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Top 5 Ways Taco Changed CS:GO Forever

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https://csgoempire.com/r/guides Taco is a lot of peoples favorite player within the pro scene in CS:GO. ANd there are a lot of reasons why. Within this video we are paying tribute to Taco’s history in CS:GO, so far. First, we will go over a brief history of Taco, and then we will go over 5 ways that he changed the game forever. In this video we talk about: CS:GO Taco Best Plays How Taco Changed CS:GO CS:GO Taco Highlights Best Fragger CS:GO ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides ___ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked Top 5 Ways Taco Changed CS:GO Forever, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (253)
Ksson (3 days ago)
For fucks sake stop putting it like he quit
keep pressing "j" at the very beginning and you can hear some nice tttttttttttt
Sascha L. (11 days ago)
5:16 he doesnt even look at his screen!
Wolf Speaker (13 days ago)
Make a video about the AWP and how to use it and question do dummies buy the AWP right when they have $4750 on the second round and should you do it?
CaVeirA (14 days ago)
Look at 5:14 he is looking at his teammates screen because he is flashed so he has an idea what is happening what a great player
CaVeirA (14 days ago)
Nah wrong he got taco because taco means in Portuguese baseball bat
Johs Haakon Johnsen (14 days ago)
LMAO you guys at csgo guides crack me up. You think you are analysts and know shit about pro csgo, but clearly youre just dumbfucks who makes videos for kids. - you make a video about a average player, a player whos never gonna be remembered for anything - you say his one of the best entry of all time, no hes not, no where near. you dont even have alot of clips of him entrying, most of the highlights are from him holding a site - you say his not a player who just gets info and dies, but after that you say hes good at going into a site and getting info. He was litterally coldzera and fers bitch all in all if you didny read, i say that csgo guides are the biggest losers, and dont know shit about pro csgo
EYS - DamB (14 days ago)
I just like his sticker with the taco on it
andr9w (14 days ago)
What about Jake?! Stewie
Arttu Ronkainen (15 days ago)
farewell? did he retire?? i thought he joined liquid
Daniel Souza (16 days ago)
It's never goodbye :') 04:30 DUDE THAT'S FUCKING LOUD LMAO
Dark Creeper (17 days ago)
Vaco :(
ScreaM V2 (17 days ago)
i respect taco but i think there were moments where i thought he has lack of skill
Bruno Napoleão (17 days ago)
"Taco" isn't an traditional food in Brasil :)
mikevismyelement (17 days ago)
Overrated. His greatest attribute was that he was Brazilian at the same time that Fallen, Coldzera and Fer were in their prime.
Flexy CS (17 days ago)
Nice video
SOMMK (18 days ago)
Rip TACO now he is on Liquid so the team is going to be better
Liam Roberts (18 days ago)
he didn't
taco changed the role of entry fragging, by entry fragging?
Daniel Silva (18 days ago)
Pilla e boa ne
Daniel Silva (18 days ago)
Kassius Sipolati (18 days ago)
Intro music?
Raging Galaxy (18 days ago)
you guys need to make a part three to the history of csgo
yeah, I'm sad too!
Wolvy007 (18 days ago)
Thanks for the video!!
Typical Gamer (18 days ago)
Taco tributes to pussy
Dev Babbar (19 days ago)
Taco didn't change shit tbh.
YouTube Addict (19 days ago)
3:00 Wth sk and cloud9 changed countries lol
NorveeYT (19 days ago)
I kept thinking of how taco bell changed csgo forever
C4BBy (19 days ago)
Taco still plays csgo just for liquid now
The Godfather (19 days ago)
3:09 glitch? (look at country maps
Koastala (19 days ago)
You made it sound like he died lol
sai moe (19 days ago)
We miss taco
Sc0rch (19 days ago)
Much love for taco 🌮
legendmarrie (19 days ago)
Number 6: He made being bait an official role.
TheWh1te V1per (19 days ago)
For me, he is clearly one of the best entry fraggers and the smartest player to used utility well in every type of scenario. He is also the king of jokes.
FireFromHell (19 days ago)
Taco is like ome of The cutest male cspros out there
What's This? (19 days ago)
TACO, boltzzz, fnx, fer... basically everybody other than Fallen and Coldzera on SK are underappreciated and are often unnoticed. Most doesn't even know his plays and assists more than Fallen's and Cold's.
