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Giving Dragon Lores to Small Streamers

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Checkout CS:GO Magic: https://csgomagic.com Apparel Shop: http://goo.gl/4GqSbH My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet My Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Disclaimer: I own CSGOMagic and this has been disclosed on video since the beginning of my promotions
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Text Comments (7669)
keviL (17 hours ago)
3rd one the navi sticker is mirrored? wtf
Ercannn GP (1 day ago)
kriszkozma (3 days ago)
Rest in peace!
Toxic Spikes (3 days ago)
This video is so sad can we try and get 100 mph on this post?
Aruna (4 days ago)
Lewis Russell (4 days ago)
Hope ur in hell cunt 😘😘
Steve Pettigrew (5 days ago)
kiss myself (5 days ago)
He is dead, it legit doesn't matter what you type in the comments section.It's not like he will read it and feel ashamed ._.
TaiSmile (7 days ago)
that's my dream :) can i get a drop :)
TaiSmile (4 days ago)
i don't know about that, i'm new to csgo.... sorry MC...
Gicoland (4 days ago)
He is dead man
Steve Aliman (7 days ago)
Give me Skin Please
Hi dude, can u donate me butterfly knife? That knife was my dream knife in csgo huhuhu
Claudiu Chirieac (8 days ago)
I need one 2 ☹
randomkid 817 (8 days ago)
Luke Selmani (9 days ago)
dolev lagerlov (11 days ago)
You f awesome!
baikolio (11 days ago)
he is dead
JamEton The gnome (12 days ago)
Yo rip legend in the making snuffed
Denes kardos (13 days ago)
love your vieds <3
TheTrustySword (8 days ago)
He's dead
Sten Dijk (13 days ago)
Six R4wr (13 days ago)
Did anybody know how to trade without waiting 15 days or 7 days ?
baikolio (11 days ago)
you need a phone and steam app on it then turn on the steam guard
MCFluffy (14 days ago)
Rip bro
DJh (8 days ago)
Killing a mother and a Daughter
DJh (8 days ago)
Nah he's an asshole
Bobepce naboq (14 days ago)
Legend.... RIP...... ure the best<3
DJh (8 days ago)
Yeah sure if Mcskillet was in th car you would say the same thing so stfu dick rider
Jesse Reale (9 days ago)
He killed two innocent people.
MasterDZKill1 (14 days ago)
baikolio (11 days ago)
but he is dead
Darkness Betz (15 days ago)
McSkillet went all in at it crashed at 0,00x....
GarrysGamer (16 days ago)
NOTORIUS BIG (15 days ago)
he literally killed 2 people on porpuse
GOD TV (16 days ago)
ZnatoK (17 days ago)
RiP McSkillet -_-
MaTeKiLLeR_Best_Gamer (18 days ago)
you have 3 D lore FACTORY NEW and the second guy got a D lore field-tested yes i believed it you stupid
baikolio (11 days ago)
just check this guy's inventory: https://steamcommunity.com/id/purotexnuk/
baikolio (11 days ago)
lol i cant believe that are so retarded people like you
Ilyas Traikia (19 days ago)
A Dragon Lore ? I suck Dicks for 1 $ Great job 😋😜
Funny Bunny (19 days ago)
Rip mcSkillet
MLG POLARBEAR (19 days ago)
"I can't sell that" Nah fam you good, he's dead now.
The Sicker (21 days ago)
Lucky them!
WalnutCS (21 days ago)
Lol one of them almost has the same name as me
Bret Ly (21 days ago)
Enrique Lopez (22 days ago)
First you gave streamers dragon lores, now you’re giving innocent people a face full of steel at 100mph
invasion (22 days ago)
You should do, *Giving a Family a McClaren*
Wow what a nice CRASH site
_Shroudy Dzoly (23 days ago)
Ninjas Hyper (23 days ago)
Rip Mcskillet and the mom and daughter well you lost over depression sad
Hola Como esta (23 days ago)
Koe no katachi Biggest fan animate McSkillet doesn’t fucking deserve to Rest In Peace. May he fuckin rot in hell, RIP to the mom and daughter, not him.
