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Top 10 Things We Miss About Old CS:GO

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Text Comments (1489)
Gabriel Lopez (5 days ago)
I miss the five seven and the tek 9
John Dennison (5 days ago)
i miss when you could get 4 skin drops a week. and talk to the enemy team during HT/warmup
PAndy XD (8 days ago)
Old sounds and old gloves GOOD TIMES MY BRO
Joseph Park (15 days ago)
I quit after the awp change
Ace Brad (16 days ago)
Its not about old csgo but we all miss the cs 1.6 tactical shield
Henry Black (16 days ago)
CS:GO hit its peak in late 2015, around the time they utterly fucked Nuke and released the fucking R8. As a matter of fact, that was a major turning point for Valve. They went from a company that genuinely cared about its consumers to a company that says "fuck you, give us your money."
0:18 turn on the subtitles
ABHINAV PANDEY (20 days ago)
Old sounds like M4A4 AND GALIL
Lempity (20 days ago)
What song is this
XxRedFox PlayzxX (22 days ago)
has anywone saw the guy pointing the middle finger here 2:58
Harsh Upadhyay (25 days ago)
Wtf I never knew that galil had a scope 😐😐😐
FoXTroT (29 days ago)
1:15 Jinsang - Egyptian Pods
Engi (1 month ago)
i miss the MP5
mr_ los (1 month ago)
Remember when the R8 revolver was op lol
Yew Fai Wong (1 month ago)
Flusha with the hacks
P 23 (1 month ago)
francesco bruno (1 month ago)
Old sounds
Ma namejeff (1 month ago)
The thing that I missed about the old CS:GO... Is the old CS:GO lol
MCD_PLAYS (1 month ago)
i miss the old dust 2
kelvin liu (1 month ago)
Unpopular opinion: I miss the old, super OP, nerfed into the ground after 24 hours R8 Revolver. That thing was fucking crazy.
patta14 (1 month ago)
This moment when you talk about old NiP while showing a clip of Pyth.
Mr slender2 (1 month ago)
Surprised the old sounds aren’t on here
Fire Tiger (1 month ago)
I miss the old RB 😂😂😂
Yung Napkin (1 month ago)
Give credit to jinsang for the music, fag
Ian van Ingen (1 month ago)
Old bhopping
Berd (1 month ago)
oh, also, jump scouting is still possible but it is very hard to preform now.
Kristoff Miguel Villena (2 months ago)
What about the old knives from cs:s cs:cz cs 1.6 cuz if am thinking if they added it its fast and then they remove it
Fr8x CH (2 months ago)
I Miss Old Rank
Coxy (2 months ago)
The wallbangs and the voicec chat was so incredible
Colored Printer (2 months ago)
number one: c9 shroud
CedNotAwesomeYT (2 months ago)
I never update cs go
ImBroXiV2 (2 months ago)
Old walking sounds
nick Manville (2 months ago)
Talks about old NIP, shows a clip of pyth
Rafcio (2 months ago)
Personally i miss cs 1.6 shields and night vision as well as mp5 and sounds
James Davis (2 months ago)
I miss jump scoitong
V1rgin Rap1st m (2 months ago)
Dislike because of the fake thumbnale dont do things like that
Simon Bach (2 months ago)
Half a decade & CSGO Gambling, haw about naaaah :D
Neb Pie (2 months ago)
2:44 hmmmmmmmmmm telia is lithuanian internet conection
Miszka Ostrzyn (2 months ago)
Cheap m4a1-s , old cz and inferno...
Nizam Nordin (2 months ago)
You missed the old Aug and Sg scope;where they used to zoom in instead of the current scope
Mr. Kidd (2 months ago)
old d2. bring it back!!
GraytonC (2 months ago)
I miss the old t and ct gloves
BBk (2 months ago)
i miss the gloves ):
Madfire (2 months ago)
Wat a click bait
the awp used to be called the magnum sniper rifle i think it was oh wait i was talking about css and cs 1.6
ParaTrooper996 (2 months ago)
Kinda miss the old gun sounds :/
3:00 look at the guy in right side
Manisha Gupta (2 months ago)
I miss dust
AmiNos (3 months ago)
I miss the old weapon sounds..
Fr0zenFor20CPS (3 months ago)
i miss the old default knife
Petar Juric (3 months ago)
What about old revolver? Wild wild west type shit
Lavit (3 months ago)
best thing about old CSGO was when it wasn't out yet and the better CS (CS:S) was a thing.
