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CS GO's Padlocked Door

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CS:GO isn't reality, thankfully. Imagine a world where doors don't fit, lock or open correctly! See the problematic reddit post here - https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/87emu0/these_padlocks_dont_lock_anything/dwcresj/?context=3 See my sort-of similar video on Pecklesteiners here - https://youtu.be/G3IZ6vQhUbo Let's look at why not and how not and why it should be where and when it is. Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (2386)
nicynodle2 (8 hours ago)
Adding fuel to the fire, In my college where we keep all our power drills, we have an almost exact scale model of the old version, plain doors with a metal loop sticking out of it, no handle just a large crack, in reality if you stick you hand in the crack theres a lever or 2 that acts as the clasp. My teacher has told me the door is made like that so in utility uses such on a worksite or in a military barracks, theres nothing to get caught on (face it, theres has been a time you got stuck on a door handle) also (depending on the crack size) it would also be easier to open and close with thick gloves on.
*top 10 questions science still cant answer*
Jamminfish (3 days ago)
the left handle opens clockwise and the right one opens counter clockwise
Iancu Constantinescu (4 days ago)
The best ending.
jesus avalos (4 days ago)
straight up autism
Inferno (6 days ago)
you know that s locked beside the fact that shit got a handle ? ffs
MobCat (6 days ago)
What if the handles dont turn at all and are just there for you to pull the door open with and the other handle hasn't been bolted in properly and is just broken...
SALT (9 days ago)
door stuck
Tickedhat (11 days ago)
_Magnus _ (19 days ago)
Just a russian design
Fran Vega. (19 days ago)
Supra (20 days ago)
dafaq is this?
Mayonnaise Matters (20 days ago)
What about opening the door by sticking your fingers underneath the door?
GameSquid (20 days ago)
they obviously just duplicated the handle and moved it slightly.
Kyle Smuts (20 days ago)
And the way the lock is pointing says that it must open to the right and go 360°, otherwise they took the lock off, turned the handle and put the lock back on, which is even stupider
Krzysztof Zwoliński (20 days ago)
the solution will be to make a keyhole.
Nominous (20 days ago)
Ninja Amazing (20 days ago)
What if you can pull it out?
rjdlmao (20 days ago)
what if the handles aren’t for turning? maybe they’re only there for pulling, and the other handle that’s at an angle was just bent out of place since it’s all beat up.
Olikat (20 days ago)
i was playing lfd2 and noticed that this model was in that
DogeTheSnoop (20 days ago)
2:49 *UGH!*
Max Uribe-Medina (20 days ago)
cant you just pull the door?
Indra Wasesa (20 days ago)
1:08 *insert old cs meme*
Christopher Sutton (20 days ago)
Broken door handle
DukaCola (21 days ago)
Actually you wouldn't have to stick a hand in the crack, just pull on the top or bottom edge of the door.
Afro Ledge (21 days ago)
ardstsp (21 days ago)
someone just had a lazy day and realized too late they rotated the handle to the wrong site, but since it was still lockable like this they just let it be like that
Sander Palu (21 days ago)
This reminds me those basic 360 handles. Someone just trolled and closed it from the wrong side.
Daniel (21 days ago)
Pfff! Community maps
Secretcodrin (21 days ago)
you're like valve. instead of focussing on bigger things, you are talking about door handles.
ember.the.traitor (21 days ago)
What if the handle spend turn at all, and is just a way of not sticking your fingers through the crack. The already turned handle might just be broken. The unlocked door would be able swing open, the handles being able to assist with opening the door
Kryptic (21 days ago)
the piece of metal that the lock is on is built in on the inside and when the lock is that the door cant open cause the lock is blocking it. if thats hard then just read it slowly
both to the inside is logical design since you can't mess up everything in signal box at the same time if you turn both of them to inside or you just have more time to figure out wtf is going on if you don't know how it really works, such as a T that wants the electricity to be down :)
Colin P. (21 days ago)
You could use the unlocked padlocks as handles...
Solid Snek (21 days ago)
Very simple explanation, valve are lazy useless fucks as always and copy pasted the door handle model on both sides and simply moved one of the handles to be open. Quick and easy with no thoguht required just like everything else in all their games
ChrisOOF (23 days ago)
BangSonor (23 days ago)
Left opens to left. Right opens to right...
Cristhian Chang (24 days ago)
OMG people get a life
Thomas James (24 days ago)
What a complete waste of 4 minutes of my life..
Sigma Plays (26 days ago)
Literally rarted
Wazdaaa (26 days ago)
What if the handle does not have to turn, and you just pull it after it is unlocked.
Monmonstar (26 days ago)
The way you say "asymmetrical" triggers my OCD
Rome Mojica (26 days ago)
People really running out of content these days
HL3 confirmed?
