF2: get on my level of neglect.
freusin (4 days ago)
I suggest we bring CS1.6 and CSS tournaments back
ClashingFrost (4 days ago)
You need to update this
Ryan Nguyen (4 days ago)
류세 라 (4 days ago)
ah man the classics revisited - phoon, and this
Ívan Guðmundsson (5 days ago)
If Valve doesn't fix CSGO ,I'm going back to 1.6.
vedik (5 days ago)
Well guess what. There will a day when CSGO will be dead and then CS1.6 will be again on the top .. because 1.6 really deserves it..
Brandon Hoile (5 days ago)
I love that people complain that you can one shot someone with every gun, including the pistols, like, do they realize that you can one shot someone irl with every gun?
Some Random furry (5 days ago)
"Csgo is about building up skill" Or... just learning how to how to aim. buy an awp. Then enter a pro league....
aDm (5 days ago)
I guess skins are more important then fixing the game banning the hackers or making half-life 3
DxvidGaming X3 (6 days ago)
5:29 sypherPK
pablo minecraft (6 days ago)
this is so sad
Tinchokratos (6 days ago)
As csgo community deserves xd
Rexinus1 (7 days ago)
MacValent (9 days ago)
tf2 tf2 lol
Ejekiel (10 days ago)
*5/11/2018* valve sue's opskins :D is this game gonna be like h1z1?
Litnin McFeen (12 days ago)
This video has never been as relevant as it is right now
lol lol (13 days ago)
EA jr. + bluehole + Gaben = valve
rin1110 (14 days ago)
4:15 that guy is a fucking mongoloid, it's been like that since cs 1.3+
Outlaw Ray (14 days ago)
I stopped playing at the time this video was made, I am still yet to return. I still see streamer content and get mixed feelings about installing again, but theres just not enough effort on valves part to make me want to return.
Tsuun (15 days ago)
Because Valve is a pussy dealing with the public even if they know they're in the wrong.
Xinthosium (15 days ago)
Instead of making another skins and shits why not focus on creating Half Life 3? Wtf bro it's almost a Decade ago since the last Half Life 2
Dirt Thrower (16 days ago)
What a great video. People who don’t even like video games perfectly understand how many people feel about how Valve treats the game.
Hellish Cyberdemon (17 days ago)
Fuck Csgo
TabySnapy YT (18 days ago)
this is why i quit csgo and moved on to r6s
lol lol (13 days ago)
You know what valve is Ea jr. + bluehole = valve
Samo46dr (19 days ago)
I switched from CS GO to R6S, I just feel that Ubisoft do cares about their game and keep fixing it, they do listen to the community and they have a test server for feed back
lol lol (13 days ago)
But Ubisoft is also shit The only game company that knows what the fuck their doing is epic games Don’t FUCKEN lie to me
Everything Reversed (21 days ago)
The girl tho..
mndrnka.〈3 (22 days ago)
Ricky where you are :(
Pintkonan (22 days ago)
i'm glad i quit at beta 7.1 =b
Ivan Playz (23 days ago)
And there is a company named epic games
Baneewii (23 days ago)
*tf2 cying in a corner
Aco The Game Master (24 days ago)
Just play CSS or CS 1.6
i was downloading csgo and the moment the video ended the game launched (btw i have 150mpbs)
David Mikayelyan (24 days ago)
I think so cs go after 1 or 2 years will be dead because right now i am waiting 3 to 4 minutes for matchmaking!!
mason jokinen (24 days ago)
Guys, its still the best online fps that has ever been made. Maybe they will get there shit together one day.
Even Roblox CS:GO have better update than this
FireMaster2994 (26 days ago)
3:41 why does this guy remind me of the Pope but wearing black
aditya joshi (26 days ago)
saw this a year ago, why's it in my recommended
Guardian's Meme (26 days ago)
I love Deagle in 1.6 but what Happened to Deagle in csgo? I don't like the sounds i don't like the recoil I should delete csgo and Have a good day with 1.6
Guardian's Meme (26 days ago)
M4A1 - S should be better
Mc Daniel (26 days ago)
Gaben, when are you going to release Half-life 3? 3:43
Risted (26 days ago)
0:40 song? :D
Hemanth Kumar (27 days ago)
2:48 the fucking crosshair was pointed at his head but didnt kill him. Gaben is on drugs.
spinbot sxvbot (27 days ago)
www.moonhook.eu - Best skill !