CaVeirA (14 days ago)
What's This? Lol fer is not underrated he is high on Reddit and shit and some even say he is better than cold every time I’m watching sk playing i see more fergod in the chat then godzera xd
Jull3 (20 days ago)
I dont know if it was worth it to get stewie to sk... but i hope it works
Jull3 (20 days ago)
I also changed cs forever... where is my video?...
Tim Groebel (20 days ago)
Cs go guides once again to show that they have no idea bout whats going on ^^ but hey nice sponsor .....
Dank Memes (20 days ago)
time to win 3rd major with zews and taco on liquid
Azinaya_ 314 (20 days ago)
Godamnit! Your name is valve guides, so post tf2 or l4d2 videos too, not only cs go!
Daryll Jan Dela Rosa (20 days ago)
It's just sad how this channel makes the most retarded videos just to stay alive.
Noodle (20 days ago)
Taco but no Skadoodle!!!. Disappointed.
I think TACO is better then boltz so I think he should come back and change boltz
Mathias (20 days ago)
How does this changed csgo forever
ömer bayram (20 days ago)
braedon is actually crying
FlipShot Gaming (20 days ago)
lol rip
DJ M (20 days ago)
Give Stewie2k a couple months and he'll fit in perfectly.
ReenE (20 days ago)
Hopefully Vaco comes back. ;(
That end clip gives me life
Darky Gaming (20 days ago)
Intro Song Please Guys
Darky Gaming (18 days ago)
ty bro ;)
Hippo Light (19 days ago)
Darky Gaming Jinsang - Summer's Day https://youtu.be/rRr-DZmYER0 I was kind of surprised to hear this being used for a csgo vid but he's been getting out there
Darky Gaming (19 days ago)
John JustJohn tysm
John JustJohn (19 days ago)
Darky Gaming idk if its an instrumental of this song or if the artist used the song as the background but anyways check out Fantasy by Kai Dreams
Filip Kradijan Seider (20 days ago)
Gonna miss Taco so much. Don´t know what´s worse - Taco leaving or SK becoming international team and not being brazilian team anymore as they accepted Stewie
Greig Mccormack (20 days ago)
would have been nice if the highlight clip you showed mid way through wasnt just the same clips that had been running in the background from the start of the video lol
Robemar Joseph Tabucan (20 days ago)
You make a video saying that TACO is an underrated player, then make a video to his tribute, man the 9 players on that list should have one too !
Blazej Nowak (20 days ago)
Fun entertainment lol call it what it is
kui ber (20 days ago)
Spirited away soundtrack
Zen CS:GO (19 days ago)
kui ber Was looking for this comment 😉
Mattu_ Mck (20 days ago)
You should do ska next
Jensen Jansen (20 days ago)
Y do people say goodbye taco when he's just leaving a team. Like he can't join another 1.
aryan dolas (20 days ago)
Sk dead eitherways
innerFire (20 days ago)
Honestly he was just overshadowed by BaitZer0, Fallen and even fer. He was doing so much by giving space to them shine. Also his aim is crisp af. I've watched some of his wun deags and I must say he doesn't deserve to be overshadowed that much. It's easier to blame him and kick him since he is not a "star" like BaitZer0. I don't even like SK, but Taco didn't deserve the shitstorm which was thrown at him. BaitZer0 is underperforming recently but nobody even dares to say anything, hypocrites.
matt lazzar (20 days ago)
“Of course not, 16-5 “ 😂😂😂
Guilherme Henriques (20 days ago)
he is underrated in general but he is overrated in this video
Josh Garcia (20 days ago)
Where is taco going now?
Ceezy (20 days ago)
CSGO guides
Marika Perkins (20 days ago)
Dont understand? like Taco is a great player but what about Olof, Taz and a few more! In my opinion Olof was a lot better and dont know why you didnt do him aswell? Great vid tho Keep up the good work!
Hornet (20 days ago)
Who did he join and why did he leave
Jalle är Jesus (21 days ago)
I fell a sleep. Intresting tilte, fuckbooring voice
Krittitee Chatsomsanga (21 days ago)
Kevin Chin (21 days ago)
lowest voice sound in the world amright
Exotic Gaming (21 days ago)
Changed csgo? He is a bad player , dont overreact caz he left
Pedro Augusto Nunes (4 days ago)
Same, but i think he had his own way to entry, being useful af. I think is because this Taco "changes CSGO".
