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How To Get Counter Strike Source Maps For Garry's Mod 13 2018!

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Winrar (64bit) http://filehippo.com/download_winrar_64/ Winrar (32bit) http://filehippo.com/download_winrar_32/ Counter Strike Source Maps http://www.mediafire.com/download/4bz6zb296fhef55/CSS+Maps.rar
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Text Comments (174)
Panda Bear (1 year ago)
Thank You ^-^
Can Uyanık (2 years ago)
Nice !!
hola quiero poner el mapa cs_office y se me sale
Matt814211 (2 years ago)
Jaguarr 777 (2 years ago)
it still doesn't work for me ;-; pls help
Jaguarr 777 (2 years ago)
+Israel Rodriguez wait, i have the maps, but i need the textures.. ;-;
Arda Aslan (3 years ago)
thank you soo much. u are the real mvp
Nick Mindset (3 years ago)
Thanks dude, +1 like and sub.
GATORSK8TER (3 years ago)
check me out maybe we can help each other some record some together or just have some fun
big tasteful (3 years ago)
lol 4 likes
big tasteful (3 years ago)
Nah he ment 4 dislikes and those 4 are from the payday gang
Eternal (3 years ago)
+Butterness X Or maybe he meant 400 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),Just kidding I don't know.
Martin Ledesma (3 years ago)
Thxs Man! i love you!! xx
Julius Billy (3 years ago)
dude the links do not work they are different ones in the vid brah
Smugy_ (3 years ago)
Dude where did you get that desktop background
John Green (3 years ago)
Midnight Darkwolf (3 years ago)
thank you for this but I dont like in the game muder when everyone is talking at once it gets annoying
VACspartan (3 years ago)
micka (3 years ago)
thanks so much
Zee (3 years ago)
he wanted 4 likes. he got 585.
Johnosaurus (3 years ago)
I think you are doing a texture...
MonkeyTheGamer (3 years ago)
I think you got abit more then four likes :P
dfg sdrfg (3 years ago)
What's your desktop background?? I will take up any image format.
Ghost Xz (3 years ago)
lilpandasdancin (3 years ago)
Thank you so much
Artyom Bezmenov (3 years ago)
Thank you man!!!! Subscribe and Like!!
D-ray Ent (3 years ago)
lauri ahola (3 years ago)
u have to download css game content to ur garrys mod just search youtube
ReV_Mikz (3 years ago)
Thank you so much! 
Mr. NAMEsz (3 years ago)
ActionBrick Studios (3 years ago)
Well, it turns out that all this did was give me a bunch of maps filled with errors and missing textures, no matter how may times I restarted steam, it is still the same, do you have any new advice on how to fix it?
ActionBrick Studios (3 years ago)
oh yeah sorry, my bad, and I did finally find the textures, sorry about being a pain in the ass.
MinecraftSurvization (3 years ago)
As he said in the fucking video there is no textures with it... Kids being stupid these days
BackFireZz (3 years ago)
Mass Distraction (3 years ago)
thank youuuu
Rick (3 years ago)
Thx man!
Shadow Bonnie (3 years ago)
Thank you soo much i'm trying to get this maps for weeks Sub. n LIKE!!
Wi1d cat (3 years ago)
Thank you very much.
NGreen 123 (3 years ago)
thx man
doxcs (3 years ago)
Sho-ober (3 years ago)
it's not source maps you guys need, it's 1.6!!! what's all this bullshit about css maps, there is no cs 1.6 anywhere :(
allladinnn (3 years ago)
You are either fucking stupid or just a troll.
ReviewKombatUSA (3 years ago)
im able to join cs office maps and stuff but there is purple and black checkered textures everywhere
Crazy WhiteBoyz (3 years ago)
you need half life part 2 as well to run with Css maps
King Ghidorah (3 years ago)
Then download the game content from counter strike source from cscheater just look up a tutorial on youtube
Erick Ramos (3 years ago)
obrigado,me ajudou muito!!
Alex Kefi (4 years ago)
I've installed CSS, after that i put the maps in the maps folder. After that i tried to play Murder on cs_office and nothing happened. Pls i need your help DJkasparov13.
CoolGuyz (4 years ago)
I don't have a steamapps folder help plz ;(
CoolGuyz (4 years ago)
nvm i found it :D
Theo K (4 years ago)
I've tried downloading this from mediafile 3 DAYS in a row and it dosent download
Mike Luchies (4 years ago)
Click on the button that says: Download. ;)
Blake B. (4 years ago)
i do as you say in your video. and after a restart of steam (and eventually a restart of my computer), when i join a multiplayer map of cs_office, it looks sreally purple like, with textures missing. and ive done exactly as you have done.
uh welp (3 years ago)
+Blake Bush Where did you get the game data?