Brian Wang (28 days ago)
Cs is dying dude
Vosem Media (28 days ago)
Ívan Guðmundsson (28 days ago)
I have loved Counter Strike since 1.6 ,and Source ,Valve is ruining the game.
Joey Crain (29 days ago)
4:25 lol buy a helmet (you were lite for 40 as well)
Trollolol (29 days ago)
if valve has another competitor , they would move their asses and make their games more cool XD
JustMeelz (29 days ago)
2 years later and this has only gotten worse
Johnata Silva (26 days ago)
fuck man xDD its true
aDm (30 days ago)
i'm still waiting for dota card game 2
sightinsight (1 month ago)
gabe newell was good, now he's just an average fagget
wolfieg (1 month ago)
What about tf2 ?
TooMuchOFJustBussines (1 month ago)
2:26 WTF?
Octav Ghe (1 month ago)
2018... feelsbad
Israel andersonHOME (1 month ago)
Ever heard of Team Fortress 2?
Ryan Chen (1 month ago)
i bet 1,300 valve devs disliked this video
Josh Van (1 month ago)
At least you aren't completely ignored for months or years like TF2. We are fucked.
Claudiu Claudiu (1 month ago)
If csgo didn t had ranking system everybody would ve came back to cs 1.6
Motioner P.balance (1 month ago)
You should make a new how valve treats csgo
Kmicic84 (1 month ago)
Does anybody know a server on CS:GO with Dust2 expanded? (more corridors near long, left upper corner of the map developed) [A server like that was in CS:Source]
Alex Radu (1 month ago)
So sad...........
Tim Dinh (1 month ago)
I bet Valve watch the video and realize that they need to fix the Rank system in CSGO instead making the money by mircrotransation
Maxwell (1 month ago)
@RickyRays Please Make a 2018 Version of this
Analgestic GT (1 month ago)
This is just heartbreaking
romy saputra (1 month ago)
counterstrike for kidss cause kids wont even think to spend money on cosmetics
AA L (1 month ago)
Valve the type of retards to change the sound of the guns for no reason
Terry Jensen (1 month ago)
i hate csgo putting cooldown becuase of getting kicked
Firepower (1 month ago)
Nah match fixers should be permanently banned. It's literally fraud and frankly, they're lucky they didn't get sued/arrested.
NigNogWhipper 5000 (1 month ago)
Haha welcome to how valve treats half life fans.
Lukáš Pavlista (1 month ago)
REST IN PEACE CS:GO ur dead now in 2k18
URBAN BOUCHE (1 month ago)
this is just sad
Chen Chen (1 month ago)
Gaben don't care about the game anymore he knows it's already fooked up it self, well he just staright watch pony now
fouhan siddiqui (1 month ago)
That dude who got killed by the pistol deserved that death thanks to that horrible peak
ghoulunathics (1 month ago)
forget all the balancing job they have to do. now that we have gloves and shitloads of buyable new weapon skins, maybe we could get mounts and pets next?
Martin Horyna (1 month ago)
csgo community is obviously bunch of whining pussies
Jeebuksen Pummilapsi (1 month ago)
This is why i changed to Counter Strike : Source.
hexdzn爱 (1 month ago)
gaben is fking gay
tuubA (1 month ago)
I wish some rich company would buy this game off Valve. They simply don't care a shit about this game anymore..
BlyatProductions (1 month ago)
i was exited to buy the game then i saw your video i was like *HELL NO*
luki play (1 month ago)
Finnaly... CS GO started losing players...Skin prices are going down ...
Arrow Head (1 month ago)
2 years later this is even more true.
Creeper_Pro20 (1 month ago)
venjo daray (1 month ago)
i just bought the game that game is changed
LEGOMAN 2 (1 month ago)
Why don't people play competitively on the older counter strikes? I know that people do play competitively in the older counter strikes but there are no like.. events for competitive players in the older counter strikes.
TREXTER (1 month ago)
What does he mean with this Dota2 footage? 2:04
nyanfish (1 month ago)
TREXTER that dota is changing and getting alot of support.
jsuh (1 month ago)
*ragnarok, the only option.*
Flitzele (1 month ago)
Epic games does the same with Fortnite
Flitzele (1 month ago)
L i know, Epic games is extreme shit
L (1 month ago)
Fortnite is free, Epic games doesnt care
Noise Marine (1 month ago)
Valve moved on to creating an OS system and cashing in on being a middle-man to all purchases. So dont be surprised they dont care for games anymore. Id suggest you move on to something else.

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