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Counterstrike Source cs_compound Gameplay

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Please like, comment, rate and subscribe for more videos :D https://www.youtube.com/user/HeadShotMagnetMatt?feature=mhee These videos are just me making gameplays of counterstrike source maps. I do all of the maps, first as a counter-terrorist, then as a terrorist :D Enjoy!
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Text Comments (12)
Jacquelyn Milabat (17 days ago)
Can you please play De chateau please its my favourite map and I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS make MORE
Something old (1 month ago)
Still at cs s
Aziz Ess (1 month ago)
What name place
Mateusz Czaiński (2 months ago)
Murathan Ilgaz (6 months ago)
Cs go Saikia (7 months ago)
In is very easy to play he do easy
Dustin playz (8 months ago)
Byoucef (11 months ago)
good gameplay
linetas pranculis (11 months ago)
I miss that version of game
Muhd Mukhriz (1 year ago)
I enjoy this video (honest)
Silva Style Sniper (1 year ago)
Link pra baixar esse jogo cara ?

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