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CS:GO - Fnatic vs. FaZe [Dust2] - ESL One Cologne 2016 - Group D

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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major is back! ESL One Cologne at the LANXESS arena will not only bring the biggest crowds, but the best in CSGO matches. Don't miss a match - Subscribe to our ESL CS:GO channel! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA?sub_confirmation=1 For more ESL One Cologne Qualifier action, check out the rest of the VODs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5QW8-4vVv8&list=PLDaLNkCsG9WkjYDRuJt79tjuNuZWsWVTF ESL One CS:GO Major 08 - 10 July, 2016 Cologne, Germany http://www.esl-one.com Follow us for schedule updates, giveaways, and more! http://www.twitter.com/eslcs http://www.facebook.com/esl Download theScore esports to follow all the ESL One Cologne scores, stats, news and more: http:// thesco.re/esportseslc4
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Text Comments (759)
Ur Mom Gay (4 months ago)
Wheres Niko, Guardian, Karrigan, Rain, Xizt?
Kaan Alp Kozanlı (6 months ago)
do you know the headset they use?
LeDoritosMann (8 months ago)
1:19:10 I feel bad for those 94% who chose Fnatic
Svein Revheim (11 months ago)
Wow a Norwegian guy in Faze well played
MateoRoyale (11 months ago)
mm dennis 1:09:11 aim bot¿
Batuhan (11 months ago)
sideways (11 months ago)
Anyone know why they wear hats with headphones
choco (1 year ago)
coun7less (1 year ago)
What are the theabags for in their hands, grip?
coun7less (1 year ago)
imnotgaybut20is20 thanks, I need that, cant play with cold hands
imnotgaybut20is20 (1 year ago)
coun7less heat pack
vKoa Curtyy (1 year ago)
Half these FaZe members I haven't seen B4
Martin Romero (1 year ago)
faze horrible play so statics fuckings speculators
Gizmo 762 (1 year ago)
JW is a fucking frog
Anonymous Gamerz (1 year ago)
dang how do you let some gay cod team win? xD
Definitely flusha (11 months ago)
Vegeta Prince of All Saiyans dumb fucks like you actually trigger me, they are ex-g2, just renamed
Liam Käck (1 year ago)
i love Fnatic
Justndy (1 year ago)
where is the fking Allu are the Fazes best player??!?!
no u (1 year ago)
This was before allu joined faze?
zSaymon (1 year ago)
sk sempre mijando na cara da g2, quem é Br curte o comentário
bruhh no (1 year ago)
1:11:35 re jec ted
Ben Rosenberg (1 year ago)
lmao olof uses galil chatterbox kill me
John Tan (1 year ago)
Ben Rosenberg the
Mikfel (1 year ago)
1:11:31 what a shock i got lol
Christopher Joshua (1 year ago)
1:19:22 dat blue underwear xD
Kush Jack (1 year ago)
31:22 screaming so loud .....
Najwan Asri (1 year ago)
csgo maphack?
Alex Palafox (1 year ago)
Jbhbyby hb
Kevin Rayadi (1 year ago)
the suspect "32:50 - 32 :51" ROFL
Jayden17s (1 year ago)
55:59 wtf
Beautiful (1 year ago)
Dennis has gotten so fat since being in FNATIC
PuFFie (1 year ago)
One day if I happen to be a policeman or demo team and have to defuse some bomb with a keypad I'd try 7355608 first
Boboo123z (1 year ago)
i love the new roster for Faze Rain, allu, kio, niko, and karigan
ady duca (1 year ago)
that w as sa insane
Fel Mi (1 year ago)
Game starts 8:19
Refreshed Mind (1 year ago)
Why don't they slow the fire rate on the AUG (more so when scoped) and give it AK damage, then the people won't be surprised every time anyone buys anything besides M4, AK, and awp.
Refreshed Mind (1 year ago)
18:42- Olafaf :D
omer ali (1 year ago)
Mach Star 8:19
Herman Li (1 year ago)
Lol around 55 aizy's cheatin
Dozzier (1 year ago)
32:50 flusha: oh fak dat was obvious rip career
Jacob Hood (1 year ago)
how do you view this from CSGO TV
Cody (1 year ago)
Faze is bae
Rafi Andika (1 year ago)
700 comment
ClassicPhysique (1 year ago)
At 1:45 when he throws the FaZe up sign he gets red lol
fecske boglárkaxxx (1 year ago)
fosgeci pfffuj
Dul K (1 year ago)
Kilo Gramz (1 year ago)
what a bunch of cheaters
Fez (1 year ago)
FaZe Up
GoldenGuns 96 (1 year ago)
I wish I had a knife
Waldus Lacroix (1 year ago)
So you could stab yourself in the stomach.
Mr. Asian Man (1 year ago)
idk a lot about csgo or anything, can someone tell me why FaZe didn't try on round 2 like they all just stayed in the same spot on the other side of the map from the bomb.
Product Placement (1 year ago)
TheManMadeSim it didnt look like they were even trying to play the game.
carlosduty 974 (1 year ago)
fnatic is the best team lever like ci t fr
Nabiil Cr7 (1 year ago)
32:50 o.O flusha perfectly aim through the box o.O
TOXIC LIGHTNING (1 year ago)
Aizy is crazy!