Tom J (3 years ago)
Hey people on this comment, I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc7TP1z-Z-4 video, and after downloading as he says (big files tho) I don't have any problems yet. I don't know if it has any effect on my laptop ofcourse, so your own risk, but it seems legit and my laptop still works fine and no more errors on Garrý's Mod. Works fine for me. 
Dan (3 years ago)
+DJkasparov13 i have the game data, i just need the maps :(
Blake B. (4 years ago)
+DJkasparov13 i found my problem after asking several ppl on gmod. i had to download the game files also. the maps wont work without the actual game data.
Microwave Deutsch (4 years ago)
ty so much
EGW Tek (4 years ago)
nice video
The Notorious Legend (4 years ago)
Do I need to do this even if I already have Counter Strike Source?
Andrew Davies (3 years ago)
No, it should work automatically, if not, you may need to reinstall CS or Gmod.
pricey101 (4 years ago)
where is ur texture tutorial
Igliff Romanini (4 years ago)
this guy
CaptainBreezy Yeezy (4 years ago)
can anyone help me? i cant join servers if they are playing de nuke and cs italy :/
Braden Marshall (4 years ago)
ask for four likes gets 441
xd Bryan ツ (4 years ago)
Subscribed And Likes: Thanks Man I Love you (AS FRIEND -_____-)
mihir ahuja (4 years ago)
is this only for windows or is it also for imac
TheRuskiMachine (4 years ago)
Mine comes up as a video player folde;r and opens up in windows movie maker u lied :(
hey whats up (4 years ago)
UGA8DOMINATE (4 years ago)
all I get is purple checker boards!! what do I do??
UGA8DOMINATE (4 years ago)
I already got it but thanks!!
no you must download texturs of gmod search on youtube
armin rezaee (4 years ago)
djkasparo i have a question is there any file for download that have all the map not just the css?? 
Xeto (4 years ago)
u did this for 4 likes?
HUNcamper (4 years ago)
thanks man! (I know how to install maps, and I have the CS:S textures and models too, I just needed the maps.) Thank you so much!
Craig Wilson (4 years ago)
TheBelgianBro (4 years ago)
/watch?v=yaL7gISscEY Enjoy :P
Matty Plays (4 years ago)
the textures are all messed up they are like pink and shit can you help?
Vladimir Nazarov (4 years ago)
я вас имел сучки
Vladimir Nazarov (4 years ago)
Американцы ЛООООХИ!!!
SwiftWindWarrior (4 years ago)
Thanks dude!
bick dig (4 years ago)
i downloaded this map and i got no missing textures but only errors.But i install the Hide Errors Addons and it works 100% well!Playing Prop Hunt now...
Ortanious (4 years ago)
Doesn't work I downloaded the maps and put the bsp files in maps yet it still gives me the cannot find maps/cs_blah blah blah
Raphael Lilley (4 years ago)
I think this is one of the better tutorial videos I have seen in a while. Good job man definitely subscribing.  
CakeSpirit (4 years ago)
For everyone wondering about the missing objects and textures, those are totally separate from the maps. Here's a link to the textures and objects rar file --  https:// mega. co. nz/#!qUhnSYxI!XdIFdCb7OEKpfRAN5y2WLiGn80UEBDh-lOWFU-p33Ts Extract the main files to the addons folder and make a new folder called CSS then extract them all there~
lauerphotography (4 years ago)
Oh man I love you! Thanks, and keep going play PlaetSide 2!!! It's the greatest game that I ever played!!!
FlipYard (4 years ago)
MoffCy (4 years ago)
+jiminywinkle MC i got that and it worked so i dont need it or css ive got it from here the maps and the texurs
FlipYard (4 years ago)
Mutum (4 years ago)
download cs:s
Stey Gucci (4 years ago)
It makes me sad that you only needed 4 likes to do the texture video.. i makes it seem you was doubting this video getting 15k views and 257 likes.:( this helped me ALOT and im sure it helped loads more. So thank you <3 no homo 
Stey Gucci (4 years ago)
That made 100% sense.