Breno Paes (18 days ago)
Exotic Gaming Do you have a Major? NOP? So shut up Only this
TheWh1te V1per (19 days ago)
Wtf are u talkin. Taco isn't a bad player. It was just everybody else in SK outshines Taco making him seems useless. Taco is actually a good player. But for me he isn't like A LEGEND or smth that changes csgo.
abhay bhandari (20 days ago)
Not a bad player but hr didnt changed anything
matt lazzar (20 days ago)
Exotic Gaming lol shooooore
Joe Rooney (21 days ago)
It sounds like you’ were crying whilst making this video. Honestly this is sad news
Kergio l (21 days ago)
Anyone know where the intro music is from ?
Pulkit Singh (21 days ago)
Liked this vid only bcoz of taco
Nadim Kazi (21 days ago)
Why ur most of the video is about sponsors?
CoJima (21 days ago)
Nerdy Toby (21 days ago)
They keep making something so small into a molehill. He has been bad and should be replace,grow up and get a better voice.Your voice is making me unsub
Fernando de Souza (21 days ago)
Which team is Taco playing right now?
BayStatez (18 days ago)
Failure (19 days ago)
Doplan (19 days ago)
no team
Melanthony Enad (20 days ago)
Ocean Man (20 days ago)
Liquid i think
凛櫻Martyr · (21 days ago)
Summer's day by Jinsang is back bois :DDD
WoodyBlox (21 days ago)
Yup forgot to discuss the myth and the legend? ;D
AzzamNix s (21 days ago)
Taco My Best CSGO Player Is Gone T-T
xxLIAMxx (21 days ago)
Tacos literally on a better player atm so stop acting like he retired or died xD
Alfred (21 days ago)
Stew hav to live up to something
FireN YT (21 days ago)
I thought the title said “Top 5 Ways Tacos Changed CS:GO”
CptBeer97 (21 days ago)
you make it sound like he's dead, he just quit a team...
Daniel Saboia (21 days ago)
By far the worst player on SK. Thank god his gone !
Jackhammer (21 days ago)
is it funny that it SK vs C9
The Gangsta Dounut (21 days ago)
a man crying over a man... are you gay ?
Leonardo Campos (21 days ago)
- spends the whole video talking about TACO being an entry fragger - doesn't show a single clip of him being an entry fragger (also, he didn't change anything in CSGO "forever". ever since CS is CS, somebody has to be the first guy to enter the bombsite as T. lmao)
Pedro Augusto Nunes (4 days ago)
Dude. (0:32 ; 4:41), this is an entry fuction showed. And the other plays that Taco's not entry fraggin, is how Valve Guides was talking about. Taco is able to put their time on 1x1 situation or make more easer. About your coment "Ever since CS is Cs, somebody has to be first..." True, but he means that Taco revolutionized the way of entry in this bomb, or just had this own way and it is useful af. I would like to see the timing of Taco using nades and how he uses it, because he knows how use in a right time. Note: English is not my primary language. Sorry for anny mistake xd
Easylife CSGO (13 days ago)
+Leonardo Campos O quão burro alguém tem de ser para não identificar os 3 clipes em que ele estava e fez a role de entry fragger
Bryson Tobin (13 days ago)
Leonardo Campos did you not watch the video?
Daniel Souza (16 days ago)
Tu é cego porra? Kkkkk
Raw (18 days ago)
Leonardo Campos lol are u blind
Brett Karabey (21 days ago)
taco is a lot of peoples favorite player, uh ever been on HLTV
Saulo Silva (21 days ago)
Brett Karabey (21 days ago)
this is cancer roflmao
M4 ANIMATIONS (21 days ago)
3:08 flag glitch.
IDontKnow (21 days ago)
is he going to another team?
Goat Element (21 days ago)
why this video is full of bullshit lol nes just ok player
stealth (21 days ago)
Stewie2k is no longer a part of Cloud9... Let's discuss the legend...
Leonam Júnio Bravim (21 days ago)
The Lampiao crazy entry`s
ironhack 9 (21 days ago)
Taco was, is, will be a legend
Royal GFX (21 days ago)
Change your channel name before its too late. You're limiting your channel

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