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How Valve Treats CS:GO

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Valve don't even make the skins featured in cases or maps in the operations. Sources and music: CS:GO - Problem with ladders on de_train https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhqBVlwMWms de_train Ladder Fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ercMKKGDc7I Building the Content that Drives the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Economy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd_QeY9uATA&feature=youtu.be Freakazoid Reaction to R8 Revolver and CSGO Patch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_89e8E7yS4 n0thing Rants: CSGO Update and R8 Revolver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yutcsKPyuhs Thorin's Thoughts - Update 9/12/2015 a.k.a Wild West Nightmare (CS:GO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BHLq-NvlHg Community and Communication in Games-As-Services https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwv1G3WFSfI Raw Video: NASA Celebrates Mars Rover Landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkVBXW4JeUI Exclusive Gabe Newell Interview at Valve HQ | SILVERMANIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdSKWKZFdrU Is Valve turning into EA? BANNING CS:GO PLUGINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeiM-kzEytI CS:GO - AWP / Deagle Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z_j7TXRtSI Thorin's Thoughts - The AWP Nerf (CS:GO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsFnJYJ2buU In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHC-uGDbu7s&feature=youtu.be Thorin's Thoughts - Communicating with Valve (CS:GO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrd65uL-X_w Run and Gun in CS:GO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw5a1qLVlwg Please Fix CSGO! Petition for Valve Fix Your Game @csgo_dev https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EsDMYQmYaE Freakazoid RAGE Reaction to CSGO HITBOX Post UPDATE [Valve Rant] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkftN9SwhNk Muisc: Herbert Chappell - The Gonk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXwz3wCmcTk Rob D - Matrix - Clubbed to Death [Kurayamino Mix] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RudpFzGLbo Comment if I'm missing anything.
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Text Comments (6993)
Ed Douglass (29 minutes ago)
They wont even release half life 3 coz there too goddamn lazy to make a mistake
Ed Douglass (31 minutes ago)
Gaben and valve cant do anything creative because left for dead, counter strike, portal and tf2 are all mods that valve bought and they are scared coz they cant do anything right and they should just listen to the community
Hetzer 2000 gaming (8 hours ago)
Valve is still threatening everyone no matter what ever the reason is going to be and now also is Gaijin treason. I see everyone going at Valve because your all mad at them. how about make them bankrupt by not buying anything off Valve there is your revenge because you all love CS:GO please like if you do want to keep updating CS:GO and sew Valve corp if that is your problem.
Ezzedine Gamer (4 days ago)
i know that valve doesnt treat this game well and bla bla..... but we "the community" kept it alive , i know the number of players are lesser than before , but they are still good, a lot of games died because of shitty updates like MC . i am not defending Valve and i know they are doing bad , but i am saying that whatever they do , this game still one of the best games of all time.
Coffeine (5 days ago)
2018 online is going down and mb this is the end?
Zoe (6 days ago)
Thinking the sound changes were bad is pretty retarded
making many things (6 days ago)
and thats why i prefer source
Awesome Mountains (7 days ago)
Russian Walk (7 days ago)
Valve should just make 1.6 remastered. At least they can be lazy by copying and pasting a lot of the code from a game that was played competitively for years. They can add skin boxes to that and make all the money they want from the skin plebs while still keeping the competitive community happy too. It kept a community happy from 2003-2012(aka the time when they stopped caring about updating the game).
Mihai Bucur (8 days ago)
What? Csgo is more cool with skins, you dont like skins?
Bob Sagget (9 days ago)
XZ_ OutLaw_ (10 days ago)
5:41 *Screenshot has been saved*
TheGuyWhoIsAGuy (14 days ago)
i need some help. Someone tried to scam me out of my huntsman knife slaughter and I was wondering if anyone could help report him for me. You don't have to report him but it would mean alot to me if you could take the time to do so.. his link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006027914/ Thanks for reading :)
iRey (14 days ago)
2018 nothing changed
FightingComet 4 (16 days ago)
CS:GO was so good but they changed gun sounds instead of fixing any other bugs in the game as well as its hit box's is broken so guess what I want my fucking money back!
Mathias Henderson (16 days ago)
Whats the song that starts at 0:28 ?