Vincent Yang (4 years ago)
Hey I just did it and the maps are still missing textures in them
David Patricio (4 years ago)
gosh you are modest (askes for 4 likes to make a video about fixing the textures no gmod, get so far 251 likes)
Nino Latimer (4 years ago)
lol he said if he gets 4 likes and he got 244 WTF XD
Dubroca Jordan (4 years ago)
I came here for the maps, thank you guy, sincerly, i love ppl like you, let's murder ppl on cs_office <3
papyel (4 years ago)
i see error and pink floor everywhere ive got the map but ...
MoffCy (4 years ago)
https://mega.co.nz/#!qUhnSYxI!XdIFdCb7OEKpfRAN5y2WLiGn80UEBDh-lOWFU-p33Ts here use that download it and then go to garry's mod addons and drag and drop go to garry's mod and play the map texurse and that are fixed
Wolfox (4 years ago)
i only came here for the maps, not the tutorial XD but i know how to install maps, but still cool video! :D
Wolfox (4 years ago)
you download the maps, and go to you're garry's mod directory, go to garrysmod and then maps, and drag the files in the folder with a half life 2 icon
How, please tell me!!!!
Wolfox (4 years ago)
i did
Asiorx (4 years ago)
+wolfox712 Download CS:S continent addon
Wolfox (4 years ago)
np, i launched my favorite map, and guess what: GIANT ERRORS AND PINK AND BLACK CHECKERS! D:
Augusto Marchesi (4 years ago)
hello! on the maps are the guns to play trouble in terrorist town? thanks for replying!
Silevin (4 years ago)
He told it
Thanks! Especially for the link. I had it working through steam, but that got removed and since the update it's not working anymore :)
Beau Dyer (4 years ago)
Thank you very much, this worked for me.
Laverra (4 years ago)
when i downloaded the winrar and opened it it came up with an error saying unexpected end of archive, and only has 3 maps in it, why did this happen, please help.
Laverra (4 years ago)
thanks alot
Frosty (4 years ago)
My friend has those maps now, but they are broken for him. Any ideas, help?
Matt Watts (4 years ago)
ossie (4 years ago)
i need help and i hope someone can help me, i downloaded the maps weeks ago, and everything was fine until yesterday that out of the blue they stopped working and it gave me the couldnt crc map error, most of the maps wont load, i already uninstalled and installed gmod again and its not working, i tried downloading the maps for a different source and still doesnt work... thanks
jake Tripod (4 years ago)
not really thanks dude
Calvin Z (4 years ago)
Asks for 4 likes and has 150 likes :D . But thanks it helped me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maxime Auger (4 years ago)
XxGamingZombiexX (4 years ago)
LOVE U NO HOMO! Subscribe
SkywalkerHD (4 years ago)
Thank you so much  :)!!  Like!
Nathaniel (4 years ago)
I have all the css maps on steam, and when I trying running the maps, it just takes me to the main menu, can anyone help
TheDevestator78 (4 years ago)
it wont let me put them in the maps folder help plz.
Summoner FumblePuff (4 years ago)
didnt work... when i go in a game is all black and purple
sesh (4 years ago)
+DJkasparov13 Can you send me a link? Or make a tutorial?
Summoner FumblePuff (4 years ago)
ah ok ty
Vitalka Gorbunov (4 years ago)
ItsCaptainModz (4 years ago)
ItsCaptainModz (4 years ago)
Hahaha heyyyyyyyyyyyy
Vales Valet (4 years ago)
heyy captain modzz
Deathwisherpro (4 years ago)
Na Captain bring it in all homo
Quentin Fontaine (4 years ago)
LOL asks for four likes gets 113
Captain Kostas (4 years ago)
If you can't find your gmod on steam apps just go on steam and press right click on gmod then your done
Ga rimto (4 years ago)
Idk it dont works
Quentin Fontaine (4 years ago)
you put it in the wrong place
Ronan Wold (4 years ago)
Thanks a ton!!!
Asks for 4 likes, gets 89.. lol
Can Uyanık (2 years ago)
PJ Barreto (4 years ago)
+Kasey Coon 402*
Ender (4 years ago)
389 now
That particular.
Derpy (4 years ago)
dat name
MrMinorVids (4 years ago)
I love you so much right now
Šimon Kovařík (4 years ago)
ThX ! :)
LotusBloomsTwice (4 years ago)
Thank you very much for the map source, now I cannot be disconnected form the game because of missing maps. 
Lennard Jaros (4 years ago)
Thanks and BTW u destroyed the 4 likes and just won a sub!
Lennard Jaros (4 years ago)
ok, great - one other question: where is the video with the graphics because the maps work, however I don`t have the graphics so they glitch

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