ChiefSparks (27 days ago)
Its the old lock with the hole in the door but theyve added handles and the one on the left is broken
GamingKunuck (27 days ago)
Why are people arguing about this. What about the broken ranking system or all the cheaters
Félix Larrivée (28 days ago)
*literally unplayable*
TheNoobStevio (28 days ago)
And people ask why half life 3 hasn't released yet
*H A L T* (28 days ago)
One turns clockwise and the other counter clockwise
mc bad robot voice (28 days ago)
*are you sure you want to delete csgo?*
Lex (29 days ago)
Electric panels are like that actually without handles
what song is that? 2:35
John Freeman (29 days ago)
It is a door
nadirnadiro (29 days ago)
Door stuck guy (I forgot his name lmao):"I BEG YOU!" Philip:"but this begs the question" Was this intentional? Probably
aboood hourani (1 month ago)
wtf is this video it will not effect the game it doesnt matter
Grunt 030296 (1 month ago)
I should go to bed...
lucas mcalpine (1 month ago)
Yes, Let's make arguments on youtube, Comment wars, Freaking reddit over if HANDLES WORK. God you people take this way too far.
KevinZone (1 month ago)
Door stuck XD
Sloth Daddy (1 month ago)
You know we're bored of the game when this is the shit that people make videos on. lmao
Dominus& Tiger (1 month ago)
its a grabing thing not handle
MrKnowItAll (1 month ago)
Or y’kno, the handle doesn’t turn and was just shot by a terrorist or something
Unknown Program (1 month ago)
Fuckin retarded kid
THE WEL CLUB (1 month ago)
STLS (1 month ago)
Just flip the locks and handles, done
mickaleb campbell (1 month ago)
omg why does this even matterrrrrrrrr?????
Will Becker (1 month ago)
I just watched a 4 minute video about door handles and was not bored at all
Volvo please fox
Samuel McAllister (1 month ago)
it might be one of those doors where you have to open one door before the other
Ray Liu (1 month ago)
I feel like the turning handles have no mechanical connection to the locking mechanism. Rather, they just handle that for some reason are mounted in such a way that they can be moved (perhaps to lock and unlock the doors with greater ease). That would mean that it wouldn't matter how the handles turn
DVD playerz (1 month ago)
How about this, the handles can turn 360 and can be locked from both sides. The last idiot that locked them locked one wrong and forgot about the other.
The DapperRaptor (1 month ago)
The padlock doesn't work like that, there is a hole in the door that the metal loop fits through which the padlock goes through so it can't open.
MoreThanJustASloth (1 month ago)
Half life 3 is in that cabinet and no one can get it open.
Kamabo Co. (1 month ago)
I beg you
Semyon Tarassov (1 month ago)
*_D O O R S T U C K_*
Doge This! (1 month ago)
It cant rotate 360 degrees, because it wouls be blocked by the other handle.
Dulguun Ch (1 month ago)
*DOOR STUCK DOOR STUCK!!!* i like that meme
Can I please be informed why the way a door opens in a game is such a big deal
Deid2 (1 month ago)
And as always -thanks for watching- valve pls fix
Duke Jukem (1 month ago)
Due to the centralization of the door and the handle, meaning that the handle can be on both the left or right of the door, could it be possible that both handles are SUPPOSED to swing outward but the person who closed it last simply swung the right handle counter clockwise instead of clockwise like they were supposed to? Hence it being on the wrong side
Ali Evcil (1 month ago)
Completely unplayable
Ogaitnas900 (1 month ago)
Kevin (1 month ago)
1:07 "DOOR STUCK!!! DOOR STUCK!!!" Oh that never gets old :')
Sion (2 months ago)
Rigby El Flojo (2 months ago)
So relevant glitch, litteraly unplayable
Kryminal (2 months ago)
When the lock is removed, you just pull the door, you dont turn the thing but you could if you like.
Azmie4444 Azmie (2 months ago)
Ok now your video from a Glitchy stair To A mysterious handle What else ? Lol
ImaginationManatee (2 months ago)
Asdd445 (2 months ago)
To me, it just seems like both handles *would have* gone to the down position to lock, and to their outward (left handle goes left, right handle goes right) positions to unlock. The RHS padlock misalignment (someone did a copy & paste without flip, methinks) makes this an impossibility, but otherwise the design seems to be suggesting that.
BrinTheBoy (2 months ago)
The handles are stationary. Some strong boi must've thought it wasn't stationary though and broke the left handle.
Nightcore (2 months ago)
What if they both turn the other way. Like left to left right to right. Fixed
Erin Sawyers (2 months ago)
Actually, the older one would make sense if you're supposed to push it in to release the door from a mechanism holding it shut. I don't know what it's called, but it's actually used IRL.
paustin123 (2 months ago)
We actually have this at the old power plant. The handles spin freely at 360 and don't have the metal lock bit. The metal sticking out of the door is used to lock the door in place. The hand is there just to open the door with a pull after the lock is removed.
Ruka Erika (2 months ago)
This feels like an early April fools joke.
Larrie ads (2 months ago)
VAC be like
Andy ST (2 months ago)
Can you do video about how mods changed Skyrim and its community?
WeirderBadge (2 months ago)
What if its just the same mechanism from the old source model but now with handles, and the one handle is twisted due to it being old or something. That would solve the majority of problems i think
Meemsouprice (2 months ago)
While you complain about hackers, there's A LOT bigger trouble going right now, those padlocks. I uninstalled my CS:GO and switched to mobile. Thank you Valve.
CabooseEcho (2 months ago)
Heavygusto (2 months ago)
This vid triggers my OCD too hard
Vinyl 5 (2 months ago)
Literally unplayable

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