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CS: GO Economy Tutorial - Part 1 - Basics

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tutorial on the economy of the game, what to buy, economic momentum, the blue shell effect, and much more is covered in this tutorial series! This is part 1 of 3, where we will cover the basics of the economy. WarOwl continues providing top notch helpful guide tutorials for CSGO, this time focusing on the economic momentum of the game. This comprehensive tutorial will leave you knowledgeable of eco so you'll know what to do in game. Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgw5JESe3TA
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Text Comments (767)
Terminator X9000 (4 months ago)
I'm subscribing just to get answers.
Terminator X9000 (4 months ago)
This is not the tutorial I'm looking for. Don't you know the game already got a training map? I want know how to complete that one before time runs out. Do you have training walkthrough?
Lockie M (5 months ago)
7:54 round 1/9999999
why is my peepee hard (6 months ago)
What happens when you kill a teammate when you have less than $3000
Tyler L (7 months ago)
am i taking notes on a csgo vid? yes
FrostyFruitJam (8 months ago)
I saw the sheet and left.
Team Intenuous (9 months ago)
No, killing someone with a P250 is much easier than an M4A4. 1 tap VS 2 tap.
Indian Notzi (9 months ago)
Still watching this for the intro music in 2017.
Cooper (9 months ago)
Man.. this is too complicated.. I'm going to play The Sims now.
Gamer Uplink (10 months ago)
My name was in the vid you owe me 200 dollars
Lucas Sche (1 year ago)
Just played with a Russian who thought economy is not important, but "kills". He just didnt understand the connection between having a full buy and being able to hold off the opponent and kills. He insisted that a Five-Seven was sufficient to win rounds :D Needless to say, we got rekt on Ct-Side.
Mynameis Jeff (1 year ago)
TradeSkinFast Ad anyone?
Alan (1 year ago)
wait, so I don't have a set loadout, I have to buy weapons? thats gonna alot of getting used to.
Vaughn (1 year ago)
i think i made a mistake buying this game...
Winter Weasel (1 year ago)
Its metric and imperial systeme
UNHOOD GAMING (1 year ago)
so close to 1 million
БÅŦ9 (1 year ago)
amber tut (1 year ago)
warowl has great gamesense.... Read more
Redmar S (1 year ago)
2017 here :)
Buster Albrecht (1 year ago)
I hate that you think that every other game that is not csgo(cod)have no skill to them.They require other type of skill that is more based on movement and reflex.You cant just say that a game that is so big in the esport scene doesnt require skill,is not logical.
CS:GO also requires movement and reflex skills at an equal if not higher level than COD. Also I maybe wrong but he never said that other games don't require skill, just less skill.
Jonathan Winer (1 year ago)
hey warowl can you do a video on what to do/how to play when you're behind (like its x-0 ya know)
Update this video you beautiful bastard
Wu Steven (1 year ago)
Teamkill = -3300?
Kind of Not Vinnie (1 year ago)
Steven Wu Yeeee Back then lelz
Alon.a (1 year ago)
i know i sound stupid but how do i get skins and actually put them on
Tyler (1 year ago)
Andre de Villiers A camo?
Zeltron 6 billion (1 year ago)
And to equip a skin, simply go to your inventory and right click a camo. You will then have the option to replace the default weapon with the skin.
Zeltron 6 billion (1 year ago)
NoGamesGamer No it's cool 😅. The first and most disappointing method, is to simply play matches and every week you will receive 1 drop. However the drops are often crates and ugly skins in very bad condition. The second method, which is most popular, is to buy and sell skins on the market. This can be cheap or extremely expensive. The third method, is to trade skins with fellow players. The final method, is to open crates. Crates are sort of the jack of all trades. They tend to be very unpredictable but if you get lucky, you can pay the standard fee of 2:50 $ £ and get something much rarer and more expensive. Hope I cleared it up 😀
Cedric1234_ (1 year ago)
This video is now a meme among my friends. We're all MGE/DMG/LE, and even at these ranks some kids dont know economy. An example of this would be in a LE+ match, where some kid was mad that we saved 4th round (Won 1st, Lost 2nd, Lost 3rd. It makes sense to save). He said, "4TH IS GUN ROUND IN CSGO." >> All start spamming him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyPKqovdNqI
nico luz (1 year ago)
that AXE reference xD
Bálint Kurucz (1 year ago)
I'm gonna write here some of WarOwl's biggest quotes: "Your money is not your money. It's your team's money." "You buy as a team, you die as a team." "Never engage in a fair fight. Always try to get the upper hand." I surely missed some, I'll update this comment later.
