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CS GO's Padlocked Door

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CS:GO isn't reality, thankfully. Imagine a world where doors don't fit, lock or open correctly! See the problematic reddit post here - https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/87emu0/these_padlocks_dont_lock_anything/dwcresj/?context=3 See my sort-of similar video on Pecklesteiners here - https://youtu.be/G3IZ6vQhUbo Let's look at why not and how not and why it should be where and when it is. Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (2205)
Nick Aiken (5 hours ago)
Maybe whoever locked the door last was in a hurry and not paying attention?
Benetkabcd (6 hours ago)
Holy shit I have got so better thinking about myself after finding this video. I mean wow people debate about some fucking doors in the videogame that is totally unimportant. Wow
stephen hall (9 hours ago)
1:08-1:12 wtf is that screaming?
Sofian Charbaux (16 hours ago)
Did I just watch a video about cabinet door handles in CS:GO? Ok I'm going to bed now.
Mute (19 hours ago)
so pointless...
source one was better
Joakim Kempe (1 day ago)
hahaha xD why am i watching this xD
Sam Kemp (2 days ago)
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/438495238600785941/438495327050530816/20180424160920_1.jpg Just look at what i found
DarrkDucky-Gaming (2 days ago)
Maybe the handles are on an unnecessary swivel. so they are only there to pull but they can spin. and the only thing keeping the door on would be the bit of metal sticking through the door that the lock is resting on (on the left)
Greed23 (2 days ago)
What if only one handle turns. Like those stand up lockers in school classrooms.
Schmit GaMeS (4 days ago)
i dont get why this is such a big deal xD I mean seriously just play the game xD
Toker TL (4 days ago)
why is that a problem? lol
Tyler Kline (4 days ago)
ran out of ideas??
Luba (4 days ago)
The right one opens outwards not inwards. Some idiot just locked it wrong.
whitepaws60 (4 days ago)
Couldn’t the locked handle just turn counter clock wise? They are separate handles... Does that make too much sense?
locus (4 days ago)
I'm guessing they just copy pasted the handle and didn't mirror it
RyRy XX (5 days ago)
I just have to say it's a map model and its not meant to open but just give cover if needed.
Infinity Arts (5 days ago)
There is a simple solution to this issue, one of the handles is crooked, and they simply open by pulling on them.
wesley Hammonds (5 days ago)
why the hell didn't they use one handle with a latch
AnIdeaIsGreat (5 days ago)
I was perfect timing! I farted at this moment 2:48, Omg i can't stop laughing now!
Azrael Stromcloud (5 days ago)
Draglo (5 days ago)
This bug shows how truly casual CSGO's gameplay is. One of the many game breaking bugs that ruin the realistic immersion of your experience. Thanks Gaben.
daniel smith (5 days ago)
Valve doesnt even try now just look at this
Secret (5 days ago)
omg, they just dint bother to create a mirrored version of the handle. or the box or the door, or whatever
RobiePAX (5 days ago)
"Source material" xDDD
dapackad (5 days ago)
Isn't this an easy riddle to solve: the worker was lazy/in a hurry and just closed and locked it wrong.
DuBZorD (5 days ago)
im so high rn
woodjie1 (5 days ago)
why am i watching this at 6am after being up all night,
FozzE (5 days ago)
CS GO COMMUNITY IN NUTSHELL disscusion about how to open a lock on map that u cant open anyways
Broken Goof (5 days ago)
Why did I watch this
icelion 97531 (5 days ago)
Oh no guys. The game is literally unplayable because of a handle I think we need to stop playing so valve realises that the lock is fixed.
William Winkle (5 days ago)
Nice job at the end making the video annotations all come in one by one. Valve should take notes.
Yareth Gaming (5 days ago)
OMG THIS IS SO BAD Im never playing cs:go again ;-;
Ryst9 (5 days ago)
Its like their anticheat
THE BULGARIAN MAN (5 days ago)
anyone hearing " aghh aghh I beg you" like a voice screaming??/ around 1:07
Dj Dezz De Ray (5 days ago)
Why does youtube recommend me this video about people waisting time discussing about a game asset and how the handle works even if you can't open it in game? 〈(゜。゜)?
George. (6 days ago)
Pesky Moth5314 (6 days ago)
_Tell me this is a joke... this has to be a joke, you realize how stupidly stupid the whole community has gotten over 2 locks_
Joe Lethal (6 days ago)
dev: we just didn't think that far
Is it actually yours (6 days ago)
When you have no content
Ekahn PIVF (6 days ago)
It's 2:20 am what the f*** am I watching and why do I find this interesting..
Raymond Shades (6 days ago)
you made a whole video about doors. doors, that until just now, I had no idea anyone cared about
KainetheWusky (6 days ago)
Csgo is nothing but a horrible rushed micro transaction laced pile of shit
Gears (6 days ago)
i don't even play CS:GO anymore, i just love watching your videos.
TechTonicLive (6 days ago)
video should have been titled how to stop the train in gta v
LDS LDS (6 days ago)
This was a dumb video good job on being the idiot
Char Aznable (6 days ago)
I think the handle doesn't need to be turned at all. You take the lock off and pull it and its open. Maybe the left one is just busted?
AOS Krill (6 days ago)
people "i dont play csgo because i have ocd for door handles"
Nqbzie - (6 days ago)
Why is this in my recomended
fak off (6 days ago)
lockers as secure as their anti-cheat
Twatman (6 days ago)
Left door handle turns clockwise, right door handle turns counter clockwise.
