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The Top 10 Most Dominant League of Legends Rosters of All-Time

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Professional competitive League of Legends has been around since mid 2010, and since then we’ve seen some incredible rosters rise and fall. But which 5-man roster reigns supreme throughout the history of League of Legends? It’s a tough question but one we here at theScore esports were up to tackling. We looked at regional dominance, impact upon a given era, and of course international performance to put together our list of the Top 10 most dominant League of Legends rosters of all time. Written by: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) Edited by: Brian Van Huynh (@beevanhuynh) Hosted and Voiced by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Graphics by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson) Courtesy List: https://pastebin.com/ie8Pq59N Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports Check out our website: https://theScoreesports.com
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Text Comments (670)
Pratik Rathwa (12 hours ago)
i think best roster now is RNG who won MSI 2018.
Jowk Gamer (1 day ago)
How about the underdog team CLG (2016)?
Pascal O'Brien (2 days ago)
First 10 secs SKTSKTSKT
v3v SHY (2 days ago)
"Best team on the planet right now" didn't even qualified for worlds
José Pedro Mota (4 days ago)
lmao u put dominant fnatic won all the 1st lcs´s with peke team we in season 2 destroyed everything until they faced m5 at iems omg in seaon 3 and 4 royal went to 2 finals u put samsung for winning worlds last yr when blue was way more dominant in season 4 or even clg eu even the na one where they won everything from wc 10 to s1 worlds and tpa that didnt lose 1 game for over a yr nationally
Br1an (4 days ago)
where's the S2 World champion?
lenny manalo (4 days ago)
2017? Because faker pick or the set pick was not comfortable
yung.chakgak (4 days ago)
Woah back to the good old huni/reignover plays first in fnatic than in immortals i wish they never split
Chris Weintritt (6 days ago)
Can yall do best domestic teams so i can see tsm on this list
John Philip Diaz (7 days ago)
A little bit off for me coz fnatic should’ve been in the top 5. Give a little bit of credit for the effot.. the title is dominant right? Were the other team dominated their region?
JAYZ3O3 (7 days ago)
Easyhoon was on that roster too...
I get goose bumps watching these
C. Alexandre (8 days ago)
That same edg lost 3-0 or 3-1 to the 18-0 Fnatic at worlds so this is kinda weird
Dy Handumon (11 days ago)
How about the true underdogs of all competitive league teams, Origen. Who won EUCS Spring Qualifier, EUCS Spring Season, ESL MWC Challenge, Gamer’s Assembly, EUCS Playoffs, earned a 2nd place in EU LCS Summer Season in their first time, became the 2nd seed for Europe Regional Finals, entered Worlds for their first time and ultimately dominated group stage and knockout stage to become one of two western teams to have reached semifinals in worlds for a long time. Also dominated in IEM San Jose.
Orusuka (12 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy (2017) deserves to be higher up They won worlds by 3-0ing every korean team (SKT, LZ and KT in the gauntlet). Add to that, they also made it to the finals in 2016 against all odds and dropping only 4 games (1 to tsm and 3 to skt) and almost beat SKT in game 5 Legit the most underrated roster ever, I hope they make it to worlds again
Shade Flower (13 days ago)
As a KZ fan right now (mostly due to Peanut not gonna lie) I'm not sure about putting them in this list. Maybe #10 if you needed to, but they did well in lck, and then just kinda, fell a little. Their recent tournament appearances have been iffy at best, and I just don't think they should be on here for one spring split. Don't get me wrong, I love KZ and especially Peanut, but they haven't been playing well recently besides their good split.
AJP123 (13 days ago)
5:58 doesn't even qualify for world's through points omegalul
Darlene Azucena (17 days ago)
Origen still the best
eusoumaniaco (18 days ago)
5:01 when did peanut have black hair? :o
jakob nymark (19 days ago)
how about clg.eu.. :(
Zhang Tony (19 days ago)
No season 2 Team WE? Smh
Yasin Khan (22 days ago)
where the fuck is TSM?
Trasero del Bien (24 days ago)
Top: Porky JG: thyak Mid:Uri ADC: Seeiya Supp: Nerzhul siono raza
gragas ap MIDLANE (1 month ago)
I love seeing demon cry
Dũng Ngọc (1 month ago)
Bullshit list. I dont mention about c9 or M5 ( they could did not win world but yeah they dominance their region). But how the hell they put skt 2016 in the first one ?? Beyond SSW 2014 ?? And the most unbelievable things: DONT HAVE SKT 2015 ???? Seriously ??? The list must be: Skt 2015, SSW 2014, SKT 2013..... SKT 2016 win 3 tittle ( same as SKT 2013 ) but they did not dominance their opponents as the way those 3 winner destroy their match
Adell Almatrood (1 month ago)
Talks about bringing in regional success to the conversation but no mention of any iterations of Flash Wolves. Instead showing bias to NA cloud 9.
pierre tchamitchian (1 month ago)
Where is easyhoon?