ZMC 420 (17 days ago)
Trust me they only want money
Ya yeet (17 days ago)
+7 day trade cooldown
Sergi Sergi (19 days ago)
1 year later and still like this
EZ PZ LEMON (20 days ago)
1 thing i hate about csgo is when they change ak spray.... i just mastered the ak spray to 1 tap everytime then the update comes..... it not that ez...its hard...
FrenchWave (20 days ago)
Im not a trader so idc + the prices for the skins are now low af, thanks valve :D
Psn Gamer (21 days ago)
Its true
Alex (21 days ago)
well, here we are
John Bayani (22 days ago)
And i thought that valve only cared about csgo and dota 2 and left tf2 in the dust
This video was from August 2016 but still valid till 2018 and now Valve has even block trade policy....
Japonerro (23 days ago)
Hello this video is still actual.
Dexatic (24 days ago)
lol im here after the 7 day trade hold ban
/ Solar \ (24 days ago)
At least they support your game better *cough tf2*
sLice Banana (24 days ago)
Ripperino in Pepperoni (25 days ago)
You're not wrong
Beach Turkey (25 days ago)
Max Tronfile (27 days ago)
Can't Valve just let go of CS: GO and move on? Make a new game already, damn it, and by "new game" I don't mean a spin-off of an already created franchise.
LΛTΞKSI (28 days ago)
Where is 6:53 from?
blingking501 (28 days ago)
That's why I play Roblox, at least it gets updated :).
My Name Is Jif (28 days ago)
4:19 through 4:30 is just a salty kid
Aditya Singh (29 days ago)
I already switch to arcade game tekken n belive me its difficult but awesome
tadeas hlousek (29 days ago)
I think that csgo is very good game.Yeah the cheaters are bad but most of them are in the lowest ranks.Yeah some of you want new weapons but they will be broken for the first days or months like R8.I think that most people dont like csgo because they are bad at it and when you learn something its more fun because you win and have better time.
ahojahojish (30 days ago)
Valve doesnt give a fuck about their customers, horrible. On the other hand...they are fucking genius. All games they have put out are legendary, some of the best games ever released, always ahead of their time. Thats something. Also steam is a great platform. So yeah. Horrible communication from their side, but they know how to make games.
Aqaev Rasul (1 month ago)
Man you are just over dramatising
DerEdward (1 month ago)
*died because the other one had good aim* - Your game Sucks Valve, it makes no Sense that he can kill me that fast.
Joshua Chen (1 month ago)
why are all the valve employees so easy to hate on
Pine!!! (1 month ago)
0:38 SONG ? PLEASE :)
Jack (1 month ago)
go play Dota 2
Killoor (1 month ago)
Ok i know what Csgo clearly needs now ... Kevlar/Bomb Skins of course!
TheGamingGeek (1 month ago)
Finally!!! This toxic game is over!!!!!!
Jeffrey Stephens (1 month ago)
I still come here because, they didn't fixed major bugs.
EnigmaOGN (1 month ago)
Greedy Gabe the not so Godlike Gamer.
bruno 416 (1 month ago)
i cant stand summit...his face and voice make me wanna .....
Not Dopler (1 month ago)
*has a list of what the community wants*, "we cant find out what the community wants" ...wait holy shit theyre doing what ajit pai did
HoopSingg Visual (1 month ago)
this game has became such a headache for me lately, the community, the hitbox, the cheaters, its literally unplayable and all you get from it its frustration and ebola. thanks valve.
Dev (1 month ago)
1.3k dislikes. Looks like valve actually pitched in
KingLich (1 month ago)
just bring back classic arena shooters already...
Smiley01987 (1 month ago)
Let's all go back to CS 1.6
壊れた心 (1 month ago)
i was so hyped cuz im buying new laptop and im gonna play fucking cs go but why whyy this is hapning
EnhancedPixels (1 month ago)
Valve is gonna watch this and release souvenir Gloves.
avpALIEN (1 month ago)
Nice to see phoon in the video.
BadassHater1 (1 month ago)
long story short - Valve does not give a fuck about their games anymore
Salty Smelly Boy (1 month ago)
It’s true
Kenneth Est (1 month ago)
fcking valve i have searched for crash they dont know about that"""""""""""""!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Justice (1 month ago)
CS:Go sucks anyway.
Wudz (1 month ago)
the problem with cs go is the skin gambling plain and simple, people sit on gambling sites chasing skins all day and never play the fucking game, the market is fucked.
Livid77 (1 month ago)
I'm just seeing valve going down. Then again this is a two year old video, so I'm not sure of the relevancy.
