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Final Fantasy VII - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4

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Thien Minh (21 hours ago)
I'm waiting......................
N apollo I trust 🙏🏾apollo :)
CashNasty Forhead (1 day ago)
It’s never coming out is it?
Deadric04 (2 days ago)
But Zack...
Vitinho 98 (3 days ago)
Fix this and put "ps5" instead of "ps4" on the title of the video...
Sun48100 (4 days ago)
R'son Briones (4 days ago)
Hi I am from 2018... this game is still in development!~
Hope this time we can play this game in SamGalax Note 8 device ..
skink0083 (5 days ago)
And the latest news is "2023 at the earliest"
Dragonspheres (6 days ago)
My fellow fans, don't lose hope. There's still Tokyo Game Show later this year, September 20 to 23rd. Square Enix usually have a big presence there.
AleXin Games (6 days ago)
ESTO ES FALSO!! hace muy poco se revelo que el desarrollo del juego fue una farsa para que la gente comprara la consola en 2015!!!!!
Vegeta Is Lit (6 days ago)
It's gonna be 10 years like XV
Swordfish T (6 days ago)
Maybe they can make "The materia of Aeris". Players can learn her move or skill even adjust status after using it. Furthermore, it would be magnificent if they make a sommon materia of "Aeris' Soul", something like that.
Joe Tubb (6 days ago)
Well E3 2018 just happened and still no news about this game. Great work sony and square!
Benjamin F. (6 days ago)
*2015* Bethesda: *announces Fallout 4* People: Bethesda won this year, nothing else can beat this. Square: Hold my beer
Dragonspheres (6 days ago)
Bethesda conference was weak, Fallout 76 online thing is bs. No fun in building your settlement and then some other player just nukes it. Also TES6 and Starfield don't count, just showing a logo then I'm sure Square Enix could of put FF16. We already knew TES6 and Starfield were likely coming, we don't know anything more now. KH3>Fallout 76
Groovy (6 days ago)
2018 Bethesda: Announces and showcases Fallout 76 People: LOL Squares gonna show us more FF7 this year they gonna win. Square: No idea what you're talking about hey look more Kingdom Hearts not coming this year btw
MercuryCeleste (7 days ago)
I love love love, the dialogue in this trailer. It's describing itself, when it says that the reunion may be greeted with joy or fear, they mean the remake can flop or it can be what everybody wanted. It tells you whatever you think will happen after release, embrace the fact the characters are coming back!! It says that no matter what, no matter how it turns out or how long we have to wait, at least the remake is definitely coming because *"at last the promise has been made".*
So, when is this game going to be released?
gucci.l r (8 days ago)
Give us a update plz 😭
Ey ! (8 days ago)
Will be released on the ps6 pro
ed6eron (8 days ago)
hi 2018 here and............................. its dead
link legend (8 days ago)
So another E3 of silence...
Ey ! (8 days ago)
link legend maybe next year
butt queef (8 days ago)
It's dead.
VergilHilts (1 day ago)
Nomura said it's not. Just recently.
Hairs M (8 days ago)
This game is never gonna be released
that mexican potato (8 days ago)
Xenobi (8 days ago)
3 years later, still no sign of life...
VergilHilts (1 day ago)
Nomura recently said he's working on both KH3 and this, and that the rumors regarding the game's status are just rumors.
Arshol Yegdip (8 days ago)
Another year without an update
RoydGriffin (8 days ago)
Two Hours until Square Enix Presentation at E3 2018... let's see if we will see something new
Matty_ 98 (8 days ago)
3 years ago 😢
LaroTayoGaming (8 days ago)
This is gud
Kruck crusher (9 days ago)
Hope we can see more at this E3 3 years later :)
Akiin Moonlight (9 days ago)
Kruck crusher TODAAAAY>~<
SoulTracK (10 days ago)
buen triler amijos pa kuando el guejo de verdad?
Diet Cake Gaming (11 days ago)
Please release this anytime this century
KabagePNG (13 days ago)
Still waiting..
Miyabi Games (13 days ago)
e3 2018.
Alejo Gallego (13 days ago)
Another non exclusive game again.... Promoted on 2015 to sell it on 2019. What a Shame.
Amir_97 (11 days ago)
it is exclusive
Richard Ilie (15 days ago)
Soon. We'll see it again soon.