Ringi ツ (25 days ago)
im little youtuber :(
Reduxx (25 days ago)
he's dead lol
Kriss (25 days ago)
*Mcskillet statrack* rarest skin ever can never get the dragonlore again cause he dead
sam theo (25 days ago)
Giving a 12 year old to god would of been a better title
Connor McCarthy (25 days ago)
Should give me that statrack 3 confirmed kills McLaren
ThaaBurgy (25 days ago)
CSgoMAgic is a cRaSh SitE
Prome (25 days ago)
Rip mac.
Adarsh ray (26 days ago)
Дэбби (26 days ago)
He is really die, or it is lie?
alien guy from space (25 days ago)
He died for real he did suicide
Leevi Antila (26 days ago)
jaival thaker (27 days ago)
Paul_ 1254 (27 days ago)
Rip McSkillet
Hola Como esta (23 days ago)
Let’s Play Really? RIP to a murderer? I hope he rots in hell. Rip to the mother and daughter who was killed.
Nalin M (27 days ago)
Let’s Play RIP The mother and the daughter
wonderwall 2.0 (27 days ago)
xd VENOM (28 days ago)
Killing kids...😢
M Marjola (28 days ago)
M4RRET4KiLLaH (28 days ago)
can you give me one too?
Rodrigo Pita (28 days ago)
+Ahmad Kawas Sarcasm my friend
Ahmad Kawas (28 days ago)
M4RRET4KiLLaH well unfortunately he died if you didn't know and he killed 2 people and committed suiside
Tader _ (28 days ago)
Fire (28 days ago)
Giving death to small child in crash
Rosangella Ali (28 days ago)
4by3 (28 days ago)
Tanner Covert obviously he was a fan, everyone knows what he has done, people who have watched him are shocked, but we all didn’t want this to happen
Tanner Covert (28 days ago)
Why would u say rip he killed a 12 year old girl and her mom when u say rip to this sack of shit ur basically saying rip to a suicide bomber
Rodel Timmalog (28 days ago)
That so nice RAOK. God bless!
Paul (28 days ago)
Markel God (29 days ago)
His die(
Barnabás Gombos (29 days ago)
Zach Laita (29 days ago)
Giving funeral bills to innocent people
SnacKツ (29 days ago)
Bal1nt_1337 (28 days ago)
RIP :(
Marcy (29 days ago)
Rest In Peace McSkillet
Y Kal (29 days ago)
Yir liyainnnnnn
Y Kal (29 days ago)
Yirrr deeeeed
The PineApple (29 days ago)
Donating Mclarens to small children...
Bulldozer Unit-01 (29 days ago)
Gives Dragonlores, takes lives.
LAUKNLOAD (29 days ago)
JakeZoster (29 days ago)
This dumbass is pretty much a murderer
Camper Cop (26 days ago)
Doge Youtube (29 days ago)
ams ams (29 days ago)
You also gave a family a head on collision
MisterBreaker (28 days ago)
Nice one haha
NightmarePlayer (29 days ago)
he gave away his money to other people he was such a nice guy rip
NightmarePlayer (28 days ago)
Everyone earns their money in a diffrent way thats nothing new. And this method is one of them theres nothing wrong about it.
Owen West (29 days ago)
If he gave his money charity it would be different. He have virtual skins to make money on YouTube and get attention to his gambling site.
mezzy (29 days ago)
NightmarePlayer (29 days ago)
what do you not understand about this sentence? I said "WAS" such a nice guy. idiot. he was a nice person before his depression that led to this...
Lil homo (29 days ago)
Press f To fucking rest in shit
Lil homo (28 days ago)
+4by3 ? 🤔
4by3 (28 days ago)
D, whoops, now ur resting in shit
Tanner Covert (28 days ago)
THE X15 (29 days ago)
i honestly think he tried to kill himself because he was trade banned
Enrique Lopez (22 days ago)
THE X15 his car was worth twice than what he lost
Camper Cop (26 days ago)
+Lil homo no
Lil homo (28 days ago)
+AleXiz Luna he fucking did you retard
AleXiz Luna (28 days ago)
He Did Try To Kill Him Self But He Crash To Another Car. People Think He Did It On Purpose.
