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Miracle Run: Cloud9's Path Through the 2015 Gauntlet

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They've conquered the gauntlet once before and now, they're looking to do it again. Cloud9 will be competing in the regional qualifiers for a spot at this year's Worlds alongside fellow North American teams, Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming, who have already qualified. C9's gauntlet run last year was nothing short of spectacular. They came in as the lowest seed but still managed to take down the three other teams to lock in a spot at Worlds, with two of the series being reverse-sweeps. We take a look back at C9's miracle run through the 2015 regional qualifiers, as they prepare to play for a chance to compete in the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year. Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Overwatch Jump Guide: Temple of Anubis" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP75MIyOFds -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (73)
SCP-049 (12 days ago)
Cloud9 almost always have to gauntlet
Jaime Sandoval (1 month ago)
looks like its that time of year again, the annual C9 gauntlet run
nrj6490 (6 months ago)
more than 2 years later, C9 is still the only team to win the NA LCS gauntlet
Samm Q (1 year ago)
just realized that not only did they reverse sweep the first two teams they also got thier top players fufu impact and rush
Lúcio Viana Junior (2 years ago)
And...they´ve done it. Fourth appearence in worlds for Cloud 9. I love this team :)
Diriye Dalmer (2 years ago)
Forgot how insane this was
HartlessInBlack (2 years ago)
and they did it!
Braydon Harris (2 years ago)
Yankoo Guerra (2 years ago)
And C9 made batter than other NA's teams
Liang Jie (2 years ago)
i remember waking up 3 days straight 3 am in the morning due to time difference between country just to watch their gauntlet run and i am even more hyped now for their game tmr with immortals #c9win
Noly (2 years ago)
I never doubted them for a second. it was a good time for c9, but I remember being unhappy a bit because I missed meteos, but looking back, I took that roster for granted. I hate the roster now, but I always find myself supporting c9 BibleThump
Sean Redulla (2 years ago)
Hai is still doing work getting the C9 challenger team into the NA LCS
Factualx (2 years ago)
5:23 , does Lemon nation actually play like that?
Matthew Chan (1 year ago)
windowed best resolution Kappa
Avery Dy (2 years ago)
the problem in IMT THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE PRESSURE UNLIKE C9 EVEN THEY ARE 0-2 THEY STAY CALM AND FOCUS THEIR MENTALITY IS STRONG UNLIKE IMT just saying im not fan of both of this team sorry for may bad english guys . :D
radicalll (2 years ago)
seriously this is why i love c9, such a great video really captured and brought back the emotions i got from watching this last year.
Stvrk (2 years ago)
5:26 sneaky dab
SaftiAbi (2 years ago)
Please, never add a song to a video that has already a song in it.
Stvrk (2 years ago)
lol your pfp
jargon (2 years ago)
I love hai
Yang Junjie (2 years ago)
This is so hypie
ONE BAD STEVE (2 years ago)
Valkyries (2 years ago)
Let's go C9!
Drlazerbeam (2 years ago)
Not to mention they went to win 3 games in a row and brought some honor to NA on the international stage. C9, TSM, and CLG are america's teams!
bloat (10 months ago)
What. In 2015, NA embaressed themselves, with such a strong start they had ZERO teams making it out of groups, going 0-10 in week 2, C9 losing 4 in a row
Stvrk (2 years ago)
*north america smoothie, biofrost, and darshan are canadian
kimibee (2 years ago)
damn the memories, i remember this gauntlet made me lose my mind it was so amazing to watch as a c9 fan
soulofbass (2 years ago)
How appropriate that liquid would lose in 4 rather than 5!
Rizk (2 years ago)
What a coincidence
pickle rick (2 years ago)
IMT will be a tough one to conquer again. But this time we got Impact and Meteos. As long as they fixed their miscommunication and lack of dragon control my money's on c9,
Jarvis Lorry (2 years ago)
They made it :D
crazyshot (2 years ago)
maybe it was tsm sizing them up in game 1, but c9 just took control and idk why they tilted so hard after that. Maybe its just season 6 meta that is garbage as well.
SUKAA BLYATT (2 years ago)
If they get a better jungler than meteos they can win
crazyshot (2 years ago)
and not the retarded dives by metos it will be an easy win
Marcos Soto (2 years ago)
5 more games.
MrCooldaddy098 (2 years ago)
Demar Panton (2 years ago)
Lovely video . Love C9 What's the soundtrack used for closing outt he video? I'm loving it.