TheBugError (3 months ago)
Lol I dealt with voice chat system by myself. I just set command cl_mute_enemy_team 1 to console to mute anybody from Enemy team on any server so I wont see what they type and what they talk so they cant toxic me with crap stuff :) And on casual I just mute everyone's voice chat to avoid squeaky kid voices and Russian voices :D voice_enable 0. I miss cl_mute_enemy_team feature in TF2 to avoid enemy toxic chat. :(
TheBugError (3 months ago)
And people I can tell cl_mute_enemy_team saved my nerves a lot! Before it was so frustrating to play CSGO and see what other team types and that they toxic me in the chat but now it is much more enjoyable experience!
Pikachu 1902 (3 months ago)
bhopping is missing
Y F (3 months ago)
How to make myself sound smart - *"lost it's PiZaZ"*
Y F (3 months ago)
Wtf is this music from.deadxbeat or ??
AHHH!!! (3 months ago)
What about old dust 2 or old awp noises, oh yeah this vid is hella old as well
Mad Gorn (3 months ago)
I so much miss old Nuke and Dust 2 😢
onit (3 months ago)
4:48 that bug just happened to me today
xd Şpuzei (3 months ago)
And the old rank system we miss..
xQuote (3 months ago)
whats the song?
Elias Vatn (3 months ago)
old m4a1-s
Nicolaj Ravn (3 months ago)
I miss competetive assault, aztec and so on :'(
aku (3 months ago)
I miss having 600 fps on a 1200€ PC. Still looks more or less the same but 200 fps lul
Salman MH (3 months ago)
The Old Cz that thing was a pocket ak man they nerfed the fuck out of it.
Deutch Schnitzel (3 months ago)
Pussies who miss old things :)))
cj lmao (3 months ago)
The intro is basically " hey kids of youtube i needed money so i have a sponser and in exchange ill promote rigged gambling sites where you can lose all your skins" and use my code "guides" cause i need more money
Ashish :3 (3 months ago)
The FBI (3 months ago)
the voice chat in warmup was nice. see if someone decided to be toxic i'd literally play the song toxicity <3
Soviet Waffle (3 months ago)
But...but..... Flusha hax
bleachlover 69 (3 months ago)
I miss how in casual you could speak to both teams throughout the whole game. It really made casual more fun and well casual.
Roope Lamberg (3 months ago)
gh aint the same anymore as it used to be. ive played since 2014 and sold stickers for 2dollars now worth over 50$ :D miss the good old times :(
Alex Swanson (3 months ago)
for real we need jump scouting back
I am the Ninja (3 months ago)
I miss the old M4A1-S.
Berdan Dogan (3 months ago)
Old voice chat old awp and jump scouts ;(
SSJ Carl (3 months ago)
I do not miss the old scout, that shit was cancer.
LMPisgaard (3 months ago)
Old gloves and sounds
Rynardt Viljoen (3 months ago)
how do u have ur knife on ur left hand but gun in right hand?
videfluffy (3 months ago)
I remember old EnvyUS with kennyS, ahh.
Nicolas Brouwer (3 months ago)
getting onto silo is still difficult.....
Avon (3 months ago)
The voice chat to the other team was my favorite part of a competitive game, but when they removed it I was sad af >:(
EnhancedPixels (3 months ago)
"Fun entertainment" yeah because losing money is fun entertainment
Solemn Silence (3 months ago)
They fucked over KennyS when they changed the awp
Dustin Plays (3 months ago)
The flash boost still works lol
Luk3 (3 months ago)
Old nip will Always be in my heart
Fexi Gaming (3 months ago)
If I knew the thi g with the ibpholo i would have bought everyone for their old 20$ish price tag
niklas bruhn (3 months ago)
says he's missing the old nip, shows clip of pyth.
Jonas Tisell (3 months ago)
nobody misses these scoped galils and mp5s cuz we never played with them
* -__Mml__- * (3 months ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/aljsmee he is scammer pls report him
Mr. Gl0X (3 months ago)
Hard to jump on silo
DaintZ (4 months ago)
Old inferno
Foxy Anàcrá (4 months ago)
i only miss the AWP. all the rest. i dont care about. bring AWP back!!! at lest. give it a buff speed.. is to slow now!
Durgesh Pore (4 months ago)
Even guns sounded better
michaael mayne (4 months ago)
The voice chat during half time was good. It’s either good half guys or fuck you, you’re trash
DizzlyBoom (4 months ago)
i only miss the gloves, old sounds and the ak47 with the awp movement
aT_ Frozen (4 months ago)
3:02 there’s a guy sticking up the middle finger
Patrik Kozjak-Lesički (4 months ago)
definitely the old pro scene and tournaments
Red Gold (4 months ago)
old gloves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oskar Öhman (4 months ago)
I miss Militia even tho the map sucked the fact that I wont be able to play it sucks

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