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The Top 10 Most Dominant League of Legends Rosters of All-Time

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Professional competitive League of Legends has been around since mid 2010, and since then we’ve seen some incredible rosters rise and fall. But which 5-man roster reigns supreme throughout the history of League of Legends? It’s a tough question but one we here at theScore esports were up to tackling. We looked at regional dominance, impact upon a given era, and of course international performance to put together our list of the Top 10 most dominant League of Legends rosters of all time. Written by: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick) Edited by: Brian Van Huynh (@beevanhuynh) Hosted and Voiced by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin) Graphics by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson) Courtesy List: https://pastebin.com/ie8Pq59N Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports Check out our website: https://theScoreesports.com
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Text Comments (529)
Miihkali (2 hours ago)
I loved fnatic when they had soaZ, Cyanide, xPeke, Rekkles and Yellowstar. They weren't that dominant but they were so good team imo.
Alexander Heim (11 days ago)
I´d say the TSM lineup with Biofrost was more impressive than the C9 one but maybe thats just me. 100% agree with the rest though
MrAssyran (12 days ago)
You can’t even compare the Duke SKT to the Marin SKT. Marin is one of the top two top laners of all time and their 2015 worlds run was so much better than Duke’s
eminem2909 (13 days ago)
2012 TPA .. Anyone?...
jij motorp (14 days ago)
TPA should be in the listbecause they were dominant in their regions and during the world. The teams of their regions were creating new strategies to defeat them like adc ans sup against Stanley in the top to stop him bulliying their toplaner. And during worlds they defeated the best teams in the world including Moscow5 (regarded at the best team in the world in S2) and Azubu Frost (best korean teams and rising giants in S2).
jij motorp (14 days ago)
And they destroyed Najin Sword of Pray (yes he was here in S2 xD)
Hoài Nam (15 days ago)
SKT 2015 and SSW 2014
Jing Xiang Tan (17 days ago)
王科閎 (17 days ago)
No TPA and FW?This video is sucks
Jerry Zhu (18 days ago)
We don’t need dominant teams, we just need uzi. He embarrassed King zone in the msi, he just showed us at the current meta this is no longer a team game
Han Park (18 days ago)
unbeatable hypothetical team hashinshin jg tyler1 top nightblue mid trick2g adc iwd support
陳泓儒 (21 days ago)
TPA dominated the season 2. Why don't u put TPA one the list they not only dominated the GPL but also dominated S2 and break lots of foreigners' imaginenation The beat M5 NJ
ooo ta (21 days ago)
Fw? Just lose 1game in the 2016 season
IvFUZEvI (22 days ago)
I feel like if you put c9 and fnc on there, the 2016 (I think it was 2016) TSM was arguably as or more dominant than c9
giuseppe pepe (26 days ago)
I was expecting to see both RNG,TPA and the first rooster of Fnatic (the 2011 champions) but surely this was satisfying to see
vater57 (27 days ago)
TPA > M5 OK? S2 hahaha????? M5
Enej Sablatnik (28 days ago)
Where is tpa
阿亦 (28 days ago)
have m5 no tpa? Not surprisingly Enrich NA HAHA
Bryson Chan (29 days ago)
There's no TPA in this Top 10 is not understandable, they dominated GPL and even got a championship in S2. Now you showed us FNC and Cloud9 just because they swept their "own" region. That just hilarious if you want to make some jerk off video for yourself.
李家詔 (29 days ago)
李家詔 (29 days ago)
whatever rng won.
How about the NA IMMORTAL spring split 2016 roster Huni, reignover, pobelter, wildturtle and adrian in just domestic
Anthony LI (29 days ago)
Now RNG replace Kingzone as 6
J T (29 days ago)
Top lane: T1 (Cho Gath) Jungle: T1 (Draven) Mid lane: T1 (Twisted Fate) Ad: T1 (Quinn) Support: T1 (Heimerdinger)
MMAPL (29 days ago)
The SSG lineup deserves at least a number 2 spot after the strongest possible SKT team. Worlds is really the only indicator needed, they came second in Worlds 2016 after a 2-3 loss against SKT and completely crushed every single team in Worlds 2017 with the same roster, 3-1 in the semis against WE (the strongest chinese team) and 3-0 vs SKT in the finals (the strongest korean team)
The Mighty Maus (16 days ago)
MMAPL Dominance in worlds is completely different from the dominance they meant here. The only thing the Samsung lineup had was the win of Worlds 2017; if only they’re like that in the LCK, then I’m sure they would have made the list.
andy5566w (29 days ago)
Worse video ever. Editor do not know how to rank this list. Why TPA and FW do not on top. Do Korean pay you to do this video?
audrei arguelles (30 days ago)
i thought king zone dragon x is number 1
Kahn Yoo (30 days ago)
So you're saying Duke > Marin? Hmm...
