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CS:GO - The Best Graphics Settings? (Counter Strike) (Source Engine)

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V-sync In Depth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDTem6odUXU&t=0s Add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198106379962/ Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (31)
Qi King (1 year ago)
One of the best csgo video setting guide!
Kiwili (3 months ago)
Since when do you listen to blackmill
feelsbad (3 months ago)
if texture filtering doesn't work on your pc, make sure it isn't disabled in the 3d option in your nvidia control panel. i accidentally disabled it a while ago and recently fixed it.
Vakaris Jučas (4 months ago)
I have i3 7100 3.9GHz 2 cores 4 threats should i enable or disable multicore rendering?
Laggy McStab (4 months ago)
You should enable it, just don't expect it to make a lot of difference to fps
Elis Yuyu Susani (5 months ago)
The bess outro
CR0W (5 months ago)
My lord and savior
Nerves of Steel (6 months ago)
your settings?
the bro (8 months ago)
Useful video dude thanks!!
Lucky B L U (9 months ago)
can you make a l4d2 settings? i know its kinda old game but i'm still enjoying it can you
Waffeey (10 months ago)
Great video!
Dav1dz (10 months ago)
great video!
madican (1 year ago)
Very good!Just,simple and clear:)
I have a question can I play Counter strike source in graphic rating of 1.0?
Laggy McStab ok man thanks
Laggy McStab (1 year ago)
Gaming Guy Minecraft PE&More! Yes you can indeed
Please respond
SaMy Merouane (1 year ago)
I didnt understand fxaa, and what is best setting to get best skin looks ( I have good laptop ) all maxed setting 50-60 fps
T I I T (11 months ago)
200fps with max settings
Nils Bettendorf (1 year ago)
Lachlan Ryan no shader quality
Inadequate Cunt (1 year ago)
SaMy Merouane Skins get most affected by the Texture Quality setting.
TyrannoWright (1 year ago)
FXAA only effects transparent textures like the leaves on trees or even chain-link fences. pretty much an alternative to "alpha to coverage" that consumes a lot less power to use. Very handy if the aliasing on transparent textures bother you. Props to Valve for knowing how to use this form.
John Costa (1 year ago)
Good tutorial, simple and not boring, loved it
Laggy McStab (1 year ago)
I am glad you did!
alex alcala ortiz (1 year ago)
good like to dislike ratio
Laggy McStab (1 year ago)
alex alcala ortiz true
Sydro (1 year ago)
that explaines why i can't see sh*t though a molly thanks man xD
21 Ants (10 months ago)
Sydro Same xd
ModalToaster (1 year ago)
Subbed 👌🏼
Matteso (1 year ago)
bobst3r (1 year ago)
1st kek nice

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