Phoenix Mi3 (2 months ago)
This aint no COD **it
Phoenix Mi3 (2 months ago)
Dont be a loser... Buy a defuser...
Bálint Kurucz (1 year ago)
I forgot
Slimy Flesh (1 year ago)
Bálint Kurucz any updates?
COD Plaque (1 year ago)
subbed now i will get the game lol
Cole Fisher (1 year ago)
Please update this tutorial
Felipe Coelho (1 year ago)
intro music????
Bucket Man (1 year ago)
i want use number to buy fast
TwenWaen (1 year ago)
2:05 sounds like zapp brannigan
Ras_Q (2 years ago)
Hi WarOwl, You should update this video!
The Logical Choice (2 years ago)
miles are in the imperial measurement system, the more you know
Patrick McCarthy (2 years ago)
Is it "Greetings, Hi, the warowl greats you." or is it "Greetings, I, the warowl greats you."
Phoenix Mi3 (2 months ago)
Is it not Aye.. as in.. Aye aye captain
oğuz yılmaz (1 year ago)
Watch the WarOwl chaannel trailer and look at the description. I thought It was I also but then I saw that
The Hound (1 year ago)
No it's obviously I. That's like if my name was jack and I said "greetings, hi, jack greets you." That doesn't make any sense because IM Jack. So it makes to say "I, jack, greet you."
oğuz yılmaz (1 year ago)
its hi
The Hound (2 years ago)
I the war owl
Not the D0D (2 years ago)
Metric and custom measures
suraj rock (2 years ago)
hey if u hav played css.. the buy menu in it you can save your personal setup of weapons.. how do i do that in cs go..i wana save my gun with few grenades...so i can directly buy all together like css instead of buying 1 at a time..
Balthazar (2 years ago)
You have to use a console command. You can bind your buys to a key like Numpad 1. Check on Youtube how to bind buys. Its useful.
Kade Cubes (2 years ago)
Dude, your voice is amazing!
Rjrae He (2 years ago)
Yea lol
ddaybook7 (2 years ago)
that willy wonka reference....
Durv2 (1 year ago)
Randog Gaming (2 years ago)
this was good box 4 box?
Trevor Dowding (2 years ago)
YAY! spreadsheets!
Tapz (2 years ago)
does anyone know that crosshair at 4:59 plz tell me I want it starts dosia crosshair
Sreyam Das (2 years ago)
I tell my team when holding bomb, don't search for the last guy. Just play for time, then they won't get any money. But still some selfish people go frag hunting instead of thinking about the greater good.
Sreyam Das (2 years ago)
+Wesley Abrams That's a good idea.
Wesley Abrams (2 years ago)
a lot of people try wait out till bomb plodes so when they kill the last enemy they wreck the economy and cause the guy to lose his weapons
Postune (2 years ago)
C.S.G.O ?
counter strike: global offensive
Pootis Man (2 years ago)
or awp'intunity
Slavisko Squat (2 years ago)
i am studying the world of csgo because of this.
Corbyn Doty (2 years ago)
Don't know if this relevant to your current videos but I wish you'd keep the cringey humor to a minimum, however im not a long time viewer so it may be your style. REALLY GREAT info tho ^^ Really makes this intimidating game more approachable :D
Monkey Mode (2 years ago)
mhe, I don't like competitive anyway. I find death match way more exiting....
Ikasu0 (2 years ago)
We found the cod player
The FnaticFan (2 years ago)
-3300$ for one teamkill!