Dioxi J (15 days ago)
They will release it on ps5 :D
RAVEN (17 days ago)
Let’s hope there’s news during E3 2018, we’re all starving for information
KawaiiBoy (17 days ago)
It takes a least 5 years to make a game. so FF7 remake it give you all time to upgrade from potato computers to actual gaming computers or getting a PS4
Jin Oyama (17 days ago)
KawaiiBoy your English is just as bad as your weeb name
KawaiiBoy (17 days ago)
I guess you don't know english =D
Jin Oyama (17 days ago)
KawaiiBoy can anyone decipher this
Eduardo Campomanes (20 days ago)
sigo esperando el juego :'v
AgenT 911 (21 days ago)
2018 Anyone
bari ivan (22 days ago)
Surely "The Greatness Awaits"
mamoun benkhaldoun (23 days ago)
FF 7 REMAKE for 2023 ? That mean it will be on the PS5 . Like they did with FF VERSUS, From ps3 to ps4 . I can't trust them anymore.
sander895 (25 days ago)
And here we are, only mere few days until E3 2018, almost 3 years have passed.. Will there be joy or will there be another year of disappointment?
SushiLord89 (25 days ago)
Robot_ Gamer (28 days ago)
The graphics is look like on Criss and core
LODY-LOYD (30 days ago)
Pervy Saaagee!!!👂😲❤
Thanos 15 (30 days ago)
3 years later and still nothing lol
Deadpool (28 days ago)
Thanos 15 yup...
Renzo Zubeleta (1 month ago)
i see you in 2023 pd::fANBOY OF XBOX
Terry R. (1 month ago)
“The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings... for they are coming back.” Has to be one of the most badass ways to introduce a remake ever.
Reza Pahlawan (1 month ago)
Coming in ps5
Reza Pahlawan (12 days ago)
Never release
JC4 Anime (1 month ago)
Kenpachi/Pervy Sage 😎
Maddigan Hatter (1 month ago)
The release of this game is literally the only reason I've held on so long. Please, square enix, do not let me down.
Reggie Palaganas (1 month ago)
People can't complain about a bad remake if you never release it.
Noah P (1 month ago)
See you in 2023.
현게복귀도우미 (1 month ago)
Is it divided into three parts?
Luis Sosa (1 month ago)
Half life 3 versión japonesa.
Nagelfar (1 month ago)
3 years later and its still not here
EOHRyan (1 month ago)
They have a release date, it will be out before 2023. See you in 4-5 years.
Richard Nota Loca (1 month ago)
Tanto hype para aun pasados 3 años no haber lanzado esto, 2018 y no recibimos noticias sobre esto..
Follow the original exactly please
THECHAMPION NIKE (1 month ago)
If this doesn’t come out I’m done with tetsuya nomura
TheJaisi98 (1 month ago)
I still have faith that this will be one of the biggest games ever when it releases... I feel like it will actually bring joy so we can embrace it with whatever it brings... Just a little longer, only a little more and we'll rediscover Midgar <3
Therealchris929 Lol (1 month ago)
TheJaisi98 let’s hope so
YUU METAL (1 month ago)
開発遅延や中止ってイメージすごい落とす。すでにソフトが出来上がってRomやパッケージを生産開始段階で発表にして欲しい。 それなら発表から数ヶ月ですむ。
YUU METAL (1 month ago)
PS5で発売してほしい。できればPS5発売一年以内で。PS4ならグラフィックでそほど感動しやんと思う。 PS5も2021年にでてほしい。理由はただ(2+0+2+1が5やで) そのころにはCPUもちょうど5nm EUV.なはず。PS5は5にこだわってほしい。 $555.55USD. CPUは16コア(5=1-6 ←読み) RAM32Gb(3+2) 解像度は4k60fps無しにして1080p60fpsか720p60fpsにしてその分ポリゴンを増やして解像度よりリアルさを向上して欲しい。 コントローラーをPS4のコントローラーでも使えるようにして、コントローラーとHDDが付属しない廉価版を399ドルくらいでラインアップしておけば売れると思う。 あともう一つ1111ドルくらいで4K Ultra HD Blu-rayとSSD5G b 付きでGPUがハイエンドの3つのラインアップでだしてほしいな。
Clout Gang (1 month ago)
kaibaster (1 month ago)
2015. 2016.. 2017... 2018....
Shadow Master (1 month ago)
And counting
Pitichon Sukudom (1 month ago)
TheOneeechan (1 month ago)
Todo era falso
AnimaxRules (1 month ago)
The biggest SCAM of the Decade!! Thank you SQEX, and thanks SONY. Greatness still awaits and waits, and waits...