Tony Stark (30 days ago)
No RNG? EDG? OMG? WE? at least one of them should be in the list in my personal opinion...
Iliass Momtaz (30 days ago)
fnatic 2015 was a scary line-up, they deserve higher rank in the list, they lost to SKT because of a sejuani bug
Chi Kwong Chan (30 days ago)
totally bullshit
The Akward Squirrel (30 days ago)
What about TPA??!
Geung Huan (30 days ago)
now rng is top 1
Paul Fowler (30 days ago)
I know they didn't do shit internationally, but 2016-2017 G2 and TSM won 4 and 3 LCS titles respectively. I don't know how you define dominance, but both of those teams should probably have made the list.
Lonely Guy (30 days ago)
After msi 2018 i think kz was overated lul. Also wheres clg 2016?
christian andrew (30 days ago)
Can I request top 10 players of all time. I miss xpeke and soaz
Aron Huynh (30 days ago)
What about SKT T1 Marin?
Levis Pants (1 month ago)
Where is the dream team imaqtpie,scarra.voyboy.dyrus and shiptur..These banditos are legit, they should've made it in the list hehehe
Abercio Wei (1 month ago)
TPA should on the list.
ITAli Awsome (1 month ago)
5:10 khan and gorilla are switch HELLO??
Fernando DelaCruz (1 month ago)
no fvcking WE (2012) Misaya, Clearlove, Caomei,Weixiao,Fzzf?
Benson Shen (1 month ago)
Now, it’s RNG’s dominance
She Feranco (1 month ago)
The 2016 skt was the best Skt roster. with Marin in the lineup and losing only 1 game in worlds only 1 game in the finals.
She Feranco (1 month ago)
NO TPA???? wtf
DJ Trashtalk (1 month ago)
I don't know how SKT did not win worlds 2017, their roster is like the most dominative lineup in league of legends, but I think that boring tank meta made SKT weak.
youknowwho (1 month ago)
Moscow 5 ❤
hUGO iBARRA (1 month ago)
skt 2015 >SSW? really?
carlos parra (1 month ago)
RNG 2018 will make the list if they keep playing like this.
Lee Keil (1 month ago)
Probably should have waited to make this video until after MSI lmao
Flonggo Dongo (1 month ago)
I feel like TSM 2016-2017 should be higher up than the OG C9
李融承 (1 month ago)
KZ??? This video is suck.............
Riley Blake (1 month ago)
RNG won KZ 3-1 just now in MSI.
Leo Valdez (1 month ago)
What about CLG when they went to MSI finals?
Eli Laskawy (1 month ago)
no rng 2018?
mike Chen (1 month ago)
WTF c9?
Sander (1 month ago)
Fake news. DIG deserves first place.
alan mondragon (1 month ago)
It’s Marin not duke bro for 2015 skt
Anders Niklasson (1 month ago)
Samsung white was the msot dominant performance ever
Mouse Dubz (1 month ago)
TSM left out...
Fabian Rieder (1 month ago)
For me it was samsung white 2014. I have never seen a team so dominate at an international. They were untouchable at this time.
MHNoobie (1 month ago)
Disappointed that the Azubu Frost lineup with Shy, Cloudtemplar, Rapidstar, Woong and Madlife isn't here, they were really the first team to create a dominance in league, they took 2nd in the first OGN, 1st in the subsequent one, 2nd at the 2012 worlds and were dominant throughout that period
Leo Chang (1 month ago)
C9 WTF LMFAO NA really loves masturbating
孔昱翔 (1 month ago)
This video just did it's own pleasure
Teagen Barnett (1 month ago)
Wait you called Fnatic the first western team to ever make it to group stage at worlds, but they literally won the first ever worlds...