SHACA LACA (2 years ago)
BibleThump 5:37
ItsMeHeHe (2 years ago)
0/4 never forgetti.
Rachel T (2 years ago)
This Cinderella run was the reason I've become a Cloud9 fan. I've never seen myself root so much for any other team!
chinchang (2 months ago)
victor alves (2 years ago)
as someone called to be bad in lane sneaky zacharios says: SAME. w8 for the clown fiesta and the memes rise ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Xlmagic (2 years ago)
Nathan (2 years ago)
And they kept going strong in their first week at worlds going 3-0 with a Pentakill from Balls vs Fnatic. It was beautiful while it lasted :)
Rich2B181 (2 years ago)
Yeah, they won every game their first game, then lost every game on their last day lol
David Damiao (2 years ago)
What was the ending song called?
Linkend0 (2 years ago)
We did it once, let's do it again.... Let's go boys !! #C9WIN
ssh83 (2 years ago)
C9 HAIPE lol
Veochi (2 years ago)
This still gives me the chills. Holy fuck Cloud9 lets do it again.
Stvrk (2 years ago)
jesse james (2 years ago)
The good old days of C9 Hai... I was watching his stream not too long ago, and the way he controls the flow of the map and organizes his teammates is unbelievable.. There's a real reason why people call him a world class shotcaller, and it is INCREDIBLE to witness.
André Viana (1 year ago)
C9 being led by Hai were able to make an extremely close series against SSB(Korea´s 1st seed),,destroying them in the first game and ALMOST winning the 4th game. His shotcalling is extremely good. He´s a genius. He might not be the best mechanical player,but people often forget about the injuries that he´s had and how it affects his performances. In fact,these injuries were the main reasons for his initial retirement. He plays since a very long time,so it´s understood that he may suffer from some problems. And overall,his laning and mechanics potential have both been underrated,as he´s been able to match-up very well against the top tier mid laners in NA.
TurriPi (2 years ago)
At this point it's not fair to call him just world class. He's definitely one of the best leaders LoL has ever seen.
jesse james (2 years ago)
Hai has played Mid, Jungle AND Support on a professional level.. Anyone who has watched him knows he's not the MOST mechanically proficient player ever... and neither was anyone on C9 for that matter (except maybe Meteos or Sneaky). as Ouma Shu said, mechanics are an important part of the game too.. It's pretty much undeniable that Hai IS in fact a world class shotcaller, when he can take a team at the level C9 was at and bring them to the world stage. Sure they didn't go far lol but they proved they were good enough to be there among the best in the world. Also, if you have watched some of the games where C9 faced SSB in the world championship, (and where TSM faced SSW), you can clearly see the level of Hai's strategy compared to most other players. It was unique and very effective. They lost the series, but many of the games were VERY close, and they even took a game off of what was considered one of the favorites to win worlds that year.
Ouma Shu (2 years ago)
not only that he was playing jungle when he normally plays mid lane i mean what more can u ask form the guy playing an off role coming into a 7th place team and taking them to worlds
Ouma Shu (2 years ago)
his shot calling is good but mechanics are part of the game too. people fk up
Divine Muffin (2 years ago)
Liam (2 years ago)
thats some good kush
Nizar Shamsuddin (2 years ago)
Golden age of meme and faith...
caillet14 (2 years ago)
I loved this. Made me relive all the miracles that were the gauntlet run of C9 in 2015. More videos in this same mindset would be glorious
hollowIy ist (2 years ago)
fuck immortals
KevinCompanyTV (2 years ago)
Do you get the point? I'm referring to "Hope C9 wins" Not an IMT fan, but tsm, clg and C9
GinkgoPete (2 years ago)
+KevinCompanyTV Someone seems salty af
KevinCompanyTV (2 years ago)
immortals suck. After IMT loses on Monday, they realize they made the wrong choice to move to NA, then they move back to FNC to help FNC get to worlds again.
Tyler Young (2 years ago)
Love this video, would to to see more
Tyler Young (2 years ago)
+theScore esports lol thanks
theScore esports (2 years ago)
We have an entire playlist for more infographics that are just like this one: http://thesco.re/2b43Tk4 Enjoy! - Lisa
Nizar Shamsuddin (2 years ago)
good old C9 memes era
Kurisu (2 years ago)
The C9 memes era is never-ending dude. Legit go on Sneaky's stream at any point of time and new memes will be born. Guaranteed.
Renan Eich (2 years ago)
FIRST (just kidding)

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