Ndrju (1 month ago)
KingZoneDragonX? No
jeeesus (1 month ago)
marin bengi faker bang wolf there u go
Daniel Zhang (1 month ago)
TSM should be over c9 tbh
Deon Fourie (1 month ago)
No xPeke Origen?
김재현 (1 month ago)
2015 skt "THE BEST"
Thai Duong Nguyen (1 month ago)
KingZone aka Longzu jusst just trash. One seasson team overrated too much
Miguel Ramirez (1 month ago)
Samsung White had to be #1
Where is G2 in 2016-17? xD Only in EULCS
Ace Khalifa (1 month ago)
where the fuck is TSM?
Deathless (1 month ago)
Where is AZF ??
SeSe (1 month ago)
Samsung White probably.
Thomas (1 month ago)
Longzhu got good by changing their name lul
Thomas (1 month ago)
Kt rolster lol
samuricexful (1 month ago)
How is there no mention of #3's perfect split?
Tony Brace (1 month ago)
Please tell me how CLG.eu are not on this list, they came 2nd taking it 5 games in Champions Summer in Korea. No other team has ever made it that far in Korea (Obviously apart from Korean teams). But C9 made it !?!?
Lowk3y (1 month ago)
Sorry but xpeke era fnc was better than huni era they dominated eu for so many splits
frostだげ (1 month ago)
There are so meny disputes about number 2 and 1 in their era SSW obliterated in a much more convincing fashion then SKT
Jammin Out (1 month ago)
6:20 wow did not expect to hear my first name in a league of legends video
Wiggywonka (1 month ago)
Kingzone should be removed from this list what a disgrace to the league
Tem Tongu (2 months ago)
not many people acknowledge this, but while i was watching this vid i could see how intense and large the league scene has grown. i mean like compare the casters from before to now. theyre screaming and yelling and keep you on the edge of your seat
Stitch Jones (2 months ago)
If anybody else than SSW at the top spot, I'm disliking.
Neighbor Gamez (2 months ago)
Samsung White is the most dominant league of legends roster of all-time. you really fucked up theScore esports. thumbs down.
Mah Hart Mha Sole (2 months ago)
Anyone forgot RNG's power line-ups.
Poulsen (2 months ago)
Isn't it a bit too early for this kinda video? Not like we had that many insanly dominant teams yet. Just a thought. EDIT: Just seen the vid, didn't consider "regional dominance", only thought about world dominating teams. My bad!
Amigolla (2 months ago)
Griffin will surprise all of us. Their domination is just starting at LCK and if they don't choke they will probably outperform many of the teams currently considered the best (already are, small sample though) https://lol.gamepedia.com/Griffin/Match_History
Fire Penguin Disco Panda (2 months ago)
Tbh I would put skt t1 k at #2. They smashed everyone at worlds and had a perfect season
Joseph Gallegos (2 months ago)
if you take into account regional dominance TSM should be up there
Vinzentzombi (2 months ago)
Where is G2?
Faris Ilmi Hatta (2 months ago)
'The most impactful player for winning game' please
Morecado (2 months ago)
Bengi looks so cool (albeit a little edgy) with his back turned towards the camera.
louk vanos (2 months ago)
Where is Imortals?
Djneo Sphinx N.X. (2 months ago)
Rank 7-8, they made it because they've defeated the LEGENDARY SKT T1 and the demon king himself Faker..
FlaRe QAQ (2 months ago)
Never was there a dissolution of team so distressing before Rox Tigers ( ; ; )
SophusPaaske (3 months ago)
Where's clg eu?? It was the best team with m5 in season 2.
666GodDethroned666 (3 months ago)
Wheres is WE?
HydroJesus (3 months ago)
#1 should of been faker himself
Miihkali (3 months ago)
I loved fnatic when they had soaZ, Cyanide, xPeke, Rekkles and Yellowstar. They weren't that dominant but they were so good team imo.