Bert the Human (2 years ago)
Does the name 'blue shell effect' even need to be explained?
Daniel Foor (2 years ago)
I'm offended
Microscopic Bubbles (2 years ago)
You sound and kind of have a similar personality to arrayseven a tf2 YouTuber...
Microscopic Bubbles (2 years ago)
xD Ikr
Passels (2 years ago)
Now that I think about it, they do seem shockingly similar, especially the voice.
Microscopic Bubbles (2 years ago)
Sound a bit like array7
Gourab Kundu (2 years ago)
This is a bit outdated but still works u don't want to save twice a row first though
B2PG - AKKI (2 years ago)
How much money you will get if you zeus anyone?
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Aqshal Ramja they changed it to no award a long time ago
Solon Fidicen (2 years ago)
I will give a weapon skin to anyone (not really) who knows what "Natus Vincere" means without using a translation program.
nep nep (2 years ago)
born 2 win
The Rikyeah (2 years ago)
literally "born to win" where "to" doesn t mean the purpose so it s kind of broken grammar...IZI LATIN (also i m italian and it s basically the same lol)
Micah Ruuskanen (2 years ago)
What about the zues?
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Micah Ruuskanen it costs 200£ instead of 400£, gives 0£ instead of 300£ kill award and has a movement speed of 220UPS instead of 240UPS after the update
Tyler Stemple (2 years ago)
Shoutout to Gene Wilder
Alain Castillo (2 years ago)
Lemming (2 years ago)
I'm the 666 comment
Yohanes Young (2 years ago)
if i see somebody with a pistol i give a awp
Sn0w CrAB (2 years ago)
The skins at this time make me cringe....... .
Thai Tran (2 years ago)
people try nd survive til the round end so they keep their weapon and dont have to spend a weapon next round
SomeWhiteKid TV (2 years ago)
''GO GO GO, OR GTFO'' i died
Hunter Quinton (2 years ago)
does frag mean kill
O'Malley 567 (6 months ago)
Bygg Bygger *sniff sniff* I smell a CoD player... Shut up, and don't comment on Counter Strike videos, lmfao. FRAG=KILL. Please, never play Counter Strike.
Jacob Clayton (2 years ago)
+Bygg Bygger wow, CoD really does produce some idiots
CHOASlazerman26 (2 years ago)
+Bygg Bygger cod player xD
ItsMerciless (2 years ago)
+Bygg Bygger You're a true dumbass.
Jeff Smith (2 years ago)
lmao bud
Hunter Quinton (2 years ago)
does frag mean kill
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Hunter Quinton ...
Charlie Dennis (2 years ago)
+Charlie Dennis some people do say that. I'm not really sure why it is a thing but you just gotta adapt
Charlie Dennis (2 years ago)
+Tyler Alexander not sure
ok lol (2 years ago)
Why not just say kills
Charlie Dennis (2 years ago)
flaws (2 years ago)
All my teammates do is buy everysingle round
Klan Iniyagi (2 years ago)
Why is it called the Blue Shell effect?--
Jeff Smith (2 years ago)
+Klan Iniyagi Because in Mario Kart the player with the blue shell, uses it, then it only hits the racer in first place. SO with that in mind he uses that idea to describe the increasing money award for losing (Blue Shell effect)
Daniel Nguyen (2 years ago)
he sounds like array seven tbh
CakeOG (2 years ago)
So you dont get ANY money for p90 kills?
gloob (2 years ago)
You get the $300 per kill, but no extra.
Roondar Murnig (2 years ago)
+CakeOG Yes, it's just that there's no bonus. You get $300 for a P90 kill, as oppose to the $600 for kills with any other SMG.
Henrik Nguyen (2 years ago)
U should update the video. 3300 for killing a teammate is not longer active.
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Henrik Nguyen lol theres much more that has been changed to the games economy from this video than just this...
