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Game of the Year Awards 2013 - Best Third Person Game

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Who knew looking over this game's shoulder this whole time was going to this much fun? Find out which title won! For more on GT's Game of the Year Awards go to: http://www.gametrailers.com/game-of-the-year-awards
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Text Comments (68)
Killing Joker (1 year ago)
Lol many peole are dicks they said Ps3 is better because of The Last Of Us Xbox 360 is better they have Halo, Halo can win over The Last of Us
Lalit Mohan (2 years ago)
Splinter cell is always liked.
Lalit Mohan (2 years ago)
Splinter cell is always liked.
kemuael (4 years ago)
Nathan drake not in this...BOGUS!!!!
Emre Sarıgöz (4 years ago)
Dylan Mulling (4 years ago)
SPLINTER CELL BLACKLIST ANYONE? If u want to play coop online on ps3 add me my name is cookiedude1234
Jacob Lill (4 years ago)
The storyline of GTA V is poor
Nick Phelps (4 years ago)
Blitzkrieg Alt (4 years ago)
the true owner of Game of the year award is GTA 5 cause it got $80,000,000 in 1 day and in 3 days they got 1,000,000,000 plus GTA 5 make you free unlike the other game. GTA 5 is a true Game of the year.
IsoGOD (4 years ago)
Gta 5 is better
Morten Jensen (4 years ago)
No Assassins creed 4?
eucalyptusforest (4 years ago)
Gah! How many awards does the last of us need?
Seanlee (4 years ago)
I really hope that the game of the year edition of The Last of Us will also be available for the PS4
Lance Cade (4 years ago)
I'm not afraid to say that The Last of Us is the best game I've ever played in my life.
Dingus Humongous (4 years ago)
TLoU ate GTA V like a snack.
Proud Noob (4 years ago)
the only game I haven't played form this list is Tomb Raider but I feel like it should get the award. other nominees just didn't feel like the best 3rd person shooters of the year. Splinter cell is not supposed to be a 3rd peson shooter, GTA is just overrated/hyped game and Last of Us deserves the award only for being different (more realistic) in the shooting but GOTY? no
McZalion (4 years ago)
FAIL lol read the title BEST 3RD PERSON GAMES not 3rd person shooter
Hristo.Bogdanov (4 years ago)
Splinter Cell: Blacklist returning to classics... my ass... At least they give you the freedom not to kill everyone.
minibeast21 (4 years ago)
Great choice!
That sounds about right.
Brian Scalabrine (4 years ago)
to call last of us a game is nearly insulting it is far beyond that
Cami (4 years ago)
Splinter cell is underrated 
Joesatmoes (4 years ago)
I thought Last of Us would lose this- dont get me wrong, its an amazing game, and the gameplay is good, but when it comes to that, I do think something else shoulda won. I mean, the Last of Us was the best game on this list that was in third person, but as a third person shooter, it was just good- imo the stealth of Splintercell, the adventure of Tomb Raidr, or the...sheer madness of GTA shoulda won.
Ryan Amoudi (4 years ago)
I loved both GTA V and The Last of us, It's a really tough decision both games have been unbelievable this year. I guess this award belongs to the last of us in my opinion.
Mohammad HD (4 years ago)
The Last Of Us is not just a game, it's a masterpiece which took the video games to a whole new level of gaming .. Thank you Naughty Dog
The Black Swan, M.D. (4 years ago)
Fuck naughty dog. Damn ps exclusive. Nah, im just mad im not going to be able to play it.
JthanDestroyer (4 years ago)
holy shit +png4life1 why else would I be talking about that game if I missed out on it? I fucking own the damn thing and I'm going through a 2nd play-through. I just do not consider it a masterpiece.
