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Find out how much money you SPENT on league of legends [ No downloads ]

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This is the link : https://privacy.riotgames.com/en_US/data Just sign in and you will see how much you spent on league :) ~ Youmuus ▶Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TF... ▶Also Twitter https://twitter.com/YoumuusYT ▶Follow me on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/youmuusfromyoutu...
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Text Comments (1119)
Malik B. (15 hours ago)
Played since season 1 Nearing on 3k
Bromigo LoL (7 days ago)
I’ve spent upwards of 3k since 2013
Nick the Last (2 months ago)
2 years later???
Zerye Wen (2 months ago)
BloodOnABlade (3 months ago)
link won't work for me, instead it sends me to submit a request to riot. Any help?
me too... Riot killed the link XD
Tomas Passos (3 months ago)
the link push me to "submit request" can you help me?
Dehakas LP (1 month ago)
Sadly you will jsut get some folders with your chat logs or some data with your account data or rp purchases, you will have to add them manually, and if you bought rp more than like 2 times it will get annoying (I am really sorry, if I made some mistakes because my english is pretty bad)
Tomas Passos (3 months ago)
Akalynn and they say The money?
Akalynn (3 months ago)
Tomas Passos submit a request and wait till they answer.
GrimmJunior (3 months ago)
0 playing since 2013
Angry Pope (4 months ago)
777 euro nice
Akûma (3 months ago)
you can't anymore why your're lying dumbass
•blamedesign• (4 months ago)
riot really shutted that site down??? wtf
+Bromigo LoL Skins are worthy XD....I think so
Bromigo LoL (7 days ago)
To stop spending I mean lol
Bromigo LoL (7 days ago)
•blamedesign• riot doesn’t want us to spending money
Yes.... Riot did it
SkyRohn (1 month ago)
lol why
Roto Banana (4 months ago)
Its not Showing
Eln Dragon (4 months ago)
go to the same link and just ask, they will tell u in a day or less
Qoz (4 months ago)
I fucking hate riot I swear..
Eln Dragon (4 months ago)
its changed u cant check anymore
Criticalseize 98 (5 months ago)
Wait...it doesn't work anymore .-.
Akalynn (3 months ago)
Criticalseize 98 just submit a ticket on the same website. they will respond to it and you'll find out
Harry Gow (5 months ago)
yeah literally just tried it and it takes me to "submit a request - riot game support"
Wymiataczxp (5 months ago)
the website doesnt work
fixed 1 month ago xD
Blackie (5 months ago)
it got outdated i guess...
Brad 2 (5 months ago)
Sebastien Roux (6 months ago)
This video is too dangerous to be left online, we must not let the parents find this!
Ryokucha (6 months ago)
1,7k wtf i am doing with my life...
thethe gamer (10 months ago)
565€ and thinked it was 200 or 300
StunBlade (10 months ago)
thell i spend 847.5 OMG!
Rick Sanchez (10 months ago)
2K ez
Yonko Marco (11 months ago)
fk 270 $
Shit Bird (11 months ago)
Lol 233€ i thought i spend like 1000 lol
Mohammed aldaham (11 months ago)
wtf i spend 4k lololol
That Boii (11 months ago)
10€ from a gift card someone gave me when i startet the game and i bought my 1st and only skin xD
That Boii (11 months ago)
Edit: i play since beta .. gege
Asad Attily (1 year ago)
i play this game since 5 years, i have 47 champions and 83 skins 9 skin word 7 runes page, when i start playing this game they was giving the new user 340 RP, and I'd never spend even one coin on this game, i have them until now, you can gain every thing by winning games, now i know how did they pay (11 million dollar) to the winners, you're the people how pay them :D, and when the servers disconnect you, you got punished in low priority for 5 matches, 20 minutes each, and they did not fix the servers, no matter how much times you report the problem, even me got punished in low priority, while i may have one of the most powerful gaming PC on best server, I'd never punished in low priority in steam servers, on riot i got punished several times, on steam the ping always around 30 to 70 and it's very rare to get 180 not over that, at the same time on riot 90 to 140, and suddenly got over thousands then disconnected, started steam immediately and its running very well, in the same time doing ping test on every available server, and no problem i reported that and nothing changes, stop paying the winners until they fix the servers .
Zeltan (1 year ago)
942.5 euro. gg..
Pajusz 95 (1 year ago)
since s4 412€ its ok :')
PankaczekPL Mlinowski (1 year ago)
i spent £65 WTF lol!
Rita Rubary (1 year ago)
175€ and I have been playing since season 2, whoa I thought I spent more
LT Swiv (1 year ago)
StarNight -.- (1 year ago)
ive spent 110 bucks not that much
PC principle (1 year ago)
ayyye been playing 1 and a half years only spent 20 bucks LETS FUCKING GO
Jallu Playz (1 year ago)
810€ holy shit
CosmicJojo215 (1 year ago)
1140 USD Ive been playing since 2011 :(
Polivios Pitrijeli (1 year ago)
i spent €52 and i play this game 3-4 years is good for me xD
SDG Martin1 (1 year ago)
Lol This can be truth it says i spent like 200 euro but i spent like 300
Bogdan Călinescu (1 year ago)
500 € xd
SKT asian (1 year ago)
i spent $435.00
Telrun (1 year ago)
3500 eur hahah
Khoa Le (1 year ago)
85 dollars
Khoa Le (1 year ago)
Probably more I have 5 smurfs
Ahgii (1 year ago)
it told me i spent 15 eur but i spent at least like 300. it's maybe because i switched servers.
Oliver Arcuri (1 year ago)
this was nt helpful at all thanks for nothing
Bernard Melis (1 year ago)
Twistedfury (1 year ago)
1247.5 euro yeah...........