Sven schäfer (2 years ago)
+Henrik Nguyen Still dont kill your teammates
aka. A.K , (2 years ago)
Thanks, I gat kickt from my first round comppt becaus i uset to manny monny so im glad dat i understand now.
aka. A.K , (2 years ago)
sorry if i offended you. I hope you aren't mad
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+aka. The Destroyer america arent the only langauge that speaks english, england speaks it too...
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+aka. The Destroyer holy fucking english...
aka. A.K , (2 years ago)
Im from north not America so take it easy.
Roondar Murnig (2 years ago)
+aka A.K. Are you sure it wasn't your spelling?
Braiden Hysell (2 years ago)
this guy is super cringy tbh
Patrik Ortstam (2 years ago)
Then dont watch
NeonCows (2 years ago)
Disregard females acquire currency
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+NeonCows in english?
Vivid (2 years ago)
+NeonCows dam son
Velx (2 years ago)
i feel as though warowl feels threatened by cod because all he does is talk about it
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+BOOMH3ADSH0T umm... lolwat... FPS games were popular long before CoD... they were on 4th and 5th gen too, not just 6th gen onwards...
Prowbar (2 years ago)
Nope, CoD made FPS games casual
Lewis Traill (2 years ago)
+oVelx No, pretty much all he talk about is Cs:Go, I feel that should be obvious.
Cole Evans (2 years ago)
+oVelx Well Call of Duty was the only relevant FPS for 5 years and made FPS games popular.
Humorous Central (2 years ago)
Wait so that money on the the top left is for your whole team
Sachman15 (2 years ago)
No, each person has their own cash amount, the point he's trying to get across its that you can't just Buy by yourself, you have to work with your team to buy as a team. Each team has their own economy, so if the economy is down, you don't want to buy the most expensive weapon in the game.
Drix Ligasan (2 years ago)
Im watching these tutorials even though I dont own csgo yet 😂
asdiofjasdf (2 years ago)
Hehe xD Did you get the game yet?
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Varun Sg lol you bought a game on disc? damn... xD
Jam (2 years ago)
+Varun Sg A CD? Why didn't you buy it on Steam?
Pier Giorgio (2 years ago)
+Aleksander Battlefield 4 dominate
Varun Sg (2 years ago)
+Aleksander I just orederd the cd coming on 23 excited
Tar- Anárion (2 years ago)
So I just got the game (Super popular as far as I've heard) and the way I understand it, each match you play you start with 1000 dollars (or whatever the currency is) and you then earn money through wins, losses, kills, and plants? And the money is a collected pool between your team? So everyone starts with the same weapons and then has to use money to earn better ones each game right? It's a bit confusing to me...
Tar- Anárion (2 years ago)
+The Freeman Initiative u wot m8?
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Ereinion Lord of Eriador lol 'Super popular as far as I've heard'... why would you have to hear this, how could you not know that its popular... xD
massive_walnut (2 years ago)
+Lost Knight thats cool. Yea i only go for medium jumps in the park but i enjoy jibbing more
Tar- Anárion (2 years ago)
+Johannes Zanon Oooh that sucks. I snowboard myself but I onlt do intermediate hills (im not that good)
massive_walnut (2 years ago)
+Lost Knight i lost it in a dogfight. nah just kidding i broke it while snowboarding
vîpr (2 years ago)
your voice is better than Morgan Freemans. Nuff said
Adolf Hitler (2 years ago)
It's Morgan Freeman's white son
Mozdk1 (2 years ago)
+Apex Warowl does have a great voice. But come on! It's Morgan Freeman!
Roondar Murnig (2 years ago)
+Apex I'm going to have to sub just for his voice.
Jarlaxle Baenre (2 years ago)
so ive never played cs:go. so your telling me that every game you start with zero mula. then during the game you work your way up to a new weapon? like if i get a karambit 1 game will i be able to trololol other people in a new game with the same karambit?
Jam (2 years ago)
Plus, karambits and other knives aren't purchasable in the buy menu. It's still the same knife, but it just has a skin. You have to purchase them outside of the game, and they're very expensive ;)
+Milton Lee ahem, 800.