Mohammad HD (4 years ago)
+JthanDestroyer Nothing in the world is perfect, and TLOU even with its glitches and bugs is a masterpiece :)
Brian Scalabrine (4 years ago)
+JthanDestroyer hahaahah shame you missed out on the best game of ps3 
JthanDestroyer (4 years ago)
these comments of it being a masterpiece are so annoying. Have you seen all the glitches and bugs that it contains? Not to mention all the people who played it for hours on end only for the "autosave" not saving any of their progress. It's a great game just not that great. 
OutTheDoor23 (4 years ago)
the last of us is a generic third person shooter only reason why people love it is cuz of the story while gta 5 has , story  and gameplay nailed , gta 5 should've won
Ken Hou (4 years ago)
Icky (4 years ago)
Good job,everyone at GT. Your choices are bang on this year.
John J. Rambo (4 years ago)
THE LAST OF US = MASTERPIECE Stop crying xbox fanboys PS3 had way better games
Logan Scott (4 years ago)
shamamomo (4 years ago)
Wait wait wait. did I hear action adventure on this video again or the awards maybe getting  twisted ?
Realblush (4 years ago)
But GTA 5 is just another mindless sandbox gime (but a good one) - while The Last of Us is more of an adventure, a better story by far and just an experience. You do not just jump in and play, you feel how you play. GTA 5 might be the bigger trademark, but The Last of Us is the better game.
rerewert2 (4 years ago)
GOD fucking damn it, alright. I give up, alright. I'll fucking buy Last of Us and play it even though I have been avoiding it.
How did u like it?
Sir_Lime_Wire - (4 years ago)
Most people are pissed off at the last of us because most of them never played it. Damn xbox fanboys
TheKristopherRose (4 years ago)
Nice, I would have been happy with Tomb Raider too
Misa Amane (4 years ago)
I like third-person games more than first-person games. At least in third-person games you can look at your character while you play, and it's not as associated with the "shooter" genre (a.k.a first-person shooter). While third-person shooters also exist, they are rarer and focus is oftentimes on the story and exploration (like TLOU), rather than the mindless shooting.
Reptar the Reptard (4 years ago)
i thought last of us had a good story, the gameplay isnt special in any way though :/
RetardedTurtle (4 years ago)
C'mon with this fucking game it's not even that good gameplay wise
DrScoob (4 years ago)
Last of Us is good, but GTA V beats it hands down. Another poor decision from GT, their turning into IGN, clueless.
IsoGOD (4 years ago)
Gta 5 is the best game! DrScoob is the smartest guy in here!
Wolf Fortress (4 years ago)
+M2ovies Rockstar's falling off. People are only playin gta for novelty now. They need a wicked fighter like how they did with the Warriors. (love that fucking game!)
Poklaan (4 years ago)
GTA was a huge disappoint. They said you could do a shit ton in it, but you can't. Play the campaign, and you can't do jackshit after that. MP is also shit.
Icky (4 years ago)
Gta was a massive failure. I don't know anyone who's still wasting their time on that game. Know many who still frequent tlou. gg.
Vodsig (4 years ago)
Nah, I think TLOU is better.
Diego Power (4 years ago)
gta is the best the last of us is very boring
Somes1337 (4 years ago)
the last of us has a great story ok but tomb raider has the best third person gameplay
arthur wayne (4 years ago)
i dont think that theres any game that can beat GTA V..
arthur wayne (4 years ago)
+Adrien hall why not 2? it was also gr8
Adrien hall (4 years ago)
i dont count 2 as a bioshock game and infinite was more of a spiritual sucessor
arthur wayne (4 years ago)
+Adrien hall i agree wid mgs3.. its my 3rd favorite and 4th bioshock series
Adrien hall (4 years ago)
I play games all types of games from jrpgs to indie. My favorite games are the first bioshock, mgs 3, shadow of the collossus, Killer7, psychonauts, journey, gone home, the last of us. And GTA V is by far not the greatest game of all time, not by a long shot
most games can, because gaming isn´t about how many kills you get on mw3 or how many helicopters you have on GTA, it´s about telling a story like any other medium.

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