EuroTrash (6 days ago)
Aphox (7 days ago)
i would feel stupid if i would make a video about it... !? *nohate
Mitch Gaglione (7 days ago)
Scott L (7 days ago)
the handles can spin 360° and can be locked in either position.
too bad it could just be a pull door lol
sin (7 days ago)
you need to go outside dude
Willie Stroker (7 days ago)
Csgo players.
Patrick Heath (7 days ago)
What if they are normally 360 degrees and someone just turned it wrong and left it there because they are lazy
The Mining Press (7 days ago)
what if the locked doors handle was turned 360 degrees
iver (7 days ago)
People have way too much time on their hands
AnAngryGiant20 (7 days ago)
What if the piece of metal is inside of the box so it goes through the door so you cant pull it open
Ubiquitous (7 days ago)
I can't wait for you to hit 40 and think back to what a fucking waste of life CS:GO actually is. If only they could get their locks right...
Ubiquitous (7 days ago)
I said CS:GO is a waste of life, not making a video about it and getting paid for that. CS:GO is made by a greedy company that allows cheating so they can make more money. I'm amazed people haven't caught on to it yet and still throw money at them. Also a few thousand for half a million seems a bit much. I thought it was around half that if your lucky.
BlackHairedGoo n (7 days ago)
Ubiquitous He's got 500,000+ views on this video and has probably made a few thousand in ad revenue. Doesn't sound like a waste to me.
Benji De Aula (7 days ago)
Behind the door is a copy of Half-Life 3
Forsigh (7 days ago)
Look at pallettrucks, they don't have lever to ratchet down things. For me (im Factory Worker) really makes this game unplayable. There are plenty of pallettrucks in the game, I think they putting boxes/pallets or any other kind of stuff and throw those almost good pallettrucks away, becouse they are one time use only. What do You guys think?
That's very stupid. you can clearly see it's stupidly locked and misplaced that probably it won't even lock the door at all.
3:13 you can grab the bottom. There is a box like that literally in front of our house and saw it being opened once :P
Kyle Montigny (7 days ago)
what a stupid game. who cares?
Daniel Nilsson (7 days ago)
I can't see the problem. The handles are going towards the middle, then rotates almost 360 degrees to get the locking mechanics and the handels fully out of the way to not smash the box/other door.
ProtuX Bass Boosted (7 days ago)
what am i doing with my life
Andrew Holt (7 days ago)
why do the steel doors look like they are made out of concrete? (the bubble texture on the surface)
Tyrone Jones (7 days ago)
CSGO IS dead, horrible game
vai (7 days ago)
and why is this an issue
TheProGamer Andrej (7 days ago)
your going thru all of this just for one little fucking mistake wtf is wrong with you
marcell ferenczi (7 days ago)
can you guys just play the fucking game?
TastyChicken (7 days ago)
omg watching this in 2018 and its blowing my tiny mind so hard ommmgmgggg.. literally unplayable
Azophin la catin (7 days ago)
I like this kind of useless video :D keep going philip
iAgentLu (7 days ago)
If you start making videos like this about any game , that means games is boring af.
Räih ä (7 days ago)
They turn 360° degrees
BUGZNTA (7 days ago)
This video perfectly demonstrates why the counter strike community is literal aids. Just a bunch of dumb ass kids that want to criticize every small detail because obviously they have never done anything wrong before.
JMK (7 days ago)
Those are handles too pull, why do they have turn if it has a separate lock...
Squishy bubble (8 days ago)
Maybe the handles don't turn and that one handle is just broken it's just the original but with a broken handle
Eammon_ _walter (8 days ago)
Why the fuck do you care so much about this
Punked Wishs (8 days ago)
But why would you care about a useless door?
Scott Smith (8 days ago)
Is this a joke ? who gives a fuck about a padlock
Derick Villatoro (8 days ago)
Pad locks are probs preventing the doors from being opened at all, take note of the prongs the locks are on, its likely that its part of the metal frame inside so that you cant open the door outside if the locks are on because theyre obstructing the motion by acting as a stop.
Mr.R4v3n (8 days ago)
Half life 3 is there
James (8 days ago)
Original content
Malavek (8 days ago)
Or they both just move in the opposite direction from each other..
XPurpleHazeX _ (8 days ago)
I dont own cs go i just watched this whole video
GTA Punk (8 days ago)
The right door would open 90 degrees anti-clockwise and the one on the left opens 90 degrees to the left. It’s not complicated it’s just a flap lock for the handle
joe (8 days ago)
who fucking cares
Raaanndddo Juhnnnker (8 days ago)
This video made me autistic but also literally unplayable and this must be fixed and also I was already autistic
Power Power (8 days ago)
why you guys bothering this little thing in the game..the important is,we can play the game,shoot,kill,have fun.but if you're a people who like super realistic,every details.then go play with unreal engine
heinrich dolphus (8 days ago)
this makes the game fucking unplayable valve how could you be so sloppy with this total trash smh csgo had such potential
-NoName- (8 days ago)
What the f*ck is this discussion
Ainārs Starling (9 days ago)
The right handle goes mirror wise to the left one, left goes clockwise, right goes counter-clockwise. So that it would be easy to open both doors at the same time. Pretty obvious, though let's not kid ourselves, the model clearly has it wrong anyway, so...
karo98k (9 days ago)
towards the end of the video I scrolled down to read the comments and an add started playing "I used to hold it in- but as soon as I let go- I instantly got so much happier" - I thought it was the outro about letting out your OCD-rage or sth along the line^^
icomefromb (9 days ago)
unlovk, pull lock, only the electricians have access. easy. no prying it open for scrap metal
Luke G. (9 days ago)
Its a door handle *ITS A FUCKING DOOR HANDLE*

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