SarumanTheWhite (1 year ago)
935..... since season 3... and im 16... damn son
david panaitescu (1 year ago)
now my life is completed *hangs himself*
_ mismundu _ (1 year ago)
how do i have 432....how 2 how
Sebastian (1 year ago)
2426Euros.... Even if I play since 2010 that doesn't make it ok... I'm very sad right now...
€130, actually less than I expected
Timotei Serb (1 year ago)
I've spent 280 euros since the end of season 3 , and almost 1200h played. That's quite fair isn't it ? xD
SanteeNL (1 year ago)
Started 2012, ~2700h played, €357.50, no regrets.
ToNo (1 year ago)
i spent 95 usd im not that bad :)
Shad0w (1 year ago)
435 Polish zloty ~100 euro. I though it will be muuuuch worse. :D
Mads Lund (1 year ago)
*EUR 927.5 Fuck me...*
comment below if u spent more then a 100$
OwlsAreKewl (1 year ago)
Marco W. (1 year ago)
75 Euros :' )
Bradley Ross (1 year ago)
this is a password stealer
Edoardo Bulla (1 year ago)
diocane 12.50 euro
Dennis Liu (1 year ago)
WTF 3k CND spent....
Justin Ankrom (1 year ago)
Ive spent 535 holy fuck I thought it was only 200, sorry mum
John Dank (1 year ago)
When the game is completely 100% f2p and not p2w
Bind Gaming (1 year ago)
70 € in 4 years :D
Nibbler Hubbla (1 year ago)
202€ And my ACc got banned because i complain'd about Unbalanced Champs :D Riot is a Shit ov a Publisher :)
GL8 Sirexia (1 year ago)
1927€ fuck my life
FriedAlphaChicken (1 year ago)
310€ spent for nothing :-(
Runaan (1 year ago)
In one and a half year: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/161219/9f4d86br.png
iLionXD (1 year ago)
inspect element :P
Shr1mp2K (1 year ago)
Lol i have been playing sinds season 2 and season 6 i donated 7.5 euro that's all i spent xD
Xristos Solomon (1 year ago)
3750 IN A YEAR :)
Andrew Philips (1 year ago)
Holy shit man
Froo sty (1 year ago)
Monarky Casper (1 year ago)
lol, I spent 2911 usd
TameScarecrow (1 year ago)
$2370. Playing since season 1
PressHypeR CS GO (1 year ago)
1300.... i am 12
Huntlock (1 year ago)
Holy motherfucking shit. I spent 702€ and i started beginning of s5. Sorry mom xD
Andrew Philips (1 year ago)
I spent fucking $205 CAD, and i dont even fucking know how wtf am i doing holy shit
SomLama SvK (1 year ago)
okay 2.5k i can have good pc but nooo ine need skins omg
marios palianopoulos (1 year ago)
yommus i cant sing in pliz help me
Jax Phoenix (1 year ago)
We have a winner! https://puu.sh/spYWN/c8a09a3500.png
Jax Phoenix (1 year ago)
No only 452
Dominus ZetX (1 year ago)
holy fck, u ahve all skins?
394 (2 years ago)
QQ 380 eur
Domi (2 years ago)
it does not work for me pls help
Charls L. (2 years ago)
965€ ;((((
Jester (2 years ago)
200$ in a year
Jester (11 months ago)
and now its 557$ :^)
Andrew Philips (1 year ago)
InfernoPunk (2 years ago)
CriisTaLHD (2 years ago)
800€i think i should stop playing this game
Seid Saric (2 years ago)
HecticMotionz21 (2 years ago)
yung kid 珍 (2 years ago)
Fallo (2 years ago)
420.75 PLN = 102,21 USD my heart ;-;
Kingdom Soul (2 years ago)
£383.5 eh ...
Senpai (2 years ago)
45$ xd (170PLN)
Gabriel Self (2 years ago)
Holy shit, I just learned I've spent $1185 on league of legends. that's... insane.
Gabriel Self (1 year ago)
I know lmao I'm able to cut back thanks to hextech chests lmao
Andrew Philips (1 year ago)
Alfred Larsson (2 years ago)
770€... omfg
FoxSilent (2 years ago)
Fuk!!! i spent 2040 euro !!! wtf????????
KristyyMusic (2 years ago)
260€ Oops
Lucas Mails (2 years ago)
i spent 915 € sry i am german :P
Kodokuna (2 years ago)
"subscribe to youmuus" i see you ;)
Frozer Burn (2 years ago)
how do i check,i'm in malaysia
Youmuus (2 years ago)
gooz (2 years ago)
80€ xd
gooz (2 years ago)
Youmuus (2 years ago)
not bad
Nicolás Casamayor (2 years ago)
I spent 145€ in 804 hours of league of legends, not bad.
Youmuus (2 years ago)
not bad
BloodLadStaz (2 years ago)
OwlsAreKewl (1 year ago)
515$... yoinks
Youmuus (2 years ago)
ZeroStressLevel (2 years ago)
325 aud for like 6-7 months
Starved African (2 years ago)
Youmuus (2 years ago)
not bad xD
Yannick Lambert (2 years ago)
2000. holy kill me please.
Youmuus (2 years ago)
Snow Neon (2 years ago)
How tf xD I never have money but 135€.. ? FROM WHERE xD
Youmuus (2 years ago)
Lleyton smith (2 years ago)
£255 on a perma banned account feels bad man...
Youmuus (2 years ago)
Leobb O (2 years ago)
1200 on smurf and 500 on new smurf 2400 on main LOL
Youmuus (2 years ago)
damn xD

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