This music is electrifying
Amir Avdic (1 month ago)
Seems all of cyber connect 2s work has been abandoned n deemed as unusable. Turns out this is a bigger waste of time than ff15
TC MACK (1 month ago)
Who else agrees that they announced this way too early???
Amir Avdic (1 month ago)
TC MACK they announced it before anything got even done since all of cyber connect 2s work has been abandoned
TC MACK (1 month ago)
Nox Bass Right😂
Nox Bass (1 month ago)
As always look at that mess for FF15
Peter Bove (1 month ago)
Come out come out come out come out come out come out come out come out come out come out
OneTruShocker (1 month ago)
When this finally releases, I wanna do a let’s play on this since im playing the original on ps4 off camera. Right now on my channel, I’m doing a let’s play on Final Fantasy X. Go ahead and check out some of my vids if any of you want.
Zonefriendly Killer (1 month ago)
I can't wait for this to go onto PS4 but the directors of Final Fantasy vii remake should consider putting this game on PC
BT -7274 (2 months ago)
Coming in 500 years
schalazeal07 (2 months ago)
This a such a well-executed trailer! Scenes leading up to the Meteor logo then the word REMAKE.. Perfection!!
Nafis Zaman (2 months ago)
It's been 3 years and counting....
OneTruShocker (1 month ago)
Nafis Zaman im hoping we get to hear more info at this year’s E3.
Masqerader (2 months ago)
Almost 3 years and counting...
the collosol titan (1 month ago)
Masqerader I say early 2020. Or 2019.
The DBZ Collector (2 months ago)
i love how it's talking about us
MelbuFrahmeDrop (2 months ago)
AYA BREA at the bottom right corner! 0:22
blindjustice316 (2 months ago)
What is this salty discharge coming from my eyes?
-Kumagawa- (2 months ago)
OneTruShocker (1 month ago)
-Kumagawa- I’m hoping this year’s E3 or PSX. I’m also hoping they don’t go into XV’s direction by spending a great deal amount of time on it and release it uncompleted.
Amir Avdic (2 months ago)
Imagine if the original released episodically with each installment yrs apart with it's only unique disjointed experience with non transferable progress. It wouldn't be the the game we remember dearly and love that's all I know
Justin Alon (2 months ago)
Why do I feel with the Remake taking so long to develop is that Square wants to make it look like this in game? Still looks beautiful and I'm going to enjoy it. Hopefully next year it releases.
Albert (2 months ago)
probably end up for ps5 lol, nomura... he never finish anything.
The mysterious boy (1 month ago)
😂😂 idk but this comment is to funny for me
Amir Avdic (2 months ago)
How can a game that looks so perfect only have bad news with each announcement
Scott Maloney (2 months ago)
I really just hope that Cloud will still say "Let's Mosey!"
Paracetamol Girl (2 months ago)
That Aya Brea at 0:22 makes me want a Parasite Eve remake. ....But not with the shittiness of TB pls.
Nixie's pet (2 months ago)
Daaang, is Michael Myers doing a cameo, or somethin'?? If not, he need to sue for his coins! Either way, I see y'all with that fire at the beginning, scorched my ears! 😂
Vault Dweller Daniel 210 (2 months ago)
Whose still waiting in 2018 lol?
branden singletary (2 months ago)
jkbobful (2 months ago)
Square told us from day one FF7 Remake was going to take a long while and be very silent @ 0:28 "in its age a wake of silence" and @1:07 "The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings" its pretty fitting
FeelsModMan (2 months ago)
when i watched this i got a boner !
Amir Avdic (2 months ago)
Will Square Enix go as low as enabling me to buy the last episode n beat the game without having to get the other episodes? Talk about dumbing down the game
Víctor Sabaté (2 months ago)
Tetsuya Nomura can even make a "Revive Aerith DLC for 9.99€", so... yes, they might.
Clara Monica (2 months ago)
I don't freaking care if it took forever to make this, I just want this remake so badly :"")))
Gary Enkelis (2 months ago)
Donny Braemer (3 months ago)
I absolutely love the double meanings throughout this trailer.
J.Gomez (3 months ago)
A game that really needs a remake is the legend of dragoon😭
Amir Avdic (2 months ago)
J.Gomez Legend of Legaia was also really good
Jorge Naranjo (3 months ago)
The year is 2018... Im still waiting...
p (3 months ago)
HappySatan (3 months ago)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider coming out this September these guys cannot even make a trailer.
Master Icarus (3 months ago)
"Final Fantasy VII Remake- only on ps5"

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