Factory (1 month ago)
fucks sake. I wish that valve fix tf2 instead of this shitty game
Alm1r (1 month ago)
rip one taps players
Peci GD (1 month ago)
This is so sad its true
Elmer J Fapp (1 month ago)
valve doesn't do it for valve or their games. they do what they do because they can and they know it'll pay well. valve is no longer a developer than can be trusted much like the other major developers.
Sheebee S (1 month ago)
This is just beyond my realization of how Valve has only started the cs trilogy mostly just for money. Not for giving the community some happiness. All they done was make more things to sell for other people to buy then actually testing weapons or fixing bugs. This is bull valve
Joseph Faron (1 month ago)
I mean atleast you guys get some stuff fixed At the TF2 camp we had to wait over a year to get an update that was decent
Renan4455 (1 month ago)
Bitching about how Valve treats CS:GO? What about TF2 or Half-Life? You get new updates,enormous championships,media attention,and still say "CS:GO is abandoned!"
Tiepilot KV (1 month ago)
lol get fucked Cancer Strike.
A W D (1 month ago)
Very nice!
Ninja Gaming (1 month ago)
Really Valve VR system wow don’t cares about csgo if Valve read this game suck dick other game are better then your trash ass gambling game bitch take that Valve lol
Martin k918 (1 month ago)
tf2: pay backs a bitch
Ferdinand Vanko (1 month ago)
thats why i left this shitty game and you should too
Waterphoenix Da BAWSS (1 month ago)
Great music by Rob D
Astrotanker (1 month ago)
this is true af also tf2 is a whole different story...
Vagabundo (1 month ago)
they make so much money with steam and the market place they don't give a shit about what people think anymore about their ip's cause they have the biggest market place on pc
LaamaBrothers (1 month ago)
Pls fix cs go!
Vulkxon (1 month ago)
lets just be honest here valve is pretty busy as they have a lot of other games
Joseph (1 month ago)
I'm back I didn't quit. Just a mid CSGO Crisis.
FalseEZES (1 month ago)
I think that the pro players should be able to change the game because they have more passion to the game than the fat guys at valve
Token Asari (1 month ago)
The older I get the more I hate valve. You were supposed to be the safe haven from predatory game developers, youve quite literally betrayed us all. Fuck you gabe. Smug prick
Rich Peace (1 month ago)
stefsGames (1 month ago)
Why people start cheating your hits connect and you dont need to pay 120 $ for a knife just buy the cheat for 8$ and you got a skin changer
The Chosen One (1 month ago)
Still relevant lol
StarcraftXRAY (1 month ago)
The opposite of Blizzard Entertainment...
CJ TM (1 month ago)
Anyone whatching this in 2018 and missing the good old csgo?Nodtalgia hit me hard😢
Fort Thronx (1 month ago)
5:41 Definition of Headshot
Joseph (1 month ago)
I think I'm going to quit CS:GO. I've wasted so much time in it, done well, top fragged, but my team loses, and I derank. I'm out.
Whatever you say.
Joseph (1 month ago)
AnotherTerrible ContentCreator Not when you're upsest with Wolfenstein.
You'll comeback they always do...
OptimusSponge (1 month ago)
Colin How (1 month ago)
anyone else already moved to another game such as league, overwatch, pubg, or fortnite?
Bird (1 month ago)
WTF p90 had a sight on it bfore???
Mynameis longer (1 month ago)
How Valve treats Every Game
Christopher Blackburn (1 month ago)
Valve is a business. If they can make more money off of skins and shit like that instead of building comprehensive game mechanics for competitive play, that's what they're going to do. It's a sad state of affairs but until there's a major market shift, Valve could give a shit.
Sr.Kitty (1 month ago)
I like memes but my pc is a classic toaster and I don´t even have csgo
Shpitz (1 month ago)
2Years later still the same,just getting worse from time to time.
Junseong Park (1 month ago)
Bro remember. Theres tf2 trading
Liberty Prime (2 months ago)
Ah yes CS:GO, welcome to the life of TF2.
Not even a MENTION of Half Life. That is how forgotten it has become.
xXKillthe SkillXx (2 months ago)
4:40 kills me 😂😂😂
TweetPark (2 months ago)
Dad, please treat me like dota, I don’t want to die of starvation like half life portal and tf2..............

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