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CS GO Skins - Top 5 Most Expensive Possible Drops!

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In this CS GO skins video I go over what the most expensive skin drops are that you can get at your weekly bloodhound drop for csgo. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Music: Deaf Kev - Invincible Skins List: Aug Akihabara Awp Medusa Awp Dragon Lore M4A1-s knight M4A1-s Master Piece
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Text Comments (5449)
GavMan0926 (14 days ago)
Best drop I’ve gotten was a cz for 12¢
TheRandomBen (29 days ago)
My best drop was a factory new MAC-10 | Fade. Not expensive at all, only about $3, but it was a nice skin that I still use to this day.
x ShaRkz (1 month ago)
My best drop was clutch case about 8$
Hacked Gamer (1 month ago)
I got a spectrum case and somebody told me i was on the spectrum...
Salad (2 months ago)
Best drop i've ever gotten was an M4 Evil Daimyo FN worth about 3-4$
Prayas Basnet (2 months ago)
fucking sniper!
randomDS (2 months ago)
Exuse me? Wtf so you cqn get dlore from drop? Wtf
Neelam Kataria (2 months ago)
I got a medusa in a game it was fac new
Lavanya Nidhi (2 months ago)
I got R8 revolver Amber Fade(FT)
fluffy gun (3 months ago)
I got a sand dune🙌🙌
Dank (3 months ago)
My friend just started playing a week ago and he got a Dragon Lore. He had no reaction, but I was kind of freaking out lol.
Bloxxy plays (3 months ago)
My friend got dropped a Factory new knight. It was so fucking cool
AutoSonic (3 months ago)
My highest drop was a CS:GO Weapon Case 1 and it was worth $5. I was in a lobby and some guy got a Mac 10 Neon rider fac new
DJ Wynx (4 months ago)
seen a dragon lore drop
TheCascadian (4 months ago)
Saw a guy get a glock fade
TheCascadian (4 months ago)
Still bugs me that you can't pronounce "accept"
Victor Monov (4 months ago)
M4 knight
The Fonz (5 months ago)
I once got a m4a1s hot rod minimal. Ot was awesome
languge of the LORD (5 months ago)
so.... do I need a hydra pin to get a drop? because bloodhound is over???
finnish gamer (5 months ago)
Soneone just got the DILDO in my game!
Tilted Games (5 months ago)
I've gotten a Glock-18 Twilight Galaxy FN from a drop which was around 10$
I got a fucking m4a1-s hot rod it was so cool
Luke G (6 months ago)
I won the D lore on a case opening site
Arnas Matuolis (6 months ago)
nub thos er chep i geaot factory scarred ak-250 Dragon doppler orange gem
TimePlayzzz (6 months ago)
i saw a dragon lore once
My best drop is Desert Eagle Hand Cannon MW
PeppersXD (7 months ago)
My sister is autistic.
Matthew 6700 (7 months ago)
I just got a m4a1s hot rod factory new
Samu Nurmiaro (7 months ago)
Best drop ive got is Emerald pinstripe :D
ItzReal (8 months ago)
someone got r8 amber fade, it's really cheap but really cool to get especially in a drop
GrolBrol (8 months ago)
Forgot to put Nova sand dune -_- ....
Leo Silva (9 months ago)
my highest drop: PP BIZON sand dune (MW) ... fml
Ricardo Santos (9 months ago)
King Gaming (9 months ago)
AWP Dragon Lore FN AWP Dragon Lore MW AWP Dragon Lore FT AWP Dragon Lore WW AWP Dragon Lore BS
The original username (9 months ago)
my friend got m4 knight when we play a joke game on cobblestones
Brandon Pegg (10 months ago)
A friend of mine got dropped the Medusa. It was field tested.
QuakeShox (10 months ago)
My friend just recently got a dragon lore in the operation hydra mission im so jelly
Oicco (10 months ago)
the best i got is a m4a1-s vari camo abou 0.23$ i cant sell my skins cuz my account is restricted
ZzSonarZz (10 months ago)
The first comp I ever played someone got a dlore I didn't know what it was
AklirothFMC (10 months ago)
NISLT got An M4A1-S | Knight drop
Eri2k (10 months ago)
Here,I got A P250 Sand Dune Well-Worn
_ jude802 _ (11 months ago)
I was playing with my friend on the new Hydra operation, he got a knight... I carried us and got a UMP- Indigo
Sharkboy1006 (11 months ago)
big skillet
Ashish Vedula (11 months ago)
Anyone here expecting nice drops in operation hydra lol!
Mykol (11 months ago)
The most i got was a key drop and i unboxed a glock bunsen burner, rip
Daniel Lebedinsky (11 months ago)
The best thing I ever personally got was a ft glock candy apple, for like 30 cents. I sold it. That thing costs more than a Bunsen Burner glock, but it's so much more boring.
Marnes Van Eden (11 months ago)
cs go drop battle scared dragon lore
DubstepFreak (11 months ago)
Someone 2017 ?
Blue Behemoth (11 months ago)
I saw nislt. The tf2 meme youtuber, get an m4 knight factory new.
SnoopiiTube HD (1 year ago)
my friend got a cz chalice
[DnA] Popeye :P (1 year ago)
someone in my game got a dlore
Caleb Sprick (1 year ago)
Ik a friend who got a Master Piece
Patrick Sepp (1 year ago)
9 days before this video came out i got an Aug Akihabare Accept FN.Please dont kill me
MotorcycleLife (1 year ago)
once,when i played a guy just got a dragon lore,for serious,and everyone was like,omg dude fuck you and all like that
John Dragon (1 year ago)
I think my highest drop was 2,50 dollars
QueenAshe (1 year ago)
The best I've ever got was an FN emerald pinstripe, got it today
Chef Pyro (1 year ago)
Someone one got the knight in my game!