SkyWade (1 year ago)
People saying kio is not good or devil.... well when u 1v1 them. We are doom
hey guys i just got hacked on C.S.G.O and all my skins are gone :( and i need to rebuild my inventory and i dont have enough money to buy skins and i know begging wont do me any good but i can make youtube banner logos and stuff like that so i will be making banners and logos for skins or keys (will send logo first so you know its not a scam) comment your desired name on your logo/banner and your steam id then i will tell you what skins i want
that is one of my banners from 2 years ago havent been bothered to make one the banner and profile pic is really bad
Product Placement (1 year ago)
im cute lol
Fukky (1 year ago)
if your banner is a example of your skills then no
A Sz (1 year ago)
lol 666 comments
Product Placement (1 year ago)
Agnieszka Szymaniak bring the sacrificial lamp
Justas Hope (1 year ago)
Is this faze clan got something to do with the real faze clan or is just a copy?
Justas Hope yes their real
Folle Lodde (1 year ago)
Flusha cheating 32:50
Azizi Rifqi (1 year ago)
good game 😀
Kaps (1 year ago)
I miss old fnatic :<
Retired Boban (1 year ago)
Kaps why old ? Lol the roster is the same
PTNinjas (1 year ago)
We were supposed to be playing game of war...
Product Placement (1 year ago)
snipDa$ is it TheLegend27
snipDa$ (1 year ago)
PTNinjas but this one player keeps kicking my ass
FearTheBeardIG (1 year ago)
Aizy not legit
MelancholyBroken (1 year ago)
The Counter Strike champions vs the Cod champions
Ryan Y. (1 year ago)
Every kill in round 16 were headshots.
Mr Nobody (1 year ago)
Why JW so fucking fat?
Troutgamer1 (1 year ago)
DHRUV RAMANI now that was a solid comeback*tips fedora*
Fokis Gaming (1 year ago)
It's too hard to watch this shit cause the spectator changes players all the damn time. Absurd
Yo Sour (1 year ago)
flusha is fishy man
fiig (1 year ago)
18:03 match resumes
Scorch 620 (1 year ago)
This game was amazing
ZlyGo (1 year ago)
why they call it the A,W,P instead of just the awp
Product Placement (1 year ago)
ZlyGo why not OP hehehe
Watchieboy (1 year ago)
ZlyGo because its an abbreviation
Ritobhash Daw (1 year ago)
fnatic could have won that...that come back though..
Karl Rivero 24000 (1 year ago)
lol wtf do faze even know how to play as a CT
Yung Thot (1 year ago)
Clorox High Efficiency Bleach now they do with Karrigan
MOHD HAZIQ (1 year ago)
why earphones? isn't headphones enough?
SpArk (1 year ago)
MOHD HAZIQ earphones can cancel out noise with the tournament headphones on top, in order to not hear the other team
Norwegian kid (1 year ago)
is it anyone from norway in this map
SiberianDragon [MW] (1 year ago)
MIKIYT (1 year ago)
Noobs fanatic
Cockatiel Bird (1 year ago)
Mihajlo Jankovic and you spelled their name wrong. idiot.
MIKIYT (1 year ago)
Rush b
nikolai borgk (1 year ago)
Jazeray Berhane (1 year ago)
23420 94th place just.
Jazeray Berhane (1 year ago)
eritrea news asena .
whoishanz (1 year ago)
how is havard "rain" ?
I hate fnatic
32:50 flusha 56:00 aizy cheater
parker lammons (1 year ago)
why do they have ear plugs and headphones together
Jacob Petersen (1 year ago)
parker lammons its to block out any other noise yet still have a good headset
Lord Alpaca (1 year ago)
1:16:27 How does Kio have a CZ?
Reeta Chauhan (1 year ago)
what if navi markeloff played cs go
Camels BLR (1 year ago)
that echo at 31:21
Andrei Holocici (1 year ago)
Sup MATE (1 year ago)
unbelievable faze
Moon Man (1 year ago)
If faze wins the holocost never happened
NoWayFolding (1 year ago)
109:11 looks suspicious. Why is he looking into a wall? (Remember he is not supposed to be able to see that other player)
Hamza Qadir (2 years ago)
FaZe's short tactics are better then Fnatic, FaZe is a preety strong team, they should represent there pro developed players like Teeqo,2nd Rain,Adapt,Maiklele.
Dust 2, is that a new map I've never played on it before
Alyssa Jai (1 year ago)
XP, you're still running a bit too slow... Need to upgrade you soon I reckon
Chris Klatschei (2 years ago)
Preston Garvey (2 years ago)
I just feel like when FaZe Joined CSGO they just took a shit on many teams.
Alfred Gamer (6 months ago)
yeah they're unstoppable
Definitely flusha (11 months ago)
Luis Garcia lul look at them now
Fluskar (1 year ago)
lol naaaahhh faze is better than most teams,allu and kio are gods
Preston Garvey (1 year ago)
+jadyn johnson It is opinion based tho.
jadyn johnson (1 year ago)
its not really opinion, its kinda fact, up until eleague they had failed to get out of the group stage of all 8 Tournaments they had played at, losing to team like Mousesports and Flipsid3.
SamTehGr8 (2 years ago)
Anyone else see Flusha's snap through the boxes at 32:50? He locks right on to the center of the CT's chest and it holds there for a second.
Fuys wher is mikelili
asmrobo (2 years ago)
anyone else notice that they said "G2 is on fire!" at the end even though G2 played LAST round and LOST
asmrobo (2 years ago)
sorry, they said "against a red hot G2", but same point
White Wolf (2 years ago)
I remember the good days when were was Cs Source Championship
Tak3N (2 years ago)
I thought kioshima was in envy
vincent gnanaraja (2 years ago)
fnatic too many misses in last round
Vitaz JAB (2 years ago)
http://plays.tv/video/57cc3b08299ca75efb/my-name-is-kerrigod?from=user GOD
LeDari (2 years ago)
cooo1 hi (1 year ago)
LeDari he's not on faze anymore
o dem (2 years ago)
dats not FaZe i know
Antoniwood (2 years ago)

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