Lil homo (29 days ago)
Aelfric RZ (29 days ago)
Shame you can't give that mother and daughter their lives back.
D3Levichev (2 hours ago)
saying it to dead man ... nice logic
[120hz] VakarizP (23 days ago)
+Camper Cop yea...
Camper Cop (26 days ago)
shame mcskillet cant come back too
xDreamtale :3 (29 days ago)
press f
GetTheChicken! ' (29 days ago)
Rip ma boi
MaximusD00M (29 days ago)
Mckillinnocentfamily. Twat.
ChizKeyks (29 days ago)
why not give a dlore to the vic- oh ur dead nvm
Izzy H (30 days ago)
you're a dumbass for showing off. rip
leon ehardt (30 days ago)
Phuuug Z (30 days ago)
+300$ McFuckFace neutralized
give me memes (30 days ago)
LeeTon/TheRuslanCraft (30 days ago)
Wlcm to hell
UnDeadXT YT (30 days ago)
mt2314 (30 days ago)
100 mph ....? To bad the Mom and daughter had to die because of this moron.
Zvmbie (1 day ago)
Hola Como esta please spanish kid, here in America the speed limit is 100 mph in highways where the crash happened
Zvmbie (1 day ago)
Tacgames even if he wasn't a youtuber and i knew some company scammed him $200k i'd consider taking his side
Flame (5 days ago)
stop fucking saying shit, he don´t wanted to kill them and he´s already dead bro why u are fucking talking shit about someone that´s already gone
Am Kidding (6 days ago)
+Tacgames he aint a terrorist he hsd depression/suicidel aint the same as terrorist
Pixelpro (20 days ago)
"Why would you have any reason to hate him? He just murdered innocent people! Nothing wrong with that!"
Hype Man (30 days ago)
karat (30 days ago)
Alex Pho (30 days ago)
Rest In Piece
retrace (30 days ago)
no, he killed himself and killed other people with him. he doesnt deserve to
canTin (30 days ago)
teamplay56 (30 days ago)
He dont act Like a person with mental issues ... I cant beliefe that he done this :(
Planet Gaming (29 days ago)
Nam Nguon he wasn’t being an idiot. He was depressed and killed himself
If you give me one I’ll have a much better reaction. I’ll record it for you lol
But if someone sent me a ducking d lore I’d be pumped lol.
Craig Craig welllll I just found out the dude died. So my bad.
Craig Craig (30 days ago)
iNNovative Custom Car Audio Wait is that a joke?
Brendan Willman (30 days ago)
He ded
Keith Roylance (30 days ago)
Good thing he didn't donate a McLaren 650s.
Keith Roylance (30 days ago)
Damn, was I out of my boundaries there? I guess you could say I pulled a "McSkillet".
James Trevorrow (30 days ago)
breezymodollaz (30 days ago)
Rip dude. Idk what you were battling but it mustve been bad.. you took 2 others with you. Your pain may be over but everyone else involved has just begun
AleXiz Luna (28 days ago)
I Wanna Do The Same!
Victor Erazo (30 days ago)
This man ded lol
DnA Soar (30 days ago)
The good McSkillet
Jimmy neutron (30 days ago)
+Tyler Marcroft rip mcskillet
Tyler Marcroft (30 days ago)
the fucking cunt took 2 with him smh he's a horrible person
Stephanie Gomez (30 days ago)
I’m here cause he’s dead and I wanted to know who he was
[120hz] VakarizP (23 days ago)
+Hunter Idiens Ikr.
Hunter Idiens (28 days ago)
Stephanie Gomez believe it or not he was a really good guy, idk what he was going through but it must’ve been bad.
Craig Craig (30 days ago)
Stephanie Gomez same
Avaya Lee (30 days ago)
Rest in peace man 💗 I hope you're having a great after life 😕 bless up 🙏
Marat Ismagilov (30 days ago)

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