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CS:GO - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_pd2_crime_art_v2 - GFL

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive zombie escape mod gameplay on map ze_pd2_crime_art_v2 on GFL server. *not a win CSGO Zombie Escape Playlist ➜ http://bit.ly/CSGOZE Previous Video (ze_slender_escape_rc1) ➜ https://youtu.be/CAO-F_Ny5nk *****MAPPER***** Map pd2 Crime Art is created by Patrao93 (Map music disabled) *****SERVER***** Name: GFL (Games For Life) IP: Location: USA GFL Steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/gfl_css *****CS GO SETUP***** Crosshair: http://bit.ly/A3crosshair Quality set to: High Resolution: 1980x1080 - 16:9 Skins Used: P90 | Asiimov (Field Teste) Karambit | Fade (Factory New) ▼ ➥ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Sub2axonek3 Social Links: ➥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/axonek3CS ➥ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+axonek3 ────────────────────────────────────────── 💻 PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram ──────────────────────────────────────────
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Text Comments (56)
make faster (10 months ago)
how to download cs go zombie mod help plz
no pos ya que (10 months ago)
lol at 4:21
Gene Dane Dane (1 year ago)
there so many stormtrooper
Chronicleネムリア (1 year ago)
Mafia Khan (1 year ago)
This is Called "Pussy"
Genselle Catalan (1 year ago)
Joffer Sison (1 year ago)
Do you have a gaming mouse and i have a gaming. Mouse
morsse06 v (1 year ago)
it real nice. music
alexander. 29. (1 year ago)
Como descargo el juego ?
Relevant gameplay,exploding zombies's head are the most satisfying thing I ever heard.I gotta try it out someday :D
Hassan Chcnan (1 year ago)
nice match bro this server have Best time :)
Aung Romeyo Lian (1 year ago)
What's your PC space? Cuz your game running perfect
Führer (1 year ago)
axonek3 spit drinks only have an 100 gb storage :(
axonek3 (1 year ago)
240gb ssd for windows and small stuff, 1TB for my games, 4TB where i keep my recordings
Sp0Ke Tv (1 year ago)
nice bro but what is the name of recorder do u record it
how to win this game??
bollywood movies (1 year ago)
you are muslim
m4a17878 (1 year ago)
where can i download all the maps? dont want to wait for download every new map in game
Thai Hoa Nguyen (1 year ago)
I played on this server several times and I like Angry Soccer mom.
Elian Jauregui (1 year ago)
Hi, I'm from Argentina and I wanted to know if from here you can play that server?
HK-47 (1 year ago)
What i imagine battlefield 1 with bad graphics zombies would be, xD shit ton of players and mass chaos
HK-47 (1 year ago)
iis dekor (1 year ago)
Montagne Lore (1 year ago)
Mojo HD (1 year ago)
Five seven blue gem...sexy pistol
Mike (1 year ago)
Ty Perez (1 year ago)
"crawling in my skin I'm emo and I listen to gay music!" pure gold
Papa_Cheesecake (1 year ago)
Earned a sub
ono caster (1 year ago)
how to play this mode
KEBAB DE CARNE (1 year ago)
ono caster in the sv you search zombie escape and its all xd
GG XIX. (1 year ago)
They have no idea.XDXDXD
GG XIX. about?
로얄러든 (1 year ago)
This is on Steam, right?
Soviet Marmalade (1 year ago)
Juylgwapo Gwapo Yep. Joining the server will automatically download the needed assets for the mod.
Jess Juyl Baliquig (1 year ago)
i can search this in the community servers right? No subscribing into the workshop or smthing?
Soviet Marmalade (1 year ago)
"DLC" lol. It's a mod. Servers host the mod.
Papa_Cheesecake (1 year ago)
Geralt Marston ya cs:go is on steam but I think the zombies is a mod or dlc or something like that
KEBAB DE CARNE (1 year ago)
Geralt Marston is csgo lol
lord D (1 year ago)
i wanna play one with u D:
ΛΕΙΟ ΚΡΙΚ (1 year ago)
bro where you find those maps? and btw you really coul keep doing those videos
IcursedFork GT (1 year ago)
just search it on comunity servers
Sports_71 (1 year ago)
keep up the good work man
Armohunter (1 year ago)
Love your vids dude!! Please do more!!
Julius Pehkoranta (1 year ago)
this is very gud channel.
ChoripanSinPan (1 year ago)
Where running in circles cede dvd d
pz z (1 year ago)
how to escape loll
Rick And Morty (1 year ago)
HK-47 (1 year ago)
... No its not xD
danX _ (1 year ago)
Marisol Garcia (1 year ago)
first coment
Elian Jauregui (1 year ago)
Ty Perez (1 year ago)
xXMisterPanXx k onda k pex doesn't count you can't spell "comment"
LibransVitae (1 year ago)
kyc prroo :v
axonek3 (1 year ago)
+Dr Death0529 =(
Rick And Morty (1 year ago)
xXMisterPanXx k onda k pex DAMN IT

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