Everything Hub (3 months ago)
We want "The story of scream"
Alexander Heim (3 months ago)
I´d say the TSM lineup with Biofrost was more impressive than the C9 one but maybe thats just me. 100% agree with the rest though
MrAssyran (3 months ago)
You can’t even compare the Duke SKT to the Marin SKT. Marin is one of the top two top laners of all time and their 2015 worlds run was so much better than Duke’s
eminem2909 (3 months ago)
2012 TPA .. Anyone?...
jij motorp (3 months ago)
TPA should be in the listbecause they were dominant in their regions and during the world. The teams of their regions were creating new strategies to defeat them like adc ans sup against Stanley in the top to stop him bulliying their toplaner. And during worlds they defeated the best teams in the world including Moscow5 (regarded at the best team in the world in S2) and Azubu Frost (best korean teams and rising giants in S2).
jij motorp (3 months ago)
And they destroyed Najin Sword of Pray (yes he was here in S2 xD)
Hoài Nam (3 months ago)
SKT 2015 and SSW 2014
Jing Xiang Tan (3 months ago)
王科閎 (3 months ago)
No TPA and FW?This video is sucks
Jerry Zhu (3 months ago)
We don’t need dominant teams, we just need uzi. He embarrassed King zone in the msi, he just showed us at the current meta this is no longer a team game
Han Park (3 months ago)
unbeatable hypothetical team hashinshin jg tyler1 top nightblue mid trick2g adc iwd support
陳泓儒 (3 months ago)
TPA dominated the season 2. Why don't u put TPA one the list they not only dominated the GPL but also dominated S2 and break lots of foreigners' imaginenation The beat M5 NJ
ooo ta (3 months ago)
Fw? Just lose 1game in the 2016 season
IvFUZEvI (3 months ago)
I feel like if you put c9 and fnc on there, the 2016 (I think it was 2016) TSM was arguably as or more dominant than c9
giuseppe pepe (3 months ago)
I was expecting to see both RNG,TPA and the first rooster of Fnatic (the 2011 champions) but surely this was satisfying to see
vater57 (4 months ago)
TPA > M5 OK? S2 hahaha????? M5
Enej Sablatnik (4 months ago)
Where is tpa
阿亦 (4 months ago)
have m5 no tpa? Not surprisingly Enrich NA HAHA
Bryson Chan (4 months ago)
There's no TPA in this Top 10 is not understandable, they dominated GPL and even got a championship in S2. Now you showed us FNC and Cloud9 just because they swept their "own" region. That just hilarious if you want to make some jerk off video for yourself.
李家詔 (4 months ago)
李家詔 (4 months ago)
whatever rng won.
Anessa Alexis Talabucon (4 months ago)
How about the NA IMMORTAL spring split 2016 roster Huni, reignover, pobelter, wildturtle and adrian in just domestic
Anthony LI (4 months ago)
Now RNG replace Kingzone as 6
J T (4 months ago)
Top lane: T1 (Cho Gath) Jungle: T1 (Draven) Mid lane: T1 (Twisted Fate) Ad: T1 (Quinn) Support: T1 (Heimerdinger)
MMAPL (4 months ago)
The SSG lineup deserves at least a number 2 spot after the strongest possible SKT team. Worlds is really the only indicator needed, they came second in Worlds 2016 after a 2-3 loss against SKT and completely crushed every single team in Worlds 2017 with the same roster, 3-1 in the semis against WE (the strongest chinese team) and 3-0 vs SKT in the finals (the strongest korean team)
The Mighty Maus (3 months ago)
MMAPL Dominance in worlds is completely different from the dominance they meant here. The only thing the Samsung lineup had was the win of Worlds 2017; if only they’re like that in the LCK, then I’m sure they would have made the list.
andy5566w (4 months ago)
Worse video ever. Editor do not know how to rank this list. Why TPA and FW do not on top. Do Korean pay you to do this video?
audrei arguelles (4 months ago)
i thought king zone dragon x is number 1
Kahn Yoo (4 months ago)
So you're saying Duke > Marin? Hmm...
Tony Stark (4 months ago)
No RNG? EDG? OMG? WE? at least one of them should be in the list in my personal opinion...
Iliass Momtaz (4 months ago)
fnatic 2015 was a scary line-up, they deserve higher rank in the list, they lost to SKT because of a sejuani bug
OO Chan (4 months ago)
totally bullshit
The Akward Squirrel (4 months ago)
What about TPA??!
Geung Huan (4 months ago)
now rng is top 1
Paul Fowler (4 months ago)
I know they didn't do shit internationally, but 2016-2017 G2 and TSM won 4 and 3 LCS titles respectively. I don't know how you define dominance, but both of those teams should probably have made the list.
Lonely Guy (4 months ago)
After msi 2018 i think kz was overated lul. Also wheres clg 2016?
christian andrew (4 months ago)
Can I request top 10 players of all time. I miss xpeke and soaz
Aron Huynh (4 months ago)
What about SKT T1 Marin?

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