MrLeon (1 month ago)
Fuyukai UWU (1 month ago)
SKT 2015-2016 literally the best
collin wang (1 month ago)
I have to say, this ranking is really controversial, if that EDG is in this list, there is no way to forget the WE in ipl5.
Glen Frey Encarnado (1 month ago)
I believe the real #1 was the worlds when Faker tumbled. There were no weakness in that team. Top: MaRin Jungle: Bengi/Blank Mid: Faker/Easyhoon ADC: Bang Supp: Wolf
kyohk123 (1 month ago)
For real no tpa but m5?
Wasted Soul (1 month ago)
SSW can pick anything and win in that Meta. Good Old Lego Legends.
Salim Niazi (1 month ago)
2018 rng! Spring champions and msi champions! Probably summer and worlds as well! Lets go!
G Sphite (1 month ago)
Well don't get excited probably Korea coming back
Richard Steve Hwang (1 month ago)
Salim Niazi don't get too much hyped or they may let you down, just like KZ did to their fans.
木頭WOOD (1 month ago)
JA Lanit (1 month ago)
SKT with duke was their best roster.
eyh Gamer (1 month ago)
Cloud 9 over world winning fnatic of season 1 ? Cmon that was the only world/msi victory of the west
D Y (1 month ago)
Is this video trying to get likes from fans of some of those western team up there by not mentioning TPA and WE TPA world champ? WE around s2-s3,number 1 in the world at the time ranked by riot. WE is a lot more dominant then some of those team up there only dominated NA and EU and won like around 18 game in a roll,WE won 49 games in a roll and they are not up there?
wyatt gosney (1 month ago)
This list is terrible. It prioritizes nostalgia and western pride over true greatness. It's unthinkable that C9, Fnatic, or M5 could have any place on this list. How do you put M5 in a top 10 list, but not the team who beat them, and went on to win in the season two world championship? I don't even think TPA should be in this list, its just crazy to put M5 in it. And Fnatic making the list while Koo beat hem 3-0 and not being here is just as bad. But c9? You don't put Samsung Blue, a team that in the same year they eliminate C9 from worlds (Season 4), won a championship, and came second in another, in a significantly more stacked region isn't deserving of this list? I'd put over a dozen top Korean teams and a couple of Chinese teams in before these western teams who got dumpsterd by Koreans who weren't put here. I love the west too, but this is fuckin delusional.
Yingfei Xiang (1 month ago)
2017-2018 RNG
黃品瑜 (1 month ago)
eason1042 (1 month ago)
NA :)
lain11644 (1 month ago)
Let's be real..being dominant in NA means shit, otherwise you can include all the top teams from wildcard region.
Mr Hottie (1 month ago)
《MB》 (1 month ago)
Chiu Eric (1 month ago)
Yeah yeah yeah Clown9 (the “toppers team NA” are get rekt in WC) and Fnatic (Rekkles LUL) are somehow on the list, while TPA the WC S2 is out of top 10. Another crap video confirmed ResidentSleeper
Ha Truong (1 month ago)
Mohamed Emara (1 month ago)
2017 G2 Esports were really great actually .
Idor Kurogami (1 month ago)
"We are looking at teams Regionally and Internationally" *doesn't include G2 And their 4 consecutive EuLCS titles* It seems that U did ur homework
Lucca DRESS (1 month ago)
Humblebee (1 month ago)
楓葉 (1 month ago)
Where is TPA???
Exen Desu (1 month ago)
You guys forgot to say that SKT (2015) dropped only a single game on Worlds :)
大俠 (1 month ago)
李卡尔 (1 month ago)
魏笛倫 (1 month ago)
You should take out C9 and make us a "Top 10 NA team ever" list To replace, put S2 TPA inside the list
Gray Yamamoto (1 month ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, is Samsung Galaxy (championship roster) the only team that attended 2 world finals without changing the same roster (excluding the subs).
Richard Steve Hwang (1 month ago)
Gray Yamamoto if you're asking if they are the only world champions that didn't change their lineup, yes they are.
阿傑!? (1 month ago)
daniel shi (1 month ago)
Where is the old WE
tong wa (1 month ago)
Where's team WE in season 2
Leo (1 month ago)
2015 SKT with MaRin and Eazyhoon is the best.
韓鬼鬼 (1 month ago)
Where is the season 2 TPA?
陳建宇 (1 month ago)

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