Leon Katerndahl (2 years ago)
+Milton Lee You start with 800$, 1000$ is the amount of money in the casual mode.
Milton Lee (2 years ago)
+Jarlaxle Baenre no, you start with 1000 at the beginning round, known as the pistol round because no primaries cost below 1000.
Owen Durst (2 years ago)
round 1 knife ace :-)
CATN1P (2 years ago)
lol Willy Wonka at 6:53
Josh Combellack (2 years ago)
What is a frag
Roondar Murnig (2 years ago)
+Josh Combellack That confused my at first too b/c it's usually short for fragmentation.
EZIC (2 years ago)
Markus L. (2 years ago)
That 1:30 moment where he dies and then kicks the weapon away with a scorpion kick :D
SentinelFPS (2 years ago)
Can someone explain to be about eco rounds, and when to buy what? Thanks
Joaquin.the.Marxist (2 years ago)
Question that sort of has to do with the video but not really. Why do the Terrorists get the stronger weapons. Shouldn't the government funded FBI, GICN etc get the stronger weapons. Not some teenagers (Referring to my favorite map office) it's not that important but you get the point.
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+Pinguinojdo because most maps are CT sided and its easier to defend than it is to push so the T's getting weapon advantage balances that, but yeah, the CT weapons should really be better realistically speaking
DAEDRA26 (2 years ago)
Terrorists have some slightly stronger weapons because CT's have defensive advantage. In any game it's easier to defend than attack.
André Skjoldal (2 years ago)
ReviewTechUSSR (2 years ago)
Still prefer CoD over CS:GO, but I am enjoying CS:GO so far.
emich34 (2 years ago)
If you are a T and run the timer out does your whole team not get money or just you? Say a failed push and teammates got wiped and they still have a whole team, no chance of winning, can I just back out with my full buy and my teammates still get money?
Reborn NightMare (2 years ago)
I've grown tired of COD and I'm looking for a way to escape into CS:GO.
Hemppa13 (2 years ago)
great tutorial, BUT someone teach this to russians...
DMGxBucketx (2 years ago)
to catch a counter strike?
Cristopher De La Cruz (2 years ago)
Nice voice.
Gub (2 years ago)
people are raging at me cuz i had money for an awp but i got a scout instead they didnt rage as much when i got 3 kills, yay, 1 of them was a jumpshot if im 2 gud with the scout (ssg08) i may get vacbanned, nooooooooo
Nicholas Liu-Sontag (2 years ago)
Hey TheWarOwl - Love your videos. I've learned a TON from your tutorials. One request - what do you think about doing an updated Economy Tutorial? Considering the costs of certain weapons and kill payouts have changed since you last did this video. Thanks!
cinemartin (2 years ago)
People were angry at me because I dominated them with the Scar-20
+The Freeman Initiative well it depends on how you use it and your position, you shouldn't use it as an alternative to an ak or an m4 though. an example could be the infamous fnatic boost on overpass.
The Freeman Initiative (2 years ago)
+thunks mr skeltal foor ur calcuim if you have the money, then theres no reason not to, i also bet that you think that its ok to buy AWP but not Auto...
+Kudos You shouldn't use the autosnipers. It may be a powerful weapon, but if you had bought an m4 instead, you could've used the rest of the money on your team or grenades.
INSAINT (2 years ago)
Are you Zap Brannigan?
That_0ne_Gamer (2 years ago)
I once played the trial version on the 360 and I got banned because I thought that the money that I had was what I got so I would spend it all and I was able to win like 6 rounds and they all got mad that I was wasting all there money and I was a noob and didn't know what I was doing so they all got mad and banned me and I thought they were being absolute jerks and I gave them all a bad rep for it, now that I watch this I realize why they banned me also I couldn't hear them. whoops
BurritoMcChomp (3 years ago)
It comes from Mario Kart, doesn't it?
BurritoMcChomp (3 years ago)
It's called the Imperial System.
bomando (3 years ago)
If my team lose pistol round and go second round eco, most time i dont care and buy me a weapon and rush enemy :/ most times it works.

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