Miguel Silva (1 year ago)
what do i need to do for get better drops chance ?
swerZZie (1 year ago)
I got a M4A1-S Hot Rod as a drop... and that's why I'm watching this 😂
Lance Suzuki (1 year ago)
A TF2 youtube name SIN and has a channel called NISLT and on his second wtf moments he got a Factory New M4A1-S Knight
Seyha Heng (1 year ago)
What is ur name in csgo
Kacper Borzestowski (1 year ago)
i have m4a1-s icarus feel on drop
Reynard xo (1 year ago)
and everytime i got drop im only got case and damn. im getting drop like maybe only once a month. rip my luck.
salah touqan (1 year ago)
hi guys what is the name of the song in the background
POKOE CLAN (1 year ago)
on the medusa you cant see the coolest part i dont even think it deserves the price card more like 450 dollars
Squad Reacts (1 year ago)
I saw a dragon lore while watching my friends fucking stream, it was fucking crazy
John Morgan (1 year ago)
All I get in drops is graffiti
The Dankachu (1 year ago)
I got s super lucky drop not long ago. FIVE-SEVEN | FOREST NIGHT BITCHEEEEEEEEEEES
PCaddictions (1 year ago)
Someone from on of my competitive matches I played in just got a minimal wear Souveneir amber fade revolve
MrKidxam (1 year ago)
I got a P250 Franklin from a drop
Arnold Antilope (1 year ago)
my highest drop was 60 cent skin xD
Omar Badran (1 year ago)
once, in cache, my enemie dropped a hot rod M4...
GTAUnitedSeries (1 year ago)
I Got Two Wildfire cases when they were around 3€ :D nothing More . I hope that I will get something good on the next operation. and I wish all of you will get dlores ;)
Gray (1 year ago)
The most i have gotten is a $10 bravo case..
Boba Fett (1 year ago)
medusa >>>> dragon lore
Milk (1 year ago)
My friend got a Dlore field tested I don't think anyone has made a video about this
Peter Li (1 year ago)
Akihabara accept is the dream skin for anime fans just like the city itself
Jessey Bogaerts (1 year ago)
I got a bravo case and I was in gene of r8 amberfade drop
Nikola Jovanovic (1 year ago)
i saw a guy get masterpiece in deathmatch
José Pedro Mota (1 year ago)
my highest drop was an awp pit viper worth 73 cents
Chris Xu (1 year ago)
lol a dlore is only a light blue 2:35
ThatOneGuy Gaming (1 year ago)
and i got a akihabara accept ps not selling it
ThatOneGuy Gaming (1 year ago)
on mac
Dylan Arthur (1 year ago)
ThatOneGuy Gaming cmd+shift+4
ThatOneGuy Gaming (1 year ago)
what in about to say may make me look like a piece of shit but i play on mac and I'm 99.9999999999999999999% sure that u can't take a screen shot on mac
Abstain (1 year ago)
ThatOneGuy Gaming (1 year ago)
i did
ThatOneGuy Gaming (1 year ago)
saw some one get a d lore
Simon K (1 year ago)
i got an dragonlore <3
No life grind (1 year ago)
my brother's friend got a m4a1s knight
AWK (1 year ago)
I once saw someone get an AWP Medusa fac new drop. He was blatantly hacking the whole game.
HeliosOnACouch (1 year ago)
my friend was in a game when someone got a dlore
mBg (1 year ago)
McSkillet Isnt the m4a1s knight a pink skin ???
sparkz (1 year ago)
I got a Deagle | Hand Cannon field-tested back in Operation Wildfire which was about 25 dollars at the time. Shortly after I got a P2000 | Chainmail factory new drop which I sold for 3 during Wildfire as well. I had a good streak of luck I must say!
Jhon Dafish (1 year ago)
One time one of my friends got a D Lore drop and the fucker gambled it and lost.
Cheiro de cú (1 year ago)
Jhon Dafish you said, he gambled and lost it
Jhon Dafish (1 year ago)
+SapphireSZtor m what?
Cheiro de cú (1 year ago)
Jhon Dafish the hell he did whit it?
Starlo (1 year ago)
the highest drop i got is m4a1-s nitro, and a glove case. thats it
PedHead (1 year ago)
I got a factory new Poseidon
The GreatCactus (1 year ago)
My friend from school got a min wear knight a while ago.
The GreatCactus (1 year ago)
Think he sold it for about £200 to some guy that was doing dlore trade upd
chicken gaming (1 year ago)
m4a1-s hot rod
willy kasho (1 year ago)
My highest drop was a p250 sand dune, my retarded brother offered a dlore for it thinking I would accept.
R8 Freestyle (1 year ago)
Dragon Lore M8
feliox (1 year ago)
the best thing i got at the end of a game is a bravo case
Moe janis (1 year ago)
Best I got was a glove case
feliox (1 year ago)
khen (1 year ago)
+Felix58301 lmao yeah the awp safari mesh is so good.
feliox (1 year ago)
you are lucky!
khen (1 year ago)
Felix58301 lmao rip. I got a awp safari mesh, wait i mean dragon lore, obviously...
Phosporen (1 year ago)
My friend gor a icarus fell fn
YouMadBro Videos (1 year ago)
i dropped Medusa field